Planet Mikey 10th Anniversary Show Hour 3
The guys talk about the Patriots as the end of the season draws closer, and the Panthers have the chance to irk Mercury Morris.
Mikey and Mut are joined by Chris Price, and they start things off talking about the Celtics-Warriors game from Friday and the Patriots win over the Texans
It's the Winter Meetings edition of the Hot Stove Show. Bradford and Tomase are in Nashville, Mut is holding things down back in studio. They talk about the Red Sox shoring up their bullpen and if there are any more moves on the horizon.

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The guys continue talking about the Patriots struggles against the Eagles, players returning from injury, and we hear from a particularly angry Cowboys fan

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Mikey, Mut and Chris Price are talking about the Patriots-Eagles game, and where it all went wrong for New England.
The Red Sox VP of Baseball Operations, Frank Wren talks about the David Price signing, as well as some of their other player personnel.
The guys talk all about the David Price signing by the Red Sox, and talk with Red Sox VP of Baseball Operations, Frank Wren.
Mikey is talking about the Red Sox landing one of the top free agent pitchers in David Price, with a deal for 7 years and a whopping $217 Million
Christian Arcand and Lenny Megliola discuss Tom Brady vs. Cam Newton for NFL MVP in a spirited hour of radio on the Planet Mikey Show