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Mike Petraglia began his own sports reporting service, SportSound, in 1993, and has been covering the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, Celtics and Boston College on a full-time basis ever since. Mike can be heard on local and national outlets including WEEI and Fox Sports Radio.

01/29/15 06:28 EST
CHANDLER, Ariz. -- Maybe Tom Brady was wrong about Bill Belichick. For years, Brady has insisted that what he appreciates the most about his head coach is how he is basically the same coach he played for when breaking into the NFL in 2000. "Coach has pretty much always been the same," Brady said just last week when asked about his relationship with Belichick over the years. "He's just consistent." But, on the brink of his sixth Super Bowl, there's another quality that stands out to many other veterans on the team with the Belichick experience - adaptability. "I would say the biggest thing is that he is more appreciative of what we do as players," Matthew Slater told me Wednesday. "He has been incredibly adaptive over the years, willing to change to different rosters, different personalities." Slater, on the team since 2008, isn't alone. Vince Wilfork has known Belichick since the coach drafted him in 2004 out of Miami (Fla.). The Belichick he knew
01/28/15 06:43 EST
PHOENIX -- Vince Wilfork can still remember the day he broke down and cried like a baby. During a Sunday night game against the Falcons on Sept. 29, 2013, he felt a tweak behind his right foot. He figured the training staff would give him a test or two and he'd be back in the game. One problem. He failed the test. He couldn't move his ankle back and forth because the Achilles snapped. The staffers told him they were pretty sure of this diagnosis. "I said, 'No way.' And I still didn't believe it until I had the MRI and it showed it. I broke down like a baby." At the end of a season plagued with injuries like Wilfork's, the 2013 Patriots lost to the Broncos in the AFC championship. Wilfork heard the doubters who thought at his age (33) and weight (325 pounds), with an Achilles injury, his career was over. "I was reading all these stories about a person my age, my size, coming back from this injury," Wilfork said. "Sometimes I tell people I'm not human. Don't put me
01/24/15 05:54 EST
Shame on the NFL, again. In the year of Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy, they've somehow managed to trump serious cases of domestic abuse by blowing a silly, inane, moronic controversy over the inflation of game balls into a national story that gets more sublime and ridiculous by the day. The league didn't take their time and do due diligence on what really mattered in the Ray Rice case, and delivered a hasty judgment that Commissioner Roger Goodell admitted was ill-conceived. Now, they're taking their sweet time to decide who may have taken too much air out of the balls, a violation that is punishable by a minimum $25,000 fine. This is no more serious than hockey players playing with an illegal stick or, as we saw in 1983 with George Brett, hitting with a doctored, pine-tarred bat. Talk about having your priorities all screwed up. In an impromptu Belichick press conference Saturday afternoon that was equal parts Joe Pesci and Albert Einstein, the Patriots coach spelled out his
01/22/15 01:15 EST
FOXBORO -- Bill Belichick wasn't about to take the fall Thursday. Nor should he. Despite calls for him to step up to the podium and accept responsibility for everything under the football operations umbrella, Belichick wasn't going to get wet on this one. As I arrived at Gillette Stadium at 8:15 Thursday morning, 75 minutes prior to Belichick facing the music, I wondered aloud with the multitude of other reporters on the tone this would take. Would Belichick have a statement? Would Belichick try to stonewall? Would Belichick somehow give insight to how this all happened? At 9:40 a.m., with 25 television cameras pointed on him and about 125 sets of eyes staring at the podium, the Patriots coach couldn't have made it more clear. He knew nothing about the balls being deflated before, during or immediately after Sunday night's AFC championship. Belichick spoke for eight minutes, 25 seconds. He answered questions for just over three before walking off the stage as he and team spokesman Stacey

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