So, doing the math, I was counting down the last days until summer vacation at Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School when these two were born. Ugh.

I guess the good news is that Mary-Kate’s husband is four months older than me. I guess that’s sort of like playing for the tie when it comes dealing with this sort of reminder.

It’s also strange to me that Kat Dennings is the exact same age as the Olsen Twins.

It does not seem strange to me that Tim Allen is 33 years older than these two. (Or that he took this picture just before I was running home to catch the Red Sox vs. Yankees one-game playoff.)

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Rob Bradford

On Sunday, Adrianne Palicki posted a picture of the “Friday Night Lights” gang from the ATX Television Festival that was held over the weekend. Among the show’€™s stars in the photo, which also featured head writer/producer Jason Katims: Palicki, Connie Britton, Jesse Plemons, Gaius Charles, Scott Porter, Derek Phillips Tha Gawd, Stacey Oristano and Brad Leland. In Chicago, meanwhile, Minka Kelly, Aimee Teagarden, Zach Gilford and Taylor Kitsch reunited to run a Spartan Race.

Yet the aforementioned show staples were flanked not by the likes of Kyle Chandler and Michael B. Jordan, but by a wonderful collection of characters ranging from recurring to flat-out obscure. Some might see them in the picture and wonder why they didn’€™t pull the old “€œOK, now just the main characters” picture.

Not me. Looking at older versions of supporting actors of a 10-year-old show and trying to figure out who they played pretty much made my Sunday night. (Note: We over at BRUNCH are obsessed with “Friday Night Lights,” which is why we did a week-long podcast series that ran last week.) Excluding the stars and using absolutely no criteria, here’€™s a power rankings of the other people in this picture.

7. Kevin Rankin a.k.a Herc
Episodes: 21

To those who consider FNL to be two different programs — the Dillon years and the East Dillon years –€“ Herc is a no-brainer to be at any reunion. He’€™s Street’€™s sidekick and he helps the paralyzed quarterback move on with his life. He’€™s also super mean to Billy Riggins, who is one of the best characters on the show, so that earns him last place.

6. Lee Stringer a.k.a. Bull Sproles
Episodes: 3

A. This guy was only in two more episodes than Gary Clark Jr., so it’€™s disappointing that they couldn’€™t get Gary to jump in the picture while they were in Austin.

B. The fact that I initially thought he was Matt Lauria (Luke Cafferty) was perfectly fitting because those two were indistinguishable on the show. The only difference between Luke Cafferty and Becky’€™s dad was that Becky’€™s dad always wore a baseball hat and seemingly never washed his face.

5. Barry Tubb a.k.a. Tom Cafferty
Episodes: 6

Bull is obviously a crummy father, but Luke’€™s dad honestly might be worse. Your son is supposedly an All-World running back who has college scholarships awaiting him as long as he plays football and you make him skip practice so he can help you repair a stupid fence. Real nice parenting: Tell a kid to both break his commitments and give up on his dreams in one single move.

4. Katherine Willis a.k.a. Joanne Street
Episodes: 13

The biggest battle in this show wasn’€™t Taylor vs. Dillon; it was Taylor vs. Williams, as in Tami Taylor vs. Corinna Williams for best mother on the entire planet. In that respect, Street’€™s mom loses points because she isn’€™t featured much on the show compared to the two Super Moms. It’s tough to compete with perfection.

3. Jeff Rosick a.k.a. Buddy Jr.
Episodes: 9
As we discussed on the podcast, this was brilliant casting. Who would have thought there would be a person in the world looked like a younger version of Brad Leland? They found him. Kudos, casting folks.

2. Libby Villari a.k.a. Mayor Rodell
Episodes: 22

I always felt like they didn’€™t incorporate Mayor Rodell enough. She was one of three gay characters on the show, which, as that one episode of “Master of None” should tell you, is pretty good for program that came out in 2006. Shouts Devin and Stan Traub as well.

1. Grey Damon a.k.a. Hastings Ruckle
Episodes: 13

Like Virgil Merriweather a season earlier, Hastings was such a sneaky good addition. With Tim in prison (and two seasons removed from high school), the show needed a carefree star player who had two priorities: having a good time and looking waaaaay older than a high-schooler should look. Plus I’€™m pretty sure he was cast right around the time that commentators mentioned that Antonio Gates used to play basketball every time he made a catch.


5. Steven Walters a.k.a. Glenn

I always liked the cut of Glenn’s jib. He just kind of goofs around and eats cheeseburgers. His “€œconfrontation” scene with Coach Taylor is one for the ages.

4. Troy Hogan a.k.a. Levi

You can’t bring up one of Tami’s legendary coworkers without bringing up the other. That guy is tired of everything and it’s hilarious.

3. Steve Harris a.k.a. Virgil Merriweather

The entire Merriweather family was awesome. Everyone rightfully points to Michael B. Jordan for giving the show new (perhaps better) life in Season 4, but he didn’€™t do it alone.

2. Jae Head a.k.a. Bo Miller

As Jeff Israel pointed out during our series, Bo was a better, less creepy and way more considerate version of Becky.

1. Cedric Neal a.k.a. Kennard

Go back to the “€œSwerve”€ episode in Season 5 and check out the scene where Kennard creeps out Jess. Look at some of the shots of him, just leaning against dumpsters and making crazy eyes. Kennard is your classic flamboyant villain, which is undoubtedly the best type of villain. It’s like The Joker was added to Friday Night Lights.

All of Kennard’€™s whackiness led me to look up the actor who plays him. Turns out he’€™s an English stage actor who has an amazing voice. Nobody can touch Donny Hathaway, but this dude crushes it here.

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DJ Bean

As you’€™ve probably picked up from following sportswriters on Twitter, we have other interests than just sports. Why? Because people who only like sports and nothing else are pretty much the worst. If you can help it, don’€™t be a person who only likes sports.

With time on my hands given the early end to the Bruins’€™ season, Rob Bradford and I agreed that there should be some sort of space on dedicated to pop culture. With people like John Tomase and Scott McLaughlin on our staff, it seemed silly to not do it. John has shared his movie musings on the site before, Scott and I have both blogged about music and I co-host a wildly successful pop culture podcast with Pete Blackburn called BRUNCH.

(That was as modest as I could possibly be. The blog was my idea, and of course you’€™ve heard of BRUNCH. Rob came up with the name though, which is amazing. Shouts Allen Iverson.)

So Scott, John, yours truly and a cast of others will populate this space in addition to our regular duties covering our respective sports. We’€™ll incorporate more ideas as they come, but for now consider this a more eloquent extension of our twitter accounts, which are rife with takes relating to music, movies, television and lord knows what else. Like our regular work, there will be quick-hitting posts and there will be longer stuff that you won’t make it all the way through but will still share on social media with a “good read” comment.

Bookmark the blog and check back often. There’€™s a ton of good stuff on, and we hope this can add to it.

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DJ Bean
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[0:03:46] ... other day on the final drive. But if that's what's called equity Jimmy Fallon Clinton and it was a big success and number one night Beckett type and made him get old I heard that adil Ali yeah I heard it was unbelievably. On I don't get out Jimmy Fallon lose bearable confirmed missing but the joke but what what am I missing what's on Davis Cup for you. I've only get it but what what. Why she's a successful. What's fun he's friendly. Yes very Steve let he ...
[0:07:46] ... together with no access the site family tradition. It policy and and Mel Gibson is great at making movies that you don't wanna see him like apocalypse go for which is an awesome movie. Between that. ...
[0:09:49] ... pulled. Torture because he knew it sucked that Latin and the Buick. Michael Lewis that mr. Manning and a preview and a married woman married. But it's they can you do the whatever Buick oh me ...

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[0:02:30] ... the time and again I know breaking news Liz Warren and sources Hillary Clinton. Which shocked she wants on the ticket doesn't. I don't know it's a good question she does what she would she have ...
[0:09:25] ... attribute the and Hillary won earn theirs if I don't think that's Hillary Clinton and you didn't have a that was brought us light a fire in Bosnia I shot myself footage was pretty intense Ameen. ...
[0:13:13] ... and they are the two most unpopular major party candidates ever to run for president. To be president and commander in seeing. I've gained a lot in January 17 game. My god your kid while Hillary Clinton. Well Donald Trump that's MX president as we're done right only choice president. In in in the history is up a lot of present I'm gonna have like a buck was sitting in your upcoming event has been like ninety minder present this to the next one is going to be either Hillary Clinton or Donald. Buck was sitting in UC when you have the sniffles in the day yeah just looked at me crystal sleaze ...

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