DHK - The Celtics could have the #1 and #2 pick in the 2018 draft

Dale & Keefe
Monday, June 19th

Holley and Keefe talk more about the Celtics trade and the future of the Celtics as Ainge adds another future pick to the Celtics stockpile of draft picks. 


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He's he's that dale and Holley show when. Swing and he has had to look failed. Two run home of a person welcome to the right so actually it. Dale Arnold Michael holly and Ritchie and we don't want it. Audit me David Ellis hit the big hit on the WEEI Sports Radio nets. I. Our number two film Hollywood. You tail off today holly and key as we're talking about the Celtics moving on from the number one overall pick they get number three. And one more. Potentially really good pair negatives that potentially you don't know for sure you don't know what could happen next year. You can get the pick only to fall between two and five. So did you get it would be great. And that if you don't get that it goes to next year where urged another nineteen Ashton word be the better of the kings 76ers. It now Michael somebody who was up Alex on Twitter between us. He's at the 2019 tech is number one protected so Philly or Sacramento pick lands at number one. The Celtics who get obviously the other pac. Now by that time he say filly could be potentially pretty good record so worst case scenario. You get the number three pick on Thursday for trading down two spots to get that pick. It you might get. A either late lottery or a middle of the first round pick in 2019. That's worst case that's the worst case that's cases you could get number three this year number two next. I can bank average are banking on the lakers being. The lakers again. And they were trying to tank this year at times. But there's still. There's still not good enough to avoid the lottery especially being in the Western Conference. I give them a chance at getting the number one pay now I don't know yet the really the whole thing again and it whether it's 25 won here in nineteen whatever the percentage chances. Is there really bad you know and of people sell you gonna root against the lakers as you well. Now moderated their real bad and then they get the number one pick and then you have to wait until the following year. I gonna be worse than Brooklyn this year I think Brooklyn those are terrible but that's the worst roster and in basketball you so Brooklyn should be. One of the worst teams in basketball once again they ship and the lakers are in that conversation but. They would they seriously would have to take it the entire season. To do. Yes and and and they have some they have some talent not sure how good their guys are mean I saw you know Randall. Had a decent year last year when he played get about thirteen and 813. In Nigeria and both are double double Ingram should be better from should be much better than me was issues and consistent they're gonna add Russell probably Alonso ball yet. But he did here in the last a better and alas doesn't Xavier in the same division as the warriors having it happen and that's going to be a guy every game. But you see how talented that the timberwolves argument they are playoff teams of the lakers are always excited but again if they get the number one pick corporate at number six pick and you don't you don't get it. So that's really going to be looking out but as far as the the now you're talking about moving down two spots and we register on the games quotes it sounds like. And here's the other scenario is if they just on Thursday night took Jason Taylor and number one overall. Will we have all set what are you doing what did you trade down there peso lyrics are right now. I don't light trading down because I want them to definitely get the guy that they want however the god they want is not mark health falls. Then prime makes sense to trade down I just think you could have gotten maybe a little bit more. But I thought to be another pick involve another. First round pick or something to the sixers like the Celtics all a lot of picks as you can tell by how this trade shakes out they all politics are what you what I don't. What Lewis is crazy about this all these future trades and I know a lot of people look at and say or whether they going. Things just essentially going year to year to see what the draft classes some some one and done classes are much better than others and so I think. No next year is one of those cases right now. The Celtics probably found they got some phone calls and a lot of serious phone calls they have a number one pick what next year from Brooklyn. They're gonna have to get third fourth and fifth lines landline for the office because people are going to be going crazy for those picks. I a good example that in 2007 draft took ten years ago. On number Olympic Committee in the draft has Greg Oden people were crazy about I was going to be great number two pick of the draft Kevin Durant and a particular draft. At a watered down Al Horford and so that the the drop off from two. Took three was so significant you'd probably. Do it had to give up a time. To get the number one pick and that threat. Well in this draft you know. Have to give up a time it's not that kind of a collective body of just over talented players for next year's it celibate if they trade next year's first round pick. And they don't get for first routers in return they screwed it up. I usually get the guy that they want in because they're saying you know you read one quote they sell the guys three we would have taken it on and then you read another quote. And you say well get it narrowed down to a couple of guys. So it's a couple of guys virtually not one that is really not one doubt that you really it shouldn't you. But it Ritchie should have done what I read it how to how does it sound saying that name and we know our guys. Who is on Americans know you. They say well we got our guy and then on Thursday night you can say no matter who it is he's that we got our guys. The act right no this is down to two guys there right. So basically you know also on all one of them you that you're waiting for the lakers and now you go from being the team with a number one pick he could have whoever you want to. I'll fingers crossed the lakers don't take them. Why did you put yourself in the position just seeking an extra pick. For next year and it may not even be next year may be the following years so there's there's a lot of layers to this trade and maybe there's even a bigger name out there. Now again we we played a little south Anthony Davis in the beginning there's been. All in all weekend has been talked about Anthony Davis I personal think he's gone anymore. I was gonna say I just think it would be. You really beat it really would be one of the dumbest trades in the history of basketball not exaggerating. If New Orleans traded a first team. All NBA player a legitimate first team so it's not that while he is fair because you need to have a you know developing he's looking at he's the guy and he belongs here. So and he's young he's young he's a young player he signed. Long term side long a long term contract you know he's a dominant player. Would you trade him for a future. And so you hope you get the next and didn't. Know if he David's industry is already entity already in this draft. You're not gonna get anybody like him in games you know that may act as you go into the trade nobody in this draft is as good as their native now maybe next year. Moblog all of about a moment I want those guys you say you know he could develop eases some putter he can develop and Anthony Davidson and we're excited about it. I don't well you do if you already have a guy it'd be if he says. I don't wanna play here anymore but then yet the flip on so well he's got no leverage you'll signed up long term this is the famous Paul George all Georgetown Maleeva and a year. They got to kind of work fast and get something for before just leaves. And that it has already signed his contract so he can say I wanna get traded meg exact. Okay but you're gonna be here because we year was like five more years sub in Sara three or four that option after that he's he's there for a long time. So yeah he doesn't have that leverage even if it was only two years. You can start to plant the seeds out and kind of unhappy. And you better trade me now Levi Carmelo in Denver art as you probably get going here or you're you're guys are going to be left with nothing mad stressed that I just don't see it happening. And Ernie they're they also just traded for my god bogey last year at the deadline so I would think there was at least wanna get. Halfway through next season seats at the playoff team with the new Twin Towers if it's not maybe you spin bogey off but you're not you're not trade Davis. Yeah have a full training camp with those guys. Have at least a half season if not an entire season and see what would put Ian in Davis can can do together they apparently liked each other when Davis. Heard about the trade he was excited to sweeten up a storm. He gets gifts and talents celebrated her look if for the first time I don't know. I'd like you of their playoff team they're not play out things they don't have anybody else. That's it literally nobody else and now that's a great and those two great players in my mind but. Man when their star needs one more upon cheating on May be and maybe that's the only scenario they say are a no it's Anthony Davis but we do have bogey. He built around but you know Davis and I and as much as I had enough and you get a bunch of picks because you say. Well we don't have anybody else and even though it would yeah it's one player we need a lot so we'll we'll take this from the Celtics. But yes I mean that I don't think it's gonna have to just do that a second but they would miss the I'm gonna happen. And then you guts Paul George which doesn't make sense she's Horry told the world is going to LA BC wouldn't sign Emmys and reconcile longterm deal is doesn't sound like. Jimmy Butler is another name that gets brought up an old Glen in the Gaza in the days short amount Butler. I would not trade. The number three pick and other things for Jimmy Butler the number three pick for Jimmy Butler Uighur. No I don't think so there's a long and number. Number one picks its nearest I wouldn't trade the one pictured here Butler is what you do number three pick. Yeah maybe I maybe I would live before and put clearly gaining changed values either Tatum jacks or whoever as much the same but I also are right now that's. Here I have a look at this where. You took the number one pick you turn the number one pick in two lottery pick next year likely. Maybe all right so if it's not that I thought like though the wording art art teacher that you turn the number one pick in two and another an extra first round pick and Jimmy. So he take the number one pick in Cecil you know first rounder. And Jimmy Butler. Which do not. Yet with the extra one because I did I get an extra one. And it's going to be bad and mr. white I hope you're lakers are going to be a bad team I think it's yeah I'd ever make it the number one I don't think any of them or pick a bit of good order like if I let down gamble southern part of black but I wanna catch you get to cash in. You've got the Brooklyn pick next year now you've you've gotten Jimmy Butler had given up and about in your roster. Say like Jimmy Butler for you know I hate to give up out of jail long widget Crowder give of the storm no Smart. Members much more it's all about I've none of our life now we find out. I'll watch out a watcher Ossetia practiced fifty minutes now. So that that the Jimmy Butler effort Jalen brown into Brooklyn picks and Michael that's. But if all you're doing is. Getting another case. Yeah and Jimmy Butler without giving up a player and a roster with the other opinions you know theory and on that. But did you don't think you about out of public talk ten unbelievable no I don't think is that of the about money. There's thoughts when he player and take another top twenty player on your roster to get Jimmy Butler that you pick up public written. That idea so what I heard Griffin. Butler. Jalen brown potentially or prouder still got their towns near proudly in Smart off the bench. For the year. Critics and you and I let's go to see love Paul George and LeBron can't imagine Tony at Bridgewater was going on Tony. There you guys still could. Like you know satellite littlest. People being in the 1990 saying wait election year. That shocks. Understood the pumpkin patch yet cited you know he's got to show he's gonna show. I don't understand. How we took and we should shut down up well that's also an excellent well. Not all of a sudden halt. There's really not got here yeah yeah I've worked out Sonia you heard it about work out. Yeah you know at least I get so tired of this crap with age or extra weight to election wake election wait to elect what. Except I don't know I don't windup or white uptick in logic grant shot. Ways to. Go into play football at you despite. Inspired our sites that want outlook by whites want to open the slopes and. When I think about it now you're very familiar with the player you know donated other anybody ever if if anybody can read and Russell Westbrook that was an overstatement when you say that it. I've watched many many highlight them to I had I never saw Russell Westbrook here how about you. Like this guy to assure you know I know you and let's does not but what about Celtics meet up while all all of it always always. You talk to the market sparked. You'd like you to the second every play east are not. In act like a lot on it and do we go this one's going to play a compliment to replay is Eric and yet it's got to be the same. It starts up well on this petty stocks you know not buying an Amazon these clients and it stock. At the network by an. Our it's our picks McCaw also he's a guy who doesn't want them to keep acquiring peck at it that depicts. It has become bit much and I think early on everybody loved it it was the right thing to do. But then there's times that even answered yes to any change you know you didn't want all these pics that tell you get the picks and here hoping to catch them him. And they have not really been able. Cash the minions went there. Nationally. Top. They're making trades. That's furthermore some sand beauty of the two best. It gives you the opportunity to go where you wanna go that they give you an opportunity but what if you don't get Jimmy Butler where if you don't get. And that's the most realistic one glory ruled out Georgian Davis deserve a mystery player Lama thinking on that is this worth these Olympics. So now you're just. It is acquiring meet these these draft picks and eventually. What's the end game there. They all have inherited yours can have your own develop your your next team like yours you're gonna draft the super team like the warriors did before it Iran or. What those you know the Sonics slash founder were on their way to doing like that so we're gonna do. That's part of America and some analysts have a fall back. Well for a for example used you used number three to get Jalen brown. Last year. But going forward looking at you might take a pick and say art. This has a much more value than the pick we had last year. We're gonna go out and get the guy that we want gonna go on get an established player that 124 point five years old. Let it go get them there anyway Minnesota what's stranger wigand's we want. And there are you gonna millionaire accident there. At any at any point so you like it generated at some point you can take this in this draft and the strap it sounds okay. Some felt okay. I'm okay I'm like I can't go all in I call it a great trade. Have a lot of questions about it out of the could have gotten more. And a also I again I know what are the show that's on saying what more could you start the show it your right saying hey this isn't. Duncan the brawn Shaq at the top of the draft that's true however. Its benchmark fell faults very long time now you know Tony mentions all the hours that you two veterans who wants and it's true. We thought the solves your take on and then as soon as he got traded to the sixers. Nobody said oh Dallas sixers might take on the ball no. They don't maybe don't they just Jackson doll they're all saying their and to Markel also. Even if he's not the super superstar. He does seem like the unanimous number one pac so because of that. They couldn't have moved up you know one with the lakers and that had their fingers crossed that they could get a mayor they couldn't waited three they knew they couldn't waited three and get them. So if they knew he was that good in India now's a guy that they wanted. Couldn't you squeeze all the more honorable. Yeah I think maybe they got some point I'm just guessing maybe at some point they were afraid he could make a deal. Date that Philadelphia was on the hook. For a deal that. That appealed to them surely got lots of offers for number one but none of network. That we're good. But they clearly didn't wanna go down too far to remember that the kings thing that was that if I fortunate I tend not I would much rather have three that I Dennis Smith. Definitely tennis I don't either six to. Now okay. Another team to make the turn there although I don't fault and another another six to guard now. They helpful and it might affect exit point guard he's 656. And the wingspan and for days so that could be guys that you could put on bigger than they lobbed a ball 6656630. Got some size. Actually at the position and I think morsel the ball. No fault scan these in place that need to be a point guard. And he can he can shoot the ball can shoot two people always figured out candles and you know as the next Jason Kidd knows that but he's got a good what did you com or another you have the a little bit hybrid try to hide and I don't wanna put a lot of pressure on the kid like his father has not yet he had editor of Carrie yeah as crossings accommodation magic and Jason Kidd and that's it down marina. Russell Westbrook a request for a little Oscar and Oscar yeah. So usual old school new school year and hoping maybe he falls to three them. I have loved and of these well broken off I would love to have on the stump and you guys don't agree with that would you take him number one. We can and a lot of thought a little would you have you Aaron I'm tired of yelling about why a particular number one. I think it helps I think that the hard and I definitely would have taken on the ball a lot of now without it out of your control and then he's there at three you're gonna be pissed if they don't take it wants so. Lawns over Jason take his hair he's a very. They could play really third pitch he got that he's a he's a great player council ball hardly got bored right now on the big board one through four. I just want to resolve a matter so one through three college big board Monaco. Alonso ball on the one line. Go mark held to. Penalize and now that publics and I had complete game yet. And then the subways won't get either one of those guys go to the go to haired fox cannot play your heart pretty. And then maybe you're thrown Josh Jackson foreign Tatum five so you can't like this trade them if they had the number one pick in the draft and they end up with the third guy on the holiday on holiday that's that's the only big. Yeah. Right after that guy's sitting there guys talk about it a microphone but people want your opinion but with the hope that they didn't let sometimes. But for dating games and Brad Stevens the things exhibit pars to benefit shoddy contractors I don't fault guys counselors is this is a this is the he map for Arnold Saudia I can look at and its own you know like decent like chased him or juncture. My prediction is Tatum here on Monday. When he got. And that is limited more on their title player but I'll but you know my focus will be on Friday. Party in the draft Thursday perhaps Thursday night there's a presidential Friday right here on Friday we're talking about the draft. Russert here that are going to be here on Friday now where we've done I. Never had a bar run a lot of road details for the tilted kilt and depending on what brought do them. Might be hammered by 4 o'clock thing I packet that depending on what they do in this draft they take three they traded with the king's I live ten and believe Polly although I don't think they go here's here's a prediction they go for need. Which is a mistake. If you draft for need demolition they hate hate them. But it they draft for best player in the objects. Ari let's go to John and more borrow what's going on John John age. I loved Jack so. I don't light Kate and at all. The moon. Who is right onto a wide got a quiet game better and I. I street musicians. He can jump out of buildings or acts. And he's got fire rebellion a competitor you score you scored on react yeah you know don't. Idea I think Qaeda is. Under an oddity of bass guitar player battered athletic and as a typical style of player. It is and. What he's underneath the basket doesn't really has game though either shorter Tatum. I don't think it's died in this year but he didn't have either I mean if you go to the lane he hit all white. At the product and you have to pass a law. You know he is go to these critical in a China shop. You know. Yeah I shooters in this tiny idea and you score guys thanks Goran and we have to have. I. I don't I don't think he should have traded out or hit the draft. Trading down with 800. Got better from another team. Orbit just you know. Hedging their bets that are you know they got maybe two great plays actually yeah. I mean why would you do that army control your own destiny. I think they did I think it's in there trying to do the right decision to receiver works out the other day they Leo okay. Now that the market for faults. Was just going crazy. And they just settled on the Philadelphia picked them okay that's a mistake but it sounds like they knew exactly what the market was. For faults. And and they took advantage of where they knew he wasn't there guys but somebody was gonna look at them. As the as the top pick in the draft and then allow them hold on to a top three pick is well. I think all those factors Philadelphia you're looking at either Philadelphia or the lakers. And I would think that you try to make a deal with the lakers and Iraq link a lot of people say great things about him which got magic. And I don't know of magic is in charge over Polanco or or or vice Versa but if magic is in charge go for the rookie general manager. I try to make a trailer and try to arrest. You know a player that you like the lakers are trying to get in on the pick at the victory of the player that you like and you drop down one slot. Do you think the lakers a lakers deal would change everything I'm just for example not that the lakers would do it but yes. Are you wanna help you wanna come up one spot on a trap marketable than we are you wanna all right give his bread and Ingram. In two. Viewers are then I understand that I was doing but they wouldn't do it but that's the kind of cumulative over the lakers. Don't really have. They don't really have anything else they don't have a first round pick. Police that he had that is at least more but you know exactly what you're getting this this other pick that you're getting. To me is as a pretty wild card but he could be number two overall could be three overall could be. Huge next year or. The lakers either pick first or sixth and you get away to 2019. And that that point. You know you're looking at the kings and the sixers all year and try to figure who's worse now again both teams should be bad. Well I think the kings will be bad I don't think the sixers will be bad in 2019. Will pick of the kings have probably the sixers this year. Five and then write this live their lives so. And it and a half of the sixers I think six is going to be a playoff team. I think this will be yet this year though mr. Mitchell. On the back into the playoffs. But what what was the the bulls were what 41 a 41 UIC a and it's not a hundred sixers won 28 games and it's this year it went 28 how does that begin play. When he. He's twenty. A more are focused here's six on 77797937. Celtics have traded the number one overall pick in Thursday's draft dale off today Ali keep Sports Radio W media. I would tell you that the rest of the Eastern Conference. Really really should put themselves on notice because the bulls that Boston is making odd that they're planning on making that case in position to make. If it literally is towards race that he used because everybody else is pretty much irrelevant. Front of the shows Steve and even. Days. Please call. Two horse race that's not Stephen day every sought to restore have a conversation Michael well right. At seven different another topic yes well here's. Where NBA finals again. We're talking about he was warriors cavaliers and he couldn't believe the cast of the Canada there. And that we need to bring on the shoulders to tell all wrong all I said we haven't thought you know I think that's the beginning of the interview Michael we haven't thought you know while. It's an argument and setting the second visit he gets through with your prediction so that you know. Editor in 99 holes and food at pictures of old are you want to tackle. You want it and it'll get them on after the draft for something rated restaurants when in the first have made a six years I've noticed though nobody thought. I'm emotional and a loser edge often happens. You loser Agile so we got to bring him back on got to bring Stephen back and saying it's a two horse race at ease everybody else has a relevant other one works in the east. The other side the horse got themselves or worse they pick up Jimmy Butler and Gordon Hayward. Right because that changes things doesn't that led drastically change things don't they how how you felt that in our view of thirty points at at at least at least but here's a quote like Gordon Hayward yeah. The discordant Huard at the Celtics over the top now know I've I've so does Jimmy Butler no doubt my Butler and Gordon Hayward okay now he's got something because individually I've chosen way you bring up do you bring on Gordon Hayward and now you say are likely we'll watch out and does appear that way. Bring on Jimmy Butler our Cleveland and when you have both problem. And you haven't improved Jalen brown. And you got to help the Isiah Thomas Dawson and and you know overseas guys that that. You guys that you could find something starting lineup melodic and a lot of here's the most important question is about a super team. Is Thomas Butler Heyward or for a super team now. Now. Nam. Is 64 all stars as an. Who's got the cardinals this they say. Are Butler and Thomas revolt all criminals yards right here are probably should have and I was there. If you're fourth on a one time all star so he's fired last year I gotta make himself you can make one more to be maker. A local star but he's an all star player so how do you get that done Hayward you just sign that's just money. Jimmy Butler who by the way has two years left on his deal Applera. What the last time a good player picked up a player option. A good player not a month Shumpert not with a Landry Fields are prepared yet I'll be back like all law. He's your breath yet c'mon you're probably get more elsewhere good players always opt out specially Jimmy Butler making it. Eighteen point six next year and a nineteen point eight. Well they're gonna fire options nineteen point eight Susan opt out make thirty year after. Let me steal a phrase that I saw. They gave McManaman on ESP and use about the Paul George street. On the cavaliers are confident. That George you billions when you're left with contract. Well adopted their championship hopes are. Yeah it's very early and it's all right George yeah account for about Paul George adapted to shippers of culture negative word on the project at a I've instead of oh as a ridiculous. The northeast Ohio and it's rampant fray if it's Brad glad it's beyond basketball so anyway. Jimmy Butler what you hope for is that he comes here he loves it you win the Eastern Conference would Butler being a big part of it and he says I can't. I love it here I love Brad Stevens Lebanese love the Boston fans this is where when and let me just two years to which I thought out more money here. Yeah also the U resigned yet in and that's that's what you guys. But how people feel about Jimmy Butler after this most recent play answers on. Either step back or didn't go to the level that you thought he would I was legitimately. Don't going into that series and and that's the guy. He he's the best player in the series make it dropped like 4045. Every game any I thought he played smaller. And who literally in 6768. Guy. Allowed himself to be defended pretty effectively by Avery Bradley without help because it David Bradley Bradley pinkie toe refuted this. Think Avery Bradley did a better job on Jimmy Butler that he didn't carry. He definitely did. I agree that completely I think if you look at the stars of the Celtics played in the playoffs a knockout and LeBron James. John Wall was super impressive Bradley beyond a couple of games anyway you look great but it and Walt Walt looked great. Wall stock went up I think deals. About a client may be dropped a little bit Irving and love. Lou Irving stock went up for me finally it was finally now is I love was great now you're wily that Isiah as well. Okay faith and our writers and Rocca has been on Fallon that today and then Butler the holy bat that was another star that they face. But Ehrlich and a cash once Rondo went down nearly thirteen. Just wasn't the same also doesn't it I wouldn't want Jimmy Butler but he's not as much of a slam dunk with some of these other guys and then you also to get into. Ari there's reports that they wanted the number three pick when Philly had it. What else would take is it just the three pick in matching salaries or is it the number three pick in oh by the way we really like. Bradley or we specifically would really like. Crowd would make sense because at that point hazard and Heyward there's he'd be passed he would be in place and try to get money if somebody else than there. But what else is it gonna take and what would you be willing to move from Butler. And out I would give them I'd also get home. A pick but not one of these like your own harsher action ever exactly when though not without being a Taiwanese I'm not a prime picked so yeah that would. Obviously I guess that if you have. You're going to distract last week you don't think the sub's gonna trade paper gonna pick up mark helpful and you're happy in that case have been on the team and he knows I zantops. So if you if you knew last week you can put the number one pick. You getting another first rounder in return that should be not guaranteed but should be a pretty good pick and you get Jimmy Butler. So one another first rounder and Jimmy Butler. It's that it's not like a lot more they say that it's you know what ya and you've commencement on that that like a lot more so I still I don't law of the trade only because they don't have to be partly. Wreck and we don't know that pic is yet and you could be sitting here in three years from now. In each traded mark health faults who might be great for. Jason Tatum and go to the mystery player who's cellmark can be good to the year 28 point to a depth that really could be what the trade ends up. Coming down to so right now I don't love it but if you flip it around for Butler then. Yet than at any sign Hayward to begin again we just said that if you if you only have one of those players that's nice but Cleveland so going to be too pretty yeah. Would you take three. I think Indiana would do this. Would you take three and traded to straight up here are three for Paul George Mets match salaries. Now for one year and George. Now another another five years of Jason Tatum and one year Paul George two years annual but there it is New Year's effort because. I I feel like you have tired of two cracks that you two playoff front that's why even at the deadline this past year I might have done that for Paul George at last year's deadline. You say yeah I don't want to go the lakers but. Get him in two playoff runs may be LeBron even balls the following year and you even win the east right there's always different scenarios that could play out. Or you would stay well it's interesting to say that keep because it sounds like in you know everybody who's in who's disappointed by the trade. It looks like there's a 50% chance that LeBron James I'm not exaggerating rack. 50% chance that he leaves Cleveland. At our next year thanks Aaron. Yeah don't tell them what the deep south so if if if LeBron James is out of what you thought. It would cut is gonna take you three years or four years for LeBron to sort out the way for LeBron has slowed down the broadest leaving out. My job in the last in hell yeah he leaves the east. Or are you afraid that now you can Romney's. You could you get to keep it running those egg got a bunch of you can make these moves for a at an established player you get an established player to trade. You can get a player in free agency and still have a satchel lot of lottery picks and things. Look at not a bad things a look at up and a lot of people don't like the trade again until they do all these other moves. I don't love the trade either so you can weigh in 6177797937. Yes my. Don't know that I yet haven't yet I thought real policies and hey hey keep we have to respect Dale's cluster of Dale's Saturday got to respect o'clock. I kind of just literally he did really creepy thing today. He did you think it was creepy. I did I do its recent what it is under the other side on all Lou. How about that code go nowhere its tails off holly key sports rated WB yet. This. That protects your phone calls here a second a micro U mentions. You know love kinda creepy. Disturbing very disturbing because we knew on Friday when we move forward without the building. Details our guys. Its policy on Tuesday because remember I'm off on Monday. It was a total I don't wanna throw line judges that I remember even though nobody thought I'd ever see I didn't replied I have that guy lied to them just to make him feel like you know I remember every day that things to tell me what you tell me about you know yeah. Yeah and you're scheduled to them which is going to be very important so. Now I'm off Monday so don't ask questions all the granite seed I hate Tuesday Tuesday. To a conference call every day. We deep into the call when somebody is under and congress felt well and they don't want them and we talked ever conversation moved out of my I would run on the limit of rough firemen and all of a sudden from nowhere. The voice of dale. Hey guys you know and I was thinking what are. You doing why why why you hear. Them. Would you part of the routine and why did you even warned that. Just wanted to be a part of the conversation has taken a bit which is standard brake is a vacation will board he missed us. We wanted to this creature of habit just want it. They're the guys thought Obama get on a conference call but he announced himself out of the new debt that he was on you nearly a we were talking for a good eight to ten minutes did not hear bloop dale was on the entire time. And then as we're wrapping up every area. What is it smells like also telling us what to do Michelle and I LL he's Bosnian today. It was not an addict now. That it any signs off from a cholera like Els Oregon we're also seeing guys in there that goes wild enlistment. So aren't familiar and so wise and here he's doing the conference tomorrow. He's given suggestions on what should happen on the a lot of good suggestions going to be listening or morally mandates but it yet they've got suggestions that he's listening to the show. At 2 o'clock. You can listen to what it should be hurt. Well maybe he's not in the in the state. Still do it on. Oh we could this equipment or something eyes and that he lane. We've done that particular day but out on the U wants to be too far removed from a zone over in their Mari just one when a mess so I would think. If you're in the room let people know you're in the room. They're into guys yet something announcement about it today vice foreign assailants out. I haven't ever been on call when you year doubted that there are things that. And our ticket date ticket added OK take it adds but I can support important just that if people don't you guys don't wanna Cuban here one dollar and got my without any thought gone cliche yes got good. Good just gold to go do your thing. And come back we supposed to come back. Would it got a good what do you think he's gonna say about this segment. If we didn't mention that we're gonna talk about is gonna pretend that here is going to be so much in here but he's missing right now I've got a 202. He mentions of this segment mare now yet listening because it does realize the Celtics are the number one taken you were talking about me on the conference call here and don't chew wonder what else he's done he's and he stripper clearly. Clearly that's what he does yeah I went when he developed that after that steeper the slope that is for another guy say there is session at which are essential for a week. When you're that consultant that I know you're going to be didn't. Figure that out more polling that was not only for baseball's my. A safe suggested for beta you wanna get darker red ball. Yeah PDA on PB it yet another great yet another golden ticket idea of calling it something else gone alum. They have out now. About MW that's it becomes are a notable event that put on Alan and I we have a dad that guys we fired a erection worse off now there and we were Digg we've actually we're trending all figured out there and where before. Let's go to John in Maine he wants to talk about on the Celtics what's going on John. Gun was. They I don't necessarily log located but I'm also knocked out or anybody nagging at it. Figured it felt it pandering now and if I'm not the Nagin. Our it will notify the and where the arm that he lacked the air that would number 1 in the Eastern Conference. Drafted by the any age. My wanna protect my heart check out but I'm pretty sure that road here. Meyer a limit. Bradley. And browns were out drafted. I change. So I mean I think you're pretty big he had if you ask me. And asked. I think next you're gonna a lot more from rap and we did this year and and I think you know the third pick a lot of bad kicked out of it well and this year's draft. I don't feel a little bit at fault and I rarely seen anybody else back. Yet thanks for the call John I would say he's a great GM I think what it would get world's Tiger Woods is drafted and were separated you if you add on the what he's that would trades. What he's been able to do now I don't early on they did sign a lot of free agents but then some of the ones that they had not yet you're critical Horford for last year I get credit for Brad Stevens like there's a lot of other things outside of the drought. That makes him a great. GM slash president just the draft weekend with a liquid that most guys you can pick out some great stuff and he can pick out some big misses. I've been McKenna GM. Ultimately what I what I care about is results. So let's let's look at the results of any cheap and I remember when he. That he was announced as general manager whatever the title game at that time starting had a GM and they. I gave that time Chris Wallace was ardently became so I was in the middle of a playoff series against the nets. My game to be announced any change throughout the playoffs but they aren't going anywhere to Paul Pierce Antoine Walker team. But they were pretty much stuck. And so. It was not a championship contender he knew that's who took that he broke that team down a playoff team down made the bad. Then brought them back up. Five years later their championship there are voicing championship trophy than they are contender. For the next you know four to five years. And then had to break it down again. And then. Forty years Quigley for real quick here in Eastern Conference finals again. So you you can the can you can Parse his trades and say what you do that when you get this country and see what he signed Rasheed Wallace to the mid level. Why did bring in Jermaine O'Neal Shaq all the stuff you know just go all the details on cannot I don't like satellite that. But ultimately. What he did was come in. Take a team that was not gonna win a championship. Turn it into a championship contender had them contend for a while go to two finals look like they should one more I thought they would get three championships out of the one. But that's just me I publisher about little on what at what Ralph definitely another when you know in game seven agreed to let your left yeah I'd say pretty aggressive at it. Got into the rough I didn't win and I and I and we got a real juice the trade rumor good NBA trade roar in the Eastern Conference. It could really affect the the landscape already are available here Daniel look at it. A little past the clock for the teams with goods allowed that and more her phone calls as we get set. For the 4 o'clock carrier dale hollow key Sports Radio that he media.