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Benz was born in Boston and is a graduate of Syracuse University. He served as a radio beat reporter for the Pittsburgh Steelers and also worked at stations in Columbus, Salt Lake City and Syracuse. No stranger to the Boston area, Tim’s father is the renowned Dr. Edward Benz Jr., who serves as the current President and Chief Executive Officer of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

01/26/15 09:19 EST
In case you missed it Saturday, Patriots coach Bill Belichick held a lengthy press conference to address the ongoing Deflategate controversy that's gripping the football world. During the presser, Belichick spent the better part of 25 minutes channeling Thomas Dolby as he blinded us with science in an attempt to explain how the footballs his team used in the AFC championship game could've become deflated between their pregame measurements and when they were seized during halftime. Belichick appeared to be less a football coach, more a real-life incarnation of Professor Frink from "The Simpsons." He dazzled us all with his knowledge of football bladders, atmospheric pressure changes and pounds per square inch adjustments based on experiments his team did during the week in an effort to allay concerns that his team illegally doctored the balls they used against the Colts. It certainly was a great effort for a guy who, two days earlier, claimed he knew nothing about pounds per
01/22/15 09:17 EST
Not long ago,'s fearless leader Rob Bradford suggested that our writers cover games through a "Five things we learned" approach. I always enjoyed reading those write-ups submitted by the dearly departed Alex Speier. When I read his work I did, in fact, always learn five things I didn't know. And, on average, I learned 20 multisyllabic words I previously never knew as well. (WRITER'S NOTE: When I say "dearly departed," Alex isn't dead. He just went to The Boston Globe. So unfortunately that makes us dead to him since we all know the Globe itself would rather die than acknowledge the existence of this radio station, unless it is in a negative light. But I digress.) With that in mind, I considered writing a "Five things we have learned about Deflategate." But then something hit me. Or, as Alex may say, I had a fortuitous moment of realization and spectacular clarity. I think the more interesting column is "Five things we HAVEN'T learned about
01/19/15 10:32 EST
Did the Patriots really underinflate their footballs for the AFC championship game against Indianapolis? Probably. After all, the proof is right in front of us. Tom Brady threw the ball in bad weather a lot better than Andrew Luck did. And look at LeGarrette Blount's day. I mean, 148 yards rushing? Obviously he was carrying a lighter football or else he would've gotten tired. Clearly, I'm being sarcastic. But don't be surprised if someone from Indianapolis makes that argument at some point this week. I'm not a Patriot honk. No one has ever confused me for a Pats fan. But I jumped in with both feet as New England wallowed in the Patriots' dismantling of the Colts Sunday based on the attitude coming from Indiana all week. After the constant barrage of propaganda spewed out from the Hoosier State the last few days, this Deflategate thing is like throwing a bunch of bananas into the chimp house at the zoo. Let's keep in mind that this is the same media contingent that features Indianapolis
01/12/15 07:31 EST
Was your confidence in New England's Super Bowl chances wobbled by the team's performance against the Ravens Saturday? Well, it shouldn't have been. The Ravens are a tough team with a good coach, a great January quarterback and matchup problems that seemingly always frustrate the Patriots whenever these clubs lock horns in the postseason. It was a good win, albeit a tense one. Is your confidence coming back after watching the Colts-Broncos game Sunday? Well, it should be. During our show last week, I frequently advanced my opinion that Baltimore was the only AFC matchup worth being concerned about. On Friday I said New England would win by four points or less. Now (after New England's four-point victory Saturday) I'm saying the Pats will win Sunday's AFC championship game against Indianapolis in much more comfortable fashion. Watching that tattered Colts-Broncos display Sunday in the wake of Saturday's classic at Gillette Stadium reassured me of a strong belief I had when the regular

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