Chris Villani and John Tomase discuss Tom Brady's suspension getting overturned by Judge Richard Berman and discuss in hindsight how obvious this should have been.
Mikey Adams and Lenny Megliola discuss the Thursday federal court decision to overturn Tom Brady's DeflateGate punishment.
Mikey Adams and Lenny Megliola discuss Jackie Bradley Jr, Mookie Betts, Rusney Castillo, and who should play where. Also, the current outfield in context with Sox history.
Mikey Adams and Lenny Megliola discuss the state of the Red Sox after a 13-8 loss to the Yankees. Pablo Sandoval and other notable fat ballplayers are discussed, in addition to some of the positives with the team
Chris Mortensen went on a sports radio station in Arizona today and talked about his deflate gate reporting, and said that the Krafts called him to apologize over the whole situation. Only thing is there's a report tonight from D&C saying their sources at the Patriots are saying that did not happen, could Mort be, dare I say, wrong?

[0:00:12] ... any anybody who work is thought that's where do that all scraps Robert Kraft and garlic grip on me and apologized war just the ladies this thing has gone down. What jury actions that last part ...
[0:04:59] ... he ever gonna call as you can call me like yours some high school teenager waiting for a call back me crush me is he going called yet he's going to call because. Every reporter is ...
[0:05:43] ... mark. 61777979371. More hour to go see somebody online wanted to talk Reggie Wayne we can definitely get into that the third pre season game tomorrow. End yes more reaction to Chris mortenson is explanation of sorts. For what went wrong or what happened the details. Behind ...

Chris Villani and Lenny Megs talk with
Villani is in for Mikey, he's talking about Chris Mortensen going on an Arizona station and talking about deflate gate and getting an apology from the Krafts.
Chris Villani and Lenny Megliola are in for Mikey Adams and talk about the continued reaction from Red Sox fans regarding NESN Play-By-Play man Don Orsillo not returning to call games after the season
In for Mikey, Chris Villani & Lenny Megs talk about Don Orsillo leaving NESN after the season and touch on Hanley Ramirez taking grounders at first base.'s Christopher Price talks about the Patriots' Thursday's preseason game, who will play in the game, and also how long Tom Brady's career will last.