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Mikey, Mut, Christian, and Lucy talk some Patriots defensive needs and Mikey has some obscure NBA trivia for the crew
Mikey and Mut are talking about and reacting to the Boston Globe's story about Jessica Moran resigning from Comcast after questions were raised about a relationship with Red Sox manager John Farrell.
Mikey Adams and Lenny Megliola discuss the day's DeflateGate appeal hearing in New York, where three judges peppered Tom Brady's lawyer about many issues including his destroyed cell phone.
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Mikey and Lenny are talking about the Red Sox and what needs to happen for the Red Sox to have a shot a win the World Series this year.
Leigh Montville makes his Leap Day Appearance to share Manute Bol stories, and talk about his Muhammad Ali book.
Following the Bruins 5-1 win over the Penguins, DJ Bean joined Mike Mutnansky to talk about the game and also speculated what the Bruins might do at the deadline.

[0:06:14] ... you can plug in younger guys alongside bill. And then in that stem cell sort of way could the young players become a lot better because they're playing with good responsible players so for me. I ...
[0:08:08] ... prioritizing getting in the playoffs. Beating about a bad team like the red wings there can't. We won. A router to in the post even reported destroyed by the app. And now we can take the ...
[0:10:30] ... now a young top four defensemen or replace what they'd had hadn't Doug Hamilton. Yeah out accurately they had not you know they're not for peak early to her her plea in court. So yeah that ...
[0:11:20] ... you are right. You need scoring will give you Louie Ericsson and Jimmy Page and Kevin Miller you give up Kevin Chad Kirk but a lot for the Bruins to give up yeah but. That that ...

Mikey and Lenny talk about the reaction players like Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez may get if they don't perform off the bat.