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DJ Bean grew up in Section 127 of Fenway Park thanks to his grandfather's season ticket package and has immersed himself in the Boston sports scene ever since. In addition to co-founding multi-sport draft site, DJ has written for the Boston Metro and 890 ESPN, among other outlets. He has been writing for since the summer of 2009 and continues to spread the Byron Leftwich gospel on Guest Street.

12/13/14 05:56 EST
The Bruins need the two Hs: health and help. Do you know how many times the Bruins have had a fully healthy lineup this season? Twice. And that was the roster that had lost Jarome Iginla and Johnny Boychuk and was viewed as worse than last year’s squad to begin with. It’s the middle of December and the Bruins are 15-13-2. Don’t worry about where they are in the standings (more on that below), but worry about the fact that they can’t win games. Worry about the fact that strong offensive showings don’t exist for this team. Worry that the biggest positive for the team this season has been that, with all their injuries, they haven’t been worse. Something needs to happen and something needs to wake them up. They’ve tried fighting (a fight in each of the last two games, both of which were losses) and they’ve certainly tried different lineups. “The wakeup call should have been a few weeks ago,” Tuukka Rask said after Saturday’s
12/11/14 11:55 EST
There’s still a lot of people who view the Bruins as a sleeping giant, and for good reason. Despite the changes this team has undergone and the injuries it’s suffered, Boston’s squad has a reputation of being an extremely tough team to oppose. The bad news is that they don’t let you through to the next round on reputation. Perhaps it was related to the fact that they got (a rusty) Zdeno Chara back and perhaps it was because they were playing the Blackhawks, but the Bruins — if only for a moment — lived up to that reputation in the third period Thursday night. Milan Lucic went from being a ghost to being a monster. The B’s created chances in the offensive zone and allowed all of two shots on goal. When Andrew Shaw hit Lucic late after Lucic fed Torey Krug for Boston’s second goal, Chris Kelly jumped in and fought him amidst a well-attended scrum. The players were buzzing and the Garden crowd found an energy that faded with the departures of
12/09/14 05:08 EST
With the impending return of Zdeno Chara, the Bruins can only hope things can go back to the way they were when the perennial Norris candidate was in the lineup earlier in the season. No. Wrong. That was a bad time. The Bruins don’t want that. The truth is the Bruins have not been very good this season. They were uncharacteristically bad — especially defensively — early in the season even with Chara (4-5-0). They were predictably not-so-great without Chara, though a strong push to win six of their first seven games without him helped the B’s finish with a respectable 11-7-1 record while their captain recovered from a torn PCL. They had a minus-1 goal differential with Chara and a plus-1 goal differential without him, leaving them even on the season. Now, with the team optimistic Chara will return Thursday against the Blackhawks, it’s 28 games into the season and the Bruins still haven’t come close to hitting their stride. They don’t have
12/03/14 08:37 EST
Is David Krejci really this important to the Bruins? And if he is, is his absence an acceptable reason for why, regardless of which line, the Bruins aren’t scoring? The answer to the first question is maybe, the answer to the second question is of course not. The Bruins miss Krejci, but they still have Patrice Bergeron. They still have Brad Marchand. They have Milan Lucic, who despite having better games since being teamed with Carl Soderberg is still being paid $6 million to turn in what is on pace to be a 16-or-17 goal season. After being shut out by the Kings Tuesday for their third blanking of the season, the Bruins have gone five straight games without a three-goal performance. They’ve scored fewer than three in nine of their last 10 games. The B’s rank 23rd in the league with 2.35 goals per game and, after years of being one of the very best teams in terms of goal differential dating back to the 2010-11 season, the Bruins are — you might want to sit down for

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