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Rob Bradford joined after serving as a Red Sox beat writer for the Boston Herald and the Eagle-Tribune (Lawrence, Mass.). Prior to manning the Red Sox beat, he spent several years at the Lowell Sun. He has written two books: “Chasing Steinbrenner,” following the front offices of the Red Sox and Toronto Blue Jays through the 2003 season, and “Deep Drive: A Long Journey to Discovering the Champion Within,” which he co-authored with Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell.

05/04/16 02:18 EST
CHICAGO -- Clay Buchholz knows what it's like to be really, really good. He's experienced the feeling so many times throughout his life as a big leaguer. On 51 occasions in his nine-year major league career, Buchholz has gone at least seven innings while giving up two or fewer runs. But then there are those other stretches, like the one he finds himself in heading into Wednesday night. He's had plenty of those, as well. In 39 starts, the righty has allowed five or more runs in six or fewer innings. Since 2012, the Red Sox are 48-48 in games Buchholz has pitched, with the righty carrying an 4.12 ERA over the span, which just happens to be almost exactly league average since his major league debut. So there you go. He can be the worst. And then he can be the best. Buchholz seemingly does the transformation better, and more often, than any pitcher in baseball. It's why if there is anybody who understands the difference between the two, and how such a leap forward can be made, it's this
05/02/16 04:03 EST
The Red Sox are in first place. They are five games over .500 for the first time since 2013, having won nine of their last 12 games. John Farrell's team has the best offense in the American League. And the pitching staff boasts a starter (Steven Wright) with the league's second-best ERA, and another one (Rick Porcello) who possesses the second-most wins. Take one look at Hanley Ramirez dancing in front of his locker Sunday night after the Red Sox' three-game sweep of the Yankees, or various players mouthing musical lyrics and bebopping around while preparing their bags for Chicago, and it isn't hard to understand the vibe on this team right now. The trepidation that lingered throughout spring training, and into the first few weeks of the regular season, has started to dissolve. This is a group that clearly feels good about things. "It's early, but it feels good,"Red Sox designated hitter David Ortizsaid. "As long as you play good, you feel good. You just keep building up
04/27/16 02:52 EST
ATLANTA -- Go ahead, call Isaiah Thomas selfish. He said his teammates weren't good enough on a night Thomas had a horrific night. It was an evening that ended with the guard limping into the locker room while his team was swallowed up in the form of a 110-83, Game 5 loss to the Hawks. How bad was it? He scored a season-low seven points while totaling the worst plus-minus (minus-33) of any Celtic in a postseason game since the start first started being charted in 1985. Fine. But, you know what? Thomas is the Celtics' only hope. He always has been. Home or the road, Brad Stevens' team would have lost Game 4 if the guard was suspended, and the defeat probably would have at least somewhat resembled Tuesday night at Phillips Arena. When it comes to postseason anything, taking a hard look in the mirror is often times a necessity. Thomas did it with himself, and saw a player forced to play 1-on-3 for much of the night. And also in that image were players who, while once again trying hard, made
04/24/16 09:24 EST
John Lombardo sat in the Minute Maid Park stands Friday night with a smile underneath his smile. He couldn't help it. As aRed Soxmajor league scout, he was happy to see his team get the better of host Houston. And there certainly was a sense of satisfaction that he, like many of the organization's talent evaluators, had played a role in getting some of the players participating in the 6-2 win over the Astros. But Steven Wright truly made the moment. "There have been others who I've been very proud to be a part of, but Steven is just such a unique case," Lombardo said. "So many things had to go right and so many things had to be projected. Honestly, Steven is the guy you look back and probably smile the most about. Because of the uniqueness of the story, and all the things that surrounded it. The system worked perfectly in this case. There are so many positive things about it, so, yeah, when you put your head down at night you think this is what we're about, this is what

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