Danny Picard - The Celtics will make a signing in free agency 6-18-17

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Sunday, June 18th

Hour 4: Danny Picard thinks that the Celtics will sign either Gordon Hayward or Blake Griffin in the offseason.


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Our fourth and final call or on taking your phone calls up until 5 o'clock 61777979837. I want your reaction. To this Celtics trade. I'll tell me what you are and Loge Shwe the Paul George stuck between the Paul George. Has told the pace is he's Leven after the next year and that he'd prefer is the lake is what it wants to weakness is around robbery at around 3 o'clock. And I mean for we all knew that is examining mil I know that they are I guess won't sort of makes this a Fisher. Surely surely not a pleasure Regis keep Cohen. All I know is that. This Wall Street was not brought to you by the commercial pop world's tweeted out that all George told pays disease leave after next year and he prefers. The. Wake us up but this is a really. Mean ads don't really know we kind of knew that I guess I just confirms it makes it a a unofficially afresh the stomach turns. But for a reason and I felt this way. Since we first heard this from a Paul George prefer as LA and I just said David is a super team taken place after next season of Hannah LeBron for the clippers. Yeah it away all georgians don't LU wants to go to Allah. Load street tells us that's another reason why I'd give the Celtics and you did want Paul George potty team you want to make a trade you cannot give up a lot. And you have to say is overwhelmed about if you can't match that you know but what this does. Is it takes edit it takes leverage away from the pastries. Because the pacers might have to settle for. Yes they might have to settle for some than small biggest teams are gonna say when given up a lot and he's going to be a rip. He's going to be O. And every motorist missed the other plays out I guess I would think that. Paul George let this be known that easily gonna go to lake is after the season. That makes it very complicated process to Indiana. Which means that. Yeah I'll. He probably stays in Indiana and believes that and engines cleats that's probably happens a Bulger. But you cannot give up a lot for him Nolan and he's known ally 61777979837. I'd Jay is and oils then it's subject. Hey DNA would go on what's happened day on. Edit it in ain't got bigger. There are picked and be there are. No no we got an advocate of Kentucky. Slots at eight so what's that law. We have all our. Two years it's great panel at comic bit and we're matching up with the we're. Or are you. If every if it is in the outlet battled out west. We we get to the final you gonna matchup with those guys. I'm kinda cute hat and lot want will it. I always OJ he's fox is definitely a somebody around top five top six. Out of the of this year's draft. And what impressed me most about fox. Is last year in the NCAA tournament what was the game what he put. He put he got a big game. Did he did have forty points. One of them. Have again an NCAA China and the apple jam. Calipari said what we told them at halftime. The vault and DR. Garrett fox and fox critic and basically begins amid. Do you agree first half and cut cal Pargo puts pressure on the kid Eddie came and got the job. A big spot. That's remarks and say that the Celtics to pick but I do look at him and look at that performance. And think. Don't you try to compete at a college dam and knowledge translates in the NBA one thing that fox has. Based on what I saw from that moment where Calipari says at halftime of the vaulted Jared fox because that's all we got. And that's all gonna need and the fact that he felt all that pressure big dip on their way to get him the ball and net. That was imagined I was the only message that's on Albers I said that I walked out there give Garrett fox the ball it's at. What do you have got port forty points in the sweet sixteen against UCLA I right that was the damage that they beat UCL a and they needed fox to have that again. And the message at halftime. Gelbard said give fox the ball and fox gambrel that's a lot of pressure. So we're trying to say one out port translation called city NBA one thing we can say about fox is. That. He's he's seen it be wonderful Obama the person. I got some pretty big spot. Timmy told my coach that a young guy and that's it will get new ball and Jordan. And sweet sixteen. Against the team that's led by kid and wants a ball who is projected to get drafted at that point in time he was evil one are true they were talking about Paul. Knowledge of them I may be too. But he doesn't know people are Roland I'll Paula that's on its critics think that I'm rolling him out for number one overall it was Richard Fulton mall at that point. And fox. And this isn't. I'd I don't know that the Celtics take. But it's generous than enthralled their Johnson met through a tough job. How big any. Like I wanted to go live at the trade you know I told ebony mouthpiece because that. On I believe it was good to win the bad cold this New Orleans well manipulated I was watching it on. And V network and have been quite the bottom of the screen on the ticket that. Kevin Durant. Maybe opt out adapt and succeed in this entire blocks somewhere else I don't know. He hit Leno Letterman Leno and what are you so you saw a reports that's just. On the NBA no look out on the on there are no I'm. Our nick on the LMR nitpick about watching the game the fact the apple made. You sure it was the ramps and not. I Haywood or Griffin. But it's sent to win because they have the Galley. The the V the other part of that is that beat. That the cold as they were always up planning committee at the stepped tallied. The richest player in NBA history with a 200 million dollar contract. Well here's a tell you about Golden State. I and you mentioned Kevin Durant I don't think that's been reported at least I haven't seen it reported that that the ramp is gonna go somewhere else but what I did say. I I my main message in mold my column for the Boston metro this week this past week. And on my latest podcast on Thursday my main message was I have some advice for Kevin. Does has been a lot of questions about Kevin Durant legacy people a question and his legacy. Because he went to the team that beat that impede any went to the team he could beat. Now stop it needs to be said for a 35 points again a direct averaged in the NBA finals. It deserves a certain type or respect for that. You all the Talking Heads and the people whose opinion is being seen and heard on all the major networks would dissent. I put an asterisk next to this championship but the rent because they think he took the easy way out. I appeal on that hole it's over the rams head regardless of how many championships he wins enrollments at. That's always going to be elephant in the world that the rant left the team that he could beat. It's always going to be there. And even if you feel the way I feel which is that at some point you gotta stock given to rant some credit for averaging twenty points again in the playoffs. And average in 35 points in the finals. Right. Group allied original did not and what he did he did vote to the team. That he couldn't treat. That's a fact. I think. That the people who have a lot of pollen. In the media. Nationally. Tom. And and obviously they're gonna sway the opinion of France NBA fans all around the world. This always going to be this Ashford and next the Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors which is that. You know lot he jumped on one of the best in jump on the best maybe the best team in the NBA and because he could be a and my advice on my latest podcast and might call for the Boston metro this week was simple. If Kevin Durant had come. Upon his advisor of agent decided to build a Golden State with the opt out of the first. My advice that would be you know what. If you want to consider saving our legacy and being someone goes to a spot and win championships though and it. You know the legend and and you know get rid of that asterisk. You should consider opted out and don't of the Celtics well I shall prefaced it by saying I don't think it's gonna happen. I don't think Kevin Durant sleeve and Golden State I just help the teams to gut and I don't like that too much fun. And you know deploy UN obviously the more fun that is so. I think they're gonna keep tread investigate those guys around and I don't think the rain it's gonna leave. If I would Kevin Durant advice and I asked them do we do care about the legacy. If he does Dickey should consider opt out of this next. Because it's in on gold medal last. Angola LA which I think is gonna do and try to greatest super team that's right I said with a clip as I guess what. Eastern jaws to all of for the next eight years as the rest point eight. And you say well he's trying to super team at the Celtic. Tacked on. Not. He's not. Join a team that is. Was in the last the finals the last two years the NBA finals last two years. So I don't think you'll be sent. It would be my advice for immigrant too I think it's gonna happen now I don't these rap he's got a single state and the opts out it's going to be for the purpose of sign. Another deal with Golden State but it. I don't I don't I mean. Album wrong. I hope he does listen to any advice which is if you could ever lazy and detain the idea of coming to Boston give the Celtics a second look at the last time to talk to him they were a five seed. They just sign or fit Isiah Thomas wasn't even top ten and scorn. And they got what god Atlanta Hawks in the first round. Now. Well. Into one seat cryptic 31 game Isaiah Thomas has established himself as a match play. Number three Italy and scored. An outlook could prove to be more than just a valuable piece in the postseason. And you want to Eastern Conference finals. And if you go to the Celtics you're very welcome but the Celtics over the cavaliers even next day OK. So. I if I do as the governor or its considerate. If you can't legacy consider becoming a book coming this up again I don't think it's gonna. Happen edges would be my advice to defeat if he wants to get rid asterisk because I beg them even if he wins championship after championship. People are not gonna let him forget he went to the team that he could be. That was already one of the best if not the best in the NBA. So that said and it is to move on from that and get back to this trade that the Celtics may with a seven sixes. That they made and will become official tomorrow. Number one overall go to Philly for number three overall. I've been reading different pieces. From up. Analysts and experts. And things that they have to say about it and I thought that Chris medics from now sports the vertical and great job. Wrote a great piece on it any did this volleys cover in the fight last night till Kovalev bloated bag us. So tip my cap to Crist managed putt I'd be keyword or couple things perfectly and it. The one putt the jumps out his latest story is yes. On the trade Chris medic says. Legacies are defined by deals like this changes will be too. His executive Korea is now intertwined with Fultz is playing one forever blanked. Began on executive just placed his biggest threat against the player. You around believed it would bet against. That's from Chris man acts again this last sentence the gamble an executive. Just placed his biggest threat against the flight fuel around the league would bet against. A strong statement. Chris matches in the at all. He's got a lot of connections and sorcerer is any talks to all the big dog he talks to Ali exact he talked to other GMs. A strong statement from shop owners and and all I know is exactly. What most in the league. Would do with the number one overall pick. And a temporary it's a perfect sense from Chris Mattson says the gamble executive just placed his biggest threat. Against a player you around the league would ban against. So. Lot of people he said. Would bet that macho Fultz. There's going to be some special. And matches get back into all the things Ackerman a parent I'll Fultz the last 23 months. Which is that he's a special talent at the point opposition who averaged one entered point two damn. Move is a scorer. Who's a big kid. And is nineteen is all the and you know. I and emit Ahmet Isiah Thomas guy I think he's a match play I want to get I want them to give the big money what. Nine for nineteen year old kid when you win that lottery get number one overall I got all these experts tell me that. Most people are gonna take on the here's how they feel bottom end and you trade down to three. And you don't get the retirement I thought you would jet which is at least some type of ball stops planned in a deal. Then. I'm questioning that move certainly. I'm questioned that move I wanna know you think of it 617779. 7983761777979837. More calls at this time all. And. It. I. Six point 777979837. Take a look at this Celtics seventy six's stray and outside of the swap one in three. And the Celtics will also get a first round pick in the next one of these 21 round picks. They can't get next year's lake is first round pick via Philly. But it's protected where the Celtics would only get next year's lake is peck. If it's true 34. Or five overall. It's protected and the Celtics but the point where if it's 2345. The lake is the Celtics will get. It's eagle 10. After five. And the Celtics will get these Sacramento Kings 2019. And actually root for that because. Another honest I don't know what Sacramento is gonna look like. The next two years. And I mean I just mean it would bad with cousins they had trading cousins last year at the deadline. Are they gonna improve no I don't I don't well I don't know what Sacramento is gonna. Insult if dip that into years and you an update NAVTEQ and took us 91 brought. Alexander productions on that at that it was about a then quit talking about. Exiled Williamson. Rich I don't know if you've heard about the kid but. Is going to be a senior in high school. And on calendar right now he's he's one of the dominant physically dominant kids in high school that's. You know just don't get the ball that everybody is a man amongst boys we're going to be watching his high school games at some point on ES PNC's. Next she's telling you right now. And Danny's gonna go to college. In 2019. And 201819. And he'll be eligible in 2019 draft. One dot. And if the Celtics got to get the Sacramento ticked that somebody we're going to be talking about this a lot of kids like people talking about what is shacks on. Going to be draft eligible he's supposed to be a stud. Ally get all the below book in that far ahead with kids are in high school but if there's one kid that. Jumps off the screen to better if you're paying any attention on social media. All on the Internet and on YouTube. Then the kids I don't want him sin is. No one by the looks of it got to be the next big thing. At least projected to be the next big thing like he is going to be one of these short shot. Doesn't matter he's number one overall body did you know mining and that's it. You know you take and he's got. Don't view if you get that if it's odd thirds of that. And every every president is all things puck. We're a long ways away you've got to make sure the lake is you don't get the lakers pick next if that's the way you let this thing play well. Sell they're up there are a lot of things and I have to go anyway so maybe it's a little crazy to try and even think about. Project and Matt let's go to Steve. And sale what's up Steve. Eight any other are good he. I wanna get your read on this all of that is sure you can be you can expect. Okay so the so that's what I'm Gordon Hayward this offseason. In order to do that you need to create salary cap Speights. By saying goodbye to John repko Tyler Zeller Amir Johnson and Helio went and probably Gerald Green. So while that's not a problem I'm sure everybody would would sign off on that easily it does it does rebuke and then in the front court. So if the guy that looked at data in the age has lusted after. As the president BA player last ten years is Kevin Durant. The only player in the straps that as Kevin Durant type upside is Jonathan Isaac. You can claim that the reader for orbit but it's. You have Jonathan Arctic as the first player that any age brought in for workout. You play in Isaak at the five. What what you could get him in a smaller lineup you know go directly to them at the five this in this policies and. It's crazy to give Jonathan I zig. There aid to compare him to do rants. That he has he has some similarities to grant you that's set up outside and also. Our job Arctic has not is not working out for Eddie sees. Picking Google's war. So I think what happened at any age broader men got to look at them. And really liked what he saw and many said storm looked at we trade down three or four were taking. Diddy Diddy bring it Isaac. I don't but first what had to be brought in or work. Okay I I Imus does he bring Jackson. Yet right yeah. Group by. So that would play any god that would plane a yacht theory. I've bright and the only question is do this Celtics take him at three. Or debate breakdown it's five which Sacramento because Sacramento really want to point guard. And if it. It mark helped votes in just jacks or off the board the two highest rated players are Alonso ball NPR and fox. So if you go to Sacramento state. If you want your tick a box or ball to jump in front of being expressed Phoenix's it would that we take on all. Then maybe you can get the Arctic Sacramento on something else. I don't think Indiana Iowa I don't you may have to do that because you'd have to convince I mean you'd have to convince Sacramento that ya gonna take one of those points. And it has Sacramento you can sell things to say what do you mean you just passed a mock Al faults. And so unique that it's not gonna take. I had that boy and did what got in the draft top five others about it's that's not gonna pork whatever trick strategy that is it's it's one that. I don't think in Sacramento as an awful awful. Now maybe there is a trade to be had with sacramental I don't well what's Sacramento is five and ten. Like if they take guys did they trade down and I did take Isaak and the three. But let's not get crazy with Kevin Durant comparisons. Right. But let's not go there. I just doesn't it just kind of disappoints me that that's where we're at with this conversation. Wasn't too long I don't are all excited that they have now bought overall. And they are gonna take the best player available whoever he told us it was macho faults. Now we're talking about players like Jonathan Isaac. Does it just doesn't see her. Doesn't seem right based on the return at the Celtics got Matt in Virginia which Matt. And on to god any I was calling into a lawyer or I can't comment. I think I may have been that honest and not impact where I actually think I on the belt. What the train with Al Horford and maybe another ballplayer. On the Celtics now that the number one pick. There were getting from Philly I think we can take them. And we can trade for maybe Chris stopped for saying yes or maybe Anthony Davis. In particular. Cannot edit but you wouldn't think that if you'll all of who's gonna trade Anthony Davis that they would set the Celtics we want number one overall not number three. Right right but it. But just think about is that about the possibility like we give Jake Burton eighty or think it. Who do you pick the next. Yeah it connects are gonna trip posing as the Celtics. They could possibility because it's you have quite you'd pick right that is common with her lacking with scoring. And because I don't think Carmelo would be heir for that much longer. Do you think the Celtics are gonna trade Isiah Thomas to the next. Now I'd no way. Math. I'd say Thomas was no it's last year I'd say. Let's government York. Hey. If you talk about a trade proposing does it'll give the mix. And balls. Thirty point the game guided. Do that all talk about draft picks and maybe you say you want a boycott of programs aren't the next. Don't give minimizing Thomas. On that it's not. Like Italy talking about I did. Gerald and. Stop on what it would what did what you should be given up to get a guy like poisoning as I also don't know that the knicks are gonna tried closing of the Celtics. Portrayed him at all. And I don't buzzing is what he's not answering calls on attacks from. Phil Jackson. I just gotta feel like. What is knock on anyway. I've a feeling you stand on but it it it was some by Patrick conversation the Celtics are not gonna send Isiah Thomas to the next them. On James is in Falmouth puts up James. They looked up paid on. Okay if you'll give me maybe thirty seconds just to pay as part. Oh. Algeria whatever time you need to make you point loud and clear god. Okay armed bursting at the lakers are offered this really quick I think there I really think it take fault because the way Russell and I watched about. A little over a dozen other games com. Russell seemed to play more like a two guard were helix to issue more rather than to pick you up and okay like a true point guard might take him. But that's what they were saying when you don't want to look for it was up in 2015 and have taken Russell that your so you never know on. The other thing is about being. Now most generally don't wanna make your opinions usually win everything but also the kind of makes me nervous that he's holding off to make it official until Monday like. Don't you think something might happen or there could be something that's nagged sit on the way. Like what. But what concerns do exactly enlighten me because not not really concerned but you what planets some that may be I start to think about what a what are you thinking. Like may be maybe there's some other undisclosed. Piece of this trade that hasn't been released may beat the sixers at the burning fracture player or maybe they're. They had to take off too protection from the lakers stickers. Audit beyond our put your arms 6% on shocked that this but it all that it took. Don't think in maybe that the lakers ticket completely unprotected or maybe get the Erwin I'm actually Okafor or someone like that that make the steel bonds though. He ever know and maybe any poll out right at the last second on Monday anyway so. And they agree intuit salt. I mean it agree it says they've agreed in principle to the true and I know they haven't got you know the official stamp body NBA. But I do what I think I think I think there may be just awaiting league approval and I think pecans. Men who know me because it's a weekend and it's fog Tuesday there wait until Monday morning the opposite is open up. They'll come draw on the on a fresh are an email press Isabel step and we'll get the announcement I think that's pretty much dead. That's struggled on and it's just something that I have in the back your mind that you never know what can happen it could. Even though everyone is saying that it's probably going to happen anyway aegis you never know. I'm not you know yeah right you know. Any edge good. Could be he could go for a walk today. And it could say don't itself. Smoltz is going to be a stud on not doing it forget it. We're not doing it. As law doesn't a bit step at a private. Right let. They are not trustee reports that a pretty adamant that this thing is agreed to and that all doing one now is the league. Who say I'd done deal debt out of its anymore complicated that when I've love to see Philly. And I don't think we'll tell you why would you take oak affiliate in LA this salary this that might bring you Ogilvy is 21 years old I'll take on. I'd I honestly thought you would you would have to get him. In the trade. But since they didn't it does finally got to believe that one of these free agent signings is inevitable. Right it's in that it makes it the fact that you do get a player like that it makes it a little more inevitable that the gonna sign. In Europe Taylor Griffin and again. A diet. I'll take Blake Griffin. Mainly because of of the rebound and. You may be the team's best rebounder at preventing breast revitalized yeah it's it's your risk any injury time with them which is somewhat scary based on the money per got to give. But I'd I'd still do it Blake Griffin if he opts out. It's if he opts out. That's a 76ers fan said he surprised that's all it took to get number one overall basically it's all talking a mock Al faults. And and I'm not a sixers fan but. I kind of agree I agree with him wit that surprise level Rick is in West Springfield it's a brick. And that may be our our picture here art are stacked there and be accurate the street. We air though on the patient at a lot of anyway. Well. Air guitar he can't Wear the rookie traumatic how to decide where they wanna see anything it's that you rapper and and it doesn't make any and I think that are well when I or Eric. A formal all very strict and it looks set. There all. Or the public and a ordered into that worked so well now are everywhere here where they are as another elect will pay back taxes and there and that I'm a while rarely edit their sisters and a everywhere and sent it. You're a particular player or not is there. It like that get money outsider or target or are very well you're correct an error in Ireland and. I taught you feel about now that the number one pick isn't the Celtics that it's a semi six is that the 76ers I have an old. There's no second dot the end it didn't take faults and I taken ball Ani Nepal was the bonafide number one ya gotta make him sound like. Going and it could be some consideration from Phillies stay a point where maybe they would would think about take involved defaults. Why that was tennis political situation in general where all like normally an alert out for it or not. Larry like we're out there it. Only here so it's satellite they thought they. But they hear a lot of air out let somebody else are not transfer or check out even get where that our oil. Well that's part that's because like you said rickets is a sideshow than that if you're an NBA team. Yeah you know you don't need to if you don't need to bring that any organization you just don't and if the lakers pass on lawns a ball. I'll be sit met Thursday and I ran. That the Celtics don't take them because that's sideshow common of the coming to Boston. We'll Bob ball would have his own weekly segment on a local radio. Show. Aren't TV on a TV station you put. And I just I don't. I don't want that analysts say that anybody anybody but lawns a ball and we should all. I hope the lake is Nepal because benefit of topics and you are saying well we want to it would Jackson anyways. You'll wanna make that choice. You wanna bachelor's you'll want. Want to wake aids let's say this at all we wanted him and the lake is gonna take it paid up. Look at all over and taken a double B was you got it. That gets me back into why would you trade number one overall the luxury of being able to make that choice and control the draft and take what you want. There's a lot of value of that. Given up for the number three overall pick in all of wait to see the logistic. 61777979837. More calls at this time all. I wrap up the show. Chris body is legend Max for the cup next couple hours and that obviously Red Sox baseball. Let's go to Lou Dan and Watertown. An article on. So all. I I saw the we from am able I at all due to breaking that one of the situation that factored in you. Why we're trading wouldn't take it that we have a point department rock already. I act and it. I don't really like that because it beat respect me we're shooting at the plate road gear Smart and Bradley. Over our guidance. And unanimously considered to be a a pat superstar potential and we've been debating policy on whether deep regret your smarts get it straight it is going to be. Make sense to me that we would keep you here are there any of those guys over drafting. A franchise changing player. That's kind of why I am really keeping especially to the division rival. Yeah I look I mean and thanks for the call. When it comes and that is here's the deal with the division rival thing. Is that. I'm I'm not really get caught up in the fact that I Fultz is gonna be playing for Philly I'm got to think of. You could've just had him on yacht team. That's it. And the fact that you traded nonaligned well not you have the you have that you're gonna see what he's got a big. Nineteen year old pit. Lot of upside. And I don't some people in the last forty for college of turn this mock helpful to outside of the been. You know some that that. That maybe is a play is that that was over race. The last couple wants I don't. I don't what I was that a lot of people would do. Know a lot about the NBA and a lot about college basketball and at no a lot about these mock drafts a lot of people trying to tell me a motto Fuld was. Would know said he was the next LeBron James so he's that that guy in the draft that. Like I mentions eye on Williamson is probably going to be in 2019 like that to kids physically dominant night school right now I'm convinced we're gonna be watching his high school games. It you know. There are certain play isn't certain trash that you look at and say it's a can't miss I don't know that any always Sam Fuld was a can't miss hit. Blood. I don't think that when you look at number one overall and you looked at the projected. Number one overall picks. And top three picks. Why was everybody when folks not all of Oxley. Why it was everybody put them folds number on the last three months it was an end when the season was going all on the it was either fold so Pollack what's changed. Win now it's our it's going to be Jackson Ortega and that's gonna from someone who praised Jackson all the time I shattered told you many times all went along. That Josh Jackson was summer we should be keeping a vial full. I'd put at the same time. I still look at when Michelle Paige got number one overall. Whenever she'd been on one already nick. That Matt. If ever let's tell it tell us the fault is the guy. And I believe in my trusty people the company and he had trust these people to cover college basketball I trust a lot of the mock drafts I didn't see any law and she is single mock draft out there. That had at Jackson what Tatum number one overall I didn't. I didn't and if if there was one out then got the short to me not one has been tweaked the last couple. You know the last 24 hours I'm talking about one that's but hope is that we look at Knoll. I while this person projected that may be Jackson should go and I'm one of a mock no faults committee was all faults number one especially when the Celtics got that number one pick. Right so all I I've bought in the back. I don't watch much Washington basketball their embassies and I saw more campus maybe that's why I wasn't Josh Jackson got. But when you got did the the mock no faults highlights. This out this note that I. There's no time that this kid is a special talent. Had met the Celtics. We're district 76ers I got to pass up on the special talent that draft somebody either number three overall amid an economic trade at. To draft someone. That. They considered to be it more special talent the votes right that's what this did they have somebody else and on trying to point out to you is that. You know there's a risk here on the lakers take a ball all what do they don't what do what do you got take them and I'm a pretty natural light and it illustrated and the like just make. You're gonna try to convince us that the got you dude take the Paula Jackson at that point all vice Versa metaplayer did you gonna drug habits as a that was job god forget. And all I just saw so much above Fultz and net. I ain't got to a point where I was watching islets and Andre got myself this is going to be a special player make this pick. The lakers pick and take this plan. And the Celtics not to do that they have trader with a 76 as it should be made it official tomorrow and during the week while. I'm sure we'll know more about is the Paul George stopped I don't I don't know that. That's not a coincidence that did it this is all coming out now that bodes tweeted the Paul George tells the pace is he is. Leaving him. After next year and prefer to play with the ladies. That is. That that's no coincidence that eight he's basically I think he's pacers and a lot of Madrid before the draft and address Thursday as it's out there is no coincidence that. So that's we got with the salvage crystal Lonnie is next. Taking your phone call 61777979837617779. 79837. Just wanted to say special happy Father's Day to all the dads out there up. Obama and obviously some people at this station. Who have lost their dads in the last year or so I just you know happy Father's Day to everybody out there. And it. I appreciate you joining me today on this Father's Day and we got a special song for right Kyle. Got a text and when we got a. And as my old man by Zak brown the engine. Mapping found is that Chris Maloney is next. Team. He will as Jack yeah. And now lose test. I was always. Do everything. Yeah game. I mean is indeed a minimum. Spare afternoon this you need a job yeah. Ruling. Learn and I mean. Back my old name. Yeah. I. EU as a the last. Live. Yeah. Yeah I. Any need Leo wow. He knew. And then I mean. Wind and then leave. Mean that you Donnelly is sad and and not old day. Feel love. Now. Okay. Only 90.