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Mike Petraglia began his own sports reporting service, SportSound, in 1993, and has been covering the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, Celtics and Boston College on a full-time basis ever since. Mike can be heard on local and national outlets including WEEI and Fox Sports Radio.

05/23/15 12:07 EST
Tom Werner knows a bad show when he sees one. What he saw Friday night in a 12-5 Red Sox loss to the Angels would never have made it past the pilot. The television mastermind that brought us quality shows in Cosby, Third Rock from the Sun and That 70s Show witnessed the worst kind of TV show Friday night along with 36,150 other paying customers at Fenway. Unintentional comedy. The face of the Red Sox chairman spoke much louder than any boos that bounded around the park that was half-empty after a nine-run fifth inning that lasted 39 minutes. TV cameras caught him cringing and blinking his eyes painfully when Mike Napoli was thrown out at the plate in the bottom of the fourth inning as the Red Sox were mounting a rare multi-run rally. Instead of a three-run double from Brock Holt, Napoli was gunned down by Mike Trout, leading to a look of dismay and disgust. That was only the opening act. There was the dropped fly ball by Rusney Castillo in the fifth. The two homers allowed by Matt Barnes.
05/19/15 02:17 EST
Robert Kraft stood in front of a podium in San Francisco and just bailed out his quarterback. The Patriots owner has long considered Tom Brady as a son. He made that much perfectly clear in January when Deflategate first broke. He asked Brady to be straightforward with him and never lie. Kraft put a million dollars of his own money on the line Tuesday at the owner's meetings, along with two coveted draft picks over the next two seasons, as proof that he believes his quarterback did nothing wrong. The Patriots will not appeal their fine or the loss of the first-round pick in 2016 and the fourth-rounder in 2017. In exchange, Brady had better be cleared to play Sept. 10 against the Steelers or Kraft and the Patriots were badly hoodwinked. The admission from Kraft that he is reluctantly accepting this organizational punishment reads like there's something on the other end. That something is Roger Goodell letting his "son" go and play football and the NFL can have what it wants, and
05/14/15 01:19 EST
Cut your losses. That's the advice I would give Roger Goodell and the 31 other NFL owners that are sitting back and watching a premier franchise take the league down like an uncovered blitzing linebacker drilling the quarterback from the blindside. The NFL's argument that Brady and the Patriots cheated and obstructed their investigation is being pummeled like never before. Science is on the Patriots' side and so too, now is the legal discourse. After reading the full-guns blaring response of the Patriots Thursday, this is war, and the Patriots have zero intention of backing down. There is no scenario by which the NFL continues with their false outrage against Robert Kraft's Patriots and comes out on the winning end. If you're running the most powerful sports league in the world, you really want to head down a road that has your No. 1 franchise ripping you to shreds in court, dominating the headlines all season? You really want to face the possibility of a defamation of character lawsuit
05/11/15 09:51 EST
Payback. Eight years after Spygate, the 31 other NFL owners and general managers finally got what they wanted Monday. Payback in the form of an overly excessive and severe penalty that will hit the Patriots hard on the field, in the front office and in the pocket book. How else to explain Monday's gross and ridiculous overreach of a penalty handed down to Tom Brady and the Patriots' organization? Four games, $1 million and the loss of two draft picks for taking air out of footballs that a league employee - NFL referee Walt Anderson - was supposed to check before they were ever entered into the game. It was NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent who admitted Monday that "in 2007, the club and several individuals were sanctioned" for their role in taping signals. Vincent added, "This prior violation of competitive rules was properly considered in determining the discipline in this case." One rather huge problem with that logic, Troy. The Wells

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