The guys spend the entire 8am hour discussing the Patriots QB situation as mandatory minicamp begins in Foxboro on Tuesday. What should the team do with Jimmy G if he plays well in Brady's suspension absence?
Minihane went to see Al Pacino in Connecticut Friday night, and he gives a recap of the show
The guys end Monday's show with a little Red Sox weekend rewind, including Xander Bogaert's dropping down an inexplicable Sunday bunt with two aboard; the guys also rag on producer Ken Laird for his Saturday night Red Sox Review on-air appearance
John, Gerry and Kirk react to Golden State's Game 2 win over Cleveland in the NBA Finals on Sunday night, sending the Warriors to a convincing 2-0 series lead. Is it too early to rule out Cleveland?
John, Gerry and Kirk start the show discussing the passing of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, and in particular the over-the-top media coverage of his life and career.
Kirk Minihane's Monday Headlines focus in on the quality answers at Sunday's Miss USA pageant and the seven-year-old boy who was killed by a dog in Maine.
The guys discuss two weekend events they weren't the least bit surprised to hear: Aqib Talib was shot in a strip club, and another dog fatality (this one in Maine). The pit bull discussion ensues again.
Kirk Minihane takes any and all questions on any subject from tweeters, texters and callers including admitting to something that his wife never knew.

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Per station orders, John and Gerry are sent on a trip to Loudon New Hampshire to experience NASCAR. Gerry gives his recap of the experience, which featured station program director Kevin Graham dusting him around the track
John, Gerry and Kirk open the Friday show discussing the disappointing Red Sox pitching staff of the past two nights, plus the disappointing support cast for LeBron James in Game 1 of the NBA Finals