Alex is in mourning.
Clinton supporters have lost their mind and Curtis went to an anti-Trump rally.
We are introduced to Doggo the therapy dog.

[0:02:45] ... to take shape and unlike my Exel who watched him skate well Bill Belichick Bill Belichick what you obviously Seattle. Which Steve Buckley Seattle. But we still cyst rupture Seattle's on the subject. You actually got is just ...
[0:03:35] ... No question. I outside of Al treatment tomorrow deputy strangeness or or Bill Belichick and you won't put patriots fans I have I between a couple of things I've not gotten one responsibilities as you know. Your right as a matter of ...
[0:17:51] ... don't wanna trumps onto the campaign and it's good that probably the Pink Floyd probably stop them in the stud the Soo much. I just think it's sort of blind to say he's absolutely not gonna ...
[0:20:02] ... a conservative. And when I was that all of you wanna protect Devale Ellis let the people lose their job to lead eagle in the okay that it goes away Jack see peoples wage. Dropped because ...

Callers reacted to Brady and Belichick's press conferences yesterday. Curtis visited the anti-Trump rally.
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