Danny Picard - The Celtics have traded the No. 1 pick to Philadelphia 6-18-17

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Sunday, June 18th

Hour 1: Danny Picard breaks down the complex trade between the Celtics and the 76ers.


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Welcome to this should all hi Daniel holds the deity but god take you up until 5 o'clock tonight. And taken your phone call 61777979837. 617779. 79 B 37. We got a four Ali shell fully right now action packed because I know all. That is Celtics calls are gonna be common and and I will take on the high peak for the next four college with gonna be spent in. Most of my time on the Celtics because as I just told you at the top of the trending now as you know all if you listen to the previous shorted really you've just been. Pay attention. To be at the nose in the world the sports at all and all you need is a Twitter account. Whether you are a real person or troll all you need is a Twitter account to Null that the Celtics and the Philadelphia 76 is. Have at least agreed in principle to a trade now. This is not going to be made official until tomorrow. As of right now. On this Father's Day is Sunday happy Father's Day. Opiates all the dads but. Right well on this is it's great to have original Celtics a seven but not overall pick it up for help is seventy sixes. And this general of again you heard about this. Were you surprised at Celtics and I've taken Josh Jackson number one overall bad in the you'll notice that the 76ers and the Celtics ran it trade talks is that those trade talks became serious. Then you had macho faults work outside Philly yesterday late afternoon early evening and and then the last night it became official end to this morning that they have agreed to drag this out pixels and the number one overall pick the Philly. 76ers Google will give the Celtics number three overall pick so basically they swap. The knicks won three this year and and you look at match dia. What the Celtics are received an outside of this swap and the first round this year. The Celtics. Will get the lake is 20181. Round pick now if it's not one overall if the lakers did not want overall next yeah. That will stay where it's fairly. I'm correct because he got some protections here that to be quite honest with yet. I don't know but I've seen a protections in this much detail if it's not an overall the wick to it doesn't eighteen tank which the seventy sixes. Does all right now if that does not want overall 76ers we'll keep it fits. A five. The Celtics will Chris. So infants from 25 the lakers first round pick next year is needed to free for all five this Celtics won't get that. What if it's out shot. That Nat. This every six is more beds and this Celtics. The 2019. Sacramento did its first round pick and my my first reaction to depicts is this it could be either the lakers 2018 pick up the 2019 Sacramento Kings. I would prefer the 2019. Sacramento Kings. Because it's. If you don't follow me on Twitter elicit my podcast you now. I don't whine and sent this is the kid. Like we talked about what is who I'm gonna make that much of an impact in the draft win. Art it's strong to compare a kid in high school to LeBron James but that type player what may be next here on ESPN will want to high school basketball again. On national television. If if more dedicated in that spot. It's going to be Zion lamps and what he wanted his high school games on ESPN actually draft eligible. In 2019. Unless they get rid of the one and done it again we heard some whispers that perhaps that is coming out it's common for next year and. If it has been the 2018 Olympic would set this up it's up to maybe. Have a chance in Zion blames him but let's say a lot of guns there is a place where it's as the go to college. And well it does and I did. Soul that's Sacramento Kings back into guys and I did could do well be that quiet it's just. They don't get that unless. 2018. Lake is peck. Is. Outside of number five overall. So here's the trade Celtics 76ers they swap 13. Celtics to number three they also get a future first round pick in the 2018 make his pick in 2019 Sacramento Kings bank. And I don't I don't think that's an. I don't I don't think it's not. I really don't. And I'm conflict on this speak mainly because. We. Let's face it we have no idea whether it's Foltz whether it's jacks and whether it's ball whether it's paid out. We got no clue right. What do what I do I know people have been tell me for the last 34 months people have good. Is that motel faults. Is the one overall. Guy is banned now. First there was a debate between Fulton ball. But. I for the last bowl college 23 months much helpful Ted did he got right. This is number one overall before we even know it was coming of the Celtics. More vulnerable for every week that the Celtics won a lottery we're talking about hopes as a number one overall pick. Is changed with faults. Analyzed 23 months nothing. He's the sample player. Averaged what did you want to print once again acknowledged that the NCAA tournament is freshman yet with Washington. Right. Ease the point god that people like that its eyes that had the ability to school are. That would say that mortgage score a point gaga wants Obama tell Fultz was being appraised a lot not just in this town. Wrote you NBA. Where he closes and not on overall pick. Number one overall. The Celtics. Are just gonna pick this number one overall pick Vick come down to three. And you're gonna tell me that there are only get one of the first round. Even 2018 lake is or 2019 games. Back and let's. Say what I look at the standard. Of what this trip is one of three thanks. Even the changes ready to make another blockbuster which are actually gonna rule out a rule that out. Because if you make that blockbuster trade after this move. CNET first week I'll do any and all work top men and panic and shoot on Toyota. All our excitement ensues and we see this trade was the first round picks rig ought. You know somebody writes an opinion piece that maybe Anthony Davis common of the Celtics. And what do we do our eyes light up. We forget about the fact that that's an opinion piece from somebody who really has no idea. And net. We Scott again. Of outrageous blockbuster deals they could be next cannot I'm guilty of what I'm guilty on the ice I saw this move. The last couple days I sharp you talked about two days ago as artificial as I don't think okay shop Els has to be an act because to make. Did it it's just not enough to get just another future first round. To where we don't even really know what first round pick that's going to be the two dozen anti Mike is due does a 192 and decades has got to be more right is gonna be something else. We stock pick Anthony Davis again RC it. Anthony Davis is not penetrated the Celtics here's why if he gonna get Trinidad itself extorted and the Celtics traded the number one overall pick in loans. And it brings me back to the value of the number one overall pick. All this excitement about a blockbuster deal for bad like not talking about Jimmy Butler as much as I'd like Jimmy Butler he's not Anthony Davis. Okay Ed Davis was on that other level we talk about Collie Anthony town to talk about act I got the player on another level that would come in and immediately make you. A no brain out and BA championship contender. Right I like Jimmy Butler. He's gonna help. He would help if you don't got hammered. But he would not put the Celtics in the category of no Brenda NBA championship content I'm sorry you would. Saying don't trade number one overall because there's more to not one overall than just knowledge that mocked helpful is the guy. When I picked number one overall this month for appliance. One overall. Is what injury of choice here. That I don't think. Can be. Opens it. Like. I'll be able to shoot for anybody else. As Utley the biggest luxury in the hole and the entire product or what play we're talking about it number one. You run the show you run draft night you are the king of kings and the league draft goes through you. That's valuable. Don't tell me it isn't. All about you feel about mark helpful that I what are you cannot do you all and you can nod to what you can't do today Tellme. That not overall. Adds no value to a point where dole luxury. Of being able to June don't anybody else. I believe is the biggest pig in the prep is the biggest thing. So. That value. I'll be able to choose to anybody else is also valuable to another team you would have a blockbuster which of Allah made but there's another trade. Common the celtics' way it's not for that Anthony Davis type because of pelicans. Senegal on what are and if we make a trip with you we met a trade would do if you gave us number one overall. Just. And there well it may be getting up and get all these first round pick Anthony Davis at the trade deadline give me a break you know it's pretty Davis. As much as I do when a Celtic uniform but we think realistically about this. What sort of help it penetrate the Celtics. And and they don't want this year's first round pick was all expense the birth. Please. That type of what was the deal what would it. Would've been enough. One overall this year but the Celtics gave that up. So why they go well maybe Danny and just some pen pals comedy you know is another shoe to drop. How big show. It's not a bigot maybe we all reacted to it first because if you really think realistically about it until the team at W Anthony Davis David is that's just the name that's been floated out there. Because he's that guy. What do you think that's realistic or not if it was going to be any realism to apple. What Bennett you'll get in a wall and number one overall they don't want and at three over there and and yours did not want to fill. So I think we can sort of close to do law on this other. We'll call it blockbuster trade for Anthony Davis type no you tell me and his move to be had. For Jimmy but maybe because I think at the 2018 on tech is also very valuable. And I I think that you can all of a sudden maybe dangle a Jae Crowder. You know we're talking about the Celtics have a month it's been Anita Blake Griffin and Gordon Hayward I'd take like grip and all the Gordon Hayward what. I bet on the racquets and not the biggest Blake Griffin fan in the war. In the last thing you wanna do like that is give Blake Griffin. Monster contract and have done. Yeah LP get paid while he's wearing three piece suit on the sideline. But that seems to be what we have looked like grip and still it's like. If he got money to spend and where LC gonna spend it if you're gonna choose between those two players they wanna Griffin to many. I'll I'll take offense well. But right now we talk about that we're talking about the trade with Philadelphia seven six's I would talk about what's next. But this trade. Is one of the three things one Danny and is ready to make a blockbuster trade and another shoe to drop which I just kind of told yet idol does happen. Or true. People covered the draft. Have no idea what they're talking. I'd have to talk about people LaMont traps is that the bank maybe these people have no idea what to talk. Because. The motel Fultz submit campaign has but got. And it's it's different ticket to be not something highly of but this campaign block helpful has got. Because Ponzi and things now inherent things Malick you know like any doesn't really want to win not that changed with Montel fault and the last three months not good. It. Don't tell kids. It is. Because. You talk about well well maybe the work over the Celtics are bad the Celtics made this trip without work and try to. They. Not to exchange are helpful but not all of a sudden and some people's eyes he's not the dog he's a god the last form it's now he's not because it's helped the dreaded trip. So this doesn't feel right witness just doesn't just isn't right. I don't know if it's. I had one Danny Ainge is another sure dropped as a blockbuster in the make. The people covered the draft what the talking about maybe it tried the pop up mock up bolts and did they just got to broaden the people like how the draft they just got a raw. Or worry. Which this could be very possible. Just made a bold decision. Those people out three things right because what else is indeed a duty agent ready to make a blockbuster. What depicts E. Coli. Yeah people cover in the draft have no idea what they're talking about and they got this one wrong from the get. What pretty Didier. Just made a horrible. Horrible decision and that's your columns op Ed today from people who have a lot of you know anonymous and BA sources but they are very good choices and at this is. You don't legacies are on the line when it comes to be at a GM of the team or president of basketball operations in your aunt in Aiken moves and you'll make the tough decisions. When you abnormal on overall and you decide to swap it and move down a number three and you'll only get a future first round of back. I mean honestly I was expecting and up it's some type of plane to come along witness. And you're trying to tell me and I'm not. If it's hey don't. What's gonna be Ted. How. We we watched film we're duke tonight what are offensive player Josh Jackson I'd abrasion just judge him for a long time. I've told him many times did Josh Jackson would actually. You know be somebody that you should consider a number one overall I don't ever want to that is what I feel that I think jock just action can be a very good NBA player. I'd I have trusted the people that have been tried to tell me that lock Opel is. Did know right at number one overall this is a nineteen year old boy god who averaged what did you want different points again. Who's got size OJ scorer and we've heard comparison to guys like west. Thought I mean put out. Comparisons up the last two or three months and all of a sudden the self admitted right now he's not bad Todd what's two edged. This though that make the NCAA. Last time I checked these real 6426. But they. I mean that. Now. This campaign a much helpful to duck and it's unfair or no it's not a result sort of exit. It's even gone from the Celtics organization. Last night I don't fewer. Up in the fight like me I got away from all the NBA trade stop for a good hour and have. Because. I was all land on Kovalev ward to last night and just real quick I thought it was. Obama a terrible decision to stop that fight and it's a done the stoppages too early and I don't want him a couple of blows. And and I thought they really messed up that was a tough night for box and bag its last night because it was a fight before it. That that just was K chaotic as well sell top nod for blocks and I was watching that right after you know what I did. I turn on ESP and I have followed. Honestly a little after midnight maybe about 1215. And you know what they had on. Sports science feature in mock helpful it's at a sports science that. And I'm not gonna watch a sport science feature is. And tight unit that's gonna change my mind on a certain prospect prominent feel differently about a player I get what they do. They look pretty damn good and they stopped LP to a mock Al Fultz I haven't like a professional dodge ball team and that. And they would throw and dodge ball is Adam from all different angles. And job not he was dribble out of the court and it was odd years but his job well brownie was. Any answer with a dunk. And it didn't make much help faults looks super human. Real well the sports science things yeah. You don't need to you don't tell us that they're over the top they're taught. Right after that sports science mock Al faults. Walter McCarty. Tweeting out and I I I quoted on Twitter. And pointed out to people what what was the sports sciences items on locker faults ultimate body twitch right after this between its. These sports science things might be the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Its ultimate Connie. Talking about sports science and it was talked about a sports science on mock Al Fultz that was added just in the moments before each weed that out. That is their campaign to me that's like sand and you know what. Is that we worked him out he was not in special sports science is gonna make it look great. We just traded number one overall down and on the three. So we're in the right because faults at the sports science and has done he's not that good. He's not out did dodge a dodge balls and an MBA game it's stupid done he's not the guy. We know the guy is and we don't need to take on the number one overall pet. Is what entry was multiple gun. This campaign a lock helpful to the gun and not general audience. I am I'm a little sick to my stomach over the iPod because. For the longest time now what are we meant to read the full is the Celtics triggered a one overall pick they give up that luxury of run in the draft a cabinet choice. Maine I would should want to. It did not since and we wanna deal Bob all good season had. A titanium. On. Do you guys. I just think that don't injury I've chosen not one of our all you just gave got full I expect them next. That's. No different from Richard. Did the lakers are gonna give them next year or if it ends up in Sacramento is in 2019. We have no clue and it's great that is west and probably all these first round picks. Our current. And we make. We retread repackaged and how how is this don't go down. I've I pretty much I had a Marty rolled out a blockbuster trade that would get you that Anthony Davis type because again at a piano all ages and we don't want Abbott three overall. We want number one overall and you just gave that to Philly. All marijuana now sort of beyond I said it's one of three things that one out Madrid is one of two things of people covered the draft did not do the talking. About and majors we must stop all the be macho faults. Since they messed that up they tell us fault someone maybe he's not. Did you anguish. A horrible decision. Because I don't see the blockbuster trade down does that make a blockbuster trade it would of involved in the balloon over. Cell. When I look at Fultz. If you cut and hybrids on the record it's amen amen Isiah Thomas guy he's a Max contract player I wanna see them. Give him the able when you got number one overall instead of you have to shop that nick what do you can't get that. If you can't get. That got. And you keep number one overall and you make epic. You you would like you want you make got picked number one you take your guide. You take a and if it's floats your take Fultz he's nineteen years old. What now he's not now he's no good at Philly doesn't seem to have a problem that one overall. And everybody else to drive up overall I don't think that they have a problem they have. Pulled due. To the clear cut doubled over a bit strip and spell strict Vick he's not gone. On. The top draft got it's. Wrong what did you agers made a horrible decision. Amateur blockbuster because again a big blockbuster award involved number one overall. Ideas I don't wanna does she got either get more if they dreaded double overall orders made the ticket take the best player available to everybody that other husband loved the last three months. Got a mock no faults. 61777979837617779798. 37. And I just you wake up today. And. It's one of those like I had a dream last night this orchestrated number one overall and mock Al Fultz is gonna go to Philly. Semi cal Fultz that we evolved and you know talking about the last three months as the no brainer number one overall pick. We traded that pick and you actually pinch yourself and say I'll wait that wasn't a drink that was real life. I won't lie. As much as I'd better Josh Jackson I hid during the draft you pay attention of all to its I don't want to say you watched the highlights are going to maybe this is the kid nineteen years old. Scorn point god. All right. This is it just make the pictures take it to take the kid you know what if he doesn't pan out. You want the only one that was wrong so is everybody else does everybody else does and he was the kid to take and the draft. Everybody else is saying and Pulte was the kid. And because of that I cedars and doctor why it doesn't feel right. This just doesn't feel right to me. Trade this pick it does not feel right 61777979837. I want your reaction to the Celtics swapping picks at the 76 is. Moment from one down to number three what do you think they should do now. How do you grade this trade your reaction to it all. After this panel. Didn't. It said. Do you. 61777979837. I want your reaction to the Celtics trade with the seven. The first round pick the future first round pick that's coming the celtics' way. From Philly which is in a lake is in 2018 all cut and a paean to 2019 Sacramento kings' first round pick. And I'm I'm just confused what the whole protection. Situation because so the show only get. The 2018. Laid his pick for 76 as the Celtics only get that. If it's two or five. Right. If it's through five the Celtics get it if it's if it's not if it's want. Or productive five. And net. They don't get to know get the 2019 Sacramento Kings picked I want the king's package does ninety. That has potential to be number one overall now to Arkansas and sent. Is that Denny and just like is that or is that I've no idea. It's just a oh I did or protections with these exit the stupidest thing we do every hit it just dump. If you get picky should have to give up the pick that should be at that should be its. And and then you can make new protections on previous protect the fact it's stupid so stupid. And you can't answer complicates matters so much. And it's against. The protection with the lakers bigoted as an eighteen helps the Celtics now and they'll get it appears to define printed one you'll get. And tapped the five the Celtics look at 2019 kings. But what's funny about at all. Is that I'll watch in sports on this one and and you know they got to college basketball analyst upped it a lot. Phillies god they got some. Didn't make the NCAA double A tournament now they god faults didn't make the NCAA tournament adds pointing got a brain plays and who can win. It's Ike. I can't let iPod. Questioned. The fact that Fultz couldn't get into the NCAA tournament and maybe even a little bit which Shannon's what it's like. I'd at some point. You gotta admit that you've been talking about Fultz as the number one overall pick the last three months it can't just all of a sudden change knowledge to penetrate. And now with the 76 is going to be the be the team that takes that right. It's so I think some criticism now mock Al Fulton and away a smear campaign is a little embarrassing I'm not gonna go there. But I want your thoughts on the trade 6177797937. Let's get right short. Owens in Cambridge with telephone. Hey idiot you know actor series not to worry gay hate it well as a matter of that. I like Jackson cheetah mother premium access to distract students about position little versatility. There's two ways could set. I will let me ask your own do you want one over the other. Well Scott I think Jackson didn't is that it is it is probably the better and better athletes in general I think I don't. I would think Jackson he's more dynamic but. I'm. Jack. Like. If you are off in the NBA. And all the games that the traditionalist. We eat it means that it appears they don't need to treatment torture by earning it takes a way to check those at. The big key. All I can. It was still eat it or they were there. On the back or what I see it all. And there are people that you would reject it. Influences. And is nineteen years old and when did the port number. One overall pick turn into a lot. You know what if we get one of these two guys will be okay I'm sorry you have the luxury of Chile should bad spot. All that he's gonna be take. It. I feel like. We just we aren't so starter and an overall pick and Padilla. Shortens up that it's not. All the luxury of George. The draft of a big club draft night and ads play up available. If you wanna trick add it up in a deal that's got to get you much luck but then how would talk and nodded. Kind of traded to trade down to three. Get maybe one of two plays that you really might have. A lot of all. Of the number one overall. Now we can't live off a brick. Steve is it's August it's up Steve. I missed sector. I'm not a legitimate mutual throughout I'm sure when I call the mean that idiotic call what debate so. You know it's no different but isn't it it's one thing and it's one thing until like this trade and and say you know lot. I love you don't say I love Tatum all right. Only you know why hey if you guys zeile waves did two dozen nineteen I dig at you could make. An argument right there but if you can't handle it doesn't really you could take this guy now you have number one overall. Two different. Absolutely absolutely and that's being those that. You know it is a couple things as the capital cal thought that at our our our club assault with some 19:57. I am dying not a but. Read it's been over in his grave right now I'll trust global. When you can get the best player in the past you've taken. I don't care if you get twenty point catcher commitment Cho is the best player happens to the point. You'd taken and then you'd figure things out apps that. You know what if if if they think if they think. Is the best player in the draft and talk. I don't people go up but value of the page but. He has I would have taken tell him not on overall Thursday night that I would've done. Right well you know the courts obviously we don't know you know we're not exports because I'm looking. It's an advocate a majority of people who wouldn't ball and greeted the full spears and humble and you know and so basically. It's your unbeaten and not suited to jut give the orange. Give him. You know basically the confidence that you owe more than they do and how much that is out. They sent you any changes corrupt racket he doesn't know is that valuations. Well our I want sent to straighten thought that the valuations have been out all right the certificate the same. Two years ago was willing to do about. The high hopes to get justice when. The same guy who constantly. Routes. Good athletes who can't put the ball on the ocean. And once somebody refers to small ball and anyone watch the playoffs. I didn't get swat. I didn't see guys who athletes could shoot I sort the the rain all the young and bask in right in basketball which will. That unlike many of the sport's sudden you can take your best offensive player among the best upfront and up until players score. It's just a whale works you can I don't care orders you know Bill Russell. Used to play against will open on the perfect woke up and stop the well student. And that and help find Mars Russell holes chaebol and the thirty so you know what I'm silent so. I'm on circa. And I think we just we just below the going to be another. Even if somebody that we get is a good play even so it news. It's not gonna it's unlikely people local full you know. Take enormous technical Steve and any Brandt the history lesson that. I mean is there's no question if you watch today's game. This Celtics need someone who can shoot from the outside that's that they need and they don't need someone that can make one out of every eight shots. They need someone who can all there and ran at an elite level they needed a stud scorer ipads that they absolutely need. Is sol. When I do evaluate the Celtics. They a missed that piece. And I know we can talk about Reba Bonner and all we want you need to score some out package you could Tatum could hit NB a guy. Maybe he could. I don't think we I don't think we know but what I'd always when Ivan why. Web mock drafts the last three months I did she went to number one overall I haven't. What would you and we sane people don't trust the people covered college basketball the people that. You know try to beat this bridge from the college game at a pro game around this time. Every year that they don't know what they're talking. Or did did agers crucial then and make a horrible decision. Because it would look at the return no. I don't see anything that jumps off the pitch to me that goes you don't want. The Celtics. They're gonna make a pick that can help right now and I got to go to get some good album right away admittedly I don't see that. Did we got a different bet that this is different. The Celtics went out they made a blockbuster deal and bring an and a stud. And a little bit differently and it's. But. I actually want to trust that god is bad cop stopped. That's been male lives Coburn college basketball and is planning a video experts at the guys that are right now the march rest. Guys are going on sports talk shows the last three months and how mock Al Fultz he's the guy nineteen years old. Doesn't matter that eating get into the NCAA tournament an average 22 point three points a game they compare him to Russell Westbrook and iPod. Now that doesn't mean. Not all what we've analyzed three months is beating us up right. 61777979837. I see more to calls I will take a map it is Beimel. 61 set. And 979837. Taken you ought reaction. To the Celtics seventy sixes trick to get back to call Steve is and I read and what's up Steve. They were whole sub. So. Back to trade the number what trait will escalate and Garnett. To get it all right big if you want pick and your light your current number one pick we get an OPEC. Pattern and picked up. Great. The act like. They. Are why. Do I want what. Why are we had a great or a car. QQQ. Why are. Now what do we you know. All. That. And you know what it only three a I think it's neat I I think that he wants that extra first round pick and some people say well he's got another deal. Ready to happen but I look at it and say I think at this point if you wanted to dead before you even make this strain. If you wanted to trying to Jimmy Butler from Chicago. You can probably get them would not given up. This year is number one overall pick and give him some picks that you have what next in Brooklyn pick and a Jae Crowder and may be another plant. I think you could still make something work would help make this trade at 76 is because I know some people. I don't think you're making a trip in fact I know economic and trade for Nancy Davis pipe. Unless you gave to wall ones number one overall but now we don't have one overall sort of law does not gonna want the three they want one. And I don't want. Let I mean I don't include. Butler AJ Crocker and pull your. You can score one. Law student. Doll and you acknowledged he probably did you said. You know you have the ability to dictate the draft that I set up the top of the show as well like you are running in the showed Thursday night. You like it don't pick out. 'cause she does return unless. For a through May don't. Don't get Sacramento's first round pick in 2019. And it's number on overall. And silent lambs it is common for the Celtics will all be singing a different tone okay will all be singing a different tone because Tyler Williams and a is. Just finished his. Junior high school. He is. Just a man among boys what are you watching his high school games on TV next year he can all play college were every wants. Annie's eligible and the 2019. Draft not next year's draft but the draft after that 2019. And if you end up with this trade with the Sacramento could put put because of the protections you might you might not expect a mass picket 2000. Nineteen you Mike about his pick it just doesn't taint efforts to improve next autumn it's number one of the student survived. It. I'd tenure of Brooklyn and LA I get your two top five picks but. It's just. If you if you have been a lot of this year. And you have been did you take you. Don't pay god can I say hall and on exaggerate and I don't at all. What you are trying to finesse. I just don't feel as is more risk of maybe not get the guy now that you won't read the lakers sit there are number two. Everybody is convinced it take Alonso ball. Men. But they don't. Don't take them. And and I just I just keep going back and it's can't get all the dates. Well last three months mock helpful has banned the guy is a reason for that it's not just because. He looks good wearing green. Because he's 1980 averaged point toward 100 once again a college and you tell me he's going to be the next start boycotting this big. And that he's the best overall image up but today he's not. What's changed. Only thing that's changed up people who are now trying to dig a little deeper as to why it's the Jamaica's move and a try to tell me that. Well folds doesn't seem like a winner on the Celtics don't adjust Jackson or payable when they haven't met with him. Piled on suvs Josh Jackson meeting with the Celtics. Not probably at a meeting with the Celtics Jason data mean with the Celtics have been. So this isn't about me. So what is what's adults either either one of three things again. Even Danny Ainge is a blockbuster rub away that I just don't think it's happened because Girardi gave up number one overall the team you gonna trade with would want number one overall. Number could secondly. God who. Basically follow college basketball and come up with a mock drafts this time yet very jazz got it completely wrong with faults. What did you change your mail are both and I like the last colleges phrased it he's got a little too cute well depicts. Whereas I may be you risk now all your body. You want you taking a three. Like this make him. Then it becomes a situation. We would have taken one of either of these two plays and it would have liked for what do you mean. They had number one overall you must want one over the other don't. And does a he did this I think this is not easy you know overall a much getting a superstar and return for some amateur and U think Patrick. We could debate who's number one overall. But I just kind of feel like the last three or four months it has really been up for debate majority of people around the league saying bad Fultz is the guy. Today's not IGI I I'm having a tough time to know that just doesn't this just doesn't feel right to me. On I don't know that necessarily panic and I I you could panic about the Celtics because there are 53 when team that was number one seed in the east. They got money this band and we're talking about Haywood and Griffin one of those two guys OK great. Great I'm not I'm not telling a panic about the Celtics have reacted to this trade bill. What the seventy sixes to what we're gonna seed Thursday night with a 76 is now number one overall and the Celtics moved down and on the three. Not. I don't get panicked and I just think it's being realistic to have her reaction of well. You just gave up not just. But you know play it we've been talking about a Michael Phelps the last three months but also gave up the luxury to each whatsoever that you. That's pretty valuable. What do you talk about and I'm one overall to. Be a valuable thing. Not a good foot if you aren't as Big Three. You gotta hope that the lakers don't take. Don't take umbrage at all like is they want to ball. President. I wanna really mess of things up 6177797937617779. 79837. Upon lines NGOs to I'll take you calls at this time out.