Heath Evans called in to set the record straight on his comments regarding Josh Brown's domestic abuse.
Callers weighed in on the Josh Brown disaster and Heath Evans still needs more info on Josh Brown.
Chris Russo called in to defend himself on comments he made regarding John Mara's handling of the Josh Brown domestic violence case.
Nate Burelson said he still needs more information on Josh Brown and headlines with Kirk.
Gerry, Kirk and Meter talked about Tom Brady's comments regarding domestic abuse and reacted to Rashad Jennings continued support of Josh Brown.
Gerry and Kirk pepper Ken Laird with questions about his Indian in laws.

[0:02:15] ... had all its roots in a lot of phone calls total articles Josh Brown. 10 yeah. If you aren't the situation that's going on the house of but I'm not shocked Ken this year based on the weekend plans to over the weekend you have it. Little it baby shower frugally this layered right. That's directing debut show is Josh Brown to everybody was there. Although 48 the event like this morning that there. Forty pitcher hosts. House leaders want to that was ...
[0:13:20] ... countrywide why does not despite the true country on a point that Tim Hasselbeck on the side and that's about it. He was trying to get himself get the demons under control let's talk to and ...
[0:17:54] ... player and every player you better hold a dash cancel here is Tim Hasselbeck getting credit was from some guts last year was ripping Brady left and right accurate and Meehan Boston. Panama and today and instead of ripping Josh Brown. I think had his back wouldn't say I was saying he called it's sad yet to me that's the word used when you don't want. Pakistan when you don't wanna. Attack the and the culprit here in the criminal Josh Brown outs but some of that aspects out we get back. And for the violation is. And his daughter and I expected more ...
[0:19:06] ... And was happy to talk about it and today he's asked about Josh Brown. Nebraska defense brown I would say I just sat here for seconds post he didn't absolutely that we are listening back to that that is at a cop out like Hasselbeck at. That's what you always get in these situations I'll say it said remember from the OJ since archer saddle around. Split into this house it's sad from Josh Brown's perspective I get away with a for years beaten up his wife than don't. That they were she called the cops many ...

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