Hour 3. Kirk and Gerry welcome Evan Drellich as he takes a turn on the casting couch. Drellich provides insight on David Price and agrees he can't handle the heat. The Patriots are reportedly interested in DeSean Jackson.
Hour 2. Kirk and Gerry name the all-time great white NBA players. Headlines with Kirk. Today is International Women's Day and its a day without women.
Hour 1. Kirk and Gerry don't think Price has what it takes to play in Boston. Peter King and Adam Schefter are confident Garoppolo is staying in New England. Albert has a question but refuses to ask it.
Hour 4. Ben Carson made an idiotic comparison. Former intern Kyle DaLuz ranked the top K&C moments. Finally, in honor of Dino's birthday, the guys play the birthday game.
Hour 3. Kirk can't believe that Curtis's dog has its own seat on a plane. The guys doubt that Isaiah Thomas will be part of the Celtics' future.
Hour 2. Reimer, Gerry, and Kirk discuss the possibility of Adrian Peterson joining the Patriots. Headlines with Kirk features a buffet of stories. Alex reviews Moonlight.
Hour 1. Gerry defends Ben Carson after he compared slaves to immigrants. Carson was inspired by Joseph.
Hour 4. Gerry compares Moonlight to some of the worst movies of all-time. Kirk and Trenni don't think Trump is smart and the callers disagree.
Hour 3. Francesa doesn't think woman should coach men. Trenni wants the term "tomboy" eliminated. Kirk is giving one word answers on his evaluation.
Hour 2. The Suns hit a buzzer beater after Isaiah Thomas dropped the ball. SNL tried to make fun of Sessions. Belichick treats the national media differently.