Danny Picard - Who will the Celtics take with the No. 3 pick? 6-18-17

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Sunday, June 18th

Hour 3: It's looking like Josh Jackson from Kansas is the likely No. 3 overall pick?


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I'd third hour of the show I'm here until 5 o'clock. And a little on the two while his left. Taken more Celtics phone call 61777979837. Let me make it clear. Not panic and about the Celtics I think that next season but I think that this offseason is still gonna make a sign and I hope it's. And I don't credits and not the biggest Blake Griffin guy in the world by opens Griffin. All the Hayward now Britain they would open it up don't. Up not part contracts from understand. Not. Let's say but. I I think I'd I'd like so you can rebound. Griffin Gary Condit with Griffin was on the Celtics question. He would beat the Celtics leading rebounder. So. I think that's the guy won now the question we're Griffin is well. He also has serious injury history and you don't want Pam and Max contract AF he's going to be sitting on the bench in a three piece suit. I that's not what you want a painful soul but I think that's something that you need to again so referred us to Blake Griffin's health blonde. If we're talking about you've got to Miron Allen said you're gonna get big money degree of final Hayward I think I'd give Griffin. That's that's an IB don't sell bomb. Celtics are still bank away even if they go with Haywood big got to make a splash big dynamic assign an. They're gonna have Isiah Thomas and almost has some crazy Isiah Thomas drain if they think they can't. A sign him to a contract don't knowledge and not taken a plane got in Fultz I would think that. The priority wit Isiah Thomas is to lock him mental Max contract I've been on the records and a guy Isaiah Thomas is an act up Max contract guy I'm not backing off that. And I don't think that my willingness to keep the number one pick and take Fultz. I don't I don't think that that means I'd think differently Isiah Thomas as the when Thomas is a Max got and what the CM for the Celtics long time. But on he's gonna need to want to do that at the same time because his contract's up after Nancy's shall. Did things that the Celtics can still do whatever it's more than a betrayed maybe it'd sum up indentured. I seem to think the big guy Jimmy volley in the what I'll make this trade yesterday with a seven Texans last night the seven sixes. But if they've Baghdad you'll. And then they can rods they sign up. Blake Griffin or for just one of Notre Dame is what the Celtics are still going to be one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference. And it. They have the pattern on the seedings the connection is MBA class I don't not to get a lot of control hearted look at next year's NBA playoffs he gains. But the better on the shootings the Celtics can beat anybody in the east outside a Cleveland. So if this city's match up one and 20 Cleveland on the celtics' overall flip flop those to order or you want. In the standings I expect them to meet again in next year's Eastern Conference finals. So I'm not really panic and about the Celtics are on their future and it. You know what this thing is gonna look like next season. Did you change has put them in a great spot. And if you wanna listen to my take on trading number one overall and you want to. Spin that into Maine Connecticut about the Celtics and again at the sky is fallen in your eighty. Any. There are a moron. And you don't listen. So all. You can. You can say. That the Celtics. Should have triggered a number on overall. And that. Still feel that organization is that a great spot. You could so organization is about how can you say that bad spot 53 when chain wants in the days. If anybody's bad op and that's why it's pod trying to tell people that this is a legitimate number one seed. And at some point people need to get all the all the players Cleveland resident Deanna this isn't. And not. You know I just did talk is at some point you gotta say Celtics are once he. That's a bit harder and they are real ones I don't know what Andy tells beads. So I've been right there a talent you that I'm rob Vatican about the Celtics. But that said. I did I can still look at the number one overall pick and say they kissed. Me pick your debt problem and they. Is there at the protected lakers pick. What a 2019 Sacramento Kings picked out could guarantee me that 2019 Sacramento Kings ticket don't you gonna get. But if you do if you guarantee that's going to be violent and shouldn't. Aren't now we talk and what is insane penetrate that. Agers. Committee if you have a number one overall. And it. You're not gonna trade that pick to get a bonafide star in this league by train epic and you make the pick and let's say you might say don't want false. Take a number of let's say Jack should take it one overall. You know huge battle went to a home that the lake is take one don't Talbot got all the latest big ball. If they don't end. And don't try to tell me that. The number one overall pick is that. This or the other on and on you get double on you have the luxury of Jews and before anybody else that's that's valuable. Don't tell me it's not valuable if you did that's not valuable. I'm not. Trying to sit there and say that. Tatum and worked out Jackson would work out. I'm not see it uncovered a smear campaign unfolds like some people want that's embarrassed. That's embarrassing. Com. Putt putt. You know when you can when you can shoots. Number one overall. I just think more often than not you should you should make that pick. Unless some other vacuum retirement. I'd Jarrett did not even guaranteed. To get the god they want now. It's elegant pretty about the children of immigrant. Is. Is unstoppable lakers take on the ball help zero help didn't ball is then it's up it's gonna they want. What this is a risk that you add to this and I just I can't really wrap my brain around and it's and you get another first round pick my. You don't even know what picked up two whose journalistic that's going to be could be alike is. If if it's not true to a five meg stick of the kings entered as a nineteen and you know that's going to be. So mom. And based on all the things that we've been here about faults. All I know I some restraint all he had no comparison nobody is making comparisons to go to the point god. Which projected a one over yet nobody does that nobody ever makes comparisons. What do you think that crazy comparisons are not they comparisons and make an edit. But now we're gonna pull those comparisons what it's it goes away but they've never been set because this up and strip it out and number one overall gimme a break. It's embarrassing. Craig is an oval it's a prank. Erica aren't. So to start liked. It didn't legitimately see something in what the other guys are humbling day you know. It was shot you know I don't even kind of like telecheck levels of leeway with effects are which I don't think he quite deserve it. Let you know whatever it's a big gamble and and meaty meaty. It paid out in people have been wrong about the over consensus number one pick before. Armed. In the service and swinging a big trade one. Out and last few years proven that in less so number one overall pick it. It's not like I. Tropics are hotly desired opposite he's tried to trade and four are in nebulous Laker victory next year that nobody knows the position of an out and he'll. I'd just there's no superstar here and at. Peace and trade. That it can get you pass it up. Our future and now it's like three years LeBron starts to slow down basically is hoping for injury to actually which you know it it's nice that they won PP three game but. They were never gonna win and any thing in your docket win anything by adding broken down. What the hell is facing from LA. LA lakers late late inning in a sling it. Oh you better read on the committee got. At the pit at the end. I sat in the you know which again you know that you get a great read you get. I don't like and steal in the draft I'd rather eat it more exciting than you know Gordon Hayward Blake Christian you know what they ought. And they are not adapted to get past the best player in the world. Yeah I like I did I make a signing up. Out Arnold at the signing should've enemy to do it with the draft pick to be quite honest with him. Because regardless of why you failed to sign Haywood or Griffin did have more of an impact next year ban anybody you draft. Even if you kept one and took faults. I Taylor Griffin are gonna have what the sun records and packed Dell have more than the draft so I don't know that I want to really. Compare these stupid don't either raised promotes. Job so let's just stick to pick. And at. You did again we have the conversational Tatum Jackson. If you listen and you know. Josh Jackson is my guy in this draft. Is I've said this many times. When they won the lottery I would say there's going back to a seven. When the Celtics won the lottery. There loads a movement whether it was fans. Media or just a draft experts. Alike. That adults over at all. Didn't sort rejection Jackson was never really have that conversation. Tatum there always somewhere around three to 53 to six in the mock drafts don't act like they want. Everybody. It was between all it's all ball. And when some odd Arnie sees it even voted against terror. Wonderful shot call what are shelve all top in the eyes of most of the draft experts. I respect draft experts are not that one right signal on when you when the Celtics won Ari if that's right take. And when you do actually watch them and you watch the highlights. And how you don't see a special player. You see special what are. At a point where even gonna Josh Jackson guide the picture that was read out yesterday a fault and a seven sixes to share. Didn't really. Sit well I just about this is a big room like. You got number one overall what not to make the pick aren't you feel differently not a people. Take a no no I actually like it don't think. Because you haven't if the lake is shocked people and they don't take Paul and they take a Jackson ought to take a Tatum. The Celtics got to take someone and you know what's gonna tell us they're gonna tell us they knew that was gonna happen and this was they got from again. Pat Arnold I'm gonna believe that. Soul but that's what I was gonna tell us. It that was did not that's the guy they wanted. I just think that when you're wrong when you get ever awarded a number one overall pick you see someone you love make the pick. You know if the return was something ridiculous. I a speech at NASA and there for Jobe. I say well you got that Mickey got the other picked you've got these you gotta play you you got to play in rather lose an established all stock does a different story. You bring it into the conversation of the free agents that you got a shot at all it's not always talk about the big you know we're talking about right now. I just. I can't get over the fact that you had the first choice and you decide not to take that. And you don't trade on its retrained on three which means as his wildcard here where you. Think you know of the lake is a dollar but also we all thought we noticed pictured. Bobby is in Cambridge antibody. He came here and I like your pension life. I have to be transparent I haven't seen a lot of it. The character he has played much I can legal and orderly. A little disappointed that your heart on your machine to be so honored cherished jerks and from Greenpeace kind of print guy who's got that at its current. And didn't stand and when brown has said he had a great year. Think I think he averaged six points a game. How much. How old are important as coach Stephens. In the equation and determining who can't eat six. I think he's in Rhode Island I think I think Brad Stevens. Is huge. You a lot of. I think if if they signed Gordon it would over Blake Griffin I I think. I think that will just confirm that. Is so I'd know I did Bret Stephens added he's in the room I think he's right there. Bottom at age eight as important why ornamental. I do if you're GM and you're not talking you coach about a player that you had a draft. I don't think you're very good GM. I don't know that I want users it started to say that you know Brad Stevens is this great coach that. That he deserves to be in the Romo but you know and other NBA coaches don't I think there should be an NBA like if you're GM. You should talk to you coach. I just as she's pretty obvious I don't think Brad Stevens as major and and to what the Celtics to. I just it it's fine I have the import it's fine to like a play a different than faults but I just it. Why would you try to guarantee that you get that Don. And just make take. You got this idea this phantom first round pick that you could get even at Syria after us. What is gonna do you flip its most well. And when that happens to NASA right now. I don't see got to be the case she's got a looks like there's more assets that had been. Basically. It consumed by. Danny Ainge. Where for the last three months what does spent like three days ago. Three hours ago if I open the show today and I asked the question I said you know lot. NBA draft is this week is Thursday night on the uniquely. Celtic should go. You know. Most about it at 98%. Of. McCall's would be well you got number one you take full ticket a couple of people that would say. Considered trading and maybe you think about trade with the lake is. And David lake is individually as Randall and number two that way you could guarantee that you get the guy you want if you know that take them all. This is a different story. You know it's. Still you risk in that you know maybe they end up. Playing games ago when they would take fault if you wanna faults but did you get those calls is on saint 98% of the calls three days ago if I asked the question. What do you think the selfish dude there's like 90% of the calls to be got to take full TB Aaron comparisons don't. Yeah it that's what would happen that's. Right I'll correct river rock and I might like she was I hear this was ice. Was gonna right. Much. Well. You know and peek at some Fuller with the Celtics organization. He prepared. He became that guy is good and they want someone else so Els began. And you know what somebody was saying that up on the audience and that's not okay. When I'm telling you is I've heard some things since then Celtics made the trade data being used to crush faults. Like whoa why. How is web pol what's changed what's changed where now you don't need other shelters is the go to all the body her up last night. You watch ESPN's sports science he she faults on it you just read the trading just com. I guess you officially agreed to in principle of reports that sent out last night if she holds on ESPN's sports science and make much superhuman. And you you decide between out that sports science is stupid. And in Europe or if you're just a general fan on Twitter and you decide the Scott track and it's a it's a well you say the Fultz. The fold stuff was all always overblown. Would you say that no business LP straight traded gotten a lot. What are our number one. Rebound run what do you on that on the other day in Boston. And I am around any post in pictures and he's got out and he's honest up onto the everybody does come it. Not most of the things on here is that. Pope was overrated. Really don't read too bad and anyone and no. This is your god and I would worry. And that guy was not colts. Now there's I guess I does have a problem with with the mindset there we will will take that to make Foltz all of a sudden. DA pedestrian. College basketball. Which which I think is a joke 617779. 793761777979837. Marta Celtics calls at this time all. Watching the US open Rickie Fowler about the CIV sent on their own tournament. Two shots off the lead Bryant comment is young lead at twelve under eight seas off. About twenty minutes. It's already final round of the US open at Erin hills is underway. And now it begins with. The leader board the top of the leaderboard about to tee off. Ricky followed as a shot so I'll keep you updated on that. But top story of the day obviously is this Celtics straight with the seven. I guess something could happen between now and then but. By all the reports were that we read the last. Point four hours. It sounds like this is pretty much a done deal Celtics on there's and I will pay three overall unless they now. What that when a couple of the picks in rounds. Re talking about sacramental. The kings have two picks five and ten right we were talking double faults may be worked out for Sacramento. Com. I mean I just I think Philadelphia steak and faults and an asset install faults. He worked out for the 76ers last night he would appear on Twitter at all you saw those pictures. Of him ripped a 76 is T sure I doll was some laughable commentary today on ESPN. Was. There was this show and the picture with indeed. Dan Simmons. And Fultz. From last night after the workout. And it. I forget who the guy was but he he he he tried to. Say that well it's what you got to bring a guy. That organization that knows Ottawa and Simmons didn't win in college all state and winning college I mean it's almost like you're going audio away. It now people are not going on and. Way to knock Fultz just because the Celtics made this trek. It's crazy as one days. I would like to know where all this Fultz is just an average point god and is not going to be an inning special where it was all the stock last week. Two weeks ago. And some people met you know question what they should do it on the line I did you get that every. But. For the most pot I thought I was pretty. I thought that the majority of people. Saw the shot to number one pick and thought it's got to be folks and it should be faults. And not because that. I edged out the Celtics should keep the pick but also all I thought that if internally they and it was false to me the return and this isn't. Great and off for around on while they need to trade out of a mole on again don't they want. Especially where you don't trip down to train on a pretty so you risk what the lakers could do. If they don't take Paul made a big thank you. And you wanted to take take don't put just the normal. The choice. A bunch of choice and the first choice of everybody else committee. Is sort out you'll find funny and you get that up. I do have a little bit of a problem with that based on. The fact that the return domain wasn't anything to marriage unless should pick and that something else is gonna happen which I guess you could get. But. I also try to put myself in the shoes of another Gianna I'm like if I was gonna triggered the Celtics give them superstar player. I would've won a number one overall not mandatory. Because the value of Evan the first choice. Is probably the most valuable piece of that number one overall pick 61777979837. Let's go to billion Coventry it's up they'll. I. Let's. Now my tell you. I'm not young anymore. Yeah on I just don't. Not a huge debt well being or appointing. One. What is trade or could this Celtics get. If they would be able to get it going anywhere. Or if possible to be here in the deepest. Wow I mean if there are gonna get Anthony Davis and I'm saying they won't. Not examine what if I know I've sort of tease out on Twitter but I'm just at that point I'm just trying to tell you that. I got excited like a lot of other people when he's not here and there are moving pots and number one pick his move. That was an excitement I was written with the excitement. If let's be realistic and I was am I done don't. Take this and and run on it like it's something it's not. If if from the pelicans and I was even and detaining given Anthony Davis the Celtics for a play and blockbuster trade. I demand I am number one overall. I don't want to bring idol and I did you adieu after your home. After a huge trade with Philly. I want number one overall vision and I want a club that actually. And then I want hole. I don't think. I don't did you train number one overall and I. Say all right now let's go to Anthony Davis like it to me it's the opposite it's you take number one and you try to hang that all that ahead of new loans it's a you can have a if you wanna. Number three. I'm more. So I think that's an Adidas and it was possible before congress try to tell you I don't I don't. I don't think it possible at all right now that you traded number law at all. Janzen accounts of him. They are the ordinary. So you play scenario before the break when you said that. Let the Philadelphia ruffled and then the lakers spoke surprised that the drug rep Jackson. Replicate over there kind of between Jackson board but it doesn't fall off all seem like a guy who's gonna make. Everything happened and I think with a lot barter that cargo rocket wrap stocks that plummeted. But also they I can't I can't get over I think this is I did this is then. Widely overlooked around around that you know the league when it comes to NBA experts and analysts is that. The wait just just selected a point on number two overall two years ago. So I'd say you'd think so you think they take Jackson lake resort at least. It is it's unlikely that they code and it's not guaranteed that they take ball. I think but I think that that big. Due to chirping they picked a good two way player Krugman and into that good comfort that they Jackson. But the ball all the lot but we're not gonna pick because PW ought to work out. And we don't want any of that attic. And then the doubt though if you're looking up at Celtics you say what we're not gonna drop cart because. It will got a drop Garber got a grapple. That you'd say what we dropped away and any got a first rounder you're gonna have to pace soon it is in. Round. Who you're gonna he's part of the future should be part of your core. And then you cut your crowded there who just a really good value contract he's making no less than seven million dollars over the over the next three years. So dropping wind doesn't make that I think. Considering not Olympic contract expiring in Europe Coke contract that expired at the recently did this remove it at it like mark in Paris. I think and I think they look at. Could be destroyed or that does basically what a let it does a better. So them that well then you tell me. It's if it's about value like that. Don't tell me they that they now trade out of three right if that's the mindset you tell me that they don't even make him make a picket drink because you could get that kid. What they give Arizona or you can get him out. At (%expletive) you get on a 56. Right. I'd I'd be mocked where people are undecided and they haven't met four and maybe you don't want to trade down. Five because you'd think that maybe Phoenix or not that he might take. Are you worried about that but he dropped that great. I see you in the days you think they've taken take a big. Man I see I just look at this thing you know I used a number one overall. How excited would that. I mean I don't trying to. I was six I was excited not overall excited. An item about. Six or seven. I just. Seems a little strange at all yeah column made some good points about what the Celtics aren't we haven't and in Jalen brown. You know crowd but you also got to that you talk about how many gods they have. Look if Danny Ainge has all these pieces is there another move to be made it very well could be. But what I see based on those pieces that you have based on all the draft picks that you already have compiled I just kind of feel like. I just kind of feel like. Even without traded out of number one overall. You could've made a trade for someone like Jimmy. Got to feel like you still have to peace is to get to do that. Without this year's draft you got next year's Brooklyn pick in 2018 I think is very valuable. I think you should it try to dangle that around the wind as such as a potential number one overall. And I you look at the lake is peck now that they get from Philly. Which could also be the Sacramento picket 2019. And the Michigan add that to sweeten pot. My. You know you talk about the unknown of the 2018 Brooklyn tech pop up the unknown of the lakers pick or a Sacramento pick the next year I don't. Even I don't that don't teams as well. You could legally is next hitter prince tutor five all. Beat Kim is tour does and I didn't even know how to. How to have a trade conversation with that can you don't know what it what it is right. So some complications there would protections. You do get an out of future first round at some people say could sweeten the pot and I'll deal. I look at the Celtics assets go before the strain with Philly and I think they had the pieces what are be combined with roster players and next year's Brooklyn tech. And the Memphis pick and the clippers picked you got some things that you can do I think to get Chicago to listen or deal for Jimmy Butler and that's actually what you wanna do. If that's what you try to do. So I don't pick trader not a number one is necessary to make that trade. That's a solid for Obama. And I when you get animal one not I'd like to see him make the pick even have a beautiful wasn't folks get a guy I met last call he. I don't side with him when it comes to the lake is it there's a chance. That the lakers could shock us. And go somewhere else and and I say that for two reasons one. Hello Bob ball thing Israel. It's real. It is I don't get what type before Lockett commercial they come up wit for Father's Day will launch of all is at least acknowledge and a AAA human aspect to. All where you kind of look at him and allow for the first time ever he seems like a likable dude someone in the family seems like a likable person right. That's what happened with the foot locker commercial as much as I hated all of Bobble the ball family. I saw the footlocker commercial I laughed I thought. For a moment he seems somewhat likable lawns noble but doesn't mean I take a I don't use a foot locker commercial should change my feelings about him. And and where he should go in the draft. So there's still Bob all aspects. The take a launch a ball at number two overall feel like isn't it also the fact if Italy can you just took a point odd number two overall two years ago. We're actually improved last year. So I mean which way you want both at a lakers I do think is a chance they might not trapped lawns a ball and if that's the case. Enable the Celtics I'm not gonna get their daughter. And if that's the key issue AV eight tricked out. That's what we say that's not possible to strip on animal. And a Kaplan will react that move whatever that may be. But Tom. You don't. Don't twist this don't mix this up and think that. I am panic about the Celtics. And where they stand next big panic fridge sign and Vick and Isiah Thomas. They got another year or did you Wear Jalen brown out of felt I just. I'm likely to salvage teams that. Had set I was convinced that ball was goal number one overall now what tried figure out what happened why it happened and that. And the process I'm not gonna wanna I'm not gonna do one adding I'm not gonna sit there and knock folds the and I'm not gonna tell you that I don't want. He's not going to be start NBA player I can do that that. It hospitalized for months everybody has been trying to tell me that he was just going to be stuck. Does this help it's gonna take out of not to take. Cat went. I was all for entertaining the idea of traded number one. Overall but I just thought. The return would be a lot greater than what they received from Philly. Last night's 61777979837617. 77979837. More of phone calls at this panel. 617. And 979837. Take in young Celtics calls. 61777979837. The Celtics trade odd number one overall pick. They trade down the three they get a future first time from the 76ers which. Could ultimately be coming from the lake is on the Sacramento Kings. I want you ought thoughts on this trade and well I guess at some point we need to move on Thursday night's draft and if they do keep that number three overall pick of the Celtics do keep epic. The question will be. Who do you actually want them to take but also need to know the lakers take at number two. 61777979837. Bryant is on the college a bright. And what's going on in particular classical. Hey so your question or if so the architect given that they take you know you're hitter Rick Jackson actually called honestly. Yeah I think so one of those two guys. Yeah I think ball and political analyst whether people like other you know accountability. Industrial there and so what I want is. You know they are jailed for you know I have been you know young talent that we can improve your year so. And the Atlantic island Josh actually it was another three. Yeah and it is kind of similar in Jack and more similar to grounded pyramid Tatum more gifted offensively at least. But then you're taught people going out a lot like Kourtney were delegate you know Flickr and or or you interpreter public debate you can get in touch you guys I really like a lot of treatment Jimmy Butler who's put the competition like how would Beckett. Well I don't I think that I know you're right I mean we're talking about a crowded situation. At a position when icon but the thing a Butler is. I think if your training for Jimmy Bala I think. Avery Bradley may be as pot that and you think and Jimmy Butler plays to. And so maybe that is in fact Iran as much but. I think in general at that three you're right it's like I Haywood they entered the partly also good for draft either Tatum or Jackson and you have Jalen brown right it's little crowded. On that on that Wayne black. Imagine date on yet he seems to be. But assured between him and Jackson Jackson is this guy's got length if you watch them at all last year Kansas it was. Almost like a breeze twice today and he was jumping into Alain and a big spot just taken and often and taken it. Taken at the other way for the easy life. He's an athletic freak. Yeah just above his reach and his size and you lettuce is that comes with that I don't think you'd think shooter when you think it Jackson put it. What I see some college without a gazelle you can't shoot don't tell me you can't fix that don't tell you can't you can't. And net let's say your attendance scuffed color but. I think that you should Decatur who as shooting struggles in college and think these self he's going to be a complete disaster in his entire NBA career. We're talking about kids what 1920 years old right now. Who still a lot of work to do with their own game they were freshman in college. So let's let's take it easy on. Just. It's and a these kids are going to be NBA failures because right now they have a tough time shoot Jackson has a tougher time shipment Tatum does. What a college right I mean you talk about. That babbling possession inside guy will all we bring nanny and a trade for someone else and you also cited so all the that Connell leads me into Blake Griffin discussion where I'd I'd pick maybe Blake Griffin is a guide that. If you opt shout again he's got opt out if the ops all. Maybe as someone that you would bring in because right now Blake Griffin would be addressed rebound and certainly the Celtics apps you know they need to. So. Maybe that's a shot Amylin and Haywood at that line you know you can draft one of these kids to an image action. And it whether you bring Hannah Jimmy Butler not. Perhaps Jimmy Butler someone best plan to fully because you have to trade and Avery Bradley Gauguin. Right maybe that's the way it works. The south still a piece is they still of assets. They can still. It maybe they don't even make the number three overall pick your trip got an elbow on you could certainly trade on a number three at this point and possible. Ralph is in Cranston went up Ralph. They're getting. I can pull George's announcement today that that it the other that I guess we opting out while the try to site action. That we condemn it and now gaming it is a little retreat I Kamal what. All good splashed all George should get tired of sitting here. Tell the rest of the world look at all assets and I also local after the Utah freeagent try to try to rob people say. Well we're two and putting a trait I try crowd on Syria that the treatment that doesn't work also a bit too. Dallas' if you to act in doesn't come back let's treat. Not weeks long term still have to accept questions still strapped government. You'll have that money actually equipped to the creation but if you could baked apple and I want to quit in a little while not obstacle this like kicking a girl home and not the couple got to try to lecture me that. You would have Georgia fiscal we have I think Thomas is kept at all fruits you would have if you ever assigns you to create you'd got him. Now we can go for the coastal. I but I could put a big round what Paul George. In all. And obviously Danny Ainge is more tapped into this Diane and to be quite honest with yet in the world of. Of tampering. And just in which it does. I would think that. Danny Ainge is a pretty good vibe has to whip called George is planned or is got to play. And I think that's why you even hit these rumors that he's gonna go lake is because somebody's tampered somewhere along the way and these guys talked. And com. I think they know he's gonna lankans. You don't want Reid did talk Republicans. Maybe he's gonna put us. I think the next super team is Rick has because I think LeBron James. Is leaving Cleveland after next year I think is going to the clippers. And I think he's gonna have some guy is that. You go play where that weakening the crew are they pitchers to gorge on LeBron James LIN LA with the clippers all George is one of them. Much is cousins is another. Com. You wanna talk about. Even if let's say Isiah Thomas the Celtics don't agree to something maybe I take it don't. Back on the West Coast he's going to play for the clippers in LA. I tickled her goal in the clip as people talk about LeBron go to LA I don't I don't see them going to the lake is because you're LeBron jams talk about. He didn't create soup he didn't stop the super teams that's LeBron jams publicly declaring that he cares about his legacy. I believe that he cares about and I believe that in his head. He if you look at it all you know what. If he wants you wanna champion typically aren't. Picked auto an organization like the clip is his legacy will be. That he was able to win championships in Cleveland. And with the clintons. Give me another player. That would be able to do that in the history of the league right. So I did not separate debts legacy right now I think that's lazy don't want because if you have a lakers until LeBron. I just feel like. They've already had those championships they've already had those legends they've already had those super spas if you don't win. Now that knack. That is considered a complete failure where have you go to the court is it's like I. The clippers so you know you got that Al think is as much pressure to win when it with the clippers Daniel Wallach Ella. So I think the bronze don't clippers and so maybe Paul George all this talk about him don't LA maybe the message is get mix coupled. It's like these don't let what he's going to join LeBron James in the next big super team after next year with Clinton's. Shall I. I just yeah I gotta tell me given up for Paul George he's don't LA. I wouldn't I can't give up a lot for him so I can't spend too much time talking about that. At that. If from the Celtics I can't spend too much time on the phone with with India because it's simple it's I can't easily be wrong to give up if you can't read this we can't make a trade because he's gone. He's got these days everybody is saying is don't LA I think on not on where there's smoke there's fire. 61777979837. Slide. Is and Fenway like a direct sly. What's going on there and Kenseth and you love your show are just worship what you want during the week. Could die during the week. I loved right now so what are ya right now. I like I'd like we're just saying but you also open. Vision dangle this tech and it's not hard on the net they need to go to some of the mediocre and I like which Santa Sargent Bob burns up your. But go to some of these teams are the written down in the draft and opportunity and they look how do you wanna be built in you wanted to right now. Well it is the first object right now we'll give him extra pick as well this is what we want. In the if they don't wanna make Detroit's supports which we should anyway about dat but if they don't want to stop playing around because eventually it like heaven for that. Practical. To divert that. And that we're gonna get stock would not and and that we're going to be. You know one of those stepping he'd seen again and not call back Jenny garner the tall collapsed due. Well listen I mean you compared the throat but answer the call I just think. You know it isn't. As I say about trading the pick and if you don't trade this pick numbers and the three you've already taken away some of the value. Of the pact. By train number would think if you might try to picket. To get a proven it to one overall because that is about a few hundred. A few of choice would be able to pick one overall a lot of value there. Don't tell me does not your party lessen the value of this pick by trading one for worry. If you go to more. You might think up little extras and as an act does not want to. It is the race you gotta tread replaced and train it. When I was number one overall. I think you would got a lot more people listen is they would have the first choice all that anyone else 61777979837. More calls of that is time out.