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[0:01:51] ... surgery would be that -- guys I really do it had been Antonio Cromartie but. -- Two years ago. According to near post -- league best newspaper in America. The paper by the way is documents ...
[0:08:31] ... I'm not meant when he. -- -- you root for -- and Jane Seymour. GC. How they should look up Jane Seymour it seemed you know -- -- -- -- Quinn medicine woman. As you know that -- -- detractors know Bob Dylan but he knows that's what Sarandon she's been. She's -- exit answer should -- she's. Carry signs failed. And then that child ...
[0:14:32] ... what should go to kill shelter and take one home. The wild dogs running -- on the -- mark in -- area there are some of those at that Turkey cake shall we talk yeah. Good ...

Dino, Meter and Kirk discuss the light punishment given to Ray Rice by the NFL.

[0:04:55] ... of the talent and try to stand by detail John Harbaugh coached Baltimore Ravens have this say about three right situation. We always said from the beginning that the circumstances were determined consequences. There are consequences ...
[0:11:56] ... -- be -- right speed bump in front of you go forward DeMarcus Ware resides in their defense right. Currently not make at least theoretically on paper the case that for the first time. This season's success will not be based solely on Tom Brady's ability to rack up a lot of points. Yes we -- what we've been asking Bill Belichick. The defensive genius to -- the last improve the defense hello for five years -- writers are so we think that has ...

Here are the highlights from Friday’€™s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk MinihaneJohn Dennis and guest host Jon Meterparel. To hear to the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

NASA: Solar flare nearly destroyed Earth 2 years ago

A recent revelation by NASA explains how Earth had a near miss with a solar flare on July 23, 2012, from the most powerful solar storm on the sun in over 150 years.

Daniel Baker of the University of Colorado said that Earth and its inhabitants were lucky the eruption happened when it did because it would have struck Earth had it occurred one week earlier.

“So a bunch of people knew this and didn’t tell us?” Dennis asked. “Should we not have been warned?”

The report suggests the power of this eruption would have blacked out the Earth completely, with an economic impact exceeding $2 trillion.

“If the world’s over, why would you even measure the impact?” said Minihane.

Said Meterparel: “Who’s the last man standing? Who is Will Smith in ‘I am Legend?’ ”

“The president. He’s in a bunker underneath,” Dennis responded.

Jacqueline Bisset: ‘Older women continue to want sex but men don’t want to sleep with them’

Actress Jacqueline Bisset has a new film, “Welcome to New York,” that she stars in about men and women and their hormones, and she plays a woman who is married to an adulterous financier.

When discussing her new film and her own opinions on sex, Bisset, 69, was unhappy with the way older women were viewed by men sexually, saying, “Older women continue to want sex but men don’t want to sleep with them.”

“You know me, I like the older ladies,” Minihane said.

Said Meterparel: “I don’t know why you wouldn’t, especially Jacqueline Bisset.”

This led to a discussion about older women and which ones they find attractive.

“You think 70 and under is in play?” Minihane asked.

Said Meterparel: “I think 60 and under is in play.”

Seinfeld may be coming to Netflix; another season being discussed

Jerry Seinfeld said in a Reddit chat that “Seinfeld” could be coming to Netflix, and another season may be discussed.

“That would be a disaster,” Minihane said.

According to Meterparel’s Hollywood sources, “Curb your Enthusiasm” will be returning for another season.

“I’ve got some sources,” he said.

Doctor claims that dogs understand what humans say to them

Dr. Gregory Burns of Emory University said based on MRI examinations, dogs have brains more similar to that of humans than previously believed.

“I take a back seat to nobody in my admiration for dogs, but I don’t think they understand when I’m explaining to them when a tree falls in the forest it doesn’t make a sound,” Dennis said.

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Nick Canelas
Larry Lucchino discussed the latest on the contract talks with Jon Lester.

[0:00:06] ... Motor Speedway joining us on the AT&T hotline. The president and CEO Boston Red Sox Larry Lucchino it's been a while Larry have you missed us. Not very much -- -- a pretty busy is schedule with ...
[0:00:50] ... -- Henry sent an email to The Herald saying the talks with Jon Lester have been able now to me. Reading between alliance that presents an air of finality. Debt. That in my in the case ...
[0:01:24] ... best for the current negotiations. And it's that in part. Respect for Jon Lester and his desire to postpone this until after the season. He's not an extraordinary role and. Is that the last five or ...
[0:02:12] ... shaped and formed. The direction of this negotiation more than the other Jon Lester suggesting you detect a hometown discount where the original offer reportedly be seventy million dollars. You know I don't conflict and into ...

Gregg Doyel of CBS joined us to discuss Tony Dungy's comments on MIchael Sam.

[0:00:06] ... we think there may be some. Light at the end of the Jon Lester story panel. This is from C so -- robber in The Herald today. If Jon Lester received this morning Jon Lester -- the Red Sox won't be until after the season in an email to The Herald last night. John Henry said the teams agreed not to resume contract talks with its ace lefthander until the season is done while so that means ...
[0:03:17] ... that the only reason. Michael Sam is currently a distraction. Is that Tony Dungy is comment has made him such. Well that's interesting in and probably at the moment probably true Jeff Fisher was that took the round -- how much distraction. -- sample the first day. And apparently there's a maybe an extra camera ...
[0:04:27] ... close to a distraction here. My my point is if not for Tony Dungy. What form would this distraction with Michael Sam take. A couple extra cameras for a couple of days I mean. I don't ...
[0:05:31] ... -- -- -- actually -- -- -- you -- -- -- Because Jeff Fisher said there's only one extra camera. We just say oh well I guess Hillary register camera -- what borderline -- gonna be ...

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

[0:01:38] ... on -- asked and aviation expert and religion equation flown into a black hole. And gone into. Like outer space I mean. I tickets are looking at these possibilities out these planes disappear and your relatives ...
[0:02:37] ... that's not wanna see that was that are kind of about which. Adam Baldwin's yes. Part of -- about it's that there's that we have there's -- at a ball yes. Not one honorable and they'll know Houston you know Foreman jacket yes my bodyguard. Captains in the movie when when. I'm Patrick Swayze was hillbilly went to Chicago -- the in his -- deliberately and -- and all right yes written on. I believe not ...
[0:05:44] ... talk about it after guy -- he's dead he spoke with a black hole is all. Harris soma is another unfortunate victim of plane flight. He died. Trying to fly these trainee pilot single engine aircraft ...
[0:10:16] ... one and remember those days not so much anymore. Bad news for John Travolta yesterday well you this is this is level that you think you've got a toughness is going to be a tough day for John. When pilots Doug got to -- October. Doctor but I got a raw data Barack. Spoke to TM is -- six -- affair with the let him sleep with men charged with treatment John Travolta Nash require virtual camps after the cease and desist. That's out now he's going to be allowed to write this book and allow I guess anything he wants in the book and he is saying it's going to be full of the -- hole. It all you need to resulting in an intimate relationship with John Travolta is that I was shocked. Shock now but what -- -- get some details. My same is going to be so. Any ...

The guys opened the show discussing how dumb the idea is of bringing the Olympics to Boston.

[0:00:34] ... you started with a couple. Certainly drafting Tony -- And passing on Dan Marino might be up there yet we agree on that yes this is very -- at -- and decent. Well jets -- topic ...
[0:01:41] ... not -- -- mean it's spooky weird but. You don't really blame Bill Belichick how that MG guy is and like. 52 album ever -- of them are less valuable and crawled. Out there. He what ...
[0:02:33] ... Is gonna do his duty especially that you be out there Hotmail Rodney Harrison -- -- kick offs. They're not Europe forget according flip flop. Flip -- tight end to keep a tight end all right ...
[0:08:19] ... got a horse won. Ago Michael Smith the before or less Smith Michael Young. I don't for for a picnic and yeah -- income Michael entry into it from. The lefty. Which reminds me of this ...

Here are the highlights from Thursday’s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To listen to the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

Air Algerie flight disappears

Just a week after Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashed near the Russia-Ukraine border, another tragedy could be in the making. An Air Algerie flight to Algiers from Burkina Faso with 116 passengers aboard, including 50 French citizens, disappeared from radar early Thursday morning after flying over the Sahara Desert.

“I’m running out of airlines to fly,” Callahan said. “Malaysia’s out, Algeria’s [out.]”

“I’m thinking Fung Wah is the option here. That’s probably a safer thing,” Dennis said.

“Maybe it went to Middle Earth, maybe it will show up on “Game of Thrones” next year,”Callahan said.

“That would be a good season premier for that show, If they had that,” Minihane added.

Indiana teen pilot dies while attempting around-the-world flight

An Indiana teen pilot’s ambitious attempt to set a new record for an around-the-world journey reached a tragic conclusion Wednesday.

Harris Suleman, 17, and his father, Babar Suleman, were killed when Harris’ plane crashed shortly after departing from Pago Pago in American Samoa.

Father and son began their journey on June 19 in an effort to raise money for a nonprofit that builds homes in Pakistan.

“Let’s say it together, Dino: ‘They died doing what they loved,’ ” Callahan said.

Weird Al” album earns top top spot in Billboard charts

The top album in the United States does not belong to Beyonce, Justin Timberlake or any of the usual suspects. That honor goes to parody artist “Weird Al” Yankovic, whose “Mandatory Fun” album is the first comedy album to top the Billboard charts since 1963.

“How does he have the No. 1 record in the country? Who buys albums anymore anyway?” Minihane asked.

“Weird Al has had like a renaissance. People know like him. … They’ve embraced him,” Minihane added.

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Conor Ryan

In Wednesday’s edition of Three For All on Middays with MFB, Lou Merloni, Christian Fauria and Tim Benz discussed unusual drink concoctions, the newest landscaping craze to hit Massachusetts and the dumbest thing they ever did after an argument with a girlfriend. To listen to the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

Florida State football coach Jimbo Fisher revealed at ACC media day Monday that he usually puts peanuts into his Coca-Cola, a drink that is apparently very popular in the South.

“There’s an absolute dividing line. Anything from Virginia and below, this is a thing, peanuts in Coca-Cola. Anything above: no way. No one has done it before,” Benz said, adding: “It’s supposed to be sweet and salty, which I also don’t like. I hate chocolate-covered pretzels.”

“See, I love chocolate-covered pretzels,” Fauria responded.

– Goats may be coming to the Merloni household in the coming days.

“My reaction is, you’re living my life. Do you know how badly my wife wants a goat?” Benz asked.

Merloni said that his family may use The Goatscaping Company out of Plymouth in order to help with some yard work over a week-long stretch.

“A lot of people have so much brush, whether you’ve got poison ivy, sumac, weeds, pricker bushes, you name it. They bring goats to your house, you rent goats per day. They keep them there for about a week. … They enclose the area that you want cleaned out. … You put them in there for like a week and they take it all down, I mean, they just clear it right to the ground,” Merloni said.

“My wife is going to be all over this now,” Benz said.

– LSU defensive end Trey Lealaimatafao might miss the entire 2014 season after punching a glass window in the LSU weight room after getting into a fight with his girlfriend. The players suffered a severe arm injury.

Fauria used the news as an opportunity to dish on what was the dumbest thing that the MFB hosts did after an argument with their girlfriends.

“I got into an argument with this girl back in high school, a girl I was dating,” Fauria said. “I got into a fight with her, thought that we had kind of made up, had a basketball game the next day, put her name on my shoes and was like all happy, giddy, bouncing around thinking I was going to have a good game. … She rolls in with another dude. Here I am with her name on my shoe and obviously there’s no Sharpie, there’s no nothing, and so the whole game, I’m sitting there going, ‘I guess I just didn’t pick up on the signals that we were broken up.’ “

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Conor Ryan
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.