The weekly visit with Curt Schilling features an apology for last week's Brand X reference, plus Red Sox and AR-15 discussion.
Hour two of Wednesday's show as Dino revisits what he missed while on vacation Monday and Tuesday. Kirk also rants about David Price.

[0:00:10] ... I'd describe it this way it was like being on Letterman with Crispin Glover. And be in on Sergio and the united laundry wilderness it was like being among. Genuinely crazy person. Or to report says that I will say he's getting crazier in his old age and fatter is getting crazier would you agree yes I think it's true I still love quickness theory about Hillary Clinton theory Hillary's strategy against the war on terror in the world terra. And it was bizarre O world. And we couldn't grasp. ...
[0:14:43] ... devout religious Muslims and start hearing that from the president of the United States from from people in an immediate meeting that the looked twice right I don't know on August. Look twice at what particular ...
[0:18:24] ... look at Omar Mateen and yet he should ban I want to Saudi Arabia. But you what it. Particularly about incentive volatile market we know he just went to Saudi Arabia twice did the pilgrimage not about UB surveilling the mosque yes I would with. Homer like that the point and he's not ...
[0:20:33] ... and minorities Amarillo warmest and self respecting woman could ever vote for Hillary Clinton. If they know overall it's really I guess is about to a guy who said you can to a jailing women who ...

Dino is back with Gerry and Kirk and the guys are perplexed by law enforcement only 'considering' to file charges against the Orlando killer's wife for her role as an accomplice.
Wizard shot the food.

Wizard shot the food.

There’s a Video Game Hall of Fame in Rochester, New York, at The Strong, which bills itself as the National Museum of Play.

It recently inducted its second class — Grand Theft Auto III, Legend of Zelda, Oregon Trail, The Sims, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Space Invaders — from a field of 15 finalists. A year earlier, it christened its inaugural class with such classics as Pong, Pac-Man, and World of Warcraft.

When the first class was announced, I wrote a column listing my favorite games. Nobody read it even though it was awesome. Now that we have a culture blog, however, it deserves a second life, so check it out. It runs the gamut from King’s Quest to Rock Band, with a smattering of PC, console, and arcade games.

OK, fine. For you short-attention-span types, here’s my personal Top 10. Oh, and this is John Tomase, because the blog is so new, it’s not yet set up to include my name.

1. Starcraft — The most influential RTS ever.
2. Diablo II — The best hack-and-slash of all-time.
3. NHL ’94 — Brass Bonanza! Expansion teams! One-timers! Great game.
4. Rock Band — Still a great party game, as long as you’re drunk enough to sing.
5. Red Dead Redemption — There’s talk of Red Dead II in the works. Yes, please.
6. Mortal Kombat II — Two words: Finish Him!
7. Thief — Rewarded stealth over brute force. Felt revolutionary.
8. Tecmo Bowl — Bo Jackson. Dexter Manley. Marcus Allen.
9. Gauntlet — Cooperative dungeon crawler way ahead of its time.
10. King’s Quest — A sentimental choice.

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It became apparent in the early 2000s that there might not be too many more €”œgreat rock bands€” that could cross over into the mainstream over multiple decades. It seemed the Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers and (I guess) U2 were among what seemed to be a dying breed, so when the By the Way album came out in 2002 and was really good (despite being 19 years into the band’€™s career), it was a really good sign.

Fast-forward 14 years and I don’€™t know how to feel about the Chili Peppers. As was the case for any kid born in the 80s who grew up in the 90s, they were always insanely popular and really good for my entire upbringing.

I’€™ve been to a zillion concerts in my day, yet I’€™ve never seen the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I’€™m going to see them at a festival in July, but I’€™m completely indifferent to the whole thing. I had a similar experience last summer with Weezer, and I don’€™t think it’€™s just a getting older thing. In the case of Weezer, I think the quality of their music just got worse and I lost interest.

With the Chili Peppers, I think it’€™s more obvious, and no, it has nothing to do with Flea’€™s National Anthem, which wasn’€™t that bad. I could deal with no John Frusciante in the mid-90s because I thought One Hot Minute was a great album and Dave Navarro’€™s presence in the band was weird enough to be appealing.

Yet now that these guys are in their mid-50s, they have the legacy act label on them. It’€™s a tough sell to do that without one of your titans, so for as great a guitarist as Josh Klinghoffer is, it doesn’€™t really feel like the Chili Peppers without Frusciante. It’€™s like seeing the Pixies without Kim Deal, which is an enjoyable experience, but just doesn’€™t feel like you’€™re seeing the Pixies.

So I’€™ll check out their set this summer and I’€™ll rock out and probably weep at some point, but I have a bad feeling that the Magik is gone.

I should be biased because one time I saw/had a telepathic exchange with Chad Smith in an airport last summer. It went like this:

“I know it’€™s you, Chad.”
“Yeah, it’€™s me. Thanks for not blowing my cover.”
“No problem. I get it.”
“Cool, thanks again.”

“Oh, and Chad?”
“Yeah, Deej?”
“Why are you wearing a leather jacket and a backwards baseball cap if you’€™re not trying to get noticed? It’€™s like you’€™re wearing a Chad Smith costume.”
“Yeah, but if I’€™m not me, then who am I?”
“I’d never considered that. Thanks for giving me some perspective on what it’€™s like for celebrities to be themselves while still searching for anonymity.”
“Any time. Safe flight.”
“You too, Chad.”

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DJ Bean
Kirk, Gerry and Gary discuss the Patriots contract unrest and in particular whether Malcolm Butler should be holding out of OTAs

[0:02:11] ... the downside he's thirty and I know that companies also lived through Wes Welker he knows and don't just not going and well tickle spit them out your right right just gonna winner and absolutely. He's an Internet I my guess is that long term effect of life. Originally a sorority wanted to immunity but the the guy's been destroyed patriots hold all the cards again to you because. We saw what happened when Wes Welker they overpaid form was you know Welker played his hand right. He got that the franchise deal from nine point three. And ...
[0:03:10] ... I think we learned last project had a production could easily with Tom Brady can easily make the case he's not as good a player. Adams' I able excuse yes that's that we talk about that ...
[0:05:28] ... a problem in the eyes what brought the rigors osprey went right Frank Gifford yes Craig James. The pony. Project unrest last Caucasian as a thousand euros. Com. Does it matters it would become a quality ...
[0:09:08] ... call you want me. We better get something done we don't sadistic Luke Wilson limits on gun or unit moved to LA be on the screen your audience and I'm just telling you right now and ...

The guys discuss Megyn Kelly's awkward interview on Fox News Monday with former FBI Official James Kallstrom, where Kelly cuts off Kallstrom from discussing White House connections with the Muslim world

[0:10:36] ... with you cut him short kept going to advocate the possible terrible ice cold air Gilroy is a great -- always got 9/11 excuse fourteen echoed the goof ball and I'll I get on a relic ...
[0:11:38] ... which wants. And it's probably better money at that it because. Vacated TV show naming him make a ton of 789 million bucks yet the epidemic. And it surprises me though because here she has come ...
[0:13:32] ... Margaret Thatcher notre. The F factor staff imports I mean at likened private school jerked it went to school a minute this doesn't back. Yeah oddly is a daughter yet Thatcher's son yeah like I told you should look support casting of collective. Hatcher well in that crowd is probably fine. Or that time yeah Hartley and people that want to get last name to me know what you can to get what guardedly with Kelly the last thing was run out on home run artery that was are being. And that is your patches of middle name's ray. That your Barry Bonds yes. I on. That you're straight as you take these kids away always hits and broke the do TVV bachelor re bond ...

Kirk and Gerry can't believe how little discussion the Orlando massacre has generated on shows other than D&C. Tanguay then defends Brand X again, and Kirk almost loses it
The Cavs avoided elimination on Monday night by beating Golden State in Game 5, but no thanks to Kevin Love. Gerry is ready to bash Love, but Tanguay still wants him. Also, Kirk is starting to dislike Golden State
Kirk admits he's mailing in the day's edition of headlines, but Gerry saves him by pivoting to Geraldo's night of covering Orlando on the O'Reilly Factor