The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.
The guys opened the show by discussing Kirk and Gerry's CSNNE show last night. They also got into the Rams and Ferguson protests.

[0:00:00] ... So discovered this TV show last night but I was not aware it was even in existence at 630 on Comcast. And I have a question for you is that program on a regular base every Monday and Friday at the two highest rated days of the week would you ever do Friday. It was a mistake it was a day it was but apparently some times if you were trying to stay sobered the you know you look for five idle on the fight it's not you know he asked for Saturday night and indebtedness and and on the edges that they do have a makeup artist there. Others availability if you if you mean. But the person you make it yes yes I thought so why would you look. Remarkably handsome. I thought so for Callahan. On TV last thank you I did that I didn't do and Emeka didn't know too much hair and makeup artist Eric XML Eric re going to face is. And tell you about it that's actually ten had makeup on and Jerry didn't ...
[0:04:28] ... Apple is that you do to drive for metro west Birtley didn't rush hour to be on with you for ten minutes in the cargo hole. Did you go what about he's dinner take you to ...
[0:08:29] ... over and over again right now I did you know this from Michael Smith and two mill hill. Have a show up you know where they are supposed to be that. Right now I guess cutting edge you know African American he's taken and no space and usually at a crucial sixty today doesn't. Always just fall in line like he could hear Michael Smith and you know we'll just fall in line analyst and I didn't hear Blackstone and these two. Screaming about saint loose items ...
[0:10:35] ... mean when. What would you choose that is the flashpoint if you're Michael Smith. And I gonna hammered black owner Michael selectively as much like this says it's but I by Blackstone Michael just as prolific a scream in lunatic I like Michael Smith says about the history it's about a history of whisper tell us. What does this have to do whisper terrible it's just ...

The guys opened the show by discussing the Jets loss to the Dolphins.

Here are the highlights from Tuesday’€™s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

— A fight in a hot tub in South Carolina came about over the weekend when three gay men fought over who was the highest paid escort. Austin Adams, 18, allegedly assaulted Douglas Tench, 21, when the two argued over who received more pay for their escort services. The pair along with 33-year-old Michael Gordon were at a bar before going back to a house Gordon was dog-sitting at where the fight happened.

“I think it’s exactly the place [South Carolina] where there are a lot of closeted guys, military guys, or officials who don’t want to get in trouble,” said Minihane.

“Gamecock fans,” Dennis joked.

Added Callahan: “33? What’s he doing in that group.”

“Male cougar,” Minihane replied.

— Alois Brunner, a reputed top lieutenant of Nazi mastermind Adolf Eichmann reportedly died four years ago in Syria where he was living under government protection. Brunner, an Austrian SS officer who was found responsible for the World War II deportation of 125,500 European Jews to Nazi death camps, escaped at the war’s end from Germany to Egypt and the escaped to Syria in 1954.

“This is in Syria though, right? That is sort of like being in hell.” Dennis said.

“There is a hell. I believe in hell because of guys like that. There has to be.” Callahan replied.

— Bill Cosby has resigned from Temple’s Board of Trustees. He held the position for 32 years, and it comes to an end after the sexual allegations that have come out against Cosby over the past several weeks.

“Is he admitting guilt here? Callahan asked.

“Well he jumped before he was pushed,” said Dennis.

“None of the other trustees would wet their hair before meetings, he hated that,” added Callahan.

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Tim discussed the Pats loss to the Packers and the play of Brady and Rodgers.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.
The guys opened the show by discussing the Packers win over the Patriots.

Here are the highlights from Monday’s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

— A passenger attempted to bring their large pet pig on a US Airways flight at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut. The person said the pig was for emotional support, but the flight crew said it was disruptive as it paced back and forth in the cabin, so the pig was removed from the plane for disorderly conduct.

“They let her take it on?” asked an incredulous Callahan

“It’s legal,” replied Minihane.

In 2012, a federal law allowed certain animals to qualify as emotional-support animals, including monkeys and miniature horses. The hosts couldn’t believe this.

Said Callahan: “You’re kidding. Oh, God. Miniature horses?”

“What are those called when they take the dogs to the nursing homes?” asked Dennis. “Those aren’t rescue dogs.”

Replied Callahan: “Therapy dogs.”

“So this is a therapy pig?” asked Dennis.

“As you know, I’m fostering puppies and we took them to a nursing home a couple of times and it’s great,” said Callahan. “You see folks who haven’t smiled lately in wheelchairs just perk up. … I will not foster pigs.”

— According to People magazine, actor Kirk Douglas died this past week. In actuality, though, the 97-year-old is still alive and well. The magazine’s website accidentally ran an obituary for Douglas on its website that said “DO NOT PUB” at the top, meaning it was not supposed to be published.

Said Callahan: “It was Thanksgiving weekend and we know how that works. Some fill-in producer and they let it slip. … If you’re Kirk Douglas, this a luxury most of us don’t get to experience. He gets to read his own obit.”

“That’s true,” replied Dennis.

“It’s boring, it’s a poorly written obit,” said Callahan. “I’m guessing The New York Times, and the Boston Herald or [Associated Press] has a obit of him, they haven’t published it yet, that’s a little better done than that one.”

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Andrew Battifarano
Special Teamer Don Jones was waived in a surprising move, Chandler Jones practiced and the Patriots gear up for what could be their most difficult battle left in Green Bay.

[0:00:50] ... Lambeau. The first game I ever covered in the NFL. LA rams Green Bay Packers our Lambeau who's the quarterback. It would it would sub Bert Jones offense fair Gama would Josh started that game. The rams ...
[0:06:50] ... the fact that they both had defining moments early in the year Aaron Rodgers coming out and saying relax and then. Turning it on after that backing up what he said patriots having the national TV ...
[0:07:48] ... offense they can control the game. They get ahead. So quickly as Bill Belichick pointed out earlier this week they have outscored opponents. 66 to nothing. I think in the first quarter overt you know the ...
[0:11:30] ... per rush so. I think about some of the old Tom Brady Peyton Manning gains went you know they were like 78 possession type games we have bullet. Long extended drives with a don't die keep ...

Celtics columnist, Chris Forsberg, joined Butch and Gordon Edes to talk about the young core of players, Brad Stevens' need to win, and the tough November schedule that the Celtics struggled through.