Boston Sports 101 - Wade Boggs vs Margo Adams

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Tuesday, August 22nd

On this edition we look back on at the "most notorious woman in America" in 1989 Margo Adams and her relationship with Wade Boggs.


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Yes back. Boston sports Ottawa fiesta model with a short here at WEE. I podcast radio network. And boy I'd say so I'm excited to be back on the air because as much fun as we had doing our hundred greatest guy movies and wrapping that up. It's gonna get back to sports and here are my buddy George kept George orient without gangsters like it's object of the memo buck. We hear having a little fees here chicken and beer is where that's kind of a Boston thing these days but we're gonna. Be joined this week by the obnoxious Abbas of scandals bureaus. Of the Boston Herald real OBS on Twitter a billionaire. Yet I am. I'm looking at thirty year old porn but you'll. Client a few. That's right we and in a while he's at that because. We're gonna go ahead and purposes that most of our our shows are not exactly kid friendly but this one has to be specifically non differently because we're going to talk about the but the maybe the biggest scandal. In the history of Boston sports. What happened when Wade Boggs. Went head to head against Marco Adams the woman he'd had an affair with a four years back and then in the late eighties that the biggest real scandal not the fleet feet. Yeah real legitimate but that would talk and when the national right national headlines. And after again at outdated way boatload of fully depleted. I think there were a few times to oats bill what do you what's your biggest memory of oh wait this point he's you said you were covering capitalists we talked earlier that you have been covering the Sox around the time this happened. But is is this game until the first in the pops in your head when it comes the way to Munich as a whole Famer. Well they'll be in this cynical. Twisted bad that that I am. The name Michael Adams. It's always interesting that pot and and I think it was because. The fact that I was in my early twenty minutes happened. And I wouldn't you know sort of starting out on as a reporter and journalist. And this story at that time this was pre Internet. Read him the pre Twitter prix in Graham. I mean that they would use. A literal bomb shell I mean it came I don't know. I blamed when the accusations. Came up in the lawsuit was filed. And it without Babel when Matt what language that interview with pat. A mile man bought penthouse just to just put that in view and to go in return but it's true I mean. I RE than him I couldn't believe what I hear all leadership. I cannot believe I mean I couldn't believe it but it was it's hard it is you. It they're real interest in look at how things are so different now because. I read their that they interviews from from the old issues and excite the any any team ballot so had it antiquated in just weighing in. It now in the salacious peek you know I mean she slipped them a big you know we keep using whatever. Which is the story itself that this woman was traveling with the team. For however many years. What they wanted to current it was so so you've been now equipped to beat that would be a story today it is somebody wrote Fred was. We traveled with the team and you know I mean nobody would even care. Well and I'm and people actually care about this I mean yeah been out all (%expletive) aside admit was huge. Well let's let's add up for a second because bill on you remember when an incredible player bonds was in and capacity stats. Of what type of battening. Barnes is pretty much regarded as the best hitter in baseball. Through most of the eighties yet come to an enemy and win. Probably best stuff on base hit rock is a room and yet the twelve time all star. Two time gold glove awards both with the Yankees which was odd. Eight time silver slugger that goes the best Heather at that per position. By that time AL batting champion 83 in an 85 through 1988. As a kid I was at a perfect age for Wade Boggs and the player. He was he he was at the baseball corridor from me he was the guy with a lefty swinging in. And now OB. I remember that 87 season where he was always talking about about this he had a contract year he decided it 24 home Wednesday years he'd never hit home runs. Even Hitler in the all star game night here it was a it was a big story that when your when he went. He's be back to back at Bo Jackson now he went yard it was unbelievable but. Yeah I remember him just paean. Don't even a spray hitter he he'd go opposite field to pull the ball he was just that is an amazing hither. Average this some stat here he went. I think he went 72 multi hit games in 1985 which is just sick I'm bully that's what's gonna prep is this what the reason why we're we're talking about it. Is that you know the last couple weeks we've had to deal would this accurately. David Price viewed in this this incident that happened and honestly be yours because the slow summer this losing and but it's become is this much bigger story in them you know you might average and make it out to be. And blogs you know got a hold of do besides maybe it was the other way around and and globe article talks about. Boggs actually says dishonesty David Price is no idea when I went through talking about his time in Boston in the eighties with this whole Margot at scandal. He says yuck that's it. You know yapping the big phrase it act in I said to price and they say is try living in my shoes back that. So you know what we're gonna deal right now we're real is this entire incident as at as at as it unfolded. So we have. Start here at this kind of made news in 88 summer mediate. When. Lawsuits were filed embargo atoms. Palimony lawsuit. Bill whoever how to exactly went down and in summer mediate the remembered being suddenly it was overshadowing a panic contending team. All that then it was the tumultuous. This at least because. You know they get they brought in Joseph Morgan. And Iran are would be 24 straight or an outlook of Africa. So. So that way do you know. I mean. Again the NFL that you always was one year while not even if he's been removed from it players' strike. So. There was no there was no holds 151000. People and patriot street if I I covered patriots didn't get it did feel that your. It was probably 26 people including depressed. Watching the team at Bryant College. Was humility as NFL it was not. The NFL would not on anyone's radar. So this would be story. June July and August what does that women Red Sox went on it here Happy Gilmore took over the team so the box out. What kind of a side jail at that point because the team was playing great. You know two years earlier they almost won the World Series of they had won the World Series B you know would contreras was delighted BP they remember watching. So. You know it it's like it he was good and they were these stories in the it will winning at all. So don't want that would what triggered blasts. Right right and a lot. And yet and still go to lawsuit you know would just if you can added to the excitement. Of what was pretty much a baseball only so. Right and it wasn't an act and is it the Celtics were in burba still in his heyday. You know the red sack the base or so huge and Morgan magic to get warm by storm. There were two years removed from losing that World Series to the net. You know the kind of crushing heartbreak of that hadn't quite. Crystallized yet it was still. We've still got a raw fresh would be worth. So excited about a team still the it was optimism that they can give back. Baseball is also probably the baseball world at that point Canseco was probably that all up it can sic was the biggest star in the world that point I think too that's right. And so. We're not what I question I mean it was it was a superpower. And an Red Sox were you know the only story in town. And yeah I mean like you said it would use. You know they've it would still lit like. Like Croatia if he can win. And it did they can win the World Series you know they got to get back in the it was it was pretty much that they 86 team. Let you know more. Mike Green well I think I don't know Lester and a little less Jim Rice right but you know that they're a direct but the picture it was pretty much intact. For the most part. So it was the Cold War and it you like Clemens who was like go what did you it what the heck out. Yeah and then and he'd bought right now than anybody that you had where people I've been in and Roger Clemens in their prime on the same team that premium. Yeah no exactly and an 88 they go and get swept by the Oakland a's in the ALCS and then to narrow their out of it this that the tension start to shift. A little to what's going on with this this by scandal and it's not so much that there was every day news it was just more like how was is gonna continue to unfold because. As we'll talk about later Margo Adams ends up going on that Donahue show. There ends up being talks of a book. And then it's released she's going to be giving interview to Playboy magazine. And we'll find out this in the offering them so much more but let's go ahead. And look back now at April of 1989 this is actually penthouse magazine April 89 which means it really came out probably the end of February early march you know those things in the fall. So inside the magazine says penthouse at the time boasts a worldwide sales and estimated five million dollars we read the articles I don't think. Yeah I don't think anyway and ever noticed that that line. But. But I'm sort of an African economy and money now. But that was they app profile article but could call designated swinger. And I had David. Excuse me. Which at the time it is it made sense he he won five straight batting titles or something ridiculously well he had just broken record. To understate it 200 it's 200 hits for six straight seasons that it Cobb had done. So just to set the scene that's looking yet but what. Schumacher goes on to explain. Is basically timeline of events starting in 20021984. In the beginning of the season if you actually go look at their season they start the season on the road in California at the angels out in time. And that's where Boggs would meet its when he hurled Margo Adams. The men and Anaheim club called crackers with him mr. probably that there were. On the reason that she Agassi was kind of approach weblogs or blogs exist around and she noticed win. Yes let it crackers at LA. That was probably a pretty easy transition. On the the but Susan Wade Boggs ward yeah I would see it meant Boggs initially she noticed that he had a ring atmosphere and I guess. Barbs. His friend Eddie Jericho to the utility infielder at the time that about 240. Pad. In an op with Margo adams' brand and the two of them with Adams we're gonna go swear jerks of pages point two whoever. You want to go with us and is like 1:30 in the morning and go out beyond the club into Xbox. Next and she's she's blogs though and again a club he's not wearing his ring and it CB goes towards a Ringo in his line was I didn't think a girl with like you would wanna go with a guy wearing a wedding. What's funny about the articles that in initially right here. They named dropped Dennis actors who was what's the with the Sox time. Is it going and he does it bring up ex actor sleek and it would apply he'd do anything wrong. Always is that he came by the tables are inactive when they went back to his room by himself. But it's funny to think. Packers Lee was the closer. In 1988 again with the a's he had just on the World Series in game one the Gibson home run and into the Gibson home run. Sosa's legacy having name drop and of course Boggs making this comment it randomly X mean it's it's prodded as to assure that. Yeah yeah and you know you can reminded me this envelope in the ability people HBO movie about the rat pack in. And in a movie Frankie goes up to a hotel with two girls in Asia would be and newsroom district buster bill. And adequately Dino he just went to bed with a glass of milk. That athletic out of it when I read that I don't wanna add. Like even thirty years in advance. Act like I'm Michael and Irish might review and Avila a good idea and I did I. Piper is that was though it was a better to be mentioned and having left the situation not mentioned again or is it. It is not meant to an appointment that all of this article. Now I I figure I did agree I think that they took it usually a guy just for the record I don't know thirty years from now. The ask while Hillary or thought about it and I wanted to know about. Not to do well oh deficit George and you. But to wade and I guess I'm on his first night out with the girls three in going out four and go out we strikes out. No pun intended with just think he gets us a kiss from Margo. But he does commits to go to dinner following that go out to dinner this hilarious their first dinner together the first day I guess you call. Parts are talking about Ali too chicken. When he says that he does is hit in them chicken picnic alternate middle. You conquered the alias. And and so. In debt and an Adams a guesses who reportedly drunk I'm wind does not call they had sex and on. Yet Adams Adams says Anna Margaret Adams said adapt it to. The so much it loads the Marcos that that's one it's when you buy a box and 25. Margo I guess says that box had admitted cheating cougar Xbox Baird has pointed admitted cheating before he once got VD during spring training. Which it but it is and then. He you also I got to her pregnant when he's in the minors in the woman's him mr. So I mean this was no surprise that atoms that blogs would been completely fields work. So he travels to meet odds on the road first road trip later that year in May. In. This is packed this whole thing is dislikes are really odd and funny. Boggs context against George Brett final local florist in the area so she can arrive to the wrong with with fresh flowers or whatever. But he uses the clubhouse attendant to actually make the call. And Margot who says the pilot Scott blogs is kind of a mess but he's a great player he's making a lot of money. But let's face it he barely dressed himself you'd buy clothes warmth and he's he's cut clubhouse tenants to do everything well I mean what bill. Back then is that the culture of the clubhouse attendants is to carry everything. While it is I'm if you read the and a book on Ted Williams. There's a lot of books and at Williams obviously. An and several of them talk about how EU's they have article about always you know basically. And all of his personal air. Oh in terms of a laundry everything out so I don't really think that much of surprise. That that these ball players were at least fact and very dependent on bad. You know on on our club house ways that not only run errands but obviously. You know idle saint. And that's you know that was sort of one of the storyline this whole story broke his. Here's the underbelly in baseball. And you know Jim Bowden had written ball boy twenty years earlier. And it was always this supposition that this stuff was going on in baseball. And and at least in my perspective this was really the first story I read at. That tied it spelled it out in each you know about how it actually occur you know how that he'd covered for her line around. It obviously to detail. And how much out of me it is what is it. You know it was being beyond. Bill lurid deep you know funny stuff. It was really interesting about how you know the oddest story it was the complicity in the red. The organization. I know I mean it really if you gave you an idea of how. Core rock the underbelly of Red Sox organization was at that time. It reminds me of good tells us in goodfellas where. No other that that the same exact guys are with Henry the way he is at his wife. And then the next scene and resume his girlfriend's place in the same it was there yes you know I mean it's it's like they see a hole like on most of limit themselves but. This is great does is August of self promotion for penthouse but in the article. They talked about now. After they laughed box and Adams. Take out leave notes Adam Adams picks up a copy of penthouse magazine of course because. You know who wouldn't want to just read it leisurely read copy and a magazine to read the articles so well and so she throws her itinerary into the magazine. And then TC sparked after the airport markets in the plane he just got a kind of that article in magazine to read in the airplane because again celebrities should never be cut not read pornography and their. So he takes the magazines. Really good issue because he takes ala backed with house. And his wife Debbie. Not only quite a magazine insert three herself. And I'd love is worse than a penthouse letter. I'm she flips through it and in the itinerary to itinerary for Margot at this fall adamant. And she sees that this woman named Margo and edit and then in the same city with weighed in growing up she's handwritten Wade's hotel room. On the itinerary. And of course you know. Debbie and calling so the next day at work Margo so it's getting phone calls randomly from. Kansas City now is the places and it's Debbie tracking her down so. Margaret it's freaking out she calls a Red Sox. And tells the club doesn't give when he heads up. That I think is why it's on to something and then wade confessed to his wife the one time thing really sorry whatever. But that and few months later letter released with them again in ninety literally. He's with Margo there on the road. He's cleaning up the flight that companies can scoops about as close throws in his bag mistakenly grabs her slip. Her sexy Sloan and get it is the eighties and sexy slit for the thing. So he grabbed that throws in the suitcase and again he finds now he plays enough that another one night stand and be an orient sorry it is kind of like the opener. And his wife still forgives. Honey. That's Arlington it would. Stuck with it. The explanation to our wives but it wouldn't it would go over well now that would a second time because we probably wouldn't doctrine. But it would not the last now. He obviously didn't. I know all their dogs are all the stuff. That you know it was kind of like. If any sport. You know you've in the back of the greats from back in the game and and you know they all it would be a gated and it was discussed Baghdad and again that was. Not this just this and I'll story but this whole side that was really. One of the first times that this issue of you know old ball players in any sport. And net institutionalized. Infidelity and all the stuff I mean isn't really. And terms of media in terms of the coverage is transformative moment. Because before this. Before this story. And before the lawsuit before the penthouse article. And the fact they you know it would just Margo. You know it would just waiting by had a mistress that flew on on a road that you know about but but this story. Wait wait chief Scott talked about the at a ball. Almighty god that it shouldn't. Have and and that was really got that underlying thing you know what what she got pass the giggle about it. And all that. The different goofy dumping it would there was OK now we finally know what this guy really think of the bill this is ten and those aren't. Oh continuous. And any you know I mean it don't stop there about Ted Williams. And it was I mean Matt what's that people lost. There wasn't affected if I were cheating on his wife. Again it was just like whatever their marriage is between them it was you know wouldn't that dole. Jim Rice. Chamblee and everybody out mean now orders. That was really the that explosive. And it outward. Radioactivity of this story. Wasn't so much that this tax. On the infidelity. Or kind of the buffalo area surrounded it was. It hit this guy talking about his teammates. And that was like why now. Oh yes or immediate types in different stance it was late pollution the road builders and the and frankly I think. I think bought this spent the last thirty years trying to get pat. Agreed I can compare this to the first time. Since then probably Tiger Woods. And in his and they'll actually. Is that it was it was that huge and I look he brought Mattingly is in the eighties. We compared Boggs to mentally Clinton was in nationally. But it was always bogs verse Mattingly in in the house and new York and bright bright so I'm curious to see. So I'm I've read some of the article palm to my mind my penthouse copy wrecked in the eighties. But but I'm I'm hoping you're gonna tell me about these things is that the with that part respect the game is in London Iowa on the so. So yeah I near Wright bill when he talked about. He starts saying things about teammates and in kind of bringing things up some people's demands and we'll get into the ones he mentions blogs opinion on it. But she starts talking to routers teammates. That at one point in a bar this girl sowed some girls and so drunks passes collapses on the floor in the bar. In the teammates including Barnes or are just laughing so hard. At her situation and the fact that her skirts all hiked up that instead of heat going for. For help or calling bird you know a police there is semi automatic or somebody. They're all taking bets of who can get the best look upper skirt as she passed out and then it was another friend of Boggs. My guess joined Margo and weighed in the Dominican Republic that he calls. Where. Boxes for an performed oral sex on a six dollar price who did the guys picked up. And so like it's not even so much that the blogs that the team but then. It's the things like this that she starts you accused things up now George. What do you think wade and embargoes favorite pizza. Was a therapy to top it wasn't one I was a double. I'll just say it was her peace with double into. You believe that I even in its. Rock vibe that one point gave her at number 26 necklace that Agassi is the Wear and I guess they need him to go to clubs because it was just like in goodfellas is clubs for the girlfriends and clubs for the wives. And Margot was always that at the if the club for the girls are very good fellas ask the really he has. Adamant Boggs talked about a threesome one point. And but I guess. Adams rings for it to happen and then Boggs went out. And then Margot says in the interview that yes he probably would have we've battered chicken now does that work on into the ground. And then it's an 85 this is great too because of their a year into this. Wait wait is on a swamp. And ends up. Getting out of it would like for four for 41 day because they had phones acts. And so now whenever we'd backed goes cold literally. He's got a caller for bodes phone sex when he's like maybe moment somewhere whenever there's pre Internet days man. I know but then the funny thing is he says that when she's with the way they never have sex in the morning. Because wade woods sex weakens last Levy's. If the cute to squeeze Mickey Iraqi and that's when they feel brick. Community and he got. Me out the the again Adams talked about when I think most people kind of bottom way that he was really going to answer it he didn't care who wins and losses. All he cared about his which makes sense it was it was around the sun on on your opinion and then your bill every you could sense that is part of the median and. Yeah I mean I think that was again. It now. It was all he broke down at the World Series that in surprise people. And it seems tacked quaint and yet it was 39 years ago. But when you know that could be imminent that that be the World Series it always should this guy actually typical right and if so I am I mean. I don't think we can understate. How is Allah we view that moment I mean Nikes and I beat me a war and even Williams themselves. I mean there are legitimate comparisons that at waves but this guy in terms of the hitting skills right. Abilities every two strike pitches. It's easy to sell the only time he struck out IV never struck out I never remember waived by striking out when it. But think about this though I always make podtech. He's also a guy who always took the first pitch so he was always down 01. Because they knew they wouldn't like he would lead the league in walks as well. I mean he you know they have this bit Saber metrics. I mean you can look up is OPB and let them by. Just just the way that that that valued now vs the way it was about bad. I mean you would be the most coveted player in baseball argument given it over SM OP. Highest paid player and everything and and you know that at every now Arnold what are we gonna bring it up but you know I mean in terms of is is Korea. I mean it's not let this guy language an a minus six years and Matt in an up in and out it felt like a baseball walk. Well so that I mean yeah he you know that part about this story rather liked are remote and I definitely did. Especially. Especially when you know they kept him down. For. Hell. That they had their excuses and reasons but. He was denied. I mean he would have. I think he would have gotten are could've gotten what about it Eddie come up when he was 121 as opposed to 25 or would they hold it is violating. It is oracle tragedy. Were they holding his spot they are transferred. But don't carnahan's it was the third baseman. Because this was a damn good ballplayer he was on those Oakland juggernaut to the and to be eighties but he and he's no way bonds but it and then. They're you know you wonder why they never traded him you know and other words I mean obviously blog would care to go work out at the silliness. But. You know they they they they kept him dad gal I mean that magically get traded him war. In all a lights out closer 96. And are currently but they kept act in the and they clear threatened to penetrate a burner it actually. If it. And then in but I mean Boggs was also noted for not really Adobe paints clearing brawl he was always the last guy to get involved because you like injured when gulf that's. Extra base for fearing get spiked again injured he is a big dude to it was a it was a small yes like you ran well and he was he was always made fun of for not being the best defender although he. Regret what they do all the work and them guys. You guys are talking about. You know. I think for a for Stanton a certain age. You know I think you know this summit that that you always trying to get over. Not not just there in Alomar groping initially but but debt hole. In old image of him at the need for a ball player and and yet you look at it now I'd be grandfather he also Amer. Even eldest statesmen so to speak him and he was there when they get the Ted Williams thing. It really is always asked me to be so much about him is the fact that he is. It is I mean I wouldn't say ease ease lights but he has just this Mastny arc. And we'll get into it is the enemy but he's liking it a pop culture and which is which is strange. On that when you read this article there are things in here that are less frightening is that there's a park where. Where Mark Adams talks about. The 86 ALCS in the courts it in and so he goes all the games because that's the plan out because that series. A pregnant Danny Boggs is now during the team and Rex productive for her lap while. Is so. I'm Margot suits a couple of rows behind Debbie during the game during the games and at one point she actually because she's never seen before. Follows her to the restroom. And today with teams he would have in the Olympics is a rapist or his wife he'd probably directories. Altered the bathroom. And then sees that she's like brushing your parent hearing goes up and stand right next resistance seen freaky thing like single white fear Austria needed them really creepy about it. Adams says in the article that if read the route so much that she left the game at that point went home bawling crying. And then you know they make no reference the 86 hearings in the entire article and comments about the Mets that nothing specifically needs X series which paint the picture that maybe this really was just the baseball season thing that really was on the West Coast the talk about her being east of Kansas City during the season. But. You know he continues affair and you know odd things about blogs being such a but he. Cat. A superstitious guy yeah that at one point she tells the story about how she told Bob that he went 55 must be because at a pace of the game. And it didn't turn a bondage you where there is game he thought of as deadlock so every time you would the what was games after that you wonder where pain. Very hygienic and then ask and she she has a friend actually does statistics and sits down figures out that when wade. Why pretend that any bets to twenty under which she did and the game that's the news that fantasy baseball for we. Attacked. They have a friend. Who's a stripper that to a member for an as a stripper in Cleveland. That the stripper in weak economy huge argument in Marcus is what what the hell's going on. In weight admits later that last time when you weren't here in Cleveland he took me at the rooms are to give me a blow up. And then we'd probably said panic and goes over the life out of you until there you know what we rejected his that he left exits cinnamon stopped. Argo rips the necklace sot that's what it's like Nicklaus wrote in his face but I guess ultimately forgive them. And you know in in four years have been together this guy these shared 64 road trips together corner. There again. I mean that's up. Eight it finally it broke out on him and and sort of and Barrett and I guess provide a bra and I was exactly. I mean exactly and any candidates aren't I mean meet currently. Well what you get past that I mean at that every guy. You know cheap and apply for every guy with a girlfriend and our girl friend. You know those that kind of universal. Studio situations way. Warren when you're carrying my cross country extramarital affair happiness that happens. So you know for me it was like allow it this guy. Rick and Ted Williams I mean I mean I go right to that on any diagram. Now deployed in hundreds enemies have enemies wrap up with a way to timeline kind of worked out and we'll get into some things he says about guys. Because it's amazing is that the real headline grabber or not necessarily like you said built summit this stuff because. Kind of expected this kind of give these kids these guys are almost like a grown up kids it was the first time we have either have. We will never heard of this happening. I bet it was a you can imagine like a load you know would you do if you were just as big overgrown boys got it would not educate it would gazillion dollars in your pocket and no I'm bead on. Mario out of sitting in orbit. It's a different that the rings during the three biggest TV there where it hit at it and it. During the as spring training 88 Adam's gonna learns through some other players that blogs is kind of go with some of the girls in different cities. But then it kind of really comes to a head in and can register millions this is when Boggs goes the film two years in Southern California okay. And he. Need to put Margo while he's there and he says you know what I must really love you Marc why would you say that. He's excited since the neo Kirstie Alley decided not to do it. Because it goes. Egos you know Elba by the way need to borrow period panties like why it doesn't get it because I had a go at the Red Sox might my buddies. That I can have backed Kirstie Alley some tell me it's it's her panties. It's in an in my Chris Young is married time now. In so occurred Adams refuses and of course that is the point against her more moral fiber can then. Untimely Aaron Cook so it was in July it is New Year's Eve of the filing a palimony lawsuit six million dollars that later balloons up to twelve million dollars after Boggs has a couple FBI friends trying. But the by national bank. Later in the year and of members of this is after the World Series a judge rules that the the whole thing is gonna go to trial. That and ultimately as it turns out eleven point five million of the whole thing kind of gets thrown out and the remaining 500000. Margo wade settle out of court so what happens because Margo has gone on the Donahue show. In gone and go public with this to a certain degree is he kind of pieces out who wants the story or think about. It in the magazine media which is pretty much did business you know I got a sports yeah yesterday I swear it was it while it's very tiny. You didn't fire her early oil and everybody's got to like Gary Wright blah and they've got a dual bloggers got a distance or something online. Bomb and so she's you know goes out says who's who's my highest bidder penthouse magazine Bob Guccione who's made plenty of scandals press over the years obviously pays the biggest failure. And he ends up getting Margo to come in and do this story and part of the story is not only is he gonna perilous money that he's going to. Put her in the magazine so your movies is getting hits to partner. And now dissolved solids of happening. But when she appears that Donahue shows he starts you know really this is when the first time to start talking about things as far as what happens with players and in Boggs players in the things he mentioned them on use I was staying bogs east called delta force. When he had a player on the team the union like. He would get him into a situation get evidence that the minute situation point in appointed as she brings up in the magazine involves Bob Stanley. Who blogs used to call mr. 411 because against just gossip too much about the Red Sox. And so. They set up Stanley to go back of the room with a stripper. And the stripper against naked bots in their when their gas. And weighed in and I think it was Stapleton go to get the key from the front desk and they break in in the southwest of pictures of Bob's dealing with does make it. Stripper and a course that. Takes care Bob Stanley avenue B. You know mr. 411 broke code man broke code exactly broke but let's go through some of the guys here that. Margo gives us our opinion obviously Vegas when the biggest headline grabber. And the one really shocked me as far as where we are as a kind of a culture versatile everywhere in nineteen late 1980s and you think about that now on those thirty some years ago. Is Jim Rice so wade literally said to Margo Marcos had this. Jim Rice thought he was. Bill how does that carry network how how does that comment play in 2070. Well every day get impacted you know 2017. That won the one thing that you mention that. Anecdote about the woman who would pat out at the bar. And and how that went down I mean you know that that the borderline. Criminal. Activity also in terms and terms of what was done. Certainly in terms of how perceived Albert is out the thirty years ago I mean that was a throwaway line and that story. And 2017. I mean it would be a police investigation that's assaults every every every ball player. Who was associated with that would would either be suspended Angela. I think every it would get that that one take away. Would be the biggest take away of this scenario was what the issue of Powell and I'm sure whether there's just one person. How that he you know treated. Woman in general and and that would be. Jet but I have we so that the flash point of all the 2070. I think it in the back flash. Would be Jim writes. Allegedly thinking that life. Because you know that would just in any sort of be at that time too I mean. Obviously things and still polarized in 1988. And you know. What what. I'm having a mental block the Orioles infielder. I'll me not me and don't Adam Jones out of jobs. What would Adam Jones heard. Or that he heard of me in center field on that night at Fenway running. That was common parlance that Fenway Park in 1988. So. Bad that would have been the other nuclear bomb that this would detonated. And did indeed killed. And all that out of step would have been would have been an on. Story why in his right mind would actually don't leave yet been awarded an elite. Yeah I think the right thing it would have been a bigger become a specific somebody did that was being named like the bar. You got it right as far as an act conduct that event but basically was over you know. This team namely year Sicilian name players. You know obviously obviously this thing and I think it would make it would have been a hue and cry but the right thing. Yeah I mean at me got to imagine that headline on the Internet well and so here's what's eight years it's really crazy though the eight iron it. Tom Brady mystery. A line. Malcolm Butler on the Balkans to I think I I mean imagine match today Orlando and we're now. So it's now. I'm not a person but sound but so but he gets even worse with keeping the rice comment that he thinks he's wife. Was bad enough but then she goes on to talk about how she would pick on box asking him about the size is innocent whether it was a stereotypical. Stereotypical. Thing for by effort for rice and then boxes. Come back to this. Was that will black guys don't go ban on women. So while I know that was that's what hero it's so it like it gets it to get to worthless and AA so. The teenage thing collaborate. That. To collaborate Adams. That. And they joked that you know the black guys didn't have to go and it went in because of the peace pact that looked like it didn't have to make up for them with that. And then with the basic that this is again penthouse magazine your reading right so it's going to be certainly. And you know there there edging to yeah that oddities edgy and I. But then they go right the next paragraph talks about. Wade being a car sorbo oral sex so she's basically saying in one sentence. It is if you do that it's because you're not well endowed in the next paragraph she's basically single wade had to be good so here there she is basically coming wade through the magazine. With these comments and then. Then she makes the comment that we get really good and she'd like to get to this and stop I'll say and but then lastly on the and last thing with the race that that I saw. Was that. Pogs talked about how it made him uncomfortable when wind Jim Rice would get all around Margo. And that he she said he said it was upsetting in a bad look for a white player to be seen black. Date. On the road trips and at the white players would tell Margo. That if they got caught the black woman on the road that their wives and ultimately we forgive them they never break up with them with if it was a black woman cop mean what do you think and act. The (%expletive) does it do. I mean I don't double at this and make headlines be on him I think he's quite well that did. Well be because again it was a different side. His you know what we'd like to I mean I'll be desperate swat Taliban. You know the positive impact but in this particular case. I mean net net very dear Ellen and additive like he's at all they didn't care if it is hold it was I mean. Bit to have that kind of attitude. I mean what would Matt rooted in I don't know what Jim Crow did you grow up and if you have bad attitude. I think about and frankly a lot of these woman will probably race. You know it and and part of the country when they were kids probably in the fifties and sixties you know could give him 1988 so he had a lot of you know. Twenty and thirty have good woman who were born. And the fifties and should eat at that time they were probably great in parts of the country where segregation was still the more. So those attitudes. You know if you look at history evident not surprising. But it kind of disgusting and you know. Yeah it's troubling to think that this was only thirty years not even. I mean this is almost 1990 that time this this happens and yet just if I mean just to think the different reaction you would get these days it's his nine day. Later all right. And not even in his body it can comprehend. So let's let's talk about some of the other folks he brings Abby talks about Dwight Evans. Being somebody who drank and partied too much. Kind of mild comment after we need to rise on Bill Buckner he called again this is. Long before fiction because bill balked at the Gibson he's had given up a long time ago arms Hampshire part of that as a reference to the the ground ball to be up. Roger Clemens gets referred to as mr. pervert this before he meets curt Henning. A debt once Roger got married in this almost like another check mark on my act once Roger Clemens got married he never allowed the boys so. You're almost like Rodgers almost like thank you are completely out of you Canseco said the same thing whatever it is Brooke book. He didn't think anyone thought anything different Roger but I think it's funny that some guys almost got like. You know nice China. Of this as being an actress curse. Considered him a devout Mormon. It never did any of the stuff according to. Margo atoms and in fact ESPN had said in this is a young he's been the time has said this is one of the reasons why he wanted to Austin was the whole way parks you know. But here's another. Travelers it was a big deal at right time I mean he. He wouldn't you know he was one of the few who actually let it be known he was genuinely upset about this because there was a party line. That now. That aunt and her it was like disgusted bile. Not salaam and you know at Indy you know has most people said the coming. Yeah exactly it and and it looked at you know and it was kind of refreshing to peaceably with that reaction around him boosters kind of plays. Yeah yeah yeah always and ignorance treat treat them well we can't have it. You know I mean I think he would that would GA you know the only people always point out it boat that it Margaret Beckett regret. I don't think he was. I did today edited people did not slowed so there's a lot of guys who like that would genuine and in the way that they are in good for him. And good for experts are going to bed. That night and and rip it up. Agreed to you don't hear anything bad about them now obsolete now but now so we are due we've covered some of the huge headlines that we beat today this one really surprise me. On she flat out says wade told her Jose Canseco was on steroids. And Canseco book Jews does not come out front of fifteen years and it's that blow up that cents. Black balling players and in naming players naming names of guys that are are Natalie suspected but that Canseco knows weren't steroids. The huge steroid is scandal that their rocks baseball in the mid two thousands. Here in 1989. It is reported in penthouse magazine from a very reputable source Wade Boggs that put Jose Canseco was on steroids and this. Sentence goes no way no how does that happen. It's a motivated them. That's and I. At that time. This story was ballplayer. Cheating on wife. Where it mistress who traveled with the guys that was the big story right. What exactly and not so many issues were issues back out more concerned. And you know this steroid thing. Nobody even knew what they are worried and in 1988. Or 898. Or light see and each German beat note in the Olympics. An and that was debt so that connection to baseball what the air and it wasn't a concern at what. But what was the big. What was the biggest Storey to two to three years leaders Jose Canseco is dating Madonna. You know so but that's how huge Jose Canseco wrote you know gamble on baseball right now. I. If there were no feel good stories about baseball and I mean the Kirk Gibson home run maybe when Ripken came back at the home run that's and this is an exciting basically broke the record but. The there was nothing this thing in baseball from the 89 to 95. So then barbs reportedly tells Margo Adams the kind of jokingly calls Keith Hernandez a homosexual. It when it comes to Ted Williams. He says Ted Williams the guy is a guy thinks he knows everything about hitting but does. And he makes a comment to Margo about an 86 interview that they didn't Sports Illustrated were Ted. Wade Boggs Don Mattingly sitting down with Sports Illustrated. And Ted and Mattingly start laughing and joking about how they've both been able to smell burnt wood off a foul ball. And with funny to me about this is that during in 1999 all star game. Mikes picked up Williams talking to Mark McGwire on the field if you remember that bill. And down all up to an end Willie it and box during this article says it that's foolish east we'll ship none of that rap. Yes amazing and I may end it there are a lot in this story. That that that prefaced. Coming attractions sort of pre election let's get to the media had yet has steroid. You add. Institutionalize. Is fidelity the race issue. That turmoil. And and corruption and corrosion would be in the Red Sox organization which. You know what beyond what had urged. Adults you know and we bought the team I mean net debt and organization in. I'm not you know not just put the racism. And and the cover up of that dual paternal like activity by yet Dan Patrick. But it I mean it was just kind of been underbelly of Yale because it was a cry it was a family. Ever by a one man and one woman shall we Tom we are unit wife and there was just a lot of you know it will complete so to speak and and a lot of that was was caught in this story. And you know the result in 1989 whose team he didn't go so. Now. They were they went from L wedge into the division and a the play ought. To be good with no locker and so I think it was you know again it was that it was a different it was a different world in a lot of ways. And then and then you talk even about these certain into legal issues that she brings up blogs talking about making as much as 121000 dollars in cash. Go to some of these cards shows up and taken to anger and finer Rolex and of course are reporting that and I don't know if the IRS can curious. Yeah they did it right around that time they started really investigating and it in team autograph and that their stock. Blogs mentions there that 90% of the autographs came out of the Red Sox locker room phony and then by the ball boys. And that's if there's even a story about their dinner in one of the ball boys was at dinner some eakins over for an autograph in the kick and it goes to reach the ball goes which I do this. And Boggs freaked out like the he would fare like it don't just like Gatling who led letting us button on the magic works. On a lot of really this interest and stuff about the way women were treated here about. About these players. Activities with these different women but I mean that it really points as to certain players on that shouldn't really worth breaking case they've. Yeah it really has a lot of breaking gave me from players that roomed together one would pretend to be sleeping while the other home had a girl on the bed and he'd miraculously wake up in the tag team we're. Stuff like that it did you know it's like it's like look at behind the curtain but it sounds just like us. If if he'd only a slam and again he's facing off with a if the guy ambler which you answer it. The fact that it you know. The blogs at one point talks about how fine of his could teammates went and hired to prefer night. In an Adams freaks out saying that you know at the statistics of hookers and in need like 22% Boggs cutting taxes. Ghostly look at his face thinking that these are guys that don't tend to Wear condoms. You know blogs talking about as far as Oakland look at the star awards party anyone can get laid there because it was just a complete monster show. But but it. And then getting just getting back regard to a couple more people apartment and first off one of the things that that was a distinct. Was Boggs and if you ever got close to 400 earth every got over 400 for batting average to another couple times we got that they every 89 there was this land C 162 games where you bat pad at 400 from. From my two good July to a July right right right so. He said he told Mario that if I ever was late in the season I was over over a hundred I was gonna say it. I was gonna take an injury and sit the rest of the it was amazing to think about the way there the way delay Williams tackle that accomplishment. Going out and have been any talks about Pete Rose and Pete Rose was this such an idol for him toward Britain as well. Talks about oil can Boyd there was some comments that oil and yes some FBI printing and knew that he was being tried. Connections and they never do anything about it because it was oil well OK I'm going to Dennis Boyd was (%expletive) up kid can focus and that's a. The fight and he's but it can't get what they think about it would you think about that when he ran at some point movie. The at a place that order winning David and again that was that was a front page. Like spring training. (%expletive) storm. When it went all out and rented the you know it came out that he rented extreme move at. Videos or and they actually had video stores when I mean it was a big deal that the Toledo that browser history. That would add with a mentality wise. Among. Every reporter who covered the team and a monologue and well it. All while it is a big the other guys are forward Corey outrageous outrageous. That I was like he's arm and a ball. Well meanwhile in how we we have it to the movies can develop better. Attitude toward to a big black people and so it was a lot of mid late. Anger a lot of displayed tanks. Back you know and in thirty years capital on the line. You look at this story and you think Aaliyah. Wade Boggs Michael Adams but they ways. Other almost every issue. That it rattled baseball. Over the next twenty years was out of this story once shoot it. And let's episode and act. That's really you know the debate in the big takeaways in an immediate liking historical. There is a fascinating read and it really does it some historical document as 20. My god all the app. I don't visit normally you look at and count likeness. And YouTube figure 01 person just upset the most of these main stories but. In to give the guy from penthouse credit he actually went in and found a lot of the players in the players that you know what. If you've had a story I'll tell you one more in his blood truths and then he added there's a lot of truth and a lot of confirmations. On just the kind of wrap up some these things I do understand as far as drug. Pitches on drugs he did say about blogs to think what it's like couldn't I don't want some (%expletive) coconut throwing ninety miles per hour and a he had Elena had so than a than a month later we deal with that we're now doing with me in the may issue. Penthouse magazine called this the art articles calculus choices of a very nicely done. On and we see now naked pictures of Margot at some easy would weed dealing with now in fairness to wade I guess you can say it is five years after the start dating. She's not the most photogenic girl world there are some pictures of it look like at ten years earlier that I feel like she insisted penthouse but in there. Of her slightly nude or whatever but she looks significantly. Eighties were a lot different and look yeah NFC NV wade was gonna here yet and done while while. It's as though I'm. So then. Articles that so it did to really talk about except for the fact that Margaret does say she won time once wedged it you know wade with the it. Is straight but that yeah bugs aren't as good as the tees he had voted to keep the go. The importance of and in this is okay so that all of us we we cover all that the one last thing it really shocked at this whole thing with Sports Illustrated does an article in their mart's march 6 issue. March of 89 cover story as the Mad Magazine tag line what. Be wary you know the Alfred. I cannot believe in reading it when a puff piece putts half past the post piece post as puff. Because they they've really focused a lot more on Clemens and his new contract is seven point five million dollar pitcher. On a focus on the troubles in with a million players what are they doing they really count us out. You in the box situation never bring up anything. Too crazy if they politely brushed over the comments he made about your race. Jim Rice knee reacts to appease any American read that Sunnis and yet I don't know navies of the net. Lighter than it might hear a expected out later. On and that. It was a free. Oil and delayed. Says it bogs and sex mean need to psychiatrists saying actively they've I mean it's like this guy's really mother but it means one thing that let. It's debaters and into the Canseco allegations for there is no mention. But just the entire animal house atmosphere these guys because let's face it. The writer of this article you would probably files these guys probably knows a lot more it's not printed. But on top of that when at Fenway Park right. You're the second floor outside that state really happy in the hallway there. Every Sports Illustrated covers features the Red Sox in shirt that was right there is. Just like it's no big deal it's been talking about a franchise. Whose players are. Having race problems they're having marital infidelity problems rod problems those things and slapped up there like those things in fact if you go on line. You'll find something assignment Wade Boggs this issue was one of the easiest things the fine realtors certified issue. Wade decides at the C a penthouse that it doesn't need an appeal to get in this. But again though he figured that Sports Illustrated tests covering this with Cuba. Well yeah that that thing about that Clemens. Lied when he did an interview with Michael lynch. Right and you are not about old people better leave me alone bought the bad leave me alone. That was in the moment bigger story yeah Embarq and I actually remember writing. About add interest some reason I used the line. PD court Clemens is only crime was in inability is speaking complete sentences. And you know it's either that liability with with Mike wage you you know again this is 1988. The C news agency who's happy aged eight. People into people any and it's time. And end it was this what how we got. Our sports news at the 6 o'clock and 11 o'clock. Channel ports you know five you know that McNabb out there was no. I mean that in just aired the ball games at that time there was no Comcast. It was nothing so when when Clemens what rob I would Mike which it was a big rig revealed it was my client's problem Miller Don Imus. It was those yeah he made it complete ass out of himself in an interview and basically. Call about this city. At least that's the way it sounded at the end of the rebel watching it and and enact these people lopped more than then wade bought. You know rally the market web because you know we don't we could have thirty years. I'll reflection in the history what in the moment we had this article about this woman that the Red Sox facilitated. And and fool around the country that way by shack up with on the road. We had new pictures governor magazine. And or by accident might yet end and it was okay wait like that these awful things about it he made. What that he may have to say about it houses and affect the ballclub and that's not a blue rod equipment goes on television. And not talking about all. Arm yet you people go to leave me alone now despite what else. Yet and that that's like the one guy who trumps. Cost as far as celebrity status back then I mean you know burger at as far as the reds went and but he SO it's interesting pictures it's just a wild. Scenario and go back and if you chance listeners have to at least read the Sports Illustrated version of this and just see how it was very interesting. How they they took a look at this thing a guy so let's wrap this up. You know Boggs did make an appearance with Barbara Walters and kind of confronted this even though the Red Sox police say at least just. But he wanted to get in front of it and his wife Debbie went on to Barbara while Walters on Bible while. On two points when he would eat and down and then and then this article came out where where you know box and it tried do you. Pace and on he got this spring training early that year and in it really did kind of take a little of the pressure off I think is he was little bit more open. And I think people would have thought he would it be time although the guy from penthouse actually suggest he's gonna give you have to trade because most voters think he would have spending four more years that the Red Sox. Couple quick notes on Boggs. Boggs cal Ripken and Joseph Morgan. Three people that it's a place. Took part in the the longest baseball game played thirty touches upon target of Rochester. On Boggan blogs actually I didn't when he proceeding in his teammates were pistons if that we're dealing. Others like three UT game it was 32 innings if they're two innings. The ability mentioned earlier boxes all sorts of bitter about the six seasons he spent the minors for being called up I guess this is a real bone of contention that. He constantly complain Margo. And the eighth and another good thing the fact only. Is that part of this bizarre relates to what curt Henning mr. perfect yes fame. On who he met back in 83 an inducted him posthumously. In off name in 2007. But the two haven't gone hunting I guess in 2001. Read the story to bark it's like cut his arguments like or something. Barb wire fence. Hitting not panic and from a virtual the data back to the car drives in the hospital and this is like from from bleeding out. An end you know they have to mr. perfect vignettes. That's not it became friends so well now I guess there were friends back in 83 but they had done these vignettes in perfect would do with a golf and where you make a fifty foot putt in the delicate. Ask while reading half court justice so all these things happened if you just go that's perfect. And baseball highly doesn't football but it wasn't until it was three years later again too and I wonder if that got postponed due to that. Do the scandal because you're Inspiron one nothing do with it one last Boggs. I think to maintenance certainly everyone's familiar with the 64 years that cross country flight I know. Charlie what's his name from always in the Philadelphia set on the that it was a hundred something Beers did bonds really claims he drank but he's the only guy whoever appearance years the Simpsons in the great softball episode. And it's always a vehicle office on how is that. For pop culture right ultimately meant guy royalty rate offensive. Iowa gonna wrap this one up LA final comments on minister won mr. chicken Wade Boggs and so. I mean the guys who were just hall of Famer and he would no doubt clean. They'll get a master and that's in Great Britain that cop in accomplishments. As a ball player and a hitter. I think grow exponentially more precedent. And it's unfortunate that you know this is I have is tag line but he's had the benefit of time. Any of the benefit of good will he's had the benefit of other folks that you know weren't aware of a bit and as pat. But I I got to believe that it at that that he probably think it's an issue that kind of in his background. But you know he he also. Ate big guy edited number retired but it is debatable. What else. When we renewed talk about a whole controversy returned to sell his hall of fame plaque hat. Number that's of the honorees. But you know that it I'll bet that that that thing with this guy it is. I mean that that sort of is. What also made him a great play. He was always in caught on art and combat he was all week. Fighting he was always. Like you know people talk about Brady with a chip on social that I am in my pocket all the rhetoric and and it manifested itself and the fact that he put up these ungodly numbers. And it not his fault that image Edmund committed Asia together. And et Al would sure all the you know had a at shell shocked the second locked out of out. Right and you know he got it all and to block his credit he got a title with BAT's. It was a nightmare that time. But looking back it's still a nightmare that would be enough. At least at least we gotta wring a buddy with him and of course that kills. Yeah yeah OK you know what. Maybe that was his last lap on on on the desolate. For right and one on on his mistresses. Well you know it's funny I was at Wade Boggs and when they retired his number. And knew it was like a polite applause people he's still. Not a beloved guy he easily tell he's respected certainly for what he's done and you make you really good point pack that he did it day. Error where it was used Arendt and he went to the jets. But nobody ever. Talked about him like Charlie hustle tied for. Where somebody like that or that was left in the city he's not yet that's perfect please put pocket he he's not one of those Red Sox the one of those now one of our Red Sox that we're gonna go down you know to our grave saying oh you know what we. Yelled we sub one of the greatest hitters ultimately bonds but he wasn't the one of our favorite Red Sox. Well I think about thought it is he's got time. He'd get Ivan on his side he's not all. And he appears to be in great shape physically I mean he seemed like they had a guy that can lead to B nine B. So you know maybe twentieth thirty years from now if he continues it could do what he it would now in terms. I've made it himself you know kind of a legendary. I mean eventually get beat through time he's gonna end up being a resident living legend. You know like yet has become the resident living legend headway in the resident living legend people in the joke krone before M. Eventually just because of time that that get heavyweight bought. You know it's he'd played that right. You know he may end up being beloved. Just by virtue of the fact that people will take another look at it at what he did for the Red Sox the numbers he put up. And the fact that he was a victim of history. As we're so many of those other guys. You know no one talked about in 2004. When they talked about all we would want an expert for Johnny Pesky we wanted to protect Williams. And the guys Dwight Evans don't want to know what pocket but hey we won the wade bought the odds are I'd want that that he. Yes but well Abbie he cried in 1986 like direct. Right. Well I mean these are all points well taken I think that now unfortunately with well on course for box. The like I said in kidnappings of love the fact that Pedro is beloved despite his Peter ray pointers. Obviously are teases wildly beloved. He's I think Boggs that we kind of I don't think he'll ever reached that status as or well or Ted did but at the same time I'm glad he's been brought back there is no place for him. Am I like yeah I agree I like the fact that Clinton's been brought back the full. And I do think that there is a place for them so let's go ahead and wrap this one out. On a bill Spiro soot from the Boston Herald at real will be at the obnoxious Boston and on Twitter built thanks so much for joining us making Europe. Gay Buick Open and begin soon. Yeah sure I am not Portland my wife is apt to be a big test out a hundred pounds ago late July woman. You can hear the great what Madeleine dedicate agree so be menace so it light and Amy Amy will be met Amy O'Meara syndicate this year also they. But lately is all BS yeah. To get past so it during the taping she died of starvation I thought at a price. I the we're keeping it on up there is a night. She was promised bitter at 7730. Initially and it would line though Rhett MP it was a wonderful. Over the years 28 when he we don't sit in here is a human wanted to keep this year. We thought Margo Arabs that it does is it. It's Iowa many thanks so much for joining us and attacked me again soon. Billy Wilson Lugar. They'll also makes an appearance on the Matty nix you know WA AF threesome in the afternoons. Monica agency gets in Georgia kept. Hey thanks I am Acer's and I probably about it yeah thanks and dad George get design on Twitter sponsor at the other pats and and you ship pats fans say come into the month hopefully appearances by uncle buck. Alan Bean. If it were over in your backyard right to help them. And yet and we are usually on Matty and make at some point during the afternoon before we itself. Eligible or two men level I'll talk to assume but things have Meehan always brought us and happy one year anniversary. That's right easier go to David George and I their first putt together it was back in the wrestling show. And that we're happy to wrap this wanna you can follow me on Twitter uncle buck at W the I'd you can also follow some real BS wanna one. Thank you for joining us for another podcast. On WEEI. Part podcast radio and Boston sports 11 piece of Olympics.