Hour 1. Gerry and Kirk had an interesting flight. Brady joins the show.
Hour 4. Kirk, Gerry and Mut react to the Dave Zirin interview and read some of his Tweets. K&C preview the trip to Houston for the Super Bowl next week.
Dave Zirin joins K&C to talk about Tom Brady and Donald Trump, and ends up getting blasted for his lack of facts.

[0:00:31] ... out of never saw the movie birdcage that there's that scene where Gene Hackman. Finally see Britney civilly is the guy when he takes the week off instead of being upset sort of like I don't ...
[0:04:09] ... looking at a Lee it's built on black labor and looking at Tom Brady saying hey. What's the big deal. So we'll let you pointless argument what does that mean. But a. Look looking at Donald Trump also right after. After that the pre inauguration there the first thing he does every exit family is mentioned Tom Brady he would use that'll come Brady. Bush library that I agree we agree that these are the nation joins us we brought that Tom Brady owes his fame and fortune. The F only thirteen billion dollar a year is built on the foundation of black labor what ...
[0:05:06] ... big race long way out to Chris try to close out to Chris Clark say that he's vote for try. While trump and openly racist agenda and I keep your understand the coalition about our races ...
[0:05:48] ... Martellus Bennett got recorded not zionists have not said word one. About Tom Brady Donald Trump you're presuming. 88 presumably they had to beat your resume and Tom Brady's never had a conversation with them. About guilty of black people just. In the entire race and not focusing on individuals. Martellus Bennett doesn't much maybe get according doesn't care quarter trop as president means a cross your mind. You used assuming things what Tom Brady's teammates we know that's what should go there and talk to those guys about. I guess. He'd be certain questions that that ...

Hour 3. Kirk makes a bold prediction about Super Bowl 58. Dave Zirin talks about his latest article on Tom Brady.
Hour 2. Kirk Gerry and Mut talk about the other shows on the station.
Hour 1. Kirk, Gerry and Mut talk about Kirk's podcast with Holley. Mut is sad to see another legendary sports broadcaster retire.
Alex calls in to take on Pete.
Hour 4. Cowherd feels Boston has to compensate because it is in New York's shadow. Kirk, Gerry, Pete, and the callers join Bill Belichick for his press conference.
Hour 3. The show gets sporty with Pete's Bruins take. Alex Reimer calls in to battle Pete Sheppard.
Hour 2. People are crazy when it comes to the Patriots. Mayor Marty Walsh joins the show during headlines to discuss his reaction to Trump's immigration plan.