How much did he hold the attention of the Boston sports fan?
Start with the fairy-tale success story, factor in the wins and finish off with living life with a super-model, and you can understand why most everybody wants to know everything about Brady. He not only serves as the key to whatever happiness awaits Patriots fans in the present and foreseeable future, but also lives the kind of jet-set life that fascinates even non-football fans.

How big was his impact for the team/organization?
It's not complicated: Brady has been the quarterback for the Patriots' only three Super Bowl wins, and since he became the starter the Pats have only missed the playoffs twice (once in the season in which he was lost for the year in the first regular season game).

How much would he be missed if he wasn't here?
There is perhaps no athlete in Boston sports who means more to the success of his team than Brady does with the Patriots. 

How much buzz does he create around the water cooler?
Brady gets in a car accident, it's huge news. Brady walks into a restaurant with his wife, the photos are all over the internet the next day. Brady appears on Saturday Night Live, it is referenced every time an athlete appears on the show. Brady takes his son to the playground, people want to know which jungle gym was utilized.

How much emotion does he evoke at the mere mention of his name?
There are few athletes (or personalities) who get such an emotional reaction from both New England women and men alike. The responses are usually for different reasons, but the intensity level is nonetheless comparable.

How hard would he be to replace?
Only one time have we witnessed somebody stepping in for Brady, that coming in 2008 when Matt Cassel became the starter after Bernard Pollard's opening-game hit on the QB's knee. Cassel performed admirably, but the fact was that the Pats failed to make the playoffs. Now it would be Brian Hoyer who is next in line. While Hoyer shows promise, the divide between the two is too great to feign confidence that everything would be OK if something should once again happen to Brady.

How polarizing is he to the city?
Brady represents the kind of celebrity that is usually reserved for those who reside in Los Angeles, or perhaps New York. He is TMZ-worthy, a distinction that few athletes -- especially those calling this corner of the world their landing spot -- can claim. And, in many New Englanders' eyes, that is a feather in this area's cap.

How polarizing is he to his team?
He is not only the face of the franchise, and the most valuable player on the team, but also serves as the player all others on the roster can reference when asked which uniformed Patriots employee is driving the bus. And despite having appeared in multiple national commercials, having his hair referenced in Justin Bieber songs, having met the Pope, having sat front and center at a State of the Union address, etc., Brady is still portrayed as one of the guys in the Pats' locker room.

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