Here are the highlights from Tuesday’s Headlines with John Dennis, Gerry Callahan and guest host Butch Stearns. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

The Emmys were held Monday night, and the TV awards show featured joking about lead actor nominee Matthew McConaughey and a tribute to Robin Williams from fellow comedian and close friend Billy Crystal.

“Are we Robin Williamsed out, kind of?” Stearns asked. “Is it sacrilegious to say that?”

“Every magazine at the checkout counter has Robin Williams and has for the last 2 1/2 weeks,” noted Dennis, while expressing appreciation for Williams’ talent.

“Breaking Bad,” the AMC show that ended its run last year, won five awards, including outstanding drama series.

“For how many more years will ‘Breaking Bad’ win Emmys?” Callahan wondered. “Hasn’t it been off the air?”

– Allstate released its annual safe-driving rankings of the nation’s 200 biggest urban areas, and Fort Collins, Colorado, finished first for a fourth time with an per-driver average of 14.2 years between collisions.

Massachusetts’ two biggest cities were at the bottom of the list. Worcester drivers have a collision every 4.3 years, while Bostonians go 4.4 years between crashes.

Washington, D.C., which finished in the bottom spot last year, was third-to-last at 5.1.

“We are — I believe I heard this correctly — 134 percent more likely to get in an accident in Boston,” Dennis said.

Stearns said he’s lived in a few locales across the country, and he’s convinced Boston drivers are the best.

“L.A. drivers are the worst. Detroit drivers drive the fastest on the worst roads. We’re the best drivers, because we’re aggressive as hell, but we tip our hat,” Stearns said. “A guy cut me off this morning at 5:45, John — I was a little late — I tip my hat to the guy. I tip my hat, it was a good move.”

Said Dennis: “See, we deal with rotaries. I don’t think they have rotaries in Michigan. They don’t have rotaries in L.A. That’s part of the problem.”

Added Dennis: “You’re part of the problem, Callahan, you drive like a maniac.”

Responded Callahan: “No, I’m an excellent driver. ‘€¦ I haven’t had a fender-bender in 30 years.”

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Here are the highlights from Monday’€™s Three For All on Middays with MFB with Christian Fauria and guest host Danny Picard. To hear the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

Auburn commit Kerryon Johnson opted for something a little bit more extreme than Gatorade in order to stay sharp during a high school football game Friday. The running back chugged a bottle of mustard at the sidelines at one point in order to avoid cramps.

“€œI have never seen anything like that in my entire life,” Picard said. “€œIf you had told me that this was a true story, I would say, ‘€˜No, no way.’ ”

“So every time I eat a hot dog, I’€™m also hydrating,” Fauria remarked.

While Fauria never chugged mustard before games during his NFL career, he did opt for another unusual beverage to stay cramp-free.

“€œI used to drink Pedialyte. I would drink, almost felt like a gallon, of Pedialyte before each game,”€ Fauria said. “After doing it for like 13 years, some researcher said, ‘€˜You know, you’€™re not getting any benefit from that.’€™ ”

“€œYou were in the NFL, and you were drinking Pedialyte?” Picard asked.

As is the case seemingly every year, drama and controversy surrounded MTV’€™s Video Music Awards, even during the event’€™s pre-show parties.

Shots rang out during an event hosted by singer Chris Brown during the early morning hours Sunday in West Hollywood. Music producer Suge Knight was shot six times in the attack.

“œThis is not the first time this has been news,” Picard said, as Knight was previously involved in the drive-by shooting that claimed the life of rapper Tupac Shakur in 1996.

While Knight was wounded, reports emerged that the assailant was aiming for Brown and pop star Justin Bieber.

“œHow did they miss?”€ Fauria joked.

“€œLook, I know people hate Biebs, but they’€™re trying to take him out with bullets?”€ Picard said.

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Brady joins Dennis and Callahan heading into week four of the preseason. He explains how he exercises his brain to maintain and build brain fitness.

[0:00:16] ... injury that's got to be so frustrating and devastating for him certainly Jeff Fisher all the rams the rams fans how -- NFL guys like you. Deal with this ongoing threat of the sort of damocles ...
[0:02:44] ... try to do. Another another injury in the headlines obviously Tom was Wes Welker another concussion and I I somewhat in magnetic coverage and -- That's something that every receiver has to as the pay attention to because sheets there are times when you have to get down and -- well course trying to get down. How much emphasis is there with say Andelman and Amendola to undersized guys to really tough guys who. -- school over the middle who tickets how much emphasis is there. To get them to avoid those has to go down on the way Deion Branch is to go now Marvin Harrison used to go down coach you want those guys to be a little. Less. Let's courageous in him and -- a little ...

ESPN's Tim Hasselbeck provides some insight on the Sam Bradford and Wes Welker injuries. He also explained how both injuries could effect the Patriots.

[0:00:00] ... -- patriot Monday 6177797937. We -- forty -- up Tom Brady Tim Hasselbeck will be joining us in just a minute or 20. -- happy birthday wish from -- twelfth. You don't that's it and ...
[0:01:12] ... -- according to -- how are -- Regardless if Sam Bradford down Cam Newton down you've got sixteen games left in your arms or legs him. And are now is. I think ever practice left. Psychologically. ...
[0:01:53] ... saying why us is reminiscent of -- for -- speech about one Trent Green went down and you know how it was going to be you know incumbent on -- more to come and play and ...
[0:04:10] ... he turned out to work out but there were other players you're AJ Feeley went to Miami. Who read you know limited action goes to Miami don't work out there are so. I think people are ...

Peter Frates' mother, Nancy, calls in to thank those who have supported the cause and gives her perspective on the ice bucket challenge.

[0:04:03] ... gonna change the face of that he also said which -- the first night that I'm -- that they Allah and trying to build gate. And that happened last week so there aren't many that's actually ...
[0:04:51] ... money he wants to call out because it seemed like. Everybody except Barack Obama everybody has done. You know I I think that it is -- let me let Bill Gates and -- it's happening in ...
[0:09:32] ... patient we will get to you as soon as we get back Tom Brady by the -- -- -- Monday. Joins us at 740 Tim Hasselbeck at 830. ...

The ALS ice bucket challenge has become a social media movement that benefits a great cause. However, that doesn't stop Tom Keane from ripping it, labeling the challenge as just a 'gimmick'.
All the stories of the day brought to you by Jerry Thornton including tonight's Emmy Awards.
Gerry heard something interesting on Mustard and Johnson over the weekend: Where's the evidence against Roger Clemens? Dino, Gerry and Jerry look at the P.E.D. proof against Clemens.

Here are the highlights from Monday’€™s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with John Dennis, Gerry Callahan and guest host Jerry Thornton. To listen to the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

For the second day in a row, an awards show is slated to air on TV Monday, as the 66th annual Emmys will be broadcasted just a day after the MTV Video Music Awards.

“€œI think they need award shows,” Thornton said. “If there’€™s one thing my life lacks, it’€™s there aren’t enough chances for these guys to congratulate themselves.”

“If we don’€™t do an awards show once a week, then the terrorists win,” Callahan remarked.

One of the biggest contenders Monday night will be HBO’€™s “Game of Thrones,”€ which has a staggering 19 nominations, including a Best Support Actor in a Drama Series nomination for Peter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion Lannister.

“€œIt’€™s a show where, I don’€™t know if you guys watch it, but nobody is above being killed,”€ Thornton said. “But the producers of that show are on notice that if this character gets killed off, the whole country is going to look like Ferguson, Missouri. We’€™re all just going to riot and loot and it’€™s going to be horrible.”

Another favorite on Monday night is AMC’€™s “€œBreaking Bad,” which earned seven nominations for its final season, including acting nominations for Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn.

“When is it going to stop winning awards?”€ Callahan said. “I feel like 20 years from now, ‘Breaking Bad’ is going to be nominated for an Emmy and it’€™s going to win.”

“It ended at exactly the right time,”€ Thornton said. “It was to TV what Pedro Martinez‘€™s Red Sox career was on. Not too soon, not too late. They didn’t drag it out.”

Another AMC series, “Mad Men,”€ once again will be a big presence Monday, as the advertising period drama has eight nominations.

“œAs someone once said to me, ‘€˜That show was a lot of subtle nuance.’€™ Yeah, too much subtle nuance,”€ Thornton said. “Give me dragons, give me swords, give [Breaking Bad'€™s] Hank [Schrader] getting killed.”

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Conor Ryan

Here are the highlights from Friday’s Three for All on Middays with MFB with Christian Fauria and Tim Benz. To hear the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

– V. Stiviano claimed she never had sex with Donald Sterling because he’s a homosexual. She said she was simply used as the billionaire’s “beard.”

The allegations come in response to a prior lawsuit filed by Sterling’s wife, Shelly Sterling, according to reports. Shelly Sterling’s original lawsuit depicted Stiviano as someone who convinced the former Clippers owner to get her a Ferrari, $240,000 in cash and a $1.8 million house on the outskirts of Beverly Hills.

Stiviano claims it was all for the price of covering up Sterling’s sexual orientation.

“The gift that keeps on giving, isn’t it?” Fauria said.

Said Benz: “You thought for a while that Donald Sterling would just be allowed to fade off into anonymity, literally crawl under a rock and die. But stuff like this is not going to let it happen.

“She’s suing, by the way, for $10 million. The cost of being a beard in Los Angeles is $10 million on top of whatever she’s been given already.”

Fauria asked Benz if he’s ever been a beard for a girl.

“I’ve never been a lesbian beard,” Benz said. “But the closest I think I ever came to that situation was I did go on a date with a WNBA player once. She was like a 5-foot-5 point guard.

“I’m pretty sure she was a straight WNBA player, though. It was a legitimate date. That’s not a beard situation. That’s why I said it was close.”

– Fauria asked for Benz’s opinion on a situation he encountered when he was in Washington, D.C., two weeks ago.

“Kids were going crazy, I was talking to my girlfriend out here when I’m on the road and things are going crazy,” Fauria said. “I have some down time so I’m thinking, ‘I’m going to watch a movie.’ But I feel guilty telling her that I’m going to have 2 1/2 hours of downtime to watch a movie that we both agreed we would watch together.”

Fauria asked if he should feel guilty about it.

“Yes,” Benz said. “Just putting it out there. Not so much guilty. You should feel stupid about it because she’s going to hold it against you now.”

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