The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys talked about a church in Missouri that banned lesbians from attending mass.

[0:02:54] ... murdered his friend in new report claims. Hernandez was caught by a gas station security camera in a bizarre. Dance performance. Just one minutes before he picked up semi pro football player old Lloyd who was found shot to death the next day. ...
[0:08:46] ... like fun check this out people use PCP for long periods report memory loss. The first speech about the guy the Kapanen it's while some. Difficulties with speech and thinking depression and weight loss the symptoms can -- up to a year. After the cessation. PCP -- that Texas says when he was a cop that ...

Tom joined the show to discuss his column on Derek Jeter's legacy. He added that he thinks Stephen Drew will return to the Sox.

[0:00:21] ... guess the only way come this very good piece you wrote about Derek Jeter could draw more attention is that somehow made it into the swimsuit issue those three women -- at that but I guess that's probably not happening right. Yeah now. -- -- you'll get -- didn't the swimsuit issue more of these yeah they get -- -- SA a jump off point here on Derek Jeter's career it's fair to say that the discipline. That he demonstrated over his twenty year for nineteen going on twenty years to ...
[0:02:03] ... was the last time Torre even broached. The subject -- worry about Derek Jeter. I think that's what made him and great part of manager's dream I mean you never have to worry about that guy ...
[0:05:39] ... to nine billion dollar industry. Alex I'm not a sign that the Derek Jeter ball I think -- surely is because he played for the Yankees on championship team. A Madison avenue love this guy and women men and can't all look this guy. I think -- the most important player in terms of their side of the game in this decade or two decades of growth. Robert she from Sports Illustrated our guest at this moment Tom as you can probably tell it's dangerous to say anything negative about Derek Jeter it's anti American practicing but Derek Jeter and let me let me just -- that stick my toe into the water. Was there or -- there are a bit of a selfish element. In on two separate fronts he wanted to do enjoy this as your writing you wanted to enjoy this exit with the fans similar to rob Mariano Rivera did last year and also the fact that. If you were talking about the the good of the team would mean not ...
[0:07:37] ... of this might have been he didn't want the last image of Derek Jeter to be lying to shortstop with a broken ankle writing -- -- he wanted to come backs were like Rivera didn't want ...

The guys opened the show by discussing the latest with the Olympics.

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