Kirk, Gerry and Gary discuss the Patriots contract unrest and in particular whether Malcolm Butler should be holding out of OTAs

[0:02:11] ... the downside he's thirty and I know that companies also lived through Wes Welker he knows and don't just not going and well tickle spit them out your right right just gonna winner and absolutely. He's an Internet I my guess is that long term effect of life. Originally a sorority wanted to immunity but the the guy's been destroyed patriots hold all the cards again to you because. We saw what happened when Wes Welker they overpaid form was you know Welker played his hand right. He got that the franchise deal from nine point three. And ...
[0:03:10] ... I think we learned last project had a production could easily with Tom Brady can easily make the case he's not as good a player. Adams' I able excuse yes that's that we talk about that ...
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[0:09:08] ... call you want me. We better get something done we don't sadistic Luke Wilson limits on gun or unit moved to LA be on the screen your audience and I'm just telling you right now and ...

The guys discuss Megyn Kelly's awkward interview on Fox News Monday with former FBI Official James Kallstrom, where Kelly cuts off Kallstrom from discussing White House connections with the Muslim world

[0:10:36] ... with you cut him short kept going to advocate the possible terrible ice cold air Gilroy is a great -- always got 9/11 excuse fourteen echoed the goof ball and I'll I get on a relic ...
[0:11:38] ... which wants. And it's probably better money at that it because. Vacated TV show naming him make a ton of 789 million bucks yet the epidemic. And it surprises me though because here she has come ...
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Kirk and Gerry can't believe how little discussion the Orlando massacre has generated on shows other than D&C. Tanguay then defends Brand X again, and Kirk almost loses it
The Cavs avoided elimination on Monday night by beating Golden State in Game 5, but no thanks to Kevin Love. Gerry is ready to bash Love, but Tanguay still wants him. Also, Kirk is starting to dislike Golden State
Kirk admits he's mailing in the day's edition of headlines, but Gerry saves him by pivoting to Geraldo's night of covering Orlando on the O'Reilly Factor
The guys discuss the presidential candidates and how they approached the past 24 hours in addressing the Orlando massacre.
The guys discuss the presidential candidates and how they approached the past 24 hours in addressing the Orlando massacre.
Gary Tanguay is back in for Dino and proposes a new theory on the Orlando killer that Gerry and Kirk don't believe but somewhat respect (at least for Gary's effort)

Monday, I bemoaned the fact that the Olsen Twins were turning 30 and that made me feel kind of old. Although, as I pointed out, the fact that one of them was married to a man six months older than myself evened things off a bit.

Today’s birthday that leads to some life reflection? Boy George? Nope. Him turning 55 doesn’t do anything for me. Thinking Che Guevara would be 88 is kind of weird. And Steffi Graf born on June 14 in the same year I was brought into the world is OK with me, even if she did retire 17 years ago.

This time it’s Donald Trump. He turns 70.

In one way, I feel pretty good because he’s married to a woman six months younger than I am, but more importantly somebody who proves that people are age don’t have to look decrepit.

He also has hair. It doesn’t matter what that hair is made of, or where it came from. It’s his hair.

He also has energy, reportedly sleeping just four hours a night. (And let’s be real, it takes a lot of energy to incorporate this many doses of insanity.)

Sure, a lot of the youthfulness can be attributed to the kind of maintenance and benefits only billions can buy. But it is what it is. He offers hope for those who will one day turn 70.

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Rob Bradford

Big, fun, dancy beats are all the rage these days. It doesn’€™t necessarily need to be EDM, but songs with these qualities and typical pop sensibilities have a good chance of winning the hearts of the average listener in today’€™s day and age. It’€™s part of the reason why Taylor Swift’€™s “Shake it Off” –€” which I love but is pound-for-pound just an awful song — was such a smash hit. That and because it was released by Taylor Swift.

There’€™s a famous-but-not-so-famous artist who has cultivated a sound could best be described as reckless party music that knows how to chill. Think a combination of Kesha and the Spice Girls.

So why isn’€™t MO (pardon the formatting issues that won’t let us do a Nordic O slash)˜ƒ˜ an absolute superstar?

Everyone has heard herƒ˜˜ before, as her voice is featured on last year’€™s ubiquitous “€œLean On” with Major Lazer and DJ Snake. The video for the song alone has over a billion views on YouTube, just shy of Swift’s numbers for “Shake if Off.”

Yet despite you definitely knowing that song, her solo stuff — which bangs –” hasn’€™t taken her into the next stratosphere yet. She has one LP (2014’€™s No Mythologies to Follow) and has been releasing singles since. She performed on Jimmy Kimmel after her album came out, but the single she was promoting –€” “Don’€™t Wanna Dance” — never really made it into the mainstream. She then had a bit of an awkward performance on SNL with Iggy Azalea, as a latency issue with the monitors messed with her timing severely while the two performed their song, “Beg For It.”

I understand that she has 100 percent “œmade it,” has a record deal, sells out clubs and gets millions of YouTube hits, but most of your friends will have no idea who you’€™re talking about if you bring up her name.

To be fair, maybe the name has something to do with it. “MOƒ (with a Nordic slash)ƒ˜˜€” looks like something no American ever wants to say out of fear that they pronounce it wrong. After listening to her debut album for months, I had to watch her Nardwuar interview just to know how to do it myself (just say “Moo” and you’ll be close enough). My friend who told me about her (Jeff Israel) refers to her as “œMo-but-I-know-how-it’€™s-pronouced.”

Her songs are catchy as all get-out, and as carefree/party-oriented as the songs that have made acts like Charlie XCX and Kesha blow up, she’€™s a better singer than both of them. Her biggest song since “Lean On” was “Kamikaze,” which frequent collaborator Diplo produced. As of Monday, the song had 19.9 million views on YouTube, yet she has the early slots when she plays American festivals rather than being towards the end of the day.

Her best work might be her most recent song, which came out last month.  “Final Song” is certified summer anthem material and if it doesn’t cross over into Top 40 then pop radio doesn’t know what it’s doing.

The Spice Girls influence is prevalent in this one (she’€™s 27, so she grew up a Spice Girls junkie. She even did a completely badass cover of “€œSay You’€™ll Be There.”€)


Regardless of what’s prevented folks from being on board to this point, this is a Kesha-level star. The world needs more of those.

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