Danny Picard - Will Danny Ainge regret trading the No. 1 pick to Philly? 6-18-17

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Sunday, June 18th

Hour 2: Danny Ainge might regret on trading the No. 1 pick, presumably Markelle Fultz.


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Our second hour of the show on there until 5 o'clock. Got a lock going on obviously the Celtics lose of this trade with the 76ers is the biggest story. I don't know that we're gonna get much Red Sox they must last night what's shallow is struggle and it all eyes. On David Price tonight at the US open gone. I'm happy Father's Day to all the dad's out their and that NHL expansion draft stuff. Is interesting I'm not really that surprised I may be about a Colin Miller that the Bruins cannot protect. Colin -- I just either Colin Miller has all the tools. But no question. Seven mile showed you some things. I thought late in the season that I'd like and I never thought I would say that about Kevin Allen I would like any thought his game. A blood is no question that Kevin Miller did some nice things for the Bruins team. Late in the season so who knows what the golden knights are gonna do but I think they'd be crazy to maybe not. Take a fly on young defenseman Colin mail us at that three got manage all the all eyes on the NBA would the NBA draft this Thursday night. The Celtics. Well they were gonna have been a one overall pick but they have traded to the Philadelphia 76 is. Celtics moved on number 376. Is take over number one overall this is trade that was talked about the last couple days. Mock Al Fultz is gonna gold number one overall to Philadelphia he worked out at seven six's last night. And right after I work out this trade became I should say official has become official till tomorrow but. The agreement to the trade in principle became official. Op last night after Fuld did or go with a seventy sixes and I even tweeted this on a picture mock helpful in that 76 is teacher and I said. I didn't think I was gonna dis like that photo as much as I actually did what shocked. So on wake up today and it's one of those trades were you ask yourself. It was a dream to the Celtics really trade this pick. And net decided did not take mock Al faults even on the last 34 months Ollie van haren is that mock Al folds is the number one. Overall pick. And and I guess if you told me last week the Celtics would trade is number one overall pick I would tell you that. You know I tell you that it would be a blockbuster deal or at least that would be another shoe to drop. When you really did down to a big about it. I don't really noted that blockbuster deals gonna happen mainly because if you were gonna make a blockbuster deal out of the team probably would have wanted number one overall woman number three. And you can try to tell me about how close these players in the draft are all you want but the last time I checked for the last three or four months Fultz has been number one. Most of the experts. And sell it to the experts got this one so wrong it's not even funny or Denny and just made a horrible decision because I don't think is another shoe to drop. I really don't I don't think is that any type of blockbuster deal. Coming down the pike yeah I just really don't think that's the case 6177797937. Money don't you think about this self restraint. Chuck is in the college up. I would. Got to pay our long term. Doubt any actor Kirk people's culture Eric thank you are and I'm. If you add Markel all that she went in conference finals this year. Are they going to be able next year. Probably not right. They gonna beat Cleveland if you are they going to be Cleveland if you take Tatum on Jackson. Oh OK so what's the difference. It. Now got outfit Kirk archer he's in the long term they can read it on the road. That's the pinnacle and you want to have more out that do more pain and who else. What are what are those legs like like oh we get to an end game with those things you shouldn't telecheck all right pellet you don't know check into that because bella Jack. As Belichick has championships under his belt how much and Vinny and. And as a president of basketball operations obviously. The Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett Ray Allen Big Three that championship was a great championship and Danny Ainge made a great deal to get that championship aren't. But. I mean. Other mad like good little bit about what you can change Joseph or don't don't. Don't don't. And this idea that. Number one overall. Is all that much helpful is all of a sudden it's just not a player in the draft. Is embarrassing take based on what we did the last three months is or not you talk about the future and you mentioned Cleveland. Does not begin helping to be Cleveland next yeah neither rejection as much as I'd like Jackson. And you know I tell I like Jackson because I've seen him play more than anybody else I just felt like I saw Kansas play more than other teams last year. Amazon and Izod what more the duke and and maybe that's on May I did see Washington play very much put one thing I have done. I do this money yours I trust the people that. For a long time to have a mock draft as much helpful to number one. At nineteen is all average what did you what did you do once again. I I trust that that ticket is right. And that that's all we talk about its hopes all ball. Don't want all right nick why he defaults. And if you go to train out. And Yuba and someone and that's gonna help you were next to I'd seen other other shoe fall and if you talk adjourning. I think that you could manage every trick in the number one overall tech. I should back. Roddy isn't Cambridge with the brown. Danny you rust shedding real engagement okay. You met in the apple weekly. Number one imitate some okay swings seventeenth. 1960 about a seven now in 1987 or 1997. OK okay now what the number one pick and look crap about the number one pick OK I'd go back to the damp only succeed with this garbage. Hello players that are gonna help we'll get back to block gay okay. I did 1980 when he saw the seven number one a lot of people don't notice how that one about more than a let's wait and what not when he wouldn't declare. 10 shut them this all the appropriate and you don't put in 1980 until McGill and dual mode that. The big hump now. But the warriors one of diplomatic channel and the way it's likely not go towards it Islamabad didn't want India they have depend on what they wouldn't let me. I'm you know let's make it that they can Robert Parish and let me tell you saw that. Are you the only woman knew that Ronnie and get a history lesson I think we all. Did I think we all know and I was mad. If we treated everybody happy back in 1980 okay it would appeal debates. I don't know Michael my guilt pulpit. I really don't organic throughout wouldn't blow out total mostly intact I don't know how did you did you want. I wanna judge who jackets and we just got to be a mistake the Soviets. I don't until I until ironic because. It just all of you Joshua Jackson Isabel. I saw all along I still would it was judge Jackson and I don't like the full band like yup it's all because it is credit on a web site. Joshua Jackson's and I did for all of why is that. All jobs are surprised that not to add. Does only what you now Josh Jack's. All each hopes coming on now. I don't understand they'd been Kevin McHale traded at risk and I'll take every trip and apparent that I. Because that would turn up. You break. Everybody's been talking about faults. Don't tell me how he's averaged. Code to that. I don't faulted that's odd don't Westbrook. All of comparisons. Wouldn't take. Did think that. To upgrade to 2008. As Akron and the white. Protections. Protections ridiculous. To get without their. Data to pick from Philly. Wait isn't it did put it. Back I credible enough. I don't think it's. Taken everybody seemed that they did ball. Everybody. I don't. Could could a database did some that was not strain the lawns almost. I just because just because well Bob ball's gotta. Make sure all his kids go one and done and signed with the lake is if you don't get drafted. A three cent. Does it mean at the lake is due out. Just a couple of Bob ball lawns Obama have committed to a lake is doesn't Italy does have committed to him I get it looks like that right now let other. It guarantees. Because let's not reject all guarantees and aware that the Celtics got a big hundred I don't I don't go up against. Why aren't they may elect of the mega ball. Position to choose our guy. Let's do a navy guy and every ball. What did you get for that did you get enough that blew the luxury of Chu is I'm sorry. In in long needed law. Christian and was though it's a crisis. You're a dog is not my call. Let's not. What Pablo locked out there and Tom I think you really need to take a deep breath here all right and then to step Sacramento and look at it. All right well yes you'd that a million times everybody birdied number one everybody birdied number one. The people making that decision for the Celtics might not have thought okay. Obviously. He's a guy that plane ticket welcome everybody and they don't they are. Well and actually. And then. Until all. Welcome and you would not spinning in the world get out. Khartoum you get up somewhere or out so well. I don't know what you shortcomings don't buy an apartment and we go in addition Opel an acre and pulling under mostly now. Koppel at all and promote it in all out. You you can dog your only get one of the other. Our territory and don't Arnold oh okay that we're not he still got great auction that number three and you don't know. Are they might be able to hold the number three to Sacramento. Why don't you listen I'd like Christian so my point when you dead animal on overall. And you go one of the draft. You know your beat like bullets he led the team ahead of us dies like. Why would you want to be in the position I don't understand what you wanna do is open opposition I really don't. Because Spaniard did lead like I said dame I saw what they might like Jack Kent and I'm the kid you know and or alt. Just this much I mean again you're you're going back to luck you know what the experts are saying I could care less than national expert at Bengal about what being means that. So it's getting and I did so Diddy and just never got anything wrong he's got I did. Not. Tell me that I shouldn't trust that I should Entrust all the expert every literally. I saw much helpful on the lawn. And viewers and and you'll probably would have called into regional and said Fultz number one over right. No I don't I don't based on all your I definitely would have bought. You know somebody brought up that did support or vote sort of hold it looked more like what happened when we trapped low. Or you're out there would. Would describe what happened when we drafted arm. Our god 93 where I went out. More number one. Out quite okay and it would go bright and so you know at some point then I got. Go all the that. Not I got to cash and at some point right now may not. And we both we're setting. Weakened on a. Yeah yeah or. If you're asking me whether or not. I'll panic and about the celtics' organization and not. And maybe that's you missed my point is that. If there's anybody that's been high on the Celtics and look at them as a 53 when team and say that I laughed of people that talked about the Celtics. All they not a real one seed what do you what does that even mean I don't know what that means when you would cricket games and yeah let's show you gotta be taken seriously. Yeah change deserves a lot of credit for that. But I don't think that. And people read the patriots as an owner and dog apparently elegiac. If if the Celtics. Roar in the Eastern Conference finals every single didn't. I'd. I say uttered. The big picture it's in the AFC championship every. They're going to be an issue of that every you have the debate at a post season patrons going to be. So it's not even comedic Beckenbauer and he's not fair and all saw this pennant patriots of adults. Column. No. Not one overall pick in the enemy. Will look at a point guard in mock helpful it's not an I I do value at the expert to tell me OK I don't. I've I've value what they tell me. Obviously the Celtics didn't feel full of big but I also think that they fall in love with these future assets they feel and we can move down. And brisket and get another first round pick the next year or two dollars and ninety I think they love that. But that last Paula senate Eagles at some cash and well we thought that they gonna catch him with all its search they did. Ed. How to not go. I get it you're trying to reason when it because you're not you don't panic cannot tell of panic and the Celtics they're gonna gonna shine a big name player. I can Griffin. ABA. The going to be right back there in the battle for the topic is next year. Blood. I just wanna look at its employee number one overall you about luxury begin to make that pick anti trade that make it better be a blockbuster deal. I don't see a blockbuster deal here and yet you'd trade the second element at the lake is who they Atlantic. I mean I guess I'd laugh at your opinion when you start tell me that lawns all ball wouldn't be a bad pick. I don't want lawns noble anywhere near the Celtics. Don't. I don't. I don't I don't all of Bob ball anywhere near Brad Stevens I don't. If you tell me this draft is is so deep 150. Well trigger the odd enough overall to move down pretty. But we don't like you don't got it might not even be available. Then. You shouldn't feel the need to take lawns on golf he's bailed you or a picture. Because. His followed. Is somebody that it'll want do this organization. I don't I don't know goody like never. Apple play don't don't don't. There are there the picks. I he would take to get eyes six of lamb to George I I don't want to volcano zone so I mean. Once I've thrown his name around I don't you gotta you advocate. You got to look out the lakers do dig watchable that's that's well. Because I'm what do rejection irritated it a three. I would hope that the Celtics. Have won like one of those two guys over the on agitate did not want overall pick cannot be turned into a. If you didn't pick to do project going three of that pretty good. Please. Jimmy's its audience with the Jimmy. Hey bill to paraphrase is gone from pat Travers. Gainey let the door and fifty including cocaine over that. And to that the parasite a couple of Elton titles from jet. Let's until we are hitters Guerrier did give me your thoughts on the trip to Dublin this analogy. Your thoughts. I'm trying to get. It will be quite a couple of several from gentle giant. And keep playing out by the pool. OK let's get there's a key point is scheduled. And Ed isn't Melrose and it's something. Take any I think you go to little overboard here in terms of trade and sorting out its. You don't all of you at people have been saying colts is clearly number one. They've only been saying Matt. Recently if you remember why all looked well all it all and and then some other broke toward alternate of course not I don't know. I don't know what it was all it was all of Fulton like January. Federer. I'd settle in and help while it's considered the number one guy hey again what are you. It's like being considered the you know it's like you don't change your plans aren't immune. Yeah in high school or non. One pick the last ticket to eat or you know iron in May be a couple of them through a couple of them there are you are really. You know. Franchise. Opener all. I aren't so Joseph are let's let's take items that guy and Eddie let's take Diddy and wants out of differently than everybody else. And we're gonna give him credit the benefit of the doubt don't put again are nice throw to him why not just take a look at why don't just pick a dog. I've would you guitar seller is this tell you what just take the god if he's available you like coming up Jacob if not you know should do you should trade the all fruit fruit natural so stuff they didn't do you tell me they could do that. Well like who was just a little while. Tucking it sure what do you want that are. Hey didn't Bloomberg that look like and I. It will wait is deep down inside don't you feel like normal on the value just isn't there a bad pick. Why he we've made sure that I think Anthony Davis culprit and summon up the table acknowledges that he did not gonna do that. What I get my point is sort of like this where if you don't yet. Although it all into that rather than any other immigrants bring an Arctic. Picnic in here. It's all going up for. The ball up. Mode. And on all. Odds. And now we're gonna play again. We're gonna play with the lakers edged up it's not Sacramento would you does and I did. Gotta keep my be all. I bought twelve volts. Just turn into an average schmuck. Overnight. And I I did not watch a lot of Washington basketball. And I told got the open to trade in a one over upped the number one overall pick but all blood for a first superstar. Rough stuff. You know. If you get it yet no one overall these I would talk about. Why not why I didn't think that they can do real deep down inside everyday items are guys. It's different in a nut job and on the two intranet through this president. The cold tried to play the odds but what we don't play any odds is my point. What I don't bet 61777979837. More to phone calls. I Afghanistan. Would bring good things we. Can. But it can't it is exciting come back and now. We haven't had a I haven't we are. Back nine you have the option pass and preparing her. Explore every option and. As Danny Ainge lot of conference call is that the night on the lottery after the Celtics. They want a lottery number one overall. He said they would evaluate evaluate they did. The trade they did make. Last night B Celtics swap picks of the 76 as the Celtics and number one overall to Philly. And the southeast will get number three overall and return the Celtics will get a protected first round pick. Which is even gonna. Be. The lake is 2008 team pick. On her filling the lake district that they did pick only difference to throw five and it's not your survive next year. The lakers are trumpet itself so that Sacramento's 20191. Round. Some some complicated. Protections in this thing and I personally think they should be no projections on the track next. Because you shot asked him well if these pics get sent moser from Phoenix to L aid and Billy now to the Celtics. Who made the original protections and those original protection like. It's just it it's crazy it should be you don't get arrested picked. And it's not a lot of odds of its number five it's odd that some eight it's us that's always should be but it's not. Sol if 2018 lakers pick coming from affiliate that's two through five the Celtics a data. If it's one overall orphans after five the Celtics are done yet. Sacramento 2019 tech I prefer 2019 sacramental. Because Reynolds. You don't act that could maybe that's lottery pick Mitt that's some auto overall. Don't. An exiled Williamson territory to them as 98. That's the kid who want the. They could very well get the lake is picked number five overall next. So there's a lot to take a look at witness trade some people believe in other issue was gonna drop me personally I don't. Or if there is another shoe to drop item that you could've dropped even if they didn't make this trade if we talk and Jimmy Butler. But Woolsey. The draft is Thursday night and all the Celtics had known but three. Overall I want your reaction 61777979837. Spot is and Philadelphia top spot. Hey do it with a quick on the first warned. Last year everybody was appropriate the portable and and he's actually and that it broke up into my ground at the ready here. Don't completely erudite Woody Allen. I'm gonna trust and for the most part until we see provocative and that he just the not not you know because little. I equitable and it turns out that you do that Jackson is going to be a better future power simple I mean I've watched Jackson. How late in a watchful it exactly does seem more complete player and more vs how the old lock up people salute that he's just what about. All it is not thinking who I do I think that he should do that there's. Very little difference between number one and number five this year as opposed to eat other years where there's huge difference between 13 irrelevancy. Arnold he feels LA which he obviously does Scott thanks for the call if he feels like. Then he feels differently. Then a lot of people around the league. Webb put Fultz number one may have had a number one for a little bit. And. I think what wildcard knowledge on what the lakers gonna do people assume Alonso ball. But they forget about De'Angelo wrestle. The lakers just appoint god with the number two overall pick two years ago. And Russell numbers have improved. Since his rookie season. This second in his numbers are broke the other situation with sweat EP right. You know they learned from that I'm sure. Don't forget that on July putt. They just put the show would be that crazy if they didn't pass along the in what I'm a big. All let's say take. They have a point. Kubiak rate at a point if this appears to have somebody they like more than the other what are comes to the table or Jackson. What are they don't get Dinah. I'd I don't draw with and that's the way it plays out. Chris is and the saudis would top Chris. And hey I love that you thought the idea behind this degree angle and yeah. I hate to you can't account what they're doing and I felt all I can you want to like. I watched it gently picked didn't okay it doesn't play in Paris to Atlanta. Got a lot of talent is. Not consistent solid. Why didn't. It. Real lot Leyland tonight. I don't like about it like that and it is it. I can't get them that our side hobby he's had a. I'd hate to be honest leadership. Look I can't kick back but just I'd just walk. Cracker Jack is Jack the Atlantic. I I get an amber Jackson last week I tell you shop at stake and folds number one overall you have told me. Last week. I would pick to the idea behind it all right all of our back involved John good and oh yeah. And yet I watched it can play and try to get the magic carpet it how it and it tries and it. I got all jobs law. The public. Accurate throw that one just went to college. Game. Watch it can not I don't like it wants that any any you can help what do you look. I listen Isabel crest yet Chris Perez as the bill. If somebody. Likes to say don't. Or Jackson. Better than Fultz today. And you felt that way two weeks ago you felt that it two months ago aren't a problem that. There's a problem. When you got everybody in a lot of Tellme folks is number one for a long time now. I'm not gonna let the full smack campaign. Happened today just because the Celtics traded on a number one. Just because Ames thinks differently than a lot of other people in the NBA a boat called best available players. Okay. To turn this and a it's what it's like Taylor Jackson Ben Folds. It's another thing to throw isn't it a mock helpful smack campaign kids have a lot of adding and give me a break. Gimme a break. He's nineteen. Isn't quite as. Don't want to makati the assistant coach last night's sweet note about how sports science is the dumbest thing ever. Approximately two and a half minutes after ESPN's sports science that a feature a macho Fultz make him look like a super human. Not sampled its super human but the goal all of a shot or make the trade and a spot not indicated insane he's average in a note or is no good is embarrassing. So embarrassing. Odd isn't wobble its upper body. You got a terrible on your break up call back to phone is terrible call back. Denny's and knowledge and although it's up Denny. I didn't know I had good bella loves adapt to us. And I haven't heard mention it but until it out and get your thoughts on that. And little period that this deal does not going to be consumed until tomorrow. T think that maybe changes being. Magic Johnson can maybe jumping and that. Swapping picks and maybe getting something else I don't believe it is well which would put Paul and if he's gonna walk on polls. And around the trade within the conference table at a conference. And did get a little better deal. Yeah I mean and since it's not official Betty I mean. I guess anything's possible they've agreed in principle. On short agreements in principle have deals are broke off. And principal in all it's not official yet and it happened but not not expect that. I'm not expect that. I you know the lake is right all. I think I think they Noelle. I've got only taken. I'm just trying to tell you that I'm. Peoples it's a people think it's a guarantee that the take Alonso ball. And I think you can make just to get an argument that they they take it Jackson or tea the latest employee got. They disappoint a number two overall. Two years ago. The Angela Russell. What now he's got edged. Average in fifteen point six points per gram and his second season. Four point assist those numbers. Improved from his rookie season. Add more Stotts and twelve must not sixty starts in the second season. What all of a sudden these that she's remaining let's play it down. As a point guard that they tip number two overall two point one is Altria throw these days he's not at an annual. It's every bit take on dough ball because when Bob ball senate match. Oh what a lot of GMs think the lakers take ones of all. What did you have thought this could they can Martell pope's. Georgia Georgia instant with a jump. They go and out of my question is. Any aid must must be making a trip because it certainly accepted at eight Jackson and have law. Well they didn't they're trying to go after he wouldn't trade it just a question that leading dish again. I mean is I think that they had the ability to make a trailer out mega district. It every jitters also on the fact that Nancy Davis is knock on the Celtics and above the comes Celtics above an actress. But it no wall ones if they don't make a trade. They would want number one overall when they. And people it's well it once or five days is all coach with the talent short but the value of choice of a pickle you want. That's more valuable than number three overall even if you take the play is not a great edge and it won't want that valley. I just think we can rule on an anti industry. If you are talking about the next hit of all stars like you put Jimmy but underneath that second dip also has fun. What I just think you have leverage over Chicago I just think that. You got the Brooklyn bigoted as an eighteen. And I just feel like you could you have you have some rust the plays you could move I feel like you could about a Jimmy Butler. Without this trade would 76ers. So it's an issue is to drop. Did you need this straight with Philly to get that second shooter drop I'm just not a short ball I'm not. Bryant is intervention would subtract. On the I didn't do any make this straight because. Yeah. Aren't there I think Hayward is gonna come to ought to draw you would make a trade because score. And they need good score and actually hate you know. He's been to get it and tree that was cut and all of the primary appetite guy who looked at that of the. Well I'd vote there's a good now if you if you tell me yeah you made this trade to take it Jackson or art to it on the because because of a corresponding signing of free agency. Then I'll take our well it's not a free agency is meant to when not on a right. And and I mean did you expect Jackson Tatum to help itself it would not. I feel like your take indicated that. Could be very good and it anyway these plans but it's gonna take a couple couple years. Don't that I want to add the free agent signings. And relate them to to this draft. Right now. I just butch added at a busy you're in a position Apollo number one overall that's Jersey line. And give it up. I am and I don't think you got something in return that make eagle while. If you go about deposition of Albion on one overall. I just thought maybe you wouldn't get an established player somehow in that deal in your. 61777979837. C a phone calls coming and on this help extranet and I'm gonna take Mormon at this time all. 61777979837. 6177797983. Is seven. Take in a phone calls up until 5 o'clock I want your thoughts in your reaction to the Celtics 76 is trade which again. Is not going to be made official until tomorrow but everything that we haren or inning that's been reported. This is a trade that is gonna go down in is gonna be made official. Tomorrow so the Celtics on Thursday night they will at least for right now may be number three overall pick and at this point notes. Maybe they train out of that. At this point. 61777979837. Odd is in Walpole what's up body hoping got about a phone who's done. I hope that didn't communicate in a dozen. Excellent. I was saying before you know that slot on and that's what I mean he's our number one pick in the entire draft. You throw it away limited I'm getting my son goes began I've seen this kid Jack in which I think Angel likes. Key is is that very athletic that he cannot shoot he's not going to be you scored on org and he can't chill from the outside you're sure at all. So I don't know what changed his thinking is here but you'll hopefully. He's a thin at him in and that but the superstar that's only ought to think I think. How about it. The logic ethnic well I think all of these number one I really knew everybody in the world existed number one is going to be more to it don't you think yeah. Well I mean I I want to believe that it was more toward. And at first I got excited that there was not George but don't sleep on it and you think about art. Does open the shoes of another GM it's gonna make a trade with the Celtics. If the Celtics and I'll call you they say hey we just added an extra future protected first round pick. How do you respond in a field that on the GM it's got to give the Celtics a superstar put it. You're spotted Nolan. And maybe it's just me. I respondents and all that future of first round pick that you got as nice. To go along one and three overall. We wanted one overall. I'd brought one overall. And Mitt you're just treated one overall so no. We don't have a deal. God like real realistically I don't I don't push is another shoe to drop. Give her another shoe to drop and you want to keep on the three instilled a trick I gotta feel like to make that trade anyways Andre not. And Wallace said Josh Jackson can't shoot. Well. Like you can learn to shoot. In fact if you bush and you know I've been break I've been a big Josh Jackson got barrel for the 'cause. I've watched more Kansas this press she's a lot. But I've been telling you many times on this station. I've written columns about it on my podcast I've been. All the records and for the last six months. I'm Josh Jackson guy love this game love is dead and would want to see him a Celtics uniform. At the same time. I am admittedly not a college basketball expert Gary I'm not like watching it. I feel like I could have implying talent that I might see on my eight NBA didn't. I want to I I know guys that I'd like this every day and guys I don't want us. Mark help folks didn't watch a whole heck of a lot of watch the game until. And Washington mostly just highlights. And I'd Fultz has talent. Salt if you watch Fulton you golf. You know a lot. That's questionable all the talent is there. And his spin moves and drive still open is in all step back jumper is step back three his daughter. 'cause it. I'd seen. Averaged 4223 point again. So I'm Jackson. I can not Obama that's for the last three or four months the experts have been telling me that it's got to be false one overall. Up until about 23 days ago. Do they aren't the experts. Don't scream that Josh Jackson is a clear cut number one overall. You have spent it saying it tenfold so ball. During the middle of the season as a Jackson so what's changed between the college basketball season and now it's two edged. A self exam and that would Josh Jackson yet I don't think they even know what changed when the strange. I just. I don't understand. How we're gonna turn this in to knock him adults I don't get that I don't understand and you're shoddy assistant coach public thought it was door onto the last night. Talk about sports science is done. Was on sports science to have noticed before he tweeted that what he did he not think anybody would got to put that together but I did nights we don't have to. Double faults. So that organizational smear campaign unfolds has been gone public should be able politician all ending up on Toyota. That this Mowlds campaign on social media and sports talk radio college has been gone on now. You get like Jackson. You can might Tatum. But don't tell me Fultz is now just averaged planet doesn't deserve the goal number one overall or doesn't have the skills to do it when everybody MM mother who covers college basketball for the last three nods but Tellme Fultz is the guy. 61777979837. Unstable more calm before the break Jackson Bedford. What's up Jack. Out. I didn't are occurring in. All of like you edit the not a data market Kurt Jack then they think overall. At all that out back at all. I think back. People but wired that. And think yeah. And your training he. She debated. You're gonna have a division repeated it year after year. What story. Pretty and it. I think you waited closer. Actually acted out. Got a bigger all you're gonna trade. Yeah I mean I had that point I think maybe you risk not if you had if you ain't Jr. a dead set on a trade perhaps the longer you wait. He would. Would actually happen. So you can agree with what he did you want but it when it comes to waited. Maybe he couldn't get as much as she wanted to be way up I can understand if you want economic cannot. It's making it at all. I think is the question poll you've got in return which doesn't let me jump off jump off the page doesn't about the strength and what they got to protect. And I column mentions that I will not trade essentially faults too in division. Protect you know in the future rival will be called the seven sixes I'm not concerned about. You know I'd trade with the other team what he could do for the umpteenth what what I'm concerned I would I'd be sick no look attic on our forgetting what team he's on now. You could've had a I mean if you're telling me that they kept on lawn and they drafted Foltz. Any ends up in a stiff. Based on the want to return us. Protected Blake is call in nineteen Jack well but if that doesn't and opinions and Williams did two dozen ninety. Or does appear to some type of crazy for. Another quite. And you want to take votes not a lot overall it was a step. I could deal with. You two alignment you can't all the experts rated was saying and is. You know people. Can't competitor Westbrook. Drew comparisons. I've certainly been blues that want to quoted. Now those good putting was great that was set I was a lot. What does ultra cool these college draft text. Birds are now. I'm not the biggest fan a mock drafts but I am I will give these people some credit when everybody's on board with all schnabel on. It says something called kid's talent I think I would be able to live. If you took him on overall Annie and an out. I'd be I would lose much sleep a night I'd say on the cat was there he was the one you're Telecom it and large out and that's that. If you about a trip to pick. I tell you shop the tech. Would bring me something in return. That. You know is going to be an actual NBA all stoplight. And a trip in his I don't see at least yet and even when I say yet. I actually don't think that anything else is gonna happen I do just think that. Ages opened. The lake is they ball and he gets his diet and drink but like I told that a risky errors at the lake is don't tape tape ball and general. And and and dirt and I maybe they do take ball. And maybe they don't they want and maybe say hey you know what they also added a first round pick fine it's gonna work out that way formal. I just don't know that it's this guarantee the latest leg Pollack some people try to make it out to be 61777979837617779. 79837. A C a Celtics calls I will take more from activist Amal.