Bradfo Sho, Ep. 42: Eck opens up

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Wednesday, September 13th

Rob Bradford is joined by NESN analyst, and Hall of Fame pitcher, Dennis Eckersley. For the first time anywhere, Eckersley discusses the controversy involving David Price and the subsequent fallout. He goes on to explain how he views his job, his relationship with the players and how he views his entire 2017 season while filling in for Jerry Remy.


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At road show. That might open definitely probably would've brought bats by over. I'm wearing where you don't know what you're stupid. Brad road show. Doesn't delicious. I and so on. I've been honored a lot of this podcast. By I you're beyond honored to Dennis Tankersley on. With me on the Brad vote show back welcome it's so I do we have a Neitzel studio here in its I feel like you get the lava lamps in the bean bag chairs it. It's just back is just like studio 54. I'll hook. Our problem that try to take it for now that so back healthy year bin. It's been it's just think you know me because I've been doing this a long time on this early in the Booth but you know at that and yes the years or so and add up to there's been nothing like this year just really he go back over and why you know why this up like that happen. Let you know who have enough distance from it now. To sort of say that you know. Things happen in this game you know to sort out to be me I think is very unfortunate for everybody you know that's that's connected with you know. But stocks priced me whatever so I'm glad it's behind us now. This is the ultimate jumping right into an added note this is why you the best of you know fool around bio I'd stick to clarify to save your chance to set the scene is that. You know when asked about the year obviously I hate to say over the years been defined by a and you know days and unemployment David Price. And you've mentioned it Tom as long as we're talking about an act you mentioned it. About getting a little way from it. So that happened at the end of June. Right and so. Now we're sitting here two and a half months now and there's been different sort of parts of it in you had. You would the price acknowledging it I guess in that and here at Fenway Park clubhouse where. And then you have I think with the next day you are the legends suite and you get predicts that ovation so talk to me a little bit about how what you said the evolution of of since it happened what has been like you. Well I think it was difficult the first on that road trip that was the first game of that road trip so that was difficult those ten days on that road. You know trying to not you know have it. Yeah have anything to do is you broadcast you know I mean you're only human you know and especially you know when he had to pitch. I think he took it wasn't Texas yeah a couple times he fit in Tampa to. Yes so in and that that can take anything away I'm not just doing the games in and calling it like I did. And sometimes people don't like the way you call it and see it come back yet I don't know do. OK so listen let's go back before it even before the price. There was. Did you get a sense that any player that players had a hard time with the way that you. Broadcast a game I wanna get into how he broadcasts the game a little bit later. But it did you get that sense kids are gonna be honesty I just thought oh he's really get about it he's honest but I do you think you were overly critical. But then you talk to people and eat this is the way it works in baseball one guy tells another guy tells another guy did you get a sense even before. The thing happen. Not necessarily but to be honest I think there's like a sort of a undercurrent because you know when you're sitting in the studio. And you wherever you say you don't know what to backlash is of it you know and once again like you talk about people that do see it. And then tell the players what was said sometimes it's not exactly what he said in and I know that how that happens. But I didn't. You know I think I had heard a few little things but when you're not the main guy you're not gonna hear it all that off to an end and players are normally careful. You know amongst themselves they'll say stuff you know because there not that they're sensitive in how. But nobody likes to be I mean. Everybody wants to be. Talked about positive mean everything positive you know and and it's not that way too you know I've got to do my job. And I can't just be here of this flowery. Type commentary he just can't. You know I had and I don't make an attempt to either way to do whatever. In and that's that's why I feel like I'm honest with you when I say that what we're. You couldn't go back to when you were player did you. There was TV when you played there of broadcasters when you played. Did do you get the sense is it was the same dynamic or did you guys pay attention as much hurt guys pay attention more obviously there's more ways to pay attention. But what was that like did you ever have a problem when many broadcasters it to you know. Of anyone who did. I guess but nothing that stands out. And I think it's changed I just do because. There's more profit the pregame news all it is all consuming I think. And then there's more talk of what was being said and talk radio. Talk radio it's killer he says in this town I didn't have to go to me out here a long time ago talk radio they had never they'd put the class athletic. That was it all started right and he was turned into I mean there's a vicious don't get thrown around it there has since I could eat. How the players are sensitive towards it because you know. I mean they're trying their best to you know about the at the same time I played and I gave up. I gave up a lot of home runs you know I mean I had a lot of bad outing so you know you just gotta understand. They've got to wait if they forget the players do and I think. All of us do they forget it when you say nice things about him which is a lot of big data that's given right you're supposed to be nice and all that. And he date forget that. That I think they become more sensitive when they are playing very well and at that human when you are the thing with Jackie. Bradley is it more like I like Jackie in where he tweed is something our own and you might talk to no matter lovely place between it out. Cynthia facto you know thanks for the motivation and but you have but it is a so this but that that was an isolated and so this is this was. This this sort of thing happens and you just happen to be on the plane that day as well. You have it was a setup was like awful has to be afforded that Jet Li Jackie Q1 was anything but don't know this and we'll get to that though are two years ago is that what you want me to AA yeah about that but that was the first time that I had released a gold someone has promise back. Yeah he was sensitive I mean he's hit a buck and half the so there's a lot of people not thinking he could hit right and I went on and on one that's nothing new. But I but he picked me out of it after a gay men in Detroit where he could went four for five with five RBIs and then next thing you know he set me up for pitcher. On the tarmac which was really off and then posted on Twitter. And if and when it first came off I was on the plane wouldn't matter ten minutes that it came on and I went what in the world is going on. And I talked to the PR guy Greg Pennsylvania Avenue and he was like he was baffled too because he was the one to went to get me. And so it it I miss some and I went back to talk to him and he sort of didn't get it. And so I mean I'd just let it slide because I know you know I've done some things you know and so I never had anything about it. Yeah that's two years ago. Right so we've that was obviously great news here in OK this chock this up too he was a young guy right the idea yeah. I can ice I mean I I I go at that right though. So anyway that happens. But like you said that was sort of the first time like I'll really you know the they have if somebody might have and assure that the doesn't seem right it's like you said you say a lot of positive things you. And you call like you see it that's how it's supposed to be that's OUQB job I have no way. You know this is what it comes after it sounds harsh I mean numbness or hearts that. They're not trying to do my job I can't worry about thirty guys in that clubhouse. In my in my you know the people want to talk to are the audience. You know if you get sensitive to. What somebody's thinking down the clubhouse that takes away from everything it should really does. And you can't just shoot from the hip and I don't mean shooting from the hip like a wild and crazy up there you know so. Flash forward to this sort of as the incident in June bomb. Do you have any sense at all any sense at all the idea that price had had an instant win the with us from the writers a few weeks before. But did you have any inclination law. Done none and none at all then yet then you go back to what happened. Before that incident I mean like literally that night. Right Eduardo Eduardo Rodriguez is that I rehab. Rehab outing and you do typically. I think you do I don't know that was in this in this setting but. You do sort of recap of the game and you have to comment on Wright came popped up on the screen and because we're worried about you know who went to come back how is his first. Appearance and that throughout the numbers and I had a quick oh yuck it just it just that this reactionary really. It's not like I'm trying to stick it to you about it at all I mean that's this you know of the but I don't you'd have to ask you know. The guide to get upset about what set him off because. You know I only go by what he said later and then he wanted to talk to me about a month later. So I mean I I get confused here I don't wanna sit around talk about what I said or I think he was mad about. It be like you know tossed up against the wall I really don't know but obviously he doesn't. Like my act. Below wall so when that happens when it happens on the plane and united in we get it like stuff happens on the plane and this is a lot of times we don't hear about what happened on the plane. But this was had you ever heard of anything like this happening. I guess on a plane or in this setting which is basically I guess for lack of better term. Addressing the situation I'm being very nice here address your situation by putting. Someone on stage that you ever heard anything like that are tailored to VI you know we have to. The media fly list so we had a lot of episodes of media error I'm out you know did you talk about drinking and thank analogies I mean Ed did a lot of stuff that took place so I get that. You know and it's almost like I guess which is thinking is that this is our club house which is the plane it continues in the clubhouse to the plane so what happens in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse I think that's they're sort of thing I would assume they did anyway over the years that's happened a lot. But not like this I don't know I've ever consider whether it was an announcer and maybe camp and you know nothing that stands out. Would it be fair to army would be unfair or fair to aid my analogy putting on stage yeah who yeah was. And so when that after it happens. Tom what do you feel on what are you feeling right after it happens I was too humiliated to be honestly. And you guys are talking about this I've never said anything. An idea the first person I've really talked to him we appreciate that yeah. And it's because I don't wanna make it anything more than it is nobody think you know what you talked about. We're two and half months now and and this is a lot of this stuff we know about this is just. This is a blow up a big part of it is about about doing your job. Mean this is in the fact is that for two and a half months you continue to do your job in that. And so so to go back to that. So you felt embarrassed. Tom what did what did you think waited so you have a plane ride you plane ride to Toronto. You must know. It was I've never been that position before in my life there was really just an awful feeling you know I didn't really quite know what to do. You know it's it's I don't know how to. Say it I'm just glad that there's distance here and and as far as you know who care so I feel meat so you know it's it's I have to deal with it. And I don't want to stand in the way of anything I want to go via go away I really do because. What's also matters is winning the test to what that's what it's so that's that comes back to the he'll win I don't know when it was a month later months later word David Price addresses it said you know may be a tough market. Intermediate that didn't that was that was that didn't do anything teach sort of heal the process because he sent me this is. This is this was part of the conversation with team for a long long time and Tom and should've been it should have been absolutely. But so when he talks when you hear he's gonna talk adroit at heart the day before. And that's where you know and when Pedroia is talking about it because you don't you address an inning of baseball usually. So when you heard Pedroia talked to like okay. This is this is seeping. Yes they knew he'd want to part of that stuff and I understand that to unity do you bring in the whole team to that million dollars they don't they don't want me that I mean nobody wanted that. You know and I don't want this you know so I understand where he's coming from me want to me get his distance from at all. You know because then you get into an Indian Canadian pick and everything what who said what or whatever and just I don't know it's just he gets kind of silly book. OK so let me ask you this in this ghost along with what price it set about coming down the clubhouse. Tom as a broadcaster Mickey talked about it in the way that a Prague this is how whether it's done this way or not. I see broadcasters come down sometimes. Lotta times he stand by the door and do nothing. So when he said that I was surprised because I didn't really think think oh well a broadcaster did I've seen you in club I arguing the clubhouse in Texas. The series after that happened the least into those games did that surprise. About the clubhouse right yeah quote. Does surprise me because I think they they think here's your supposed to be available and I can understand that you have a problem would mean. Because ultimately if you do have a problem Soviet you say Jagger we talk you know that's how usually handle it right. But it he's thinking I'm never around and he doesn't have to do you know you're event. He too but yes I'm just the same way some PR guy says go get him I want talked him eight did you could make it happen. But the ultimately. This comes dead back to you know the dude doesn't like me. You know and I get it so it's cool. Let's move on would you ever wanna talk to on now. Why would I want talking. You know the guys who probably he is a cure. Yeah definitely on race at the first guy doesn't like me I get it how how difficult he talked about going to in the broadcast right after. When did get to the point where you felt OK I can kind of settled back into what I do was it right away or wasn't a few games. I don't know I think I got in after the all star break I was fine everything's cool and give me off that road trip you know psychic did get my feet on the ground again now. Well also you we talked about the view plaza Uga when Europe and the legends suite I mean this is. That you're you're beloved here and you're. But has has this whole thing. What transpired in this sport you've gotten me as that. You know let a level that you are expecting yeah I mean it's like hey Matt I don't yeah I that's wonderful and you know what. Detention that you've gotten from it but I didn't want this. I don't want this this is not who I am at all. You know but it's cool I mean I appreciated. I really I've kind of uncomfortable with a let's just aren't just you know move on hand it. So how do you sell this to jump into how you do broadcast. Yeah I would imagine like a lot of broadcasters evil vault and when you first started out where you hasn't suited to talk about the players or were you right away. This is how it's done and you really haven't changed cents volume has some I think originally I'm never sitting as a player. Listeners who decisively and in the you know club off so long. Does he for the seventh inning got so I'd like to record records of the game before I went to the bullpen I see here guys that's a while Montgomery. But I'm not in Oakland Udoka I'd yet and I remember thinking to myself if I ever do this that which is just a thought. I mean I want it I want to make sure that you know I know they schemes not that easy so you don't want take you get up there and start you know popping off saying look at this you know. Middle middle fastball and hang a breaking balls and they guy headed out you know whatever you know. But after while what you ball. You just go he got you say what you say you can't if there's a white careful here careful there they don't want to hurt somebody you know. A lot of these players think they want their mom and dad to be up here call on the game you know what. Today you know and I always said this about when you did broadcasts have we said. What that one of the things I like is your reaction do you react like a guy in his living room would react like law. Right example our back you know it's a bat you know good or bad ball lower. You know. I mean when I imagine that that's people other people said that. And and in now listen you've done a lot of it is is the most games you've ever done right now yeah I did summoned. Thirteenth and tenth 2009 that's when I was like it's on a thirteen you know how you know obvious script in the bottom of the barrel. The 2000 and the house of puppy back then. The job evolved into this and that. You know I don't know I'd be I enjoyed doing it but I I don't like this side of it. You know people you know critiquing that and my critique or whatever it's that bad I guess that's part of the two you got it. You know take what comes withdraw its you know its players and its community to guys who filled in when you weren't doing it. You'll social media few rough place. And so it's it this is that this is what Debra what's different from when you were planning this is what's different in. Mike you said I don't think the players are nearly as a micromanaging these broadcasts as much as they are now I don't think certainly of the media and the public are. Beyond that scrutiny that comes with this job big time especially Boston come on. And everything you say hey you know let alone what the players think you know it's what the Twitter world thinks or whatever and that's insanity but certainly it's right. But so is so overall like now that we're through the that stuff. Has it you know do you you've done it honey games he's in and people say hey where's Jack where's that where is that they want you to do more. Could you ever see yourself doing more or is this it was this about right was this about the system many it was I know it's an exhausting year by beautiful old lotteries. A lot of people think that you know where sect because you know like they don't want him or I don't I never. Knew what I was gonna put us getting into here I've always wanted to inability got that mean I'm not you know 45 years or wherever it is and want to do the whole enchilada. I mean this is tough this is this is a young man's business as you know yes yes I'm not a young man and I'm in the wrong business as hard. It is hard so. You know I've worked hard to be able to get to a situation where I can not call my own shots but I'd like to do a lot more home games. You know I'd like to do home games you know and I don't know maybe after doing what I've done maybe I'm willing to do more games. But I'm lucky to get this job to begin with so it's easy it's hard to Croatia. Books. Isn't it. You do would you wanna do anything else I mean you very good spot I don't. You like 35 years old at least in your chair lift Catholics are you looked that way but if the year and it could spot you. Your dolphin in your nearby Sohn who is there anything else you would wanna do whoever first what did you ever come close to doing like anything in the front office. Violence that now and I've ever been you know have coaching them and never had a passion to want to do it because that's what you need to. To be a coach so this is perfect for me you know because I'm emotional. I get to you know ride this wave. You know up and down all around and it was unfortunate what happened this year but I don't want to stand in the way of what I really wanted to do going forward you know I mean I never wants them like that to stand in the way. And so maybe I'll do more next year. Yeah but act you've been you've been enlightening and you've been vision of a vision of hope but hey thanks this is users are first protest. Yeah the united and that's why you know for me to talk about this I'm at bat and not really Derek felt free enough to talk about it but I think we have enough distance to always and I don't want this to get in the way. But the ultimate thing that's happening on this field. Great game but the great game of baseball can these thoughts I. All right thanks again.