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Congratulations to Heidi Watney for being crowned the Hottest TV Babe in Boston by the Planet Mikey Show. Mikey crowns Watney on the air. LISTEN NOW

Planet Mikey’s Top 5 Hated Current NY'ers (by nickname)
1. C.C. Fat-Assia
2. A.J "I Hate Your Face" Burnett
3. Jeter/A-Rod/Tex/Uh-Damon
4. Sexy Rexy
5. Dirty Sanchez

"I am dead set against free agency. It can ruin baseball."
- George Steinbrenner

Mikey, Jim from Quincy said Brady was all done! Was David Ortiz done after June? I think you know the answer, and I think Jim is still watching TV in black and white! Jim, you’re nuts. -- Ellie in Smithfield, RI


Can You Believe It: Mockery of Joe Castiglione

Lenny Megs is in the House: Meaning Co-Host Lenny Megliola has arrived in studio

Joe Fish: Mikey’s favorite seafood restaurant, not to be confused with Joey the Fish- his old producer

JPOD: Mikey’s original producer, Jason Pothier

Joey the Fish: Mikey’s old producer and arch nemesis

6PM: Sox pregame
7PM: Red Sox vs. Mariners
11PM: John Ryder
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