DHK - Eck finally tells his side of it, plus we open up the dialogue about Jemele Hill and ESPN's tweet policy

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Wednesday, September 13th

Hour #2 and we dive deeper into Rob Bradford's podcast with Dennis Eckersley and then we transition in to the Jemele Hill discussion and ESPN's policy on social media and politics.


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However to bail in Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI we're done here at white Hart. Socks and aces rich just hold a moment ago during trending now tonight here at the fans Doug Fister. It has overnight idiots and it's another mr. Knight and voice he got a job for this team is John Carroll just told us look sense. That the crap hit the fan with Dennis hackers Lee and David Price back earlier in the summer. There's been a whole lot of talk about what went on but you haven't really heard anything from Dennis Tankersley in fact. I he has rejected pretty much everybody's request to talk about it. Pretty much everybody wants the opportunity to have him explain what happened and and the only time he's talked about it was last night our rob Bradford WEEI dot com on its podcast Brad vote shall. I had the opportunity to to talk to Dennis sectors late and I'm out I'm not even sure rob expected. Act to be quite as forthcoming as he was and it seemed as though act wanted to dive right in so that tells a year but it it's. Then it's just saying you know because I've been doing this a long time not necessarily in the Booth but you know would nets and yes the years or so and add up to there's been nothing like this year just really he go back over saying why you know why the sudden like that happen. That you know have enough distance from it now. To sort of say that you know things happen in this game you know to sort out to be me. I think he's very fortunate for everybody you know that's that's connected with you know. That stock's price me whatever so I'm glad it's behind us now. You gotta get. Brad for a lot of credit for us in the tough questions and not tried you know late April softball or that you don't and there's got to got to show he's gonna grow he could get there yet get all our questions out there other believable. Yeah the dog's collar. Glad you asked that rob thanks a dollar down here. But the typical. Thought he met David Price by name before Rodney you're asking an actual question. An ugly legacy was just ready you're ready to go you wanted to get an office just ruled. It is obviously a lot more to it but then we'll play some of it but he was ready to talk I think it'd been long enough where all right. Let's Butler loose and Andy did and it was very. That's great yeah me. He. In all Bradford had to do. How's that people who thought that my to turn a microphones on great ago yeah that was the case of trying to microphones on and he was ready. And when asked about the year obviously I hate to say over the years been defined by eight and you know veterans and unemployment David Price. And you've mentioned it Tom as long as we're talking about an act you mention it. About getting a little way from. So. That happened at the end of June. Right and so. Now we're sitting here two and a half months now and there's been different sort of part today in you had. You would the price acknowledging it I guess in there and here at Fenway Park clubhouse where. And then you had I think with the next day you are the election sweep and you get predicts that ovation so talk to me a little bit about how what you said the evolution of since it happened what has been like you. Well I think it was difficult at first. On that road trip that was the first game of that road trip so that was difficult those ten days on that road. You know trying to not you know have it. Yeah have anything to do if you broadcast you know I mean you're only human you know and especially you know when he had to pitch. I think he could put in Texas yeah a couple times he fits in Tampa to. That's so mean and expected take anything away I mean I just do in the game to name calling like I he would. And sometimes people don't like the way you call it and see it could get I don't know that. That would earlier light on this team that don't like it when you go to college you see it a lot of people on. Yet. And I remember at the time that we had no idea we had no idea what the Red Sox do. I'll be the first to admit that I'm wrong that I was wrong you will not the first and probably the first one you've got a little old guy about it Dottie yeah. Yes yes but. At that time it looked like the team was about to sink the fact you're gonna and cheering and it was. This issue was gonna bring them down we talked about their lack of leadership you rejoice listen you know not very good on and on offset it. Well. They're four games up with eighteen to play. And when these things happen they they tend to fade away when you perform in the Red Sox have performed not to be in first place in mid September. And the next question here obviously is about how critical Dennis Becker's Lee actually yes did you get a sense even before the thing happen. Not necessarily but to be honest I think there's like a sort of a undercurrent because you know when you sit in the studio. And you wherever you say you don't know what to backlash is of it you know and once again what you're talking about people that do see it. And then tell the players what was said sometimes it's not exactly what he said in and I know that how that happens. But I didn't. You know I think I had heard a few little things but when you're not the main guy. You're not gonna hear it all that often and and players are normally careful. You know amongst themselves they'll say stuff you know because there not that there's sensitive people. But nobody likes to be I mean. Everybody wants to be. Talked about positive do you have any positive you know and and it's not that way it's not gonna do my job. And I can't just be here of this flowery. Type commentary he just can't. You know I had and I don't make an attempt to either way to do whatever. In and that's that's why I feel like I'm honest with you when I say stuff. Expert just a moment okay for just one brief moment because to Boston and Cleveland has two outs in the ninth courtesy of our friends at. Let's go to Cleveland. Look at the flight over. Flames of the first pitch and a line drive alive. History. There is 21 in a row for the. Evelyn Indians they may never lose a game but Mike that is our real new American League record by the way it is are they getting into Miller back tomorrow. I think they're activating Andrew Miller off the DL so they've won but that all is nearly most of these games without Andrew Miller. Which have polarized. Their last their last loss yet plus it sucks. Yeah and it was it was the quick mover get mad because. Eddie Nunez slumped to the he did you get on and let you got to take regular contact. Are you stay down there a little bit and make it would mean what it. And it still alive they won last night and day they just one now working their magic number. And their magic number as we sit now advocate war. Yet the Dodgers clinched a playoff spot last night and and Cleveland is. Probably next in line it is the longest winning streak in Major League Baseball since the cubs in 1935. Or three of their anniversary this is it was this number ninety are gonna get us daddy's maybe an update to standings immediately after this 89 win last night just not the way number nineteen. This is what number nineteen of mass numbers three. In the all time record for winning streak is 26. Is the New York Giants in 1916. The other five all of that. Which is just that there are there's some luck to it but it's. No this the rare close game that if you go through and look at what they've done their Killen didn't smoke in future if the pitching has been great the not allowing Iran and their smashing the ball. I think the average score prior to this game that was 72. Absolutely outscored their about a hundred runs yet if so it's it's outrageous absolutely dominant nails red during the 21 game win streak including last night. Seven wins have been by shot. Now John Farrell told us out of the twenty while now 21 wins. Like eighteen of the quade were by starting pitchers practices now from 1980 anybody won by starting pitchers. Seven shout outs during the the whole streak. And that got an American League record. Is good for Tia so the Cleveland Indians the yeah it's very nice to thank you editor rich. But it view if you look at this team and elected going yeah that's that's the team you kind of want to avoid. And it looks like somebody's gonna run right into me so if the Yankees and who wells right right side of me you know if Gupta. Have to see this breakdown here I think you would be the Yankees and toys toys made yankees and twins. So I I would like elves you know one game situation beat the Yankees would knock out the twins. In those early impossible to predict yet and and you have either twins. Vs Indians or yankees vs it is thought they did it twins trail right now. By by fourteen game. And that's the way to do it were I mean all year long it's really looked like a three team in the union's record wasn't as as dominant as it is now you kind of knew we looked at their talent what they're able to do last year. Is that there's three teams in the American league for most of the year. And then so how important number one seed wasn't Oakley who during the Astros for the longest time how important that was then you only beat one of the other teams. Whereas now the Red Sox are gonna have to beat the Astros in the Indians to get the World Series again assuming the standings day. Pretty much the same whereas the did you go to cruise past either New York or or Minnesota and other visitors. I let's get back to Dennis Becker's Lee on the the brat social podcast we've given you couple cuts so far. The next cut here is Dennis. RX talking about how the media has changed since the days when he was playing. And I think it's changed I just too because. There's more profit the pregame news all it is all consuming I think. And then there's more talk of what was being said and talk radio. Talk radio's killer he says in this town I didn't have to go to me out here long time ago talk radio they had never they'd put the glass half. That was it all started right and see what it's turned into and mean there's some vicious stuff gets thrown around it there has since I could see. How the players are sensitive towards it because you know. I mean they're trying their best you know badly at the same time I played and I gave up. I give up a lot of home runs you know I mean I had a lot of bad outing so you know you just got to understand that that's the way guess they forget the players do and I think. All of us do they forget when you say nice things about him. Which is a lot of big data that's given right you're supposed to be nice and all that I mean they forget that. That I think they become more sensitive when they are playing very well and at that human. I write on the money there. He's not a money and I think it's it's not just players like that are most people are like that where you know you. Lockout or yeah it really hear the compliments or over it eat ya again compliment to the nice thing to do but. You don't even really hear those maybe ten thing and I'll agree whatever you did is really great the Wanda got sucked what do you mean anything and everything white sock. Why did he have. I don't argue it. Well you know what I thought it was sort of like. On it yet. Yet enjoy enjoy the compliments I do join the cop enjoy the compliment David Price like you can he had had been in place that few that aren't isn't some defend and. I also think quite honestly and one of the points he's making about sports talk radio. I think so often athletes confuse hosts and callers. Yet these here I heard that I thought I heard so well and so on dale and Holley says that that David Price Sox. And and let there are callers who were gonna come after their their hosts are gonna compact version yeah we've but my point is that they think. Everything it's sad. Is that domain of long people who were sitting in front of the microphone not only that blunt of those guys listen but even when it even if they don't they have friends that lists that are fair and Emerson listened and how much have we talked to people who don't really hear the whole story right my time world time where somebody could have their listen do you talk to one minutes and then tune ups that we view for WD insane that's just they heard part of it may latched onto that. So that if you're playing a game of telephone. And valuable players friends that I have heard on the radio that they said you know you're there you're the worst left field that that's ever played at Fenway they say they said that red days they said that and then so there noted the radio that you sort of lumped into at built that lead of the hosts on this. Oh or rather I'm prove them wrong with that problem wrong. One random caller that and say that or oppose the host the senate they might add this edit in such and such a way that was then relayed back to them as an out you know like Rick dale Polley keys. Somebody sometime someone sent an earlier radio holly you know I'll be sent out. Asleep continues here in the whole question is you know did he know. David Price felt this way. Did you have any inclination at all done none none at all then yet then you go back to what happened. Before that incident I mean like literally that night right Eduardo broader Rodrigue is. That I rehab. Rehab outing in you do typically. I think you do I don't know that was in this in this setting but. You do sort of recap of the game and you have to comment right came popped up on the screen because we're worried about you know once you come back I was his first. Appearance and that throughout the numbers. And I had a quick oh yuck you know just it is that this reactionary really sound like I'm trying to stick it to you about it at all I mean that's that's you know the but I don't you'd have to ask you know. They got to get upset about what set him off because. You know I only go by what he said later and then he wanted to talk to me about a month later. So I mean I I get confused here I don't wanna sit around talking about what I said where I think he was mad about it be like. You know tossed up against the wall I really don't know but obviously he doesn't. Like my act. It doesn't happen. That's got anything like is that I honestly doesn't like my act it's my favorite act we've heard a lot of acts on on left in the season is that that was the best. Are messed up and ask the question again or maybe the story doesn't come back in mass but it comes back in the slow corner of the world from from two to six so I'll ask you guys one more time. Are they a better team. Without David Price because at the time noticed that no. At that time. It it's your page they need David Price to win helps a better team that David Price absolutely not come on it's ridiculous you just being irrational impulsive. Okay September I think David Price alls and. And we don't summer seeing you went on vacation. To go judge's opinion don't Whitney benefited him with thirteen and better. With price instead of their worst starting pitcher now let's say it's reports sellout a sick sick argued William but I don't think you know so it wouldn't be reports place you wouldn't it would have been Fister sister's been better. Wrote my last four starts have been lights out right now and you would have had to. Right now I'll I'll answer questions right now they're better without them is that the case going forward I don't know but I do note I don't know. That they are better without an in terms of the excuse making the sensitivities very sensitive and didn't know what I did know. Yeah I kind of knew if I do but I just kind of glossed it over. Very sensitive he's got many instances. With the Red Sox involved where we should have known. That hole playoff series where he talent David Ortiz to run to the home run. And Ed and I wasn't just fit after the game themselves you about it and they call David Ortiz. On team bus like embarrassed me exactly game. The next day he's talking about again and actually even get up. So he's too sensitive. Where this market and at this template that I got a second phase of that victory not I'm not if he's overrated he's not. Just not a good fit for him. So the next question that Bradford asked if Eckerd slate was how we felt when it happened on the plane and so when that after it happens. Com. What do you feel on what are you feeling right after it happens I was too humiliated to be honest with you. And you guys as far as talking about this I've never said anything. And I'm you're the first person I've really talked to a we appreciate that gap and it's because I don't wanna make it anything more than it is. Humiliated hall of fame pitcher. Felt humiliated. Well as well wanted to say who else is there. Who's about David Price. There was applause it wasn't like well and I think to a hands clapping I think rob did asking the question about how bad the plane ride actually wives. So you felt embarrassed. What did what did you think so you have played right you play right into Iran. Emotional. It was I've never been that position before in my life who is really just an awful feeling you know I didn't really quite know what to do. You know it's it's I don't know you know out of say it I'm just glad that there's distance here and and as far as you know who care so I feel the meat so you know it's these I have to deal with it. And I don't want to stand in the way of anything I want to go do you go away I really do because. They did in what's also matters is winning. Yeah I think with time and we have brought this up for a long time Hillary or talking most of now accurately and is but it at a time. And we haven't seen price and forever. You know that's another reason why this story kind of went away for a little bit but. No matter what happens maggot barring winning the whole thing. The 2017 Red Sox that's one of the stories with a handful of things that's definitely bulletin stuck to and it will it wolf while depends on what what happens next month. What they do next play at that big you know must they win the whole thing the metal overshadow everything but if they fall short. I think this earlier bring the summoning the Pedro I think in Baltimore beat the powerful Sandoval. The bottle and I think prices accurately. I think. Victoria from Baltimore is already has already made it for me. Does that as a as a fan that went I don't think about that much but I think if you're at the plate on the good guy. It's not me today hitting 309 probable OK let it go through and I don't anticipated for May have dictated that clubhouse I would guess yes just guessing I stated them. Pablo Sandoval and never think about and never ever think about him but I think part of that is. You know route through dampers and exciting young player when he came up. You know he did. He exceeded any kind of reasonable expectation you would have form. And in the the emergence of New Year's kind of made me forget I don't even think about potholes that I haven't checked on them. I go the other day I thought Attica hope for 36 or hope for 38 streak or something like that there's Tara the only time I really. And I was brought attention wasn't looking for now David Price. And that's built on there asked me but still raw nerve Erica. And and if they lose and they Ailes yes. In seven games to the Indians. Three to two game seven. Night inning. Are we talking about it right. Probably now it was there or pitch tonight and it was a first round in four games yet yet. Your back on oh I hope he opts out that garnered a regular and everybody is on its. And finally here as we wrap this segment rob Bradford asked Dennis accurately. What that the bottom line years. Yeah I've seen you on the ice UN votes in Texas the series after that happened at least two of those games did that surprise. About the clubhouse yeah. Prize me because I think they they think you're you're supposed to be available and I can understand that you have a problem was me. Because ultimately if you do have a problem Soviet you say either we talk you know that's how easily handle it right. But it he's thinking I'm never around and he doesn't have to do you know you weren't meant. PR guy says go get him I wanna talk him it did you could make it happen. But he ultimately. This comes dead back to you know the dude doesn't like me. You know and I get it so it's cool. Let's move on. It do if he doesn't like me I did it. That's cool. The day out about it pretty clear cut. That he would act act act act never you know. He never quite grew up in his career you know argue facts tried to use. What is act that was. That was. That was our. It in 1977. Kind of went away. If they came back in his charity game dude it's cool all of talking like fifty of play at this that it. Think about it I don't know. Why would I want talking you know I don't know the guys who probably but you're just not only that the first guy doesn't like me. I don't get caught. Up burst open the last few wanna talk I don't know why would I wanna I wanna look. Yeah as a reason. Hillary is it. Grandstanding. Are now the grandstanding of David Price where it can handle. All all the blow ups he had he could handle. Privately he didn't want to. It. Maybe it an act is as long as something where he says price doesn't like them maybe that's 65% of the story. The other 35% is. Like you and I can use you further my agenda can use you to continue buying my friends that some do them by my friend on the front though I'll bring you win. And a. And everybody. I don't know act act. Yeah as you guys heard Joseph you don't you don't know what's going on here get out of here on sticking up you guys that you guys let's not enough. Insurance I will say they were out one thing when we discussed this when it happened. The vast majority people we talked to the vast majority of callers were on Dennis hackers inside but there were some. There were a few you know people out there who don't like Acker like David Price there are few who supported David Price. Now that X has finally spoken I wonder if that changes the opinions of anybody on either side. Or is it pretty much the same as you always gotten. Lately it's brought I don't know you're pretty much Duggan. You chose sides are now on and you can say they really middle newsprint on us through it was nice to hear of but it wasn't like you breaking news an open. But it was it was good start is with the job by Brad folk but for act for saying what he thinks. 6177797937. Is telephone number text line. 37937. Were down here Fenway Park we'll get your calls in just few minutes dale and Holley with keep Sports Radio W media. Williams on I think originally I've never sitting as a player listeners who decisively and there's no clue about so long. Took before the seventh inning that's not what's the record three quarters of the game before I went to the bullpen I see here guys that's a while Montgomery left but I may not know oh in Oakland. I've yet and I remember thinking to myself if I ever do this that which is just a thought. I mean I wanna I wanna make sure that no I know this game's not that easy. So you don't want to take you get a fair start you know pop and not saying that it is you know. Middle middle fastball and hanging breaking balls and they guy headed out you know whatever you don't. But it went after awhile when you fall. He just go he caddies say what you say he can't sit there isn't quite careful here careful where you want to hurt somebody you know. A lot of these players think they want their mom and dad to be up here call McCain. The money cut from Dennis Tankersley and he's exactly right yes. Just say good stuff if some bad happens. Sort of gloss over that. And the question that we immediately add these the same time that is is actually more critical than that in all there. Color counters around baseball and in or the Red Sox more sensitive and all their players around baseball is it or babies are both true like. I don't know because I think he might be more critical than you were average homer poll with thirty teams in the league I can't imagine that there's no other guys kind of similar to act. And they usually are dominated maybe the reds had problems of this and it is not a huge story. Yeah it's pretty big this is unique here. I don't think it's unique right now maybe they don't they don't handle on a plane in the way priced at Russia there are plenty of players who. Hate the color commentator on their home broadcast. Would you check oh yeah yeah darkest just thinking about it. I think maybe it even now this sounds crazy sounds crazy maybe if you've been the case for the Celtics. Tommy. I still. I'll deposits at home what you mean you tell me I heard you say run ardent critic. Raw and Isiah might little guy not a you might say at the activities ultimate party want yes he'd he had. He may not yet but yeah I think and and this is in in a strange way it connects to. You know one of the stories of the day and I'll think about this guy's. This I think if it generational. It's a generational thing that probably. Goes back before history goes back a little bit longer I'd say maybe a generation as it when he hears. Is that that standard definition it is whether let's see what dictionary once in a generation I always funny exploration is twenty years OK let's well so a little more than one. I'd say 2530. And I think this is where we are. As a country and sometimes it worked out well. When it's what you want and what you want it. Are reasonable conversation. With somebody who feels. A different way that you do. He used the terms to a clash. Regional sportscast. The player expects from regional sportscasters you are talking about Red Sox games they expect positive. They 100%. Positive. While we're expecting while they expect that because that's that's what they're headed out there profanity on broadcast that's everything else that's become right to. Thank you. It used to be I think it used to be that if you were talking about something. That could be partisan. It used to be huge rock you QQ the intent. Of giving all sides playing down the middle. Not anymore. Fox News has not played on the middle in this NBC played in the middle so you wanna talk about sports or politics went about politics. In your liberal. You'll want someone to view. Agree with him sing your song yet go to MSNBC. Your conservative north might agree with you go to fox now expected. I MSNBC. Yep that's about enemies MSNBC. And they are you have a whole show a couple of shows. Praising the president you know I don't know when. I get the wrong channel. This game would play if not basically. I have. It raked them out great things about presidential. Now the flip side. You go one eagle on Fox News. And it is crushing everything. About Donald Trump in the Republican agenda. It's happened. This is our plan so I think it's where we are a lot of places not just in sports but in society. And in IA you guys epic upset about this I'm really not until what you you know rich major dale I am not. Setting you up to set me up for about a fake. I am sure tricky appeals electorate and I'm not trying to tree but he field so I really worry I've got I really appreciate you. Odd no I don't think any time. Well no way are gonna close this out because of the governor well I really appreciate you on the line there were a lot of one exit it. And in times like these it is difficult. To have any. Reasonable conversation. With somebody. Who doesn't. Agree with you. Okay what can you do that. Yeah what are we yeah I spot that's happening on Twitter out you're well known event later. Working fine conversation. With somebody in week out different views I know this about you know. We don't agree on everything but I know that have a conversation. You'd throw him touch me. You're not trying to fit in China via. It if I'm you know I'm not trying to track you know I'm not trying to set you up if we disagree on something serious or to create something exports and export. It but that's set up a speculative and I think fiery stuff but on social issues. It's a conversation. And it's hard part to do that across the board. And and and that's that's the case if you are a liberal or conservative. It's hard to do we don't know how to debate anymore. The art debate is gone. It it died and I don't know it maybe it died in that generation maybe died in 1990. An outdated mile an appropriate to do yourself a favor. And just says it took back my point. And I would like it is put. Student of history and love it so. I watched the 1960. Presidential debate. Screen JFK Richard. YouTube. Yes is yes. It's so a while ago she got you to while ago the globe. That he had a history of debates so you know Ronald Reagan in 1980. Jimmy Carter Gerald Ford are now so easily. Debate between JFK Nixon. And it blew my mind. Works well that the knowledge that both guys. So they are talking. War. Moderator. You know that mr. and mr. And that. Rape and it's just cool it I. What domestic policy foreign policy according to stop the weight intellectual heft. Not JFK saying hey. Then when he get when it got to the questions from the moderator. Asking real. Questions I think that's gone and so now the performance now which you know what what's to eat a bowl what's that little hook we can put on it. Who who's got the most personality who's got this who's saying the most outrageous thing. It's gone. Detached that is if they're discussing time it's distressing no matter where you sit your politics are they don't. I love you regardless whatever you are Republican Democrat and a political don't care which party that quick that matter I come back bulldozers to say hey whatever. Having said all that we'll talk about two mill hill when we come back in just couple of minutes Daylon Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media. It was Hollywood chic fun Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah. We can just talk about this until late in the show yesterday and this was after the ESPN's statement came out about Gmail hill. There was a series of fort tweets by Jim L hill they came out about a day or so ago and I'm just gonna read the report tweets in order. And then we'll we'll move on from there the first one said quote. Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists. That was followed up by the height of white privilege is being able to ignore his white supremacy. Because it's of no threat to you well that's a threat to me. Followed up by trump is the most ignorant offensive president of my lifetime. Is rises a direct result of white supremacy. Period. Followed up wit he has surrounded himself with white supremacists. Know they are not all right. And you want him when you want me to the BP isn't a white supremacist. Yesterday ESPN put out a statement distancing themselves from Janelle hill spots. I've FactSet that they were in appropriates it she understands that they are inappropriate. Today presidential spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about it. Supremacist. Dollars. The white supremacist right right. Result of place and as you're reading them all planning to be president why you think the reaction that president aware that. I'm sure he's aware that he does want a more outrageous comments that anyone could make. And certainly something that I think is a horrible offense by ESPN. My guess is if she's saying that from the podium in the president has allowed her to say that from the podium and he also thinks it's a fire that's my now we had it as I said we didn't talk about this until very into the show yesterday the statement came out late there. This is this is just so you know what the situation is real radio stuff. Michael and I continued this discussion all the way out of the building. All the way into the parking garage and impact study in the parking garage continuing the discussion before we went to our cards in and headed home. It wasn't just an on on air radio stuff on air we didn't talk about it very much because it came up very late but we did discuss. And and Michael you told me off the year and why you think Jim L hill has not been fired by ESP. That's something they're not then I'll then I'll good site because I actually made the point on the year. That in my opinion ESPN didn't air fire her for several reasons one of which is that she's an African American female employee. You don't think they would fire black woman. Well that's what I'm wondering yeah I I I I wonder whether they want why would he fire black woman thought it would but what they would do it for this experience now. Well it turns out they have been yeah what they fire. What they fired a black woman for saying something like this yes. I don't think her. No and and they only they can. Explain why they chose not to go in that direction. Which amount help T this is where if you say. Donald Trump is unqualified unfit to be president of the United States you're fine. Absolutely because the people think about president all the time all of them all the time of both parties and Tony yes a political cartoons on and on and sort of we're out of started to open but the putter and I cleared area two and W but you're wrong there are many times the footnotes do you think going. A court forget what it's also weird. Area to insulate for company to sort of police say about that and natural to get the troubled too it's not like she was on her show oh. And settle this on a show I think it might be looked at that a little bit differently she was responding to people on Twitter and by the way if she thinks that they were appropriate. Maybe she would take in the sweet down but she hasn't done that either there's there's still a European has not apparently after all they don't know how that works your back or that that the whole problem but I. But I guess I was what what I was going out with dale or are just trying to get why do you think they would not fire a African American woman. I think you're right the backlash if they did. It was easy to fire Curt Schilling it would be hard to fire Janelle hail that's my opinion. Not I don't I don't see why OK there would be some it would be backlash. But. They've done it before I mean they have and we talked about it they've had layoffs. We're now and layoffs. Constitutional flyers route are they finally they had hired they cut back the way it works right so but that's the same as this entire black they have fired black people. Before right but at that point it's not for not for something they did it was look we gotta cut the numbers back where where repairing the workforce down. Unfortunately you'll one of them. It didn't fiery black person before because of something that black person sent rightly or not but I know rob Parker. With the outright after that. It's out there Robert Canada. Yes it came back and eight in eight days that simulator. Like. You you you think ESPN. I don't I don't I don't think ESPN is in the position where they say we just can't. We've got to we've got to leave the black people well. But I think I care very much about PR and I do think that they hired away Wednesday are we gonna get more credit war. Not firing her or we are more credit for fired and how is doing right now. On how I'm sure they're getting beat up pretty good by a certain five that's how would you say the White House podium yet how would you say. Playing out having nationally but the fact is. If I don't know what they're research numbers are. But if you just wanted to go with the numbers. You just look at. Who's in the United States such as Greg Towne now. African Americans thought at 13%. 13% of the United States. And so we talk about who was watching ESPN you've got more white people watching ESP just based on the numbers got more white people watching European. The black people watch it here. So if you're talking about that we don't wanna deal with the PR hit you know I don't the PR hit from African Americans you don't want to do with the PR hit from your your audience. That while I feel more accurately as I said yesterday might like I also think ESPN agrees with wrath of there and I agree with Curt Schilling so easy. Linda Combs said something that got her one day suspension that that pissed off John skipper sisters Janelle hill got nothing personal. How do you suspend somebody for saying. Which in talks with politics is no other onset of autos analyst yeah and never then told to take it day to think about what she which led to allow get out of here. Wow. Yeah that's bizarre you know. I I know there are there airlock there's so much to impact here's what you know there's so much to unpack with this story. One. Why do we assume why do we assume that every black person agrees we do know though. He has yet. Why do we assume every black anchor agrees were there and policies he states he has very conservative views and that's been out there. So I don't I don't know if you voted for but based on some of the things she says. She's voted for for Donald Trump. It's O. Well there's a lot of broad brushing. Everywhere intelligent knowledgeable about if you voter effort from you must obviously be a white you don't actually think your guy that's I was gonna get to that keeper for Britain and act like he's going too far Vietnamese and compact. I heard and saw large largely surrounded himself with. Direct result. White supremacy period. Too much. That's what I've had I then why didn't I had I don't know I don't I can't speak. I thought I'd die and that's what I'm saying it. If it if you're looking if you're a Donald Trump supporter I'm not going to war and take it or not I got I was I was just glad I'm not okay I'm not if you're if you're Donald Trump supporter you're looking at this thing. She could say that. And nothing. Say it's too much it's too. There are elements of true. And these statements now. Largely surround himself now you're spending your affinity everybody you're trying to sort out from going and everybody whose party cabinet. Not equal and everybody who has any type of associations. To trump. Because you said largely that's I think the death your right up the right short right people with that not that's problematic not comfortable going there now you have to say. When you look at Richard Spencer's look at the it all right and they love trop. There I think shipment of its base. There's no question it certainly has faced the white supremacists out. But you can't say that that direct result of his presidency if something had something to do. Wit some of his base where he started the birther movement which I believe it's very racist movement and I think very races so. You are if your view on that in view on that program now OK I get your attention to Bristol many other things going on where he had. Traditionally. Blue States. You had Wisconsin. Voting for trump yet Michigan voting for Tron it Pennsylvania. Voting for trop and it wasn't because you know you can't say they're all white all white supremacist way when Obama. Won those states in a previous election. Significantly. So it a lot going on what's happening in the country apart with separate countries that people. Are losing jobs and people are are thinking about here economic future. And it'll. Anxious about the Q4 quick solutions they're also people vote form is that reality TV star. If people vote form because they were tired of politics as usual so he was little different. And instead they anti Hillary people let anything it means that you know. Maybe he wanted to say yeah he's not a politician then followed over all the other there are a lot of things going up I just personally. Become uncomfortable. Whitney everybody thinks this oh everybody thinks that and at any. I mean there are a lot of examples. This happening with. The tweet there's a lot of examples of this happening in response to the tweets. IIR I really believe this is a and didn't just pop up because of the election of dollar from the cumulative effect. I'm telling you countries and impacted. Known 1990. Island my resistance to. In order updated China tracing it back where we gradually. In movie. Defaulting. To this point even know how to talk to each other that she didn't address this on the show last night. Some way shape or form it's yeah I guess they'll be edited the Biggs yeah yeah well especially now Heidi I you got a white house Press Secretary saying that you should be fired a sort of speaks to the power ESP it's bigger suddenly people if somebody else may be exactly comments that might not get brought up to the Press Secretary but I am surprised that she didn't address it. Even if it was. To stay prepared you know three sentences at the top of the show. That but a lot of extra people tuned in to that show last night sort of seeing issues go addresses. Now if you wanna if you really watch your blood to run coal now you look at what she said. And active for a lot of people now I dare you I double dog period. She goal on her reply. Thought I'd done it I've I've salt I mean it's necessary that there are some comparisons sick people out there yes it is oh those are the nameless faceless those are there that's Twitter. And anytime especially when you start to bring a buy anything like that you know you're just in borrowed just the. Wild ride and I think it's a lot them are fellas I think the other thing and I've just got to point it just me it's just me. And you know sorry inner this is the way I feel about it we have a disagreement. We have a disagreement on on what Twitter. And I know a lot of companies. Go all of it on Twitter. And how important it is for engagement okay up a bit about the stats on how important and I bet jacket Sony's success stories. It goes to go all on Twitter but. Believe that Twitter. It's not the space. To be talking to people who don't agree with. You can't just impossible you cannot have cost you cannot have a conversation. A real conversation on Twitter. With somebody. Who is he is challenging you wish I'll try it didn't try quite incredible day in court now you until I mean it in real conversation that's good to talk to people. Who'll have different opinions. And you especially if you're willing to give a little bit. You'll stretch they'll stretch you learn something. You know everybody in the that the public conversation everybody come out a little bit smarter little bit more insightful warm warm and they were before. But that's what he can't do it because people don't want to do it. Don't want to. So I'm afraid the last words chirpy just and I agree with everything you say and I also think that this is something ESPN has just screwed up as badly as they could screw up. And you go back to Olympic home one day suspension and Curt Schilling firing and the rob Parker. And and yet they don't have a policy to stay elegant NFL OK and and it's it's like because now what what. Folks who are our mind to not like Janelle Dillard say a man. How can she say that stop and I read the sports success of tweaked how can she say that. And have nothing but a sternly worded letter in your file I mean I am honest to god it's like nothing happened to. And yet they've suspended people for last they have wired people. I won't say burlesque that's that's up to you went right now curt Schilling's re tweeting of something with the same as Janelle hills tweeting of something they fired people. She got enough that and I got to be honest with you Michael that's why so I look at it and state. She's an African American woman they don't they're doing anything to. But this is my problem with that statement dale. Look at Janelle hail. Look at her. And the way they see her as opposed to automatically going to. She's a lack of communication and a lot invested a lot about a year clearly if that is part of her story but that's not the attired in a purse or. And so dislike it there's a guy who who here's here's twittered in response the response. Smart. But let's talk about. Heart failure of its own so that's right so it's like OK so here's a guy who tweeted acne today. I can't wait. Here the crossover with Owen map personally don't know me well quality. Michael would never ending on and crossed over I can't wait here crossover. In here Michael Holley. And Janelle you know now. You know. He was wrong. I am gonna. Lie I ES it's still. Find it a black person. Another black person you can either indoors. Or denounce in my case I kept indoors card today. And it just it just repeat the cycle. Right now apart in a party where where millions of people. In United Nations and ninety million people. So. And you just you can take 13% that you do man. I laugh at you thirty so you take it all of those African American there is not a place. Where everybody meets in agrees on anything. So. I just just look at me you look at VI some Pam. More respect for Mark Green and from my own independence. And that they if something has got to happen now automatically on or equipment. All right what did you think of tweets. To you. She got off to a waited far I don't Clinton got I thought I thought you largely at the polity largely surrounded himself. With the white separate direct result of white supremacy period. Largely surrounded himself with a white supremacist. I'm just not comfortable going there again I've had this conversation talking about this for a long time. With people. And I don't know I told you guys about it I don't I know I'm exited on the radio shortly after the election. And I got together we. Some friends of mine but eight or nine. All of whom happen to be African American. A variety of opinions. On Donald Trump. And on where the nation is going it was just a long. Conversation. And there wasn't a consensus. There's no consensus on OK this is this is all we all agree and it's great if it's not that simple. So. I told you at fit planet to get into and we view we've we've just scratched the surface there's a lot mortar to talk about this. You guys are lined up we'll talk to you coming up next 6177797937. It's dale and Holley with keep live from Fenway Park Sports Radio WB.