How much did he hold the attention of the Boston sports fan?
We have watched Rondo develop into an All-Star caliber point guard, but there’s still so much we don’t know about him or how good he will eventually become. With Rondo, the discovery is part of the attraction and he’s the one player on the team who seems to create something new every night he plays.  

How big was his impact for his team/organization?
The Celtics signed Rondo to a five-year extension before the start of last season, which makes his both the future and the present of the franchise.

How much would he be missed if he wasn't here?
The old adage was that Rondo benefitted from the veteran stars on the team. You can reverse that argument quite easily these days.

How much buzz does he create around the water cooler?
Pick any five random basketball fans and ask them if Rondo is the best point guard in the NBA. Come back in five hours and see if there’s any resolution.   

How much emotion does the mere mention of his name evoke?
People have been trying to come up with a nickname for him since he entered the league but none have stuck because it’s impossible to incorporate all the weird elements of his game into a single word, like ‘Pistol,’ or ‘Pearl.’ Just say that name: ‘Rondo,’ and it tells you everything you need to know.

How hard would he be to replace?
There is no one in the NBA who does the things that Rondo does for the Celtics. That’s obvious, but even more telling is that he has been the team’s lone true point guard throughout the last four years and he plays over 40 minutes a night. He is irreplaceable.

How polarizing is he to the city?
Rondo is only polarizing to the few who still believe that he won’t be a great player until he gets a better jump shot. The better question is how is he able to be so good with such an obvious weakness?

How polarizing is he to his team?
Rondo is the kid in the back of the class who knows more than everyone in the room. He doesn’t defer and he didn’t want to wait his turn. That grated on some, but he has been given the room to become a leader in his own way.  

Rajon Rondo

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