Fox 25's Butch Sterns, Alex Reimer and Jon Meterparel open the show asking if the Patriots are morally in the right to bring in Michael Floyd and was not signing Edwin Encarncion a good move for the Red Sox?
Kirk and Gerry are on vacation. Curtis and Ken saw Patriots Day.

[0:02:54] ... Sunday why doesn't just come in on Tuesday arrested the whole week Tom Brady radiant. They have to because it's Tuesday instead of Monday because Monday. Is now is how correct. It is normally he'd be ...
[0:05:08] ... wild yet. Yeah you're right you guys company Arizona stop what about Bill Belichick and the patriots. You'd think you'd think they they. This guy in the beat themselves and what impact state may have been ...
[0:06:41] ... as your argument because his argument was well on meet. Any of bill Belichick's players could get in trouble and if they got a DUI. That's terrible terrible. Sorry Kevin I'm actually dropped you on a ...
[0:21:12] ... this decisions differently we talked about that. That the cash pay that Bill Belichick and the patriots have built up over the years sort of the in bill we trust and that locker room can bring ...

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