Mikey, Christian Arcand, and Chris Villani talk about the Sox horrific loss today
After another rough outing for David Price and another game where John Farrell managed his bullpen questionably, Danny Picard gives them a piece of his mind.
Mikey, Lenny, and Christian talk some hockey with Steve Carlson, who played one of the Hanson brothers in the movie Slapshot.
Mikey, Lenny, and Christian Arcand talk with Steve Pagliuca about all things Celtics. Steve gives insight into Brad Stevens coaching style, Danny Ainge's scouting and analytics and his own thoughts on the team as currently constituted.
Mikey Adams is upset at the performances of David Price and Craig Kimbrel on Fenway Park opening day. Lenny Megliola and Chris Villani attempt to talk him off the ledge.
Mikey Adams, Lenny Megliola, and Chris Villani discuss the Baltimore Orioles win over the Red Sox at Fenway Park at the home opener
Mikey Adams and Christian Arcand play clips from the Ray Lewis facebook speech regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, which sparks a few passionate calls
WEEI.com's Red Sox guru Rob Bradford joins MIkey Adams and Christian Arcand to review the 1-1 weather-shortened trip to Cleveland and preview the weekend trip to Toronto
Mikey Adams and Christian Arcand open their Red Sox rainout show bashing Cleveland and start taking 'Up Yours' calls on any subject in Boston sports
Seven fans have filed a lawsuit against Roger Goodell, the NFL, and Robert Kraft for the loss of Patriots draft picks. Bob McGovern of the Boston Herald joins Mikey Adams and Chris Villani to discuss

[0:00:41] ... into the look a little bit about this whole story about the New England Patriots fans that are suing. The National Football League in tuned to do that we bring in Bob McGovern is a legal counsel for ...
[0:01:17] ... the hell's going on here. I don't think what happened yep seven patriots fans that are pretty upset about losing the 2006. Draft pick. So what they did is they went out got a lawyer. And ...
[0:08:03] ... a wraps Mikey that he into the patriots created the giants that's Super Bowl oh yes nevermind and and that's that's just one. The same guys the same type of people. Got the patriots twice this ...
[0:08:33] ... anti patent troll Denver refs. These guys are defeated the red the Denver Broncos were undefeated but these guys is rest that's got to be some you know he got approved attic. Order luck. I think ...