Chris Villani - Chris Forsberg: 'There has to be another shoe to drop' in Celtics trade 6-18-17

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Sunday, June 18th

ESPN's Chris Forsberg joins Chris Villani.


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The line is up by 3793. SATA once Baxter has been able to trade again so here it is. Number one pick goes to the Philadelphia 76ers. Celtics get the number three pick this year they might get. The lakers picked the roof Philly next year if it falls a 234 or five otherwise the gipper moves pick. In 2019 again the room the 76ers so there's still a possibility here are apartment keys pick. I into when he nineteen through the sixers so there's a possibility of getting it top five pick next year in addition to the top five pick this year. Or looking at additional draft pick which to the Celtics four operas round draft picks. A couple of years from now to help us sort it all out Chris Forsberg Cover in the Celtics to a great job there happy Father's Day man our area. Oh and are doing fantastic guy trying to figure out what Danny Ainge is doing I was hoping you could explain it to us. It which got milk. You know as I understand you consternation of the bad days you wait so Long Island it and bowed at number what search and data goes in and moves it in the week before the draft you know I guess what they I keep thinking is there's gotta be. Another shoot at fault here it's got to be the first domino and something they've planned oh. You know got to be immediate or it's more down the road. You know what it is such a great about it is they always. He's long term visions they always against the eight. Players. You know if I write about a peoples to their rapidly and say oh there's no insult to get back guys. They beat back the years even before they started the Kevin Durant pursued or thought they were. Most of their way to meeting and and and that they did admit assault charge I just wondered are somewhat out there that they've started to identify. That they believe. If they had enough picks if they built this young core up. If there's a point where everything comes together and gives them the best chance at peace being successful. In the world I think it maybe it's just as simple as they don't think. Mark felt also want to Boller are worthy of of the number one pick and they are dire at the back and butt. Rebellion in the benefit of the doubt I think there's there's more to this man to beat DI initial. Well before you go to to some of these the other issues that may fall here just looking at Thursday night assuming they stay at number three and make the pick who's the most likely. Player that the Iranians takes at that spot. Yeah yeah I thought it was interesting that what was it about 48 hours before of these trade. Really started to pick up Chad Ford came out in noted that once you have had. Has said that any it was probably leaning towards Josh Jackson that that was an each type. You know you watch him play and he certainly see. It's that bad bill of law. Athletic defender. And a Bob Marcus bark like console her you know you'd get the sense that. Certainly would fifties anymore. You know and I think there's a lot of people out there that are intrigued by Jason gave them. His ability to score about all his ability that he's maybe a little bit more NBA ready at this point in order to an Angel here of the capital Thursday night. The most likely scenario is that and I don't know you know you look back two years and and every town we think it's just like really easy or any of and that they gotta go with this guy you know like Chris -- last year eroded its pastor the hair but you know who who saw them. That they. Trade in Kelly Nolan who thought they waited. Take markets Smart at six with. You know there's digit it was thought they would take she would brown last year number queries or without the fans booed about the at the draft party so. It would be surprised if there's just some curve ball here that through their diligence and got together so one reason that. As that as they so what are advised that ever look at the you know I know how much effort they footage you. Just a whether it's going out all the gains and just making sure they note the draft as well as any team in the league but maybe there's someone out there that they believe has the potential to be just as accurate as Marshall falls. Or lob the ball or even you know or some a bit out by the second really help this team go forward. What is bent over the past twenty hours or so as you used tock to. From other people to cover that cover the league cover the team's. And in other draft observers who scouted these guys are really would that it is their band aid general consensus one way or the other in other words. I is their feeling that Danny Ainge missed out on something big here by passing up on mark health faults or. Why is it more V8 favorable opinion I guess and I. That they can still sort of make this work to the Celtics benefit. They had it at the border part of everybody's talked to has a different opinion and at whether that's what you said is is there a gap between four ball and the rest package announced goes as being too remote to believe. Or are you know. Who should the Celtics she's that it used it to reader that Qaeda camp and there's. They're rejection came up its. It's it's really bad again you know there's there's so much certainties. Without one I think that's the one reason that so which banter are so on till today because they don't. Know what we eat in terms of like you know what is the next step what is the direction what does the move that is going to be the fallout from this you know. Number one it just so much more obvious. What the path was and in this exit a little bit more chaotic so I wonder you know yen. It's gonna be really interest Nancy what to start bubbling up it wouldn't surprise me at each year another rumor about them wanting to trade back. On draft night it would surprise me if if you know we hear rumors about. Well what if the lakers go wild card and what will the so that fake ones of all he's still on the board at that point. It's gonna be able just a wild week and that of course gonna get into the trade rumors. I mean it's just you know. Put it this way that the so that never lacked for drama. That the trade deadline and at the drought in this we should be decree while those everyone tries to figure out exactly what games. Well you sort of alluded to a crispy do you expect. Eight shock and the first two with bolts Alonso ball is that far away the most likely scenario here for the sixers and lakers respectively. He had banks I didn't take as much as you hear the occasional reports that the lakers are. As involved as we might think with all that they said that it would bigger with jacks and her or some sort of wild card to partly to believe that that that. Won't happen it's just a perfect match right leg. Magic in the craziness of the lakers blog on his wild I just let it happen as he is and and make it work. You know model without thinking it over the way you distribute the ball. The sixty wherever he ends up I don't. Necessarily believe that that's going to be as much an attic as as we've seen. To this point and you know agency and get in the locker had this week happens. But I think they know that this was a bit of the share with a bit of a chance to pump up to cheered and they both handled it I know I want I don't know well at the right word by now. It again is perfect La La land at low and let the lakers you know what our readers to think that they won't. Gopher ball he's there but again you know board that through the draft to a a little bit more of of chaos if the lakers just trying to get cold feet at the end there and civil court or more sure fire. Or maybe it Leo not at much risk. And what happens from there. I'm Chris Forsberg Celtics reporter for ESPN's circling back to which said right at the beginning with the the neck shooter drop. I offer for Danny Ainge is that I think a lot of Celtics fans feel that way number one egg a lot of Celtics fans are wondering. What that she whiz whether Anthony Davis might be wearing that she'll one where do you think the that the Celtics in game means are looking at Starwood Davis is that even. Are realistic that New Orleans might be looking to break up that duo so soon after putting it together. Yeah I don't think it's it it's probably feasible right now by. To guard the notion that a year from now eighteen months from now whatever the case may be specially. That maybe it's coach at the end of that contract. That New Orleans won't start thinking oh man if this doesn't work. You know that if they continue to struggle at than it does the market's sudden experiment doesn't work out. You know they're gonna sit there and say we've. And otherworldly talent and we run the risk of letting him walk away for nothing you know not just similar to probably way. Teams like the pacers appealing right now all Jordan so. You know I think there is a scenario in which the Celtics and their patient. You know build a chill core. Continue to pile up these assets. They just waited out or the this morn at I feel like the thing that resonate with me are there any has always said there's no such thing as dramatic graphics. That you could always move that. Always use an attempt in as collateral and deals need to step Uga. In order to make these big deal especially with the direction yet is headed. With this cap exploding in contract exploding you know you're gonna need those cheaper young bodies to to kill your your came around. And then you know then the other thing is is. Any has routinely said. That. You know he he wanted her to build this thing up and and and he's not afraid to change. The biggest fish market and so you know. I go back with Mike Durant. What an on our radar for you don't even Kevin Garnett or the 2011 summer you know who thought that was a possibility what result would. Would think these things were O and they identify potential options. It just. It's not beyond the realm of comprehension I'm not saying it's gonna happen this year I think. Just like everyone banged into Davis I gonna get at least another season or even happier. The sea at the world can figure out the audit. Poacher immense talent is always that chance that they they hang around not in the game. Stay in the game log in now and the the result can by the way to cut to make that happen elsewhere. Oh what about today you mentioned George did this news this afternoon from the vertical that he is supposedly told the pacers. Am done summer Tony eighteen I guess if you know and if they don't trade him before that. And he wants to go to the lakers that take him effectively. Out of the mix as far as the Celtics are concerned are they gonna be. Willing Ted to try to spend assets on hand at it seems like he's decided where he wants to date. This blows my mind boggling that that a player can a year afforded to contract about the Telus team though we have not element arteries not bad preferred destination. I'm going to go to you know and and it really hurt his trade value those teams other than the lakers are going to be leery to treat or am. And it puts his old team in a bad position Mo definitely remorse certainty about their you know their future the fact they blow out their best player by. I don't know I I don't loved but looked at bat it's got that puts. The patient especially as they transition. Oh with Larry Bird separate Datsyuk. It it it will make this difficult for them and maybe it forces their hand a little bit and not only that but it decried the vicious street value. So you know he got a situation where the Celtics to giving cheap and it is the if we know. It's nothing else we've learned this week is its reaffirmed that. Iranian and afraid of of a bit of of a challenge a bit of risk. You know I I know people sometimes balked at gambler Danny cratered any moniker by. You know put it back out here we're we're trading the number one pick. Animated up which wouldn't be opposed to to try and find a way to get someone like Georgia and tell him first hand on the culture here so we're on the direction the franchise. And then hey you get to the end of next year and say well you know lakers still. In it especially be as sub sit their holding that picked. Your hope and are still a twenty win team at that point. And the public that they maintain their success are the UN team in back in the Eastern Conference finals you know. Gives Georgia will stop and think about so I think that that that a possibility it is but again it's a risky want to just says it just as risky as trading at nearly. Certainly not something any changes averse till finally here and in just quickly Chris with with Jackson. He had some of the on off court issues. That they'd cost and gaming Kansas. How much of that might be a concern for Danny Ainge or for any general manager might not be enough to. I keep them from from taking him off the board but is that a factor at all here the fact he had those two incidents in Kansas. The and I I a couple of things you know so that I think they have they have shown they've they've tried to put a value law and you know you guys that are. I did people and I thought they'd I and I don't don't know firsthand Josh Jackson situation. From afar it's certainly something that raises a red flag that as well as you have to do their due diligence check in jail. That's part of the reason they're really eager to get in here and get an 88 work out an. Interviews edit cancer by about four. You know it's into the apples and oranges a little bit I didn't expect market Smart avid runner what band. On the court some question when it's bad draft whether teams would be leery because of that the Celtics in the Shia way. Again I think if you if you are gonna buy that the that that the larger picture surely good person. You've got you can't just discredited because it's a bad situation. I you know do you think there there are are keen to the subject that will make sure. And put in the effort to find out about. And make the best decision when when they are on the clock. And and I think. Jackson visits happening sooner ranked at that I saw that someplace or is that. He's you know what a I I think schedule and he went for that second worked out with the lakers. And I think you know that the rumblings we're well maybe get a commitment from the lakers or or that somebody that shoot free rein in out delete. Moving up off the board which fault GE you've studied the link. That it's more likely than not to Jackson would be would be coming here and off for a visit but in. You know against related and that throws a little curve ball that he took things here again. What I'd you'd think that the sell it to put so much effort into an interim both slow researching these guys watch and they'll match. Even if he'd get a commitment to keep whatever the good sense of whether that was the right moves. All right Chris Forsberg covered the Celtics for ESPN. Father of Zoe and lacks the right. He has lived uber another. Another shot of the late Saturday Archie. I it's it's not as cool sport center but it's the next best thing I do. God that was that bad that they gonna come navigated but I don't have a speaker than be run and over trying to operate it with a probably offering more of since I denied. Heads out there are many happy Father's Day enjoy the rest and thanks for taking the time. Target likewise it's Chris Forsberg you find him on Twitter at ESPN Forsberg I ESPN's says Boston Celtics reporter. And a couple of big takeaways there one is just. Be the desire or at least the willingness to do any aims to take big risks were seeing that here repealing the number one pick could that also involve. If he mentioned Paul George. Taking your writing hand selling him on the culture hey you wanna go to LA would go what we're doing here see it firsthand play for Brad Stevens firsthand. I don't know upon yeah beats me. As I said before I don't know that's an avenue are really feel like going down. But I don't think like Cheney changed that he's willing to take some of these big risks. And maybe that's an avenue that they try to explore. Within the Davis I think Forsberg and I on the same page in any most people on the same page in that regard I just don't see New Orleans. And I've seen some tax here at 37937. The disagree. I'm just not seeing New Orleans giving up on that so quickly. They had what 27 games to gather they've made this big guy gambled put bogey cousins in and Anthony Davis together. Let's see how it plays out from the pelicans perspective. Get rid of everybody else if you need to and CL a plays out at least for one season. And then if he it'll disgruntled. Big here from a in the Davis may be that equation changes a year from. But in the meantime the Celtics stockpiling picks Forsberg things Jackson's a likely target don't sleep on Tatum. So those are the names probably look for heading into Thursday and the biggest thing is he said right at the beginning make a lot of Celtics fans. Are believing in May be hoping is that there is being another shoe to drop another domino out of ball whatever cliche you wanna throw on it's something else that is gonna happen here. We Danny Ainge and putting together this team after dealing the number one peck. We'll get back to your phone call 6177797937. Tax line is 37. 937. On Twitter crystallize a 44. He hit me up they are will get some your texts and tweets after a quick break back your poll calls as well and a half hour ago till Red Sox pregame and John Ryder boards like it 2011 all over again I'm hosting leading into a John router host Red Sox game. Fantastic sports hernia W yeah.