Nifty jumps on the Planet for an hour.
Lou Merloni did play-by-play with Joe Castiglione today and then joined The Planet Mikey Show to talk about what went wrong, and a few things that went right as the Red Sox started their campaign to defend their World Series title.

[0:01:53] ... lefties in there against whom. Yeah annually at the cute kid is Grady Sizemore -- I don't think people wearing here in the leadoff QB either so important to keep her going forward to. Guys that ...
[0:05:28] ... that there. Victor Reno Bogart's looks is common relax as a young Derek Jeter. And -- and Jackie Bradley junior looks as freaked out isn't young Donnie Sadler. What's what's gonna -- most of. I think it -- it's a little bit yet because. He'll Bogart is justice Douglas you know it is and you're under new -- started -- through the cold weather. It's -- the other -- server. But I agree -- -- you know spring training I think you know really pressed. Struck ...
[0:06:29] ... called me about it there was into the moment and in a Buck Showalter goes up to the mound to talk to the pitcher. After about nine fly balls of the track and I and I ...'s Chris Price joins John Ryder and Chris Villani on Planet Mikey to discuss the signing of Revis Island
Mikey, Lenny and Bill Fairweather are joined by the legendary Bob Lobel, who talks about his career in Boston, his thoughts on some of the goings on, and some great sports talk.
Mikey and Ryder talk with Hall of Fame baseball player and current analyst/broadcaster Dennis Eckersley. Eck gives all kinds of insight into the Red Sox current pitching staff and how valuable a reliable bullpen can be. He also talks about how the game has changed since his playing days.
Mikey, Ryder and Lenny talk with Mikey's buddy, former Red Sox pitcher Bill Lee. Bill talks about bad neighbors, his playing days with the Sox and beyond.
Mikey, Ryder and Lenny are joined by the legendary Leigh Montville, who talks all kinds of sports with the guys, from Red Sox to Muhammad Ali.
Mikey talks with the formerly bearded Jonny Gomes about the beard going out a champ. How it feels in spring training after a World Series Championship, David Ortiz' contract situation, and where the nickname Ironsides came from.
Mikey and Ryder talk with Steve Bullpett, who is one of the Celtics beat writers, about what, if any impact Rajon Rondo skipping a team trip to Sacramento without permission.
Ryder and Bill Fairweather talk about baseball with Brian Kenny, conveniently enough, of the MLB network. Brian talks about whether the Red Sox will still be as strong of a team this season as they were in 2013, and who some of their competition in the league will be.