On Tuesday’€™€™s Three For All on Middays with MFB, Tim Benz and Lou Merloni discussed Rory McIlroy‘s new love interest, self-serve beer machines and Rob Bradford‘s podcast with a “Mad Men” star. To listen to the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

McIlroy appears to be over the end of his relationship with tennis star Caroline Wozniacki. The golfer reportedly now is dating Irish model and singer Nadia Forde.

“I didn’t realize what he had graduated to from Caroline Wozniacki, the tennis player,” Benz said. “Congratulations, Rory, I guess you did upgrade after all.”

Benz tried describing Forde’s appearance but instead pushed the listeners to check out a link to photos of her on the MFB home page.

“You wouldn’t look at her and say ‘Irish girl,’ ” Benz said. “She looks a lot more exotic than that.”

– In a past Three for All segment, the guys discussed the DraftServ self-serve beer stations at Target Field just in time for the All-Star festivities.

It appears the stations were a success for Monday’s Home Run Derby.

“Apparently last night people were loving it. Apparently they have Shandy and Urban Pale Ale,” Merloni said. “They sell this by the ounce. So it’s 40 cents an ounce and Bud Light is 38 cents an ounce. So you can get a $10 card, prepaid, or a $20 prepaid card.

“You just roll up there, put in however many ounces you want, put that thing underneath.”

Merloni added: ”Apparently people are loving it. Maybe not crazy about the pour, but it’s outstanding.”

The stations are owned by the family of Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs.

“This is fantastic for Bruins fans,” Benz said.

– Producer Joe Zarbano brought his own topic to the table with Christian Fauria out for the day. He was creeped out by Bradford’s interview with January Jones from the TV series “Mad Men.”

“It was as creepy as you’d think it would be,” he said.

After listening to some audio from the show, Benz said, “Joey, I think you’re being a little too hard on Rob. Any double entendre there was her fault that she actually did.”

Benz added: “I walk away from that and don’t think to myself, ‘creepy,’ I think he was very nervous.”

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The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.
Nick Cafardo joined the show from the All Star game in Minnesota.
The guys opened the show discussing how awful the Home Run Derby was.

Here are the highlights from Tuesday’€™s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk MinihaneGerry Callahan and John Dennis. To listen to the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

Will Middlebrooks, Jenny Dell engaged to be married

Former NESN reporter Jenny Dell revealed on Twitter Monday night that her and Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks are engaged to be married.

“Do you think it’s going to last?” Callahan asked.

Minihane responded: “No.

“There’s too much uncertainty in their lives,” Callahan said. “Too much travel, no kids involved yet, so there’s too much going on.”

Dennis thinks differently.

“Don’t you think you could make a case there’s something good about not being together 24/7?,” he asked. “She’s doing a little of this, he’s doing baseball.”

Callahan said: “It’s going to be tough for these kids to make it work.”

Minihane asked the guys to predict how long their marriage will last.

“I’m going to say they give it a shot,” Callahan said before he and Minihane both predicted seven years. To avoid agreeing with Callahan, Minihane changed his prediction to 6 1/2 years.

Dennis said: ” ‘Til death do they part.”

Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman welcomes daughter

Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman and fiancee Erin Hurley welcomed a daughter on Sunday.

“This is 15 months after he was virtually dead,” Callahan said.

Dennis said: “Hey Dzhokhar [Tsarnaev], GFY.”

“That is victory right there,” Callahan said.

It’s also being reported that film company Lionsgate has launched the development of “Stronger,” the story of Bauman based on the book he wrote with Bret Witter that chronicles his life in the aftermath of the attacks at the Marathon finish line.

“It is a great book,” Callahan said. “It’s an easy read, it’s a great read.”

Minihane said: “If you told somebody in April [2013] that the following July he was going to have a baby and a best-selling book and a movie, it’s incredible.”

“As I tweeted out and deleted, that is the best revenge,” Callahan said.

Marathon survivor told to leave New Hampshire T.J. Maxx because of service dog

The manager of a T.J. Maxx in Nashua, New Hampshire, ordered Boston Marathon bombing survivor Sydney Corcoran to put her service dog in a cart or to leave.

Corcoran suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the deadly explosion in which her mother, Celeste, lost both legs.

According to Corcoran, the dog had a service dog vest on, but the manager claimed it was violating store policy.

“Did it defecate it the store? Did it urinate in the store?” Dennis asked.

Callahan said: “This is just an overzealous manager who’s going to get called in by the boss today and Sydney will probably get a gift card in the mail and an apology.”

“One manager made a mistake. It doesn’t speak to the company as a whole, but I’m sure they’ll right that wrong,” Minihane said.

Dennis said: “I’m guessing he’s an assistant manager today.”

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On Monday’€™s Three For All on Middays with MFB, Tim Benz and Christian Fauria discussed three instances of adults tarnishing an amusement park, a Chuck E. Cheese’s and an aquarium. To listen to the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

Drunk ‘€˜Pterodactyl’€™ arrested at Legoland

An intoxicated man claiming to be “Pterodactyl” caused a ruckus at Legoland Florida for about 30 minutes over the weekend. The man, whose real name is Richard Campagna, was chased by police throughout the park before jumping in the lazy river and splashing officers.

After being hit with a taser and a long pursuit, Campagna eventually was arrested.

” ‘€˜Pterodactyl’€™ was there with his kids at Legoland and then ran into the lazy river. Have you even been in one of these situations where its so bad that you couldn’t get through without getting hopped up on something?” Benz asked.

“Oh yeah,”€ Fauria responded.

Two men accused of smoking heroin at Chuck E. Cheese’s

Two men were arrested last week for allegedly smoking heroin in a Chuck E. Cheese’s bathroom in Costa Mesa, California. Sgt. Patrick Wessel of the Costa Mesa police department said that both men had met their heroin dealer at the arcade and chose to smoke the drug in the bathroom.

“€œNow if you really want to trip out, go to Chuck E. Cheese,”€ Fauria said, adding: “They have those robotic animals that are just singing and dancing. Just imagine being hopped up on some sort of drug and watching that going, ‘€˜Dude man, Chuck E. Cheese is crazy.’€™ “€œ

“I got into a fight at a Chuck E. Cheese when I was a little kid once. … I got pushed off the rocket ship when I was 8 years old,” Benz said.

Man dives into New England Aquarium tank

A man left the New England Aquarium in handcuffs after diving into the giant 27-foot-tank in a drunken stupor. Stephen Pellegrine, 51, was arrested and charged with trespassing and disturbing the peace.

“I don’€™t know about you, but this has always been a desire — a goal –€“ of mine. To jump into some random aquarium, just do some laps, hang out, just wait for them to kick me out,”€ Fauria said.

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The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

[0:02:50] ... slang for mistress but -- He's set to be married to a Cheryl Hines Larry David's wife on curb and due out later this summer. Hyannis Port. But -- poster that read this post story first. -- late ...
[0:03:23] ... Cleveland. Pensacola one moment had a notation airplane after her name to Robert Kennedy's notes another farm another teacher won a script that we known -- Z. Which some believed her philandering husband off to use ...
[0:07:36] ... and Taliban captivity. Oberto is expected to return to life is in regular army solo as early as today part officials said late signed as a regular guy and you still are missing. -- that site ...

Scott raab joined the show on LeBron's return to Cleveland and Dino did a reading of Dan Le Batard's heartfelt goodbye.

[0:00:40] ... magazine. A regular contributor to Esquire. And an avid fan of the Cleveland Indians and all Cleveland sports you joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Scott how aria. Are -- great you -- doing ...
[0:02:01] ... that not that anyone won one yet but. That could write a best seller a lot lot of people -- past I do think it's a bigger bigger. Story include. A sense as the -- tanner ...
[0:05:57] ... know how to react or act if the cubs ever won the World Series and in fact would take away part of their personality part of the reason to be. Is any of that in place. ...
[0:10:51] ... examples of partying quarterbacks -- -- it -- passes in the National Football League. Yup that before before they they were nightclub regulars. And I think for the younger fans it's kind of put your cup ...

The guys opened the show celebrating the end of World Cup soccer.

[0:09:47] ... -- the sport and you go on. The whole world's Mick -- Tom Brady's. Latimer -- and seven billion people around the globe watching on. And again it. But witness the exciting part yeah. Are part ...
[0:12:37] ... I read the article in the Miami Herald and the headline reads LeBron James gave Miami for unforgettable years. Even on the Internet you can see that your state are its true yeah -- I -- ...
[0:15:03] ... upped its okay Dan. I mean to our country. This why did Dwyane Wade oh auditing and all of a -- I can't and they flew together -- Huckabee each other hugged each other but what ...
[0:18:11] ... he he he needed a crutch of Pat Riley needed crutch of Dwyane Wade. He had a crutch of Chris Bosh he of the crux of Miami. If he was hurting because he had tasted failure. And he had not yet realize that ...

Here are the highlights from Monday’s Headlines segment on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, Gerry Callahan and John Dennis. To listen to the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

RKF Jr. reportedly kept list of dozens of mistresses in his cell phone

Environmental lawyer and activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., son of the late U.S. Senator, kept a list of 43 suspected mistresses under the letter ‘G’ in his cellphone, a move that Kennedy’s last wife Mary Richardson believed stood for “goomah,” the Italian slang for mistress, the New York Post reported.

Richardson, who committed suicide in May 2012 in the midst of a rough divorce with Kennedy, shared the information with a friend two months before she hanged herself.

The revelation of Kennedy’s shady list could spell trouble for his upcoming marriage to actress Cheryl Hines. Kennedy and Hines are scheduled to wed in the near future.

“Boy if I was her, I think I’d read this Post story first,” Minihane said.

“Doesn’t any woman who marries a Kennedy get what they deserve? You know going in,” Callahan added.

Sgt. Bowe Berghdal expected to return to active-duty service

Bowe Berghdal, the U.S. Army solider who was returned to the United States after being held by the Taliban for five years, is ready to return to active duty.

Six weeks after being returned in a controversial prisoner swap, Berghdahl completed his therapy and counseling appointments at a San Antonio hospital and will begin a new job at Fort Sam Houston, officials said.

“So when he wanders off of this base, where will he be headed?” Dennis asked.

“After all the work that the therapist did, he’s going to meet with his father, he’s going to freak out and stab him with his bayonet,” Callahan added.

Fired radio host Anthony Cumia defends himself on ‘Red Eye’

Newly unemployed shock jock Anthony Cumia, formally of the “Opie and Anthony” show on SiriusXM, appear on Fox News’ “Red Eye” to defend himself in wake of a racist Twitter rant that led to his firing almost two weeks ago.

“It was such a knee-jerk reaction in this day and age,” Cumia said in the interview, adding, “I will never apologize for this. … I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“He should’ve known in this day and age that you can’t do that, but if you’re saying it all day on the air — all day, every day — and you’re thinking the people following you are your fans who are listening, what’s the difference?,” Callahan said.

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