Curt Schilling co-hosts with John & Gerry on Trade Deadline Day across MLB, and the guys open the show talking Red Sox and the current vibe of the team after a big comeback win in Anaheim.

Photo: Riz Ahmed (Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO).

Photo: Riz Ahmed (Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO).

Sunday’s episode of “The Night Of,” entitled “The Call of the Wild,” marked the midway point of the show. Since the premiere episode — which right now is easily the best single episode of television you are going to see on any network — each week has slowed down further and further to focus on very specific details of the characters orbiting the murder of Andrea Cornish.

Episode 2 focused the man in charge with putting Naz behind bars, Detective Box, and the man who stumbled his way into defending him, John Stone. Episode 3 focused on the sharks circling Naz and his family — his new high-profile, Nancy Grace stand-in, Allison Crowe — and the resident kingpin of Rikers Island, “The King of Queens” Freddy Knight. Episode 4 was all about Naz navigating the waters in prison and his defense testing the waters too see if they were going to jump in and actually defend him or reach for the lowest hanging branch — a plea bargain good for a 15-year sentence — and get out of the river before they even get wet.

On the plus side, after this much time spent on character development the audience knows exactly with whom we are dealing. We should be able to guess moves our characters are going to make, which makes the subtle twists and turns the plot takes one of the more engaging hours on television. This show isn’t riding and dying with surprising the audience; it is cashing in on the richness of execution and anticipation.

On the minus side, we haven’t seen anything about with what we are dealing. We haven’t seen any evidence be analyzed, or the cops formulating theories outside of, “The dude with the knife in his pocket did it.” Our collective TV sleuth hats are sitting on the couch collecting dust. If this show were on NBC, Olivia Benson would have had this thing delivered to the D.A. with a bow on it and we’d be focused on a recap of “American Ninja Warrior” right now.

It would be easy to dismiss the last three episodes as being boring, but they weren’t. There is a big difference between “boring” TV and TV that “takes its time.” We’re dealing with the latter. If that’s not your bag, let me point you in the direction of the USA Network and their daytime block of procedural television; the new season of “Suits” looks LIT.

While Sunday night’s explorations of just how far beneath the earth’s crusts lay John Stone’s life prospects was fun and insanely dark, the episode was made by Naz and Freddy’s discussion of prison literature — specifically regarding “The Call of the Wild.” For those of you who haven’t had to bang out a book report on this junior high school summer reading list staple in a solid 20 years, this one is for you:

“The Call of the Wild” is the story of a dog named Buck who is stolen from his home and sold into service time and time again in the turn-of-the-century wilderness of Canada. Throughout the story, Buck becomes progressively more and more feral as his situation becomes more and more dire. The title, “The Call of the Wild,” refers to Buck’s necessity to abandon his behaviors learned as a domesticated dog and embrace his animal instincts to not only survive but become an alpha in the wild.

American literary scholar Donald Pizer, in critiquing Jack London’s masterpiece, said it best in describing the themes explored in “The Call of the Wild” as, “The strong, the shrewd, and the cunning shall prevail when … life is bestial.”

Does this remind you of anyone?

Was watched Naz age about 10 years in 60 minutes this week. After four episodes in a row of being told what to say, how to act, how to feel, and what to do, Naz finally made a decision for himself, even if he did so unconsciously.  He essentially pleaded innocent by telling his version of events after entering a plea of guilty during his hearing. In any other show on any other network, this moment would have swelled with dramatic music punctuated by Naz defiantly saying, “NOT GUILTY.”

Take for example 2016’s other prestige courtroom drama, “The People vs. O.J. Simpson,” when O.J. vehemently declares his innocence, it’s the culmination of weeks of his defense team plotting to tie the L.A. judicial system into a knot — it’s the debut of a trick they’ve been rehearsing for weeks. In the same situation, when called upon to explain his plea, Naz does what comes instinctively to him — he tells the truth and all hell breaks loose. It wasn’t a conscious decision to dismantle his defense; he did what any wounded animal does when it’s cornered — he let his instincts take over.

The notepad

To check out the full notepad, click HERE.

  • John Stone, man. This guy is so consumed with guilt over what his life could have been, HBO could re-cut only his scenes into their own show and call it “The Telltale Eczematic Feet.”
  • Is it me, or did the scratches on his neck look like they were done BY A CAT?
  • The red-herring-cat theory is basically now the Shakespearian rat at the end of “The Departed”. I am now 100 percent convinced that it represents the truth about what happened in a Malcolm Gladwell “What The Dog Saw” sort of way. Mentions of the cat and allusions to the cat surrounding John is just a very literary nerd way of saying that he is closest to the truth and seeing things in a way that other characters refuse to.
  • Ashley Thomas’ performance as Calvin — the guy overexplaining life in prison to Naz like he was a personal Greek chorus — was staggeringly good. I think we all knew he was bad news (especially when explaining Chekhov’s baby oil) but he dragged it out over the course of the entire episode.
  • There was a lot of foreshadowing in Sunday night’s episode, with the baby oil and scolding hot water being the best example.  What I’m worried about is the rest of Calvin’s story means for Naz. He repeatedly told Naz about the real criminal — the man who shot his niece — being free while he, the true victim, is in jail. If we’re sure that Naz is not the killer and is the victim, than just like in Calvin’s story, we can assume the real perpetrator is poised to ultimately go free, which makes Calvin a harbinger casting a shadow from here to the debut of “Westworld.”
  • Glenne Headly’s Alison Crowe pulling a prada suit and matching bag version of the same crisco and sandals “let’s make and take a plea deal” that Johnny Boy did last week was a perfect example of how the wolves circling Naz only helped him answer the call of the wild by episode’s end.
  • Every single person orbiting planet Nasir in this show is trying to play him like a puppet — John Stone, Alison Crowe, Detective Box, Freddy, the inmates, etc. They pull the strings and he dances up until someone — Crowe’s protege, Chandra — actually asks him what he wants to do. When Naz is asked to tell his version of the events of Oct. 24 in court it marks THE FIRST TIME IN THE SERIES that someone has let him finish telling the story. Everyone sees this as an open and shut case, absolutely no one has listened to him. Well, they’re all listening now.

Suspect list

Stepdad Don Taylor; glad to see this creep is still around. And glad to see he brought a friend.

Next week’s episode, “The Season of the Witch,” looks like it is going to give us what we’ve been looking for: meticulous examination of clues, motives, and other TV sleuthing fixings.  Let’s see if that helps me shake the feeling that this show ends with Naz being locked up for good and taking over for Freddy as the top dog in Rikers.

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Padraic O'Connor

Former comedian, Notorious B.I.G / Clarence Davis/Getty Images

Former comedian Notorious B.I.G. (Clarence Davis/Getty Images)

I don’t know about you, but I when I think of Biggie Smalls, I think comedy. He sure was the funniest rapper I ever heard and his life was definitely hilarious with all the wacky stuff he and Diddy used to do.

So since Biggie was so freaking hysterical, TBS decided to make a comedy series about his life. And it’s going to be partially based on his lyrics, so that’s sure to be a riot.

But seriously, a sitcom about Biggie? According to The Hollywood Reporter, it’ll be called “Think B.I.G.” and will “chronicle the misadventures of an inner-city teen desperately trying to create a better future for his daughter and infant son.”

I want to know who came up with the idea to make this kind of show on this network about this rapper. He was one of the greatest ever, but most of his lyrics were about murder, crime, drugs, and violence. And he was fatally shot after releasing only one album, ironically called “Ready to Die.” Plus he is frowning in literally every picture of him ever. All of this is definitely a sitcom in the making.

So I actually can’t wait to see how TBS does this. Also I hope there’s a laugh track.

And if you think of any funny Biggie lyrics, please let me know. Or else get ready for a lot of Underoos jokes.

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Dino, Buck and Butch end the program discussing two prominent AL pitchers that were in action Thursday night and how their future looks. Also, Patriots and Dolphins QBs since Tom Brady was drafted.

[0:11:56] ... Bledsoe Drupal Doug Flutie. John freeze Matt Gutierrez Garrett Gilbert Brian Hoyer Damon Huard Jim Miller Tim Tebow Vinny Testaverde. As well as the draft picks Beebe cleans Barry Cassel walk on Zach Robinson Ryan. Miller ...
[0:12:40] ... starting. Quarterbacks. Since marina. Since marina seventeen of them I'll. Jay Fiedler. Damon Huard. Ray Lucas is that the dolphins yes these are starting quarterbacks I tumors but these are people who started the game Pennington logs and time India and Brian greasy. AJ Feeley sage Rosenfeld. I. Gus Frerotte Gus Frerotte. Joey Harrington. Daunte Culpepper but this what Cleo Lemon I'm recruitment Trent Green John Beck Chad Pennington Chad Henne. Tyler Thigpen. Matt Moore and Ryan Tenet. Well that's since Dan Marino retired in 1999. I ...

At Friday morning's media session, Patriots coach Bill Belichick is pressed about what might happen in Week 5 with Jimmy Garoppolo if he plays well. After three queries, Bill has had enough. Dino, Buck and Butch react.

[0:00:02] ... definitely throws all right well yeah. At a time when. John Jennings Tom Brady is just about done he is going to fall off a cliff Tom Brady is going to be a bomb in short order Gerry Callahan. And it is wet humility and determination. And boundless confidence in ...
[0:01:08] ... I don't know I gotta look. The got a good response from Bill Belichick just puberty backed up all my points he's been listening driving in this or off and everything you say but you rates ...
[0:02:39] ... book aren't covered. I think I. I mean isn't this the same Bill Belichick the other day stepped to the podium and said in week five Tom Brady will be our starting quarterly did. He did. So he opened the door for yes it's a departure for him right when ...
[0:07:50] ... My only point was Jerry's only point was. Why are you having Tom Brady out there when you're up forty points and somebody could just real up on his knee whether all of the bigs. What ...

CSN Patriots reporter Tom E. Curran joins Dino, Buck and Butch to talk the state of the Patriots as training camp opens.

[0:02:20] ... in the pre season. You have to be very protective of a Eric Parker would Booker for great scene is real return. Held hostage by injuries in terms of what they can your words 2011 in ...
[0:03:15] ... guys could you can't be run out Chris harper and you know Chris Hoke in. For Jimmy Ratko first which you're a political disaster. So everything is saying dovetails into an email I got a couple of days ago from a reader who says that this Brady. The drop below quota equal business is going to be huge distraction and training camp which I reply. There is no such thing as a distraction training camp because the Tebow being taught us otherwise the cup this is my opinion. A couple of years ago because Bill Belichick is so good at. What I noticed a few years back they parcel vote Tebow and small doses. Everyone got in nuts ...
[0:05:24] ... I scoffed at the concept. Of vengeance who were number two for Tom Brady that somehow some way. Tom Brady is actually going to elevate his game in anger and in response to Roger Goodell which is not to say I don't think. It's impossible that they will allow Tom Brady to play all four quarters and run up the score on some teams this year but I don't see Tom Brady. Having you know another. Pedal to the metal accelerator things that he's gonna raise his game even higher just to get back at Roger Goodell. No I don't rule are thicker. There will be over most courts of what we corner to listen to your smaller. So we all kinds of speculation and your evaluation done. As to what should the patriots to win Tom Brady's rated ago and we core outlook of eighteen when he retouched out. Maybe. That serves as motivation of people say well maybe ...
[0:12:16] ... And he says it's black arm band time Bobby and then when Tom Brady gods don't QB did so with a good paying. They get arrested Brady get to see that it's interesting story lines. Now this is a disaster on Embree and chaos obviously sow chaos so John's first question on September 12 to Jimmy garage door on patriots Monday as he wearing your black arm band having an attic of the operation be right back. Tom Brady is just about done. It could be his next game he plays it could be a year from now she is going ...

Dino, Buck and Butch discuss the Thursday practice opener of 2016 Patriots camp and the Jimmy G vs. Tom Brady scenario.

[0:02:07] ... just disagree with that I. Fight this far more interesting than knowing Tom Brady is going to suit up. On Sunday night September 11 against the Arizona Cardinals I am much more interest to watch this game with a right to disagree with him. For the simple reason that they don't have Tom Brady in the first four games in the ago who went to. They are flirting with losing won't be open Plath as you ...
[0:04:27] ... of Jimmy doubt that it will and I I agree with that. Tom Brady comes in week five against Cleveland healthy wealthy. Not banged up. Ready Google may be some rust or patriots played good they ...
[0:06:43] ... good thing because of the rest and apparatus into high Edinson if Tom Brady were not penalized. Would you think the record in the first four games would be. One of the worst right that they ...
[0:09:49] ... braves just about done he is going to fall off a cliff Tom Brady is going to be a bomb in short order Gerry Callahan. And it is wet humility and determination. And found let's. Confidence ...

Butch Stearns reads the news & salacious Headlines as Dino & Buck react.

[0:02:26] ... unable adult at what stage in his life. Like a hole like Milwaukee Bucks stayed up 23 four years old yet while seventies was handled well fender or big army just switched over just which do ...
[0:05:03] ... would Dwight Evans our pregame I notice. For Red Sox whatever was World Series ALCS would ever worked for fox we were doing pre games now. In fairness that people at fox and the people running ...
[0:07:39] ... star game was that movie with the about the giants' number of Wesley Snipes oh yeah oh Robert pinheiro yeah rose and the fan. Was yeah. Yeah I didn't know that in a serial that a ...
[0:11:38] ... native Slovenia. Maloney is online biography claimed that she had received the college degree. In architecture and is not an unauthorized book about her life called money trump the inside story if you read that to ...

The Boston Herald's Steve Buckley & Fox25's Butch Stearns are in studio to co-host with Dino. After some old-time banter, Buck goes politics and attempts to take on some D&C right wing callers on Hillary vs. Trump.
Dino is joined by Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald and Fox25's Butch Stearns as the guys discuss a late-night blown lead in Anaheim.