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Mike Petraglia began his own sports reporting service, SportSound, in 1993, and has been covering the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, Celtics and Boston College on a full-time basis ever since. Mike can be heard on local and national outlets including WEEI and Fox Sports Radio.

Mike Petraglia
04/18/2012 - 5:03pm
If you’re a Bruins fan, be proud, very proud. 
Mike Petraglia
04/13/2012 - 10:04am
Mark it down. The Bruins will repeat as Stanley Cup champs.
Mike Petraglia
04/04/2012 - 11:45pm
The mere suggestion of the question two years ago would have people spitting out their Fenway Franks or spilling their Legal Seafood chowder all over their laps: As the Red Sox open their 112th season on Thursday, how much do they matter?
Mike Petraglia
03/30/2012 - 10:08am
Success in sports is all about confidence.  Avery Bradley has it right now and Jose Iglesias – despite his home run Wednesday in a minor league game in Florida – doesn’t.
Mike Petraglia
03/22/2012 - 9:35am
The New York Jets are a mess.  Peyton Manning stayed away from them like a prospective house buyer stays away from land on a radioactive waste site.
Mike Petraglia
03/15/2012 - 7:47pm
Bill Belichick has it a lot better than Danny Ainge -- a lot better.
Mike Petraglia
03/09/2012 - 2:14pm
I’m all in. I’m convinced. I believe. The Celtics have one more memorable playoff run left in them.
Mike Petraglia
03/02/2012 - 2:06pm
Eventually, this had to happen. Jason Varitek is no longer a voice in the Red Sox clubhouse. He retired Thursday and it’s best thing that could’ve happened for all parties involved.
Mike Petraglia
02/24/2012 - 6:40pm
FORT MYERS, Fla. – David Ortiz is right. The Red Sox don’t need him to be a babysitter or father figure.
Mike Petraglia
02/17/2012 - 2:10pm
FORT MYERS, Fla. -- The sunny skies and beauty of the brand new JetBlue Park here in Southwest Florida is like perfume on the stench from last September. The time has finally come for the Red Sox to shower, clean up and go about silencing their critics.
Mike Petraglia
02/10/2012 - 2:59pm
Because he asked, here’s what I would suggest Bill Belichick do with the Patriots this spring when he is building his roster for a run at Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans.
Mike Petraglia
02/03/2012 - 2:00pm
INDIANAPOLIS – The calm, beautiful and unseasonably warm and enjoyable weather this week here in central Indiana is simply the calm before Sunday’s storm.
Mike Petraglia
01/27/2012 - 2:04pm
FOXBORO –  Go ahead. Admit it. You’re a Patriots fan and you’re scared to death of the Giants defensive line. Fully healthy, they appeared ready and primed to repeat their devastation of four years ago.
Mike Petraglia
01/20/2012 - 3:09pm
FOXBORO – Robert Kraft is right. Bill Belichick is the best coach in the history of the NFL. Simple. No question.
Mike Petraglia
01/13/2012 - 2:03pm
FOXBORO -- Logan Mankins was almost offended by the mere suggestion. But on Thursday, when he spoke for the first time since injuring his left knee on Christmas Eve against the Dolphins, I asked the powerful Patriots offensive lineman a simple question.
Mike Petraglia
01/06/2012 - 4:36pm
I’m going to miss the Jets in the playoffs this January. And you should, too.
Mike Petraglia
12/30/2011 - 4:40pm
FOXBORO -- Chill, people. Tom Brady will be fine going into the playoffs.
Mike Petraglia
12/23/2011 - 8:00am
FOXBORO – Don’t worry, Patriots fans -- the defense won’t matter. I’m here to tell you that the team has learned from the last two years and the playoff losses to the Ravens and Jets.
Mike Petraglia
12/16/2011 - 1:58pm
I remember telling people over and over again last year that Glen Davis held the key to the Celtics’ hopes in the playoffs against LeBron, D-Wade and the Heat.
Mike Petraglia
12/09/2011 - 12:31pm
Remember when the Bruins were routinely written off as a distant fourth in the popularity race among Boston teams? Some would even joke in the days of Dave Lewis (2006-07 season) that they had fallen behind the Revolution. Not anymore.
Mike Petraglia
12/02/2011 - 1:53pm
The joke around the Patriots media work room a couple of weeks ago was whether football writers would be allowed to vote for a player as NFL MVP without that player having taken a snap in a game this season.
Mike Petraglia
11/25/2011 - 10:45am
Just being a sports fan in New England, we all know there is plenty to be thankful for this holiday season. Take a look around and you realize as much.
Mike Petraglia
11/18/2011 - 7:03pm
FOXBORO -- I had one simple question for Bill Belichick on Wednesday.
Mike Petraglia
11/11/2011 - 11:53pm
Forget Chad Ochocinco.
Mike Petraglia
11/09/2011 - 10:43am
I don’t want to hear about the peripheral damage to student-athletes. I don’t want to hear about the millions of dollars lost in revenues to academia. I don’t want to hear about TV contracts and the integrity of the schedule. And I don’t want to hear about due process.

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