The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk.
The guys continued their deflategate talk.

[0:00:04] ... they're no attacks of any games after that until the championship. The Mike York and beat colors. You know what I love about hosting the show because. Newton at new word now on the Brady. The ...
[0:00:50] ... it to me I just go hey guys in. Will our friend Tim Hasselbeck will he have come around no we talked to be and it's we know it is bodies a Smart guy and will ...
[0:01:24] ... would mind hearing from a rookie young rookie. Public rather hear from Tim Hasselbeck able to do with your life your career and Cris Carter shortly. Marry a woman who's hot and it's gonna make more ...
[0:04:53] ... he does not and I understand that. No one wants to see Tom Brady get four games it's ridiculous as a matter of fact. The one guy and the NFL who has made the most sense ...

Gary, Gerry and Kirk discussed Carter's idiotic comments.

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