Mut discusses the latest reports about potential landing spots for the Patriots back up quarterback. He weighs in on what the Patriots should expect for Garoppolo, and why he is so valuable.
Mut and Brado discussing a new law proposal in North Carolina that would allow parents to overrule school trainers, and put their kids back into games with possible concussions.
Mut and Bradford discuss some troubling quotes from Red Sox slugger Hanley Ramirez about potentially playing in the World Baseball Classic.
Rob Bradford joins the show live from Red Sox Spring Training in Ft. Myers. The usually jovial Rob is angry at Danny Ainge and Celtics fans for allegedly overrating their own players. Mut and Rob discuss what the Celtics should do to truly contend.
Mut returns to his show and begins by talking about the Celtics lackluster trade deadline. Mut is bothered by the Celtics not addressing their glaring need to acquire a rebounder.
Final hour of the show and the madness hasn’t stopped. Ty Anderson, joins the show to talk Bruins and Don Sweeney’s press conference.
Pete is solo in studio discussing how the Bruins are playing well since the departure of head coach Claude Julien. The conversation moves to Celtics and improvements needed. Pete gets some crazy callers as the night goes on.
Rob Bradford joins the show from Ft. Myers, Florida. Things get heated between the two over the Celtics standing pat at the trade deadline and ping pong balls. Pete and Rob recap all of the action this week at Ft. Myers involving the station and media.
Pete Sheppard and Rich Keefe open up the show talking NCAA basketball and the top prospects coming out of the draft this year. The discussion then shifts to Danny Ainge and his interview with Dale and Holley. Bill Walton loves Lonzo Ball and seems heartbroken when Ball hurts his ankle.
Pete and Jerry are both huge Tom Brady fans, and Pete had the daylights scared out of him when he saw TB12's latest Instagram video where he goes off a ski jump and takes a tumble on the landing.

[0:00:04] ... that stuff but I'd just fire and I heard about the Brady ski jump I just saw it. What how is he thinking and I I would just a federal law embargo all except more or something June oh inducted into your doctor on board. But I don't think docked along board went overwrought what an eight foot jump in the middle of whatever he's Ortiz in probably Montana where did an interview I don't crazy. I just wanna take a second to thank my old employer the Commonwealth of Massachusetts the teaching me CPR. And oh by the way and the method we you don't have to go a mile the mile because I was able to revive the aft election led video. You you'll like you elect Alec Guinness in Star Wars one look at the weather and people and he put his descent of the bomb and and indexed rate ...
[0:04:09] ... you know stop happens but he seriously hurt himself. Over a stupid ski jump. Where he clearly took a bad fall and again it it's yeah he's kind of laughing about it makes fun of himself ...