The Boston Media Stars of the week with Mike Giardi and Rob Bradford -- 6-18-17

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Sunday, June 18th

Giardi and Bradford give out the awards to the three Boston media stars of the week. Bradford is making the Boston Media Awards great again! 


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Supports for. Network. The world. By their race against time. From from from. Sandwich Massachusetts state Houston Texas to Houston Texas. From Portland Oregon. The British Columbia. Senegal. I don't know anywhere else where all over the place where massive. And this segment the three million dollars the week. Rob Bradford amount today it great again yes. Queue the trumpets let's go let's do this. I. Nice area I sold. Graduation. Tropic appellate the trumpet need to be tweaked a little bit this week I don't know though I felt like going to be you that was a little bit like apps yes so what do we do this Lopes Q we have the old trumpet for the number one pick in you can do whatever you want for the number two are trying to produce a segment mom Beth the plot that's a minus two for you. So anyway. Media stars of the week number three media star of the week is one Michael. Tiger. Radius is the men in ski. That will confidence. What the president would be okay good start to Oregon. And nervous in where Bradford. That's hard plenty. A look at money so cocky now look at him go ahead but I believe it Leave It to Beaver. Can you name to a man who supports partners. Andy Sipowicz is the big fact now the mustache. Or is Smart boy from him past Pete Pete Becker yup that's why swung. The. God just dumb are you taught that way about my. She's had no clue that's Tommy Hanson. That's AJ. The odd couple. Yeah American name. Ed Olson. That it that it. Did all right Michael Iberia stuff that made me nickname are better candidates or is he advised as tight various men asked before being. They just dumb enough. B I'll will be enough to sell his soul to them to be just dumb enough and see. That he won that battle bravely story though title with the was resolutely. With that. I'm pretty Little League I'm pretty sure they said at right after that that they said that was Bradford asked yeah that's Dulles I don't get that he says will be about being terrorists. That he said yeah just like Bradford. I'm on many things. What the president would be okay good start Erica. And service within where Bradford yeah here what is that I don't hung in kept everything it's like Brad for the way stumbled over words. All can get there that's fair we we did all beyond broadcast. The broadcast of the world Red Sox radio right yeah. And I think is so I think that that jealousy slipping through and pass that's okay. They've Michael McCaskey he won his award he sold his soul to the double and the payoff. More appearances on the Turkey Callahan show. And the number three media star of the week congratulations. Michael tight Darius and at key on to number two. With the trumpets what's going on. What's going on at local. Yeah. The number two media star of the week. We're gonna go the Boston Globe the paper of record. Because nobody. Thinks outside the box like the Boston Globe and the evidence of that was doing a story. On. The Philadelphia 76ers number one. Which was Adam nibbles back did an excellent story art market all faults just minutes before mark golf balls became. Really a non factor in our world the world that we care about the Boston Celtic that'll feature and titled everything timings everything didn't run in the book it was and I know with on line with that wasn't the blown out believe it is in the globe that I could you hit stop the presses kitty could you do that. Stop the presses putting like it's being gross field kayaking story or something anything. Now. Well maybe now it's. The did you realize which are missing. Oh what was a headline what was the headline story do we know. Because you can spin it that way ashore but don't go on that must have been a lot of last minute editing that's. Feel bad brat I'm as is fine story and just bad timing timing is everything. So anyway since timings everything that leads us to number one being number one. Media star of the week. Like yeah. New set of greens. Okay. Okay your vote for their own now isn't. But he'll throw up with the yeah yeah you know it and that's my fault I suggested we might wanted to refresh the trumpets and and in mixing something else. After hearing them once again. It like he embraced me was Leo old friends I haven't seen a long long time so let's stick with a trumpet number one. Media star of the week. Who will undoubtedly. Be using his ghoul 100 dollar gift card two goals distinctive clothing. Is the guy. Who you would think has everything but doesn't have everything in one thinks he didn't have up until Friday night. With a chance to do and higher radio broadcast. And that is one Roger Clemens first pitch to Nokia's one. It's room he looked the quiet. And it is the work it's an accident both backs through images will hold the season. No similar to Gaddis came in an ambush. It seemed like he had his mind made up. Trying to get ahead with a quick strike you can let it. Now like we put in the wow that Steve that's Ed today as that might you know this government in a small fraternity professional broadcasters. And you know they did integrating the why how. It's key that's act does it shows you all the human side I'm reacting to this his first pitch to look here's what it's for all I. Love that I love it a job rogers' first pitch to Nokia Smart and for all I'll. He's excited if you don't you so you don't you are you concur with a particular. What web with comments of the number one death. Absolutely. Okay and and just think of. We've got a regular basis did you did you go it don't lie to me did you listen to a at all. Yes it is yes so. He he offered exactly what we thought needed wood which is next level analysis. Right not quite in the next level Dennis technically next level. You know and actually doing it for one this the first time that Clemens is ever done it and I it begs this question also. Is that what you think Roger stands in the eyes of Red Sox fans get when this was announced when Rodgers couldn't do this game. If there was a trickling people while what are you doing what you're doing but I think at the sense that people hate Roger Clemens like it did even five years ago do you. No I think there's a softening. Which yeah typically comes with time and then again just continuing to realize what that. Aaron baseball's all out. I had a quick strike you that's. That's were season next level that's goal. That is gold so there you go beat top three Boston media starts of the week number three Michael tied various Komansky. Number two Adam ambles back for his fine five. Feature on the 76ers. Number one pick. And number one the guy who will be receiving. Well distinctive clothing gift. Roger Clemens. And thinking. A minute feels that he's never won this award. Tomorrow he'll have his moment Obama's moment I'm segment again Mike is that the whole goal of this. Is to keep making people push the envelope keep making. Make people. Wanna be better. And and I listen though when argument to average relic for number one for being yelled at last week as not making anyone wanna be better. And no. About giving it to John to miles the for being John tomorrow. She. That makes people wanna feel like they wanna beat attitude enough to fit that say we change our pick. Hawaii and we have a holly Saunders who's doing fox golf right now. Off or well we'll look at the hole that's a whole number of operate. It if I mean that's like that next level. Right is she wearing. Eight pink skirt to match with the named Justin thomas' pink pants. She's. Yea. A sickly blue dress. Holly sit usually can't rock anything without being shapely good news for you that's an excellent point yes I would like to amend the voting I would like to. Appeal to the judges. That we should consider. Me not owns it but don't go like we gave. Listen we have since since we have some Gould's distinctive clothing gift cards stockpiled. Because we're not gonna give one to Avant rally. I don't care what you named him number one. We're not there's just not there and I'm not given me too so we'll give that to one to holly Saunders. And because you know why. I think there's a lot of things a goals distinctive clothing the volleys on it would look to where I would love to see you're aware that's excellent addition is married to Erik the silliest. Yeah I do it embeds that so creepy. The rule I don't know have been all I don't know him at all. But wasn't sure it from our engines at the. Yeah but I'm all right there you have it the way the overhead luggage back maybe you could give me towards one last time. One last time I'll Taiwan. The top three Boston sports media stars of the week. You know who won't even defend. I'm in Houston. All right that is Bradford that is you party make you the media regretted and will be back with the more. You are on WB IV UU 1 o'clock hour and did he packed. Packed crowd was all fired up about the substrate as well we'll do more on the substrate also 61777979. 37. It is to grab some phone lines and discuss what thus we come back his first pitch to look here's what we're all out hello huh.