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DJ Bean grew up in Section 127 of Fenway Park thanks to his grandfather's season ticket package and has immersed himself in the Boston sports scene ever since. In addition to co-founding multi-sport draft site, DJ has written for the Boston Metro and 890 ESPN, among other outlets. He has been writing for since the summer of 2009 and continues to spread the Byron Leftwich gospel on Guest Street.

01/20/15 11:46 EST
The Bruins could use Tyler Seguin’s production, but as tired an angle as it may seem, no one can be sure whether the Bruins would have gotten it. (Before we go any further: Tyler Seguin is by far the best player in the Tyler Seguin deal and, acknowledging that hindsight is 20-20, the Bruins got borderline fleeced in the July 4, 2013 deal. I still believe the Bruins were right to trade him, but the return hasn’t been what they’d expected it would be. When the player you trade goes on to become a superstar, that’s a problem.) Heading into Tuesday night’s meeting against his former club, Seguin is tied for the NHL lead with 28 goals this season. That’s one goal shy of his season-high with the Bruins (29), a number he surpassed last season with 37 goals. Seguin was capable of scoring a lot in Boston, as was evident when he… scored a lot in Boston. In his second and third seasons combined, Seguin scored 45 goals over his final 129 regular season games
01/16/15 04:06 EST
Before the Christmas break, Peter Chiarelli said that he was looking to trade for a forward, but at the suggestion that he was working the phones for his team’s most obvious need — first-line right wing — he cut in. “Don’t make the assumption that that’s the spot that I’m trying to fill,” he said. “There may be internal moves, too.” With the announcement that David Pastrnak is in the team’s plans for the rest of the season, that “internal move” has been made. Pastrnak is David Krejci and Milan Lucic’s right wing and, for the first time all season, the Bruins have a dynamic first line to round out their lineup. The B's wouldn't have kept Pastrnak for the season unless they were trying to compete, so now it becomes a question of what else they're willing to do. On paper, the Bruins don’t need an upgrade on their second line of Patrice Bergeron between Brad Marchand and Reilly Smith or their third line
01/13/15 11:54 EST
When things were looking grim for the Bruins not too long ago, both Peter Chiarelli and Milan Lucic said that the underachieving B’s had better not have been waiting for a player to waltz into their lineup and make everything better. Fortunately for the Bruins, that happened anyway. With the Bruins healthy and David Pastrnak holding down a first-line spot, this is the strongest roster the Bruins have iced all season. These healthier, more offensively equipped Bruins have rattled off four straight victories, the team’s longest win streak of the season. “If [Pastrnak] keeps playing like that, we don’t need to make any trades,” Dougie Hamilton said with a grin after Pastrnak’s second consecutive two-goal performance Tuesday. “I think with everyone back and everyone playing well now, it kind of shows that we have a good team. I think we all believe in each other and want to play for each other and stuff like that. I think that’s a big
01/12/15 11:31 EST
The big decision the Bruins face with David Pastrnak is obvious. Keep the player in the NHL and burn the first year of his entry-level contract or send him back to Providence before his 10th game and let his contract slide to next season. With it looking like an easy choice to keep him, it’s the other decision that may be just as interesting: When do the Bruins put Milan Lucic back on a line with Pastrnak, or do they at all? Pastrnak has been David Krejci’s right wing since being recalled last week. After the two collaborated on an absolute beauty of a goal Saturday, coupled with Peter Chiarelli’s preseason comments that the B’s wouldn’t use him as a bottom-six guy if they put him on the team, it seems a decent bet he’ll get a long look in that spot should the Bruins keep him in Boston for the season. Yet right now it’s without Lucic. When the Bruins planned to give Pastrnak a serious chance to make the team in training camp (something that was

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