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John Tomase joins after nine years at the Boston Herald, including five as Red Sox columnist. A Mansfield native and Tufts grad, he has also written for the Sporting News, Baseball America, Pro Football Weekly, and Men's Fitness. He grew up on Steve Grogan, Ray Bourque, and Larry Bird, and will always believe Hagler beat Sugar Ray.

03/30/17 11:21 EST
Bring on LaVar Ball. Bring the entire ridiculous package to Boston. The father of one of this year's best NBA draft prospects, UCLA freshman guard Lonzo Ball, LaVar is a reality TV universe unto himself, as if the skankiest Real Housewives pooled their DNA with Shaq to produce one miraculous, braggadocious baby. LaVar believes crazy things that aren't remotely true. He believes his son is already better than Steph Curry, even though he couldn't even get UCLA out of the Sweet 16. He believes he could beat Michael Jordan one-on-one, even though rec league videos reveal he's basically a lumbering ox. He believes Charles Barkley could've won a title, "if Charles thought like me," whatever the hell that means. LaVar Ball never stops talking. He's a Don King for the modern age, except he's here to extol the virtues of only four people: LaVar Ball and his three sons: Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo. The oldest, Lonzo, has a legitimate shot at being the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. He'll
03/29/17 11:10 EST
The Red Sox opened spring training as a World Series favorite. They end it showing the strain of watching their plans rip apart at the seams. Losing David Price, perhaps for the season, was not part of the plan. Losing yet another new reliever, Tyler Thornburg, to yet another arm injury, was not part of the plan. Watching Hanley Ramirez go two months without playing first base was not part of the plan, nor was disabling backup Josh Rutledge less than a week before Opening Day. Drew Pomeranz's struggles and Steven Wright's knee brace? Unplanned. When Mitch Moreland's trip to the influenza quarantine chamber qualifies as good news, that's an indicator of how the last week has unfolded. And Red Sox decision-makers are starting to wear it. On Tuesday, manager John Farrell chastised reporters for blaming Thornburg's injury on the team's shoulder program, even though Thornburg's the one who brought it up and we just wrote it down. Farrell appeared to be channeling White House press secretary
03/28/17 10:03 EST
Minutes before the Red Sox faced the Orioles on Monday, the announcement sounded in the press box: right-hander Tyler Thornburg had been scratched due to "an upper right trapezius spasm." If that sounds like someone twisting themselves into a pretzel to avoid saying the word "shoulder," well you, my friend, must be a cynic, because the Red Sox are adamant this has nothing to do with any shoulders. The trapezius barely touches the shoulder. Stop being so crazy. Thornburg hasn't pitched in a real game since March 1, when the Orioles pummeled him for four runs, leaving him with nine runs (7 earned) allowed in 1 1/3 innings. The Red Sox shut him down to tinker with his delivery, the result, they said, of his unfamiliarity with the club's shoulder program, which had led to weakness in the body part in question. That sounds like a shoulder injury to me, but what do I know. In any event, it's now a virtual certainty that Thornburg opens the season on the disabled list, which
03/20/17 01:20 EST
Random thoughts while secretly hoping the Russians help me win the K&C A-Hole bracket . . . Let's just get the political stuff out of the way first. If Patriots owner Robert Kraft wants to fly on Air Force One and be photographed disembarking from Marine One alongside a disheveled Steve Bannon, as he was on Sunday, that's his prerogative. But he should also recognize it's a look plenty of his fans won't like, and I'm not just talking about Susan from Lincoln. Trump's travel ban clearly discriminates against Muslims. His ludicrous border wall is offensive not only to Mexicans, but Latinos. His proposed budget cuts impact the poor. His lies about voter fraud further disenfranchise African-Americans. His stance on abortion would deny a woman her right to choose. Not every Patriots fan is a well-off white man. Muslims, Mexicans, African-Americans, women, the poor – they like the Pats, too. Kraft can make the case he's simply supporting a friend who was there for him in times of need,

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