Hour 1. Trenni and Kirk think Trump has reached a new low after he accuses Obama of wiretapping his phones. Gerry saw Moonlight and thinks it is the worst movie ever made.
Hour 4. Albert from RI's shocking on-air confession gets him banned from K&C. Rogue One actor Riz Ahmed spoke to the British House of Commons about the representation of minorities in the media.
Hour 3. The guys spend some time discussing Jimmy Garoppolo, and Mut shares his earth-shattering Lenten promise. Mut will only join K&C on Red Sox off days during the season.

[0:05:43] ... who convince Super Bowl would he thinks he is a really re. Tom Brady he's the best ever would be things we've been really good and a quarter of a poker I'd let it. If it's ...
[0:08:20] ... some say. Sounds like you'll say yes or what they call for Tom Brady and taken off like that would be it would Belcher to. Now why not now because these numbers agent would you Internet ...
[0:11:00] ... it and President Bush era policies that got slushy and lousy franchisee John Lynch and a team to win six games he's. On them out of picture this a guy at team that's close that's that he wouldn't do just that team is going to be the NFC Bill Belichick is not trading politics out of the re excited as a kid triplets sort of awful a couple of Bledsoe vs rate. ...
[0:19:01] ... a trade up to get a better quarterback next strap. Trade that Bill Belichick beat its first second therapies can use it. The trade that Downey gets blown up you mighty easy he's Johnson. Seymour in ...

Hour 2. Kirk, Gerry and Mut discuss Kaepernick's statement that he will begin standing during the national anthem again. Mut think that baseball play-by-play is an art form and that Kirk and Gerry would be terrible at it.
Hour 1. Comcast SportsNet released a new lineup of programs, which includes some familiar names. Hunter Biden really likes drugs and hookers. The K&C topic wheel makes its debut.
Hour 4. Management didn't like the segment on baseball play-by-play. Kirk and Gerry talk about David Price's new injury and how much time he will miss. Rob Bradford calls in to weigh in on Price.
Hour 3. Pete Prisco from the CBS Sports Network joins the show to talk about the Jimmy Garoppolo trade rumors. The guys discuss what sort of trade the Patriots would accept for Garoppolo.
Hour 2. Newly single Albert from RI has a great choice of dates. Kirk is still frustrated that he can't call a Red Sox game.
Hour 1. Kirk and Gerry break down the Celtics' exciting victory over the Cavaliers last night. Adam Schefter says that Jimmy Garoppolo will not be traded.
Hour 4. More on the news that Garoppolo is staying with New England. Trenni says she likes paying taxes.