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Benz was born in Boston and is a graduate of Syracuse University. He served as a radio beat reporter for the Pittsburgh Steelers and also worked at stations in Columbus, Salt Lake City and Syracuse. No stranger to the Boston area, Tim’s father is the renowned Dr. Edward Benz Jr., who serves as the current President and Chief Executive Officer of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

12/16/14 10:05 EST
Since the middle of 2010, the phone calls have come in to sports talk shows across the country. It doesn't matter what market you live in. They've probably sounded something like this -- using the regional accent of your choice with profound grumpy-old-guy-at-the-bar-know-it-all gravitas: "Ya know, these referees today! They'll throw a flag on anything." Now usually an audible throat-clearing is heard to let us all know a sage pearl of old-man wisdom is coming. "This isn't the NFL anymore. They might as well put flag-football belts on these quarterbacks!" At this point I usually imagine the caller hoisting up his favorite ole pair of dungarees for Matt Foley-style effect. "I mean, [insert Lawrence Taylor/Mean Joe Greene/Too Tall Jones/Ray Nitschke/Dick Butkus here] used to be able to hit the passer 10 times harder than what they do today, and they'd never get flagged, let alone fined. What are they gonna do next? Put pink dresses on all of 'em or what?" And
12/11/14 09:00 EST
Penny wise and pound foolish: Defined as: Unwise because doing something small now would prevent much more trouble later. Also see: 2014 Boston Red Sox. What better way to sum up the Red Sox' contract pursuit of Jon Lester? Even the phrase "contract pursuit" itself tells part of the story. This is a guy they had. This is a guy they could've locked up. He's an important part of Red Sox lore, still has a lot of gas in the tank, and could've pitched a few more prime years in Boston if the Red Sox had handled his "contract pursuit" better. Yet no pursuit was necessary. The chase never needed to begin. If Boston had done better than a piddly $70 million contract offer over four years in February, Lester never would have never made it to free agency. He would have been locked up for the next five years at a reasonable rate. In fact, that rate probably will be cheaper than what some team (maybe the Sox themselves) will be paying a lesser pitcher such as James Shields. Instead,
12/09/14 08:33 EST
How can it be that the first ever College Football Playoff looks right, yet it appears that the selection committee members did it all wrong? I feel like I'm back in high school geometry (that's a class I bombed, by the way; math was never my friend). The inaugural college football final four is like a geometric proof I could never get my brain around. I see how they got to the final answer. I just don't understand the formula they used to get there. Well, let me take that back. I do understand the formula. I just don't like it. The formula was this: TV + controversy/Twitter traffic = ratings. And there's the proof. They got their buzz. And they got the right answer at the end. But much like high school geometry, I just didn't like slogging through the process. ESPN even broke away from its coveted "NFL GameDay" programming early on Sunday so that the much-ballyhooed football final four announcement could be seen on the flagship network. A large assembled cast of panelists
12/02/14 09:44 EST
I logged on to Tuesday and noticed a serious mistake. For some reason, the Patriots' record is listed at 9-3 after Sunday's game in Green Bay. We all know that's not true. Because if the good folks at read The Boston Globe or listen to sports talk radio in New England, they'd know that the Pats improved to 10-2 on Sunday by virtue of their 26-21 loss to the Packers. Oh, you didn't hear? Heck, yeah! That loss was just as good a win. So I don't know why the league's standings are refusing to reflect this undeniable truth. Want proof? Just read the Globe. Headline No. 1:Patriots' credentials actually enhanced in loss to Packers. Within that column it read, "If there is such a thing as a noble, distinguished loss, this was it for the Patriots." Later on the author wrote, "But the manner in which it played out provided positive reinforcement that the Patriots are a team built for the long haul of playoff football as they haven't been since 2007." OK, let

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