Deven Marrero Player of the Game Interview 07-07-17

Boston Baseball
Friday, July 7th

Joe & Tim talk with Red Sox infielder Deven marrero after he started a couple of key double plays for teh Red Sox as they beat the Tampa Bay Rays 8-3. Deven also talks about his relationship with fellow call-up infielder Tzu-Wei Lin


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Devin he had two hits a big sacrifice bunt but this was a game it got locked most of that eight to three of those three double plays in which you were involved. Really where you were to happen. No clue what makes plays that are guys known those situations. A little older pitchers this for and so when the other the chance to turn will lead to eternal. Last month that first one in the second inning which is little unusual wordsmith wanted to Moreland. And warrant for a strike to you to cover almost way off the bag what did you see developing as the ball hit the ground. Photo talked about before you know on the Jessica likes the fun stuff like that in that situation. Numbers came in and this is one of the best defensive first visions of the Cecil played problem. 00 with a bag. I caught it tacky guy and he's melanomas were wounded so it's almost second basis just wonder and in no man's land so. Well. And those those who reportedly. Yeah a lot of first baseman that don't even attempt that but. Which has a strong and accurate arm and that's really aware active in the yeah he's got it handed to him on the bull got those gas. Wilson Ramos. Two double plays and do what you got back can play you made on the short hop. In the fifth inning described Allen for us is that it was a really really good one. Now mean it was just a straight to report it I mean you know it's kind of a reaction played really hard and we just felt like Logan and we had this time they're so distill the repeating the end of the Washington. He does but he doesn't actually get silver and particularly. Whatever you better shorts that I guess most of your life but you seem like you're right at home third base. Yeah I know I've got a lot of work in Europe butter and like a couple of Coughlin every day you know with the groups that we today can. You know just talk of how we prepared help but prepares you and this or gave them before the games were positioned ourselves and no I feel really comfortable there haven't let homicides is because from the right spots to make plays from the right guys on the. You've been contributing a lot offensively to a couple more hits tonight you drove in the game zone the Red Sox on her last night. Seven game hitting streak recently. Did you make any adjustments at the later you and you're going right feel a little bit more which has been productive. Then there's work in there was victory David Chung. Trying to stay consistent with what what I'm doing right now and you know it's it's working all right office so stay with it and entrusted him. You know this just keeps me I guess this is in the zone and let's take care of itself. Thank you and you know and then mr. Lynn if they're really. Solidified that third base position in the probably been winning with you guys there. Yeah I to fund to have a young guy like him come into the game. And I attention right away you know he's he's a great player and you know it's it's fun having him out playing with him in the past five years you know money can't. She's period ended. It's evident of a Sidon and us fortunate that bases it's fine you know we were recruited children. Went over to it's assistant fund. Play within there's basements or something bogeys out so it's the phone with them. You know it's it's awesome home and contribute to that this water though it is a communication with Lynn be easy for you yeah maybe he understands English very well and you know all my digital to analog so. He he gets on with me and then you trust me human. We talk us in situations like that so I mean we've put together for a while so it's it's pretty pretty natural for us. Section two on the road trip to get to go until the break so on September with a foot down on the gas for the next two days and yeah actually when Vista first have strong and you know two little break and come outside in the second half but the Yankees so you know we're gonna face a stress test on him as they were really to me to be the first place. Whatever and that thank you so much that you raise your contributions. That have certainly had that impact both. Defensively and at the play. We wish you the best that you're much all right Kevin Guerrero was not far away from home going to Miami but the all star race is the right side we've had here eight to three.