Here are the highlights from Friday’€™s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

– Multiple reports indicate former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her family were involved in a drunken fight at a house party in Anchorage. Palin and her husband, Todd, were invited to a champion snowmobile racer’€™s birthday party and took their kids along.

A brawl ensued after the family showed up, and daughter Bristol, of “Dancing with the Stars” fame, was at the middle of it, allegedly throwing multiple punches.

Said Dennis: “It was like an intrasquad scrimmage.”

Callahan wondered about the weather in Alaska because of the snowmobiler’s party. “Is there snow there now?” he asked.

Replied Dennis: “There’€™s always snow there.”

– Investigators found three children dead inside of vermin-infested home in Blackstone on Thursday, just two weeks after four children were removed from the house because of alleged abuse or neglect by the resident of the home, 31-year-old Erika Murray.

“Mother of the year candidate,”€ Dennis said sarcastically.

Dennis continued: “I heard a neighbor interviewed saying, ‘You walk past the house and you can smell the stench that’€™s ungodly coming from in.’ ”

Said Minihane: “That’€™s unbelievable that this happens in this world.”

– Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is joining “Good Morning America” as a contributor. He’€™ll start on the show on Sept. 15.

Callahan wondered if Tebow will try to make an NFL return: “Is he going to make a comeback at some point?”

Replied Minihane: “He sucks, he’€™s not coming back.”

– Detectives found 50 dead cats in four freezers and 30 cats running around in a man’€™s home in South Florida. Douglas Westcott, who owns the home, also happened to be serving a warrant for child pornography.

Dennis jokingly said the man could enjoy the cats for food.

Said Dennis: “€œWell, in case he can’€™t get out to shop, he can just defrost a cat for dinner.”

Replied Minihane: “€œI hate [cats] so much. When I hear this story, I should have sympathy for cats; I have none.”€

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Andrew Battifarano

Here are the highlights from Thursday’s Three for All on Middays with MFB with Lou Merloni, Christian Fauria and Tim Benz. To hear the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

– During WEEI’s radio broadcast of Wednesday’s Red Sox-Orioles broadcast, Merloni, serving as analyst alongside Joe Castiglione, was supposed to drop some U2 references after being challenged by his co-hosts earlier in the day. Merloni initially forgot, but in the ninth inning he was reminded and dropped a couple of references to the band’s songs, such as saying the Red Sox “still haven’t found that they’re looking for” when referring to the closer situation.

“Too bad you didn’t have a really tall guy named Joshua: ‘Man, that guy’s a tree in the left-handed batter’s box,’ ” Benz said.

– Former boxer Mike Tyson, in Toronto to promote his one-man stage show, responded angrily when a talk-show host brought up the fact that he’s a convicted rapist. Tyson unleashed a series of expletives on live TV — including calling CP24 host Nathan Downer a “rat piece of [expletive]” — before Downer ended the interview.

“He didn’t want to go there. Mike was trying, it was like internally he was trying to talk himself out of just crossing that bridge and being like, ‘I hate you, I want to eat your children, I want to bite your ear off,’ ” Fauria said.

Said Merloni: “He was kind of like, ‘I’m in a good place right now, but you’re bringing me back, man, and this ain’t good for you. That guy, any idea how close he was to death? Tyson was close to being where he was like 10 years ago right there.”

– During Thursday morning’s Dennis & Callahan show, Kirk Minihane voiced his displeasure with how his co-hosts were running the show, calling them “losers” while Gerry Callahan encouraged him to continue his rant.

“Where did the rage come from?” Benz asked.

“I was just laughing out loud,” Fauria said.

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Stephen A. joined the show with his thoughts on the Ray Rice situation.
The guys remember September the 11th.

[0:00:55] ... believe this tidbit that. You know. The president United States and the vice president sat around their room and said I got a plan Huffington Post just hired one. To write their foreign affairs correspond via ...
[0:01:36] ... Orleans yes volatile process culmination here's your answer. Any conspiracy and about space shuttle except the big guys yeah blown up by the governor of fun bombing there marathon -- yep -- no moon landing that ...
[0:04:14] ... the building she survived also -- you lose any of his people. Cantor Fitzgerald obviously lost hundreds does that happen ninety minutes later then you know ten times I would think there's 30000 problem although the ...
[0:04:55] ... 500 in 99 minus ninety miles an hour. Could hit broadside the World Trade Center and not pocket over. Good question I didn't think it was possible. 600 miles I would never even considered the possibility I ...

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.
Tom Werner joined the show to discuss the latest on the Sox.

[0:00:05] ... Hampshire Motor Speedway joining us on the AT&T hotline. The chairman of Boston Red Sox Tom Warner Thomas along -- times have we chat and how are you. How are you yeah very well very well this ...
[0:01:36] ... we expected this year and except for a couple key players like David Ortiz. The players unprofor underperformed. And then I mean that that that doesn't mean that I don't see. Encouraging signs I think that ...
[0:06:28] ... intentional walk was just go take first base I I can be David Ortiz. Intentional walk recently one minute 12. I know. I mean honestly. I am I don't think that pitchers. Could come in from the -- -- need to early to have a more pitches they've been thrown for five minutes in the bullpen already yeah. If you imagine if Bill Belichick asked of the field goal kicker can take a couple of practice field goals before you let's do the real one. However ...
[0:08:25] ... to this Tom but does know what is happening in the National Football League with Ray Rice resonates in MLB. Well I think that was the one thing you know another thing that I talked about ...

The guys opened the show discussing the latest on Ray Rice.

Here are the highlights from Tuesday’s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

– A judge in South Africa ruled that Oscar Pistorius did not intentionally kill his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, when he shot her to death in their home last year. Pistorius said he thought Steenkamp was a burglar when he shot her repeatedly through a bathroom door.

“It just defies logic,” Dennis said.

Said Callahan: “You have a gun, you’re armed through the teeth, and you’re afraid that they’ll see you so you shoot through the door. Have you ever heard of such a thing?”

Steenkamp was a popular model in South Africa who was set to appear on a reality TV show at the time of her death.

“I don’t know South African law, but are there any extra charges added because she’s so friggin’ hot?” Callahan asked.

Said Minihane: “Yes, there’s the ‘so friggin’ hot’ charge, not often used in South Africa, but it’s happened occasionally.”

Minihane noted Pistorius already has a new girlfriend.

“She’s not nearly as hot,” Callahan said. “His girlfriend’s kind of homely.”

Said Minihane: “When you kill your ex-girlfriend, you go from a 10 to like a 6.”

– Former boxer Mike Tyson, in Toronto to promote his one-man stage show, responded angrily when a talk-show host brought up the fact that he’s a convicted rapist. Tyson unleashed a series of expletives on live TV — including calling CP24 host Nathan Downer a “rat piece of [expletive]” — before Downer ended the interview.

With the Ray Rice situation making headlines, it’s been noted that Tyson is being welcomed to cities such as Toronto despite his history of domestic violence.

“We had him on and we yukked it up with him. So, we’re as guilty as anyone else, right?” Minihane said. “We call people frauds; we’re total frauds on this.”

This led to a discussion of actors and athletes who are celebrated despite them having a domestic violence incident in their past.

“If Tyson’s caught on video doing one of these things, it’s all different,” Minihane said. “The only reason Rice is different is because he got caught.”

– Morgan Freeman reportedly will play an iconic civil rights lawyer in “Ted 2,” which is being filmed in Boston.

Rumors have it that Ted, a talking teddy bear, will get married in the sequel to the popular 2012 movie that stars Boston native Mark Wahlberg.

“Wahlberg’s career fascinates me,” Minihane said, noting the variety of roles he plays and movies he’s in.

“The thing I like about him is he still seems like just a meathead from Boston,” Callahan said.

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The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

[0:00:00] ... Headlines which bishop Desmond Tutu once said an important cultural milestone. In North American civilization these biscuits and is brought to you -- You are you -- ...
[0:00:32] ... discount. Furniture stores and -- -- -- hand. Re at the or Martha Coakley who emerge victorious over Steve Grossman. Was Larry Berwick gained. Well -- -- around Mel -- the run and arbitrary way name and Nicole's old. For whose -- -- now it is hard work -- well Morgan -- and Martha Coakley Marcia Coakley. Rules on last night she wins the other democratic primary. And we facing -- baker here and a Coke vs baker apple amid tight right now I'm knock unattainable for I would just say this -- baker. OPEC once or twice per -- off as many times yes you honestly -- personable for baker -- baker here's Martha Coakley last night. Semis supporters tonight you have sent a powerful message. The insiders the big money this super -- they are not ...
[0:02:21] ... when politicians you know Juan. The -- for hanging fruit yes and Martha Coakley never ever ever that. And I want you to help me get a big shout out to those fabulous market basket workers ...
[0:02:57] ... back and alert and I am hum hum who holds a football. Charlie brown and Lucy Charlie Brown Lucy Lucille -- that ultimately. I'm Charlie Brown because I got all excited -- Silly me yeah I thought that if you were a district attorney in under your watch ...

The guys discussed Roger Goodell's performance last night.

[0:03:00] ... it it is there something to be gleaned from the fact that Robert Kraft went on CBS yesterday morning. Well if Roger Goodell is no BS and showtime to C Gladys -- no I mean that's a safe landings but but. I will say you know if it's that Chris Berman hands warm somebody you don't trust. Norah O'Donnell I thought I -- -- -- and the second part of this war will ...
[0:10:05] ... they -- I'll come back to the the people by Genesis of Major League Baseball. And -- this -- while we don't do that. We go to law enforcement. Well at some point. Especially when you have ...
[0:10:54] ... was wrong about but he said he does something like this past The Beatles say. Hey that's not right no one in the league told him that throughout the entire process once -- reported in July ...