Dino reacts to Jeff Howe's assessment that Jimmy Garoppolo is the "real deal" after six days of training camp. Gerry and Curt Schilling weigh in with a discussion of Jimmy G's contractual future.

A new museum just opened in New York City dedicated to ice cream, but you’ll probably never get to see it.

Tickets for the Museum of Ice Cream, which opened on July 29, sold out completely today so unless you bought one in the past five days, you’re out of luck.

I don’t like ice cream because it’s too cold (thank you, Ross Geller, for validating this) and I am secretly not a fan of museums. But I might visit this one. I know this because it has a dynamite Instagram account. For those of us who are not among the 30,000 people to get tickets, here is a look inside the exhibits:

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 30:  Staff prepare to sell copies "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" at Foyles book store on July 30, 2016 in London, England.  The script book of the play of the same name, which is on at Palace Theatre, billed as the eighth Harry Potter story, is on sale from midnight tonight.  (Photo by Rob Stothard/Getty Images)

“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” is likely to be the best-selling book of 2016. (Rob Stothard/Getty Images)

“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” the script of the London play of the same name, has been out for three days now, and reviews have been all over the place. Some fans and reviewers love it, some hate it, and many are somewhere in between.

A lot of that, I think, has to do with expectations. If you were expecting an eighth book on par with the original seven, full of all the character development, setting details and side stories that made us fall in love with the series, then yeah, you’ll probably be disappointed.

But if you were able to manage expectations a bit and understand that a play script was never going to be as immersive as one of the books, or even as the play itself (which is generally getting better reviews than just the script), then you just might be content, or even happy, with “The Cursed Child.”

That was my experience, at least. I wasn’t expecting to love “The Cursed Child” as much as I love the original seven books, and it turns out I don’t. But that doesn’t mean I regret reading it or wish it hadn’t been made like some fans apparently do.

I enjoyed revisiting the world of Harry Potter and seeing many of our favorite characters again. I’m glad this universe is not just a thing of the past. I’m not one of those people who wants my favorite series to end after their original run and never be renewed.

Make all the “Star Wars,” “Batman” and “Rocky” movies you want. Give me a bunch of “Game of Thrones” spinoffs and short stories. Sure you might get some stinkers, but if you also get “The Force Awakens,” “The Dark Knight,” “Creed” and “Tales of Dunk and Egg,” then it’s all worth it as far as I’m concerned.

“The Cursed Child” doesn’t quite succeed at the level of the installments I just mentioned. Maybe I’d feel differently about the play itself, but the script is probably more along the lines of “Attack of the Clones” or “Rocky Balboa.” It’s fine. Not great, not bad, just fine.

“The Cursed Child” play is already split into two parts and making it any longer probably wasn’t feasible, which means the script is just 320 pages. It reads like a story half that long given the way it’s structured — you can easily get through this in one or two sittings without needing to pull an all-nighter — which means it obviously isn’t going to give you everything the original seven books gave you, similar to the way the movies couldn’t give you everything the books did.

Because of this, the story sometimes feel rushed. Some of the dialogue and some of the characters’ decisions feel a bit forced and unnatural, like they’re saying and doing things just to move the story along. “The Cursed Child” also literally revisits the past — a lot — which is a storytelling technique that pretty much always leads to mixed reactions.

There’s still a lot to like about “The Cursed Child.” Harry and Draco Malfoy are both struggling to connect with their sons, who are both struggling to escape their fathers’ shadows while building a friendship that neither Harry nor Draco is really comfortable with. There are some interesting plot twists and, regardless of how you feel about revisiting the past so much, it’s hard not to be intrigued by the what-ifs the script explores.

“The Cursed Child” may not be a home run, but I’m glad it exists, and I hope we continue to get more original Harry Potter content in the future.

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Scott McLaughlin

Over the weekend, a not-so-open letter penned by Constance Wu, star of ABC’s “Fresh Off The Boat,” made the rounds on the internet. In the letter she asks: Why in 2016 is Matt Damon starring in a historical epic set during the Northern Song Dynasty (959-1126 AD) about the construction of the Great Wall of China?

Great question. Her letter– which you can read HERE — is full of really good points, two of which really drive the point home:

First Point aka The Highlight Reel Assist:

“Think only a huge movie star can sell a movie? That has NEVER been a total guarantee. Why not TRY to be better? If white actors are forgiven for having a box office failure once in a while, why can’t a POC sometimes have one? And how COOL would it be if you were the movie that took the ‘risk’ to make a POC as your hero, and you sold the s**t out of it?! The whole community would be celebrating! If nothing else, you’d get some mad respect (which is WAY more valuable than money) so MAKE that choice.”

She’s not wrong. Mega movie stars make terrible movies all the time, and they also make movies that make zero money.

George Clooney – Tomorrowland (May 2015)

  • US Box Office: $93MM
  • Total Box Office: $115MM
  • Budget: $190MM
  • Status: Sad Face Emoji

Johnny Depp – Mortdecai (2015)

  • US Box Office: $7.6MM
  • Total Box Office: $47MM
  • Budget: $60MM
  • Status: Thumbs Down Emoji

Matthew McConaughey – The Free State of Jones (2016)

  • US Box Office: $20MM
  • Total Box Office: $20MM
  • Budget: $50MM
  • Status: Concerned Face Emoji

Bradley Cooper: Aloha (2015)

  • US Box Office: $21MM
  • Total Box Office: $5MM
  • Budget: $26MM
  • Status: Chin Scratch Face Emoji

Ben Affleck – Everything he did from Gigli (2003) to Extract (2009)

  • US Box Office: Poop Emoji
  • Total Box Office: Poop Emoji
  • Budget: Poop Emoji
  • Status: Poop Emoji

You know what these movies have in common other than being critically panned and making almost no money? All of those stars got to keep making more movies — some good, some worse than the example above.

Second Point aka The Hall of Fame Highlight Buzzer Beater

“Well excuse me for caring about the images that little girls see, and what that implies to them about their limitations or possibilities. If you know a kid, you should care too. Because we WERE those kids. Why do you think it was so nice to see a nerdy white kid have a girl fall in love with him? Because you WERE that nerdy kid who felt unloved. And seeing pictures in Hollywood’s stories made it feel possible. That’s why it moved you, that’s why it was a great story. Hollywood is supposed to be about making great stories. So make them.”


Constance Wu aka B. Rabbit, with a bar that sent Anthony Mackie aka The Falcon aka Papa Doc back to private school.

“Because you WERE that nerdy kid who felt unloved,” is essentially the thesis statement of every movie I had on my Employee’s Pick shelf at Blockbuster in high school. It’s doubly true of the movies I consume like comfort food when I can’t find anything new to watch. It’s exactly why Michael Cera isn’t considered the new Screech Powers.

So… having said that, I guess it’s time to watch this trailer and see if Constance Wu is on to something.

Synopsis: Starring global superstar Matt Damon and directed by one of the most breathtaking visual stylists of our time, Zhang Yimou (Hero, House of Flying Daggers), Legendary’s The Great Wall tells the story of an elite force making a valiant stand for humanity on the world’s most iconic structure. The first English-language production for Yimou is the largest film ever shot entirely in China. The Great Wall also stars Jing Tian, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe and Andy Lau.

Ummm…. What was that?

So this is a monster movie? It’s got Oberon Martell from “Game of Thrones” in it… is it a dragon movie? It’s produced by Legendary… is it some sort of distant prequel to “Godzilla” so we don’t forget that giant lizard monsters can emerge from the sea at any time and Hulk Smash a US Metropolis?

This told me absolutely nothing about the story except that it’s got a super long road ahead of making lots of people angry, confused, and most likely angry that they crossed a picket line to see this movie.

Also: It’s been a while since I crushed an AP History course… but didn’t China build the Great Wall to keep out nomadic bands of Eurasian hordes like the Mongols? Can we see that movie instead? If in the reality of Matt Damon’s “The Great Wall,” Genghis Khan can turn into a dragon and that is what this movie is really about, then I take back everything I said.

Based on the trailer, there is no way that movie needed Matt Damon to get made as much as Matt Damon needed to pay for the island he is going to buy with his check from this thing in one fell swoop.

“One island, please. I’ll take the one that blocks the view of sunset from DiCaprio’s island.”

On one hand, this is another movie with problematic undertones that a white dude needs to swoop in to save an indigenous people (i.e. “Dances with Wolves,” “The Last Samurai,” “Avatar”).

On the other hand are we sure it is going to any good at all and will it be closer to “The Last Airbender” / “Gods of Egypt” (terrible movie taking place in India / Egypt, but starring mostly white people) than it is to “The Departed” (American adaptation of a Hong Kong cinema modern classic).

Hands down, Constance Wu has a point —  a very, very good one.

If there’s any cosmic justice, Andy Lau — a movie star in China, and star of the aforementioned original “Departed” (“Infernal Affairs”) — who is fifth billed on this movie, winds up being the only cast member to survive this mess and stars in the sequel that will also probably make zero sense at first glance.

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Padraic O'Connor
Curt Schilling joins Dino, Gerry, and Mut, and tells us that David Price has to pitch with what he has, and not with what he had. He also discusses why he loves the new Wildcard format, and wonders how Andrew Benintendi will handle the inevitable tough stretch in the Majors.
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[0:13:04] ... I'll forget away from the bills. Like this there's so your guy Tom Brady 39. Is doubling down on New York. Or. An effort. One beautiful watch this loss of that's right nights when I went ...
[0:15:19] ... many months six months left via we have this. Blue in the white house rules and you or even you know. Your. Check. Swiss francs small bills out of money if you kidnap Americans just hold ...
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PGA Golfer Padraig Harrington joined Dino, Gerry, and Mut at the Travelers Championship. He talks about what the Olympics mean in Ireland, why he's going to Rio, and we get the Irish pronunciation of "Mosquito."

[0:01:33] ... that we their standards. And what in my narrow wins on the golf course they go to be ready and mosquitoes around them. Mosquitoes I think the hole of the day like our season you know we played a four majors. I don't I don't understand the timing it states it is stay tall with a bad timing it's a great timing for most of our players I would set so it. I don't there's certain select Adam Scott is a very conscientious objector to golf units so he's purity that was his decision. I think order guys state they just ...
[0:02:29] ... the gold medal you can win another open you can win the US open the PGA or the masters how would you bring us travelers the travelers the they expect that that at one point Terry ...
[0:03:03] ... turn around this it's meat when he's got a chance of winning US open our I have month after the masters that would also be huge deal to me so. And put as it stands I ...
[0:04:54] ... that theater athlete. Maybe. Maybe showed him open. They they built this golf course it's my understanding for the Olympics what you know about the course itself will you be like going in their mind no oiler. I haven't played it but I have made the pictures of this and haven't seen the golf course don't like to spend. Am I really happy to hear it's it's kind of links golf course with twenty mile an hour winds so if there's a golf course that they could build in name in. Real that seat beat this is the one that don't. And to be honest I ...

Dino, Gerry, and Mut talk about how the Red Sox just can't win David price's starts. Is he trying too hard? Also, they discuss Andrew Benintendi's 0-fer debut.
Curt Schilling joins Dino, Gerry, and Mut, and tells us that David Price has to pitch with what he has, and not with what he had. He also discusses why he loves the new Wildcard format, and wonders how Andrew Benintendi will handle the inevitable tough stretch in the Majors.

[0:00:06] ... highland 6177 settlement 7937. Our conversation it is Wednesday after all with Curt Schilling is brought to you by boost mobile. Still longtime note bock how aria. The Tuesday after the end of that awful last ...
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