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Benz was born in Boston and is a graduate of Syracuse University. He served as a radio beat reporter for the Pittsburgh Steelers and also worked at stations in Columbus, Salt Lake City and Syracuse. No stranger to the Boston area, Tim’s father is the renowned Dr. Edward Benz Jr., who serves as the current President and Chief Executive Officer of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

05/14/15 03:11 EST
"They hate us because they ain't us!" Full marks, Patriots fans. That was a perfect Super Bowl slogan. An effective rallying cry. It made for a great T-shirt. It was one helluva hashtag. It's also not entirely true. The rest of the NFL doesn't just "hate you because they ain't you." They hate you because you've been busted for cheating twice in the span of decade. First with Spygate. Now with Deflategate. Wait ... stop! Just, stop. Before you run to the comments section and start pounding away with responses like, "What do you mean, caught, you the think the Wells Report caught anyone? You think 'more probable than not' would hold up in a court of law?" You see, that typical knee-jerk reaction you may be having is also why "they" (fans of every other NFL team) hate "you" (Patriots fans). No. 1, it's not a court of law. It doesn't need to be. No. 2, they hate you because you'd rather blame the accusers than admit any wrongdoing by
05/05/15 08:41 EST
There is a difference between "In Bill we trust" and "Bill can do no wrong." Some of the Patriots fan reaction we've encountered since this weekend's draft is proof of how blurred that line is in New England. Trusting a coach/general manager with a track record as decorated as Belichick's makes sense. Acting as if any questioning of him at any time is blasphemous is something entirely different. This is a team that just let Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner walk out the door. In the ensuing days of free agency, Belichick patched up depth at the position with a collection of veteran castoffs from other teams. This weekend he didn't address the corner need until the seventh round when he selected Darryl Roberts from Marshall. Prior to that he stocked up the defensive line with three draftees (with a fourth later in Xzavier Dickson from Alabama), a reach at safety in the second round, an exceptional guard with a knee question mark in the fourth round (Tre' Jackson), a
04/20/15 08:15 EST
If you can get hold of a play-by-play sheet from the first Celtics-Cavaliers playoff game, scan down to 1:59 remaining in the second quarter. You'll see the entry "Jonas Jerebko offensive rebound." That stands out for a very specific reason -- because it's the only offensive rebound a Celtics player secured in the entire first half. When analyzing these Boston-Cleveland playoff games, it's almost mandatory to point out how much of an overwhelming underdog the Celtics are. If you don't, scrutinizing any single matchup or statistic in a vacuum seems hollow given how overmatched Boston appears to be. But if the Celts plan on being competitive at all in the remaining games of this first-round playoff series, they have to rebound significantly better moving forward. By the end of the game, the Cavaliers won the overall rebounding battle by a dozen (46-34). On the offensive glass, the Cavs more than doubled up the C's, 15-7. Boston big men Kelly Olynyk, Brandon Bass and Tyler Zeller
04/15/15 09:33 EST
The last few days in Boston sports have been very confusing ones to navigate. -- How come every jury can't show the common sense the Aaron Hernandez jury did? -- How can the Celtics be in the playoffs, and the Bruins miss them? -- How can the Red Sox pitching staff look so good its first time through the rotation, yet so bad in three of the last four outings. -- And how can Bruins president Cam Neely fire his general manager, yet spend a big portion of the press conference to announce the move criticizing his coach who still remains? Because let's face it, that's what happened at TD Garden on Wednesday afternoon, even if Neely wanted it to sound different. Yes, while announcing Peter Chiarelli's dismissal as GM, Neely made plenty of good points as to why the move needed to be made. He cited a recent stretch of unproductive drafts by Chiarelli and his staff. He was critical of Chiarelli's approach to retaining many of his core players against the cap but not having "entry level"

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