The guys discussed the upcoming Brady Manning match up.
The guys opened the show by discussing the debate.

Here are the highlights from Wednesday’s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

— A friend of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found guilty Wednesday of lying to federal investigators. Despite the defense saying that he was high when other friends in Tsarnaev’s UMass-Dartmouth dorm removed potential evidence from the case, Robel Phillipos was convicted on two counts of lying.

Phillipos could spend up to 16 years in a federal prison. The sentencing will take place in January 2015.

The hosts were surprised the deliberations took as long as six days.

Said Callahan: “One juror who just couldn’t get enough of the free lunches. Maybe the coffee was good. Didn’t want to give it up.”

Asked Dennis: “What took so long?”

A clip of Michael Dukakis voicing support for Phillipos was played, in which the former governor said, “Justice will be done.”

“He was right,” Minihane said.

Replied Callahan: “Justice was done. And you lose again, Duke. What a loser. He testifies as a character witness with this burnout.”

The hosts also didn’t agree with a Boston Globe editorial that said although Phillipos was in the wrong, he should receive a lighter sentence because he had no previous criminal record and didn’t intentionally try to deceive the investigation.

“That’s unbelievable,” Callahan said. “They’re begging for mercy for this maggot who did impede the investigation.”

“Isn’t that amazing?” Minihane asked.

“You know two words that are missing [from the editorial]? Sean Collier,” Callahan said. “Sean Collier, if this little burnout had cooperated, Sean Collier could be alive today.”

— The final debate between gubernatorial candidates Charlie Baker and Martha Coakley was held Tuesday night. There were serious questions asked to the two, but there others that were lighter in nature.

One question in particular asked if the candidates would rather win the lottery or the election.

“That’s just the dumbest question I’ve ever heard,” Callahan said. “What candidates would go, ‘I’d rather win the lottery’?”

The moderators also asked Baker and Coakley what their signature dish would be if they were in the kitchen cooking. Baker, who apparently isn’t much of a chef, said he is better at making coffee and cleaning.

“If Charlie Baker were to be honest, he’d say, ‘God, that’s a stupid question,’ ” Callahan said.

Asked Minihane: “Can’t you just say something? Just say baked ziti and move on.”

“What is your signature dish?” Dennis asked Minihane.

“I actually make a damn tasty baked ziti,” replied Minihane.

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Here are the highlights from Tuesday’€™s Three for All on Middays with MFB with Lou Merloni, Christian Fauria and Tim Benz. To hear the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

— Fauria was doing the show from New York City and decided to go visit a psychic Monday night. It didn’t go as well as he wanted.

“I go to the psychic’s little office, which is basically her house and there is just a curtain divider and someone is cooking dinner in the back,” Fauria said. “There is a kid yelling in this one room, ‘I want my teddy bear.’ You know, it was crazy. I roll up in there and she’s like go and sit down and of course I whip out my [microphone]. She freaks out. She freaks out. It’s a big [microphone] too. … The funny thing was like I’m going to use this for the radio and try and have some fun and of course she wanted nothing to do with it.”

He said it may have been because he was using his “Chicago, Lou [Merloni]” voice.

“It’s cool like on the phone, but when you do it in person don’t you think you look a little funny and probably not very trustworthy?” Merloni asked.

— Merloni brought up how the Bruins on Monday went to Children’s Hospital dressed as characters from the Disney movie ‘Frozen.’

The hosts then got talking about Halloween Friday night.

“Now Tim, will you be handing out candy at your one-bedroom studio apartment?” Fauria asked.

“No, because what is going to happen is we are going to go to the main door, which is upstairs and I am safely tucked away in the back,” Benz replied. “We don’t see a lot of kids having the inspiration to go out back and see if there is a door to downstairs. So, I think I am good and I don’t have to give out candy.”

— Actor Taylor Kitsch from the show ‘Friday Night Lights’ has been added to the cast of ‘True Detective.’

“I was going to ask because I don’t watch Friday Night Lights, if this was a good addition to the cast or not and I guess you guys aren’t familiar with Friday Night Light either, you don’t watch that show?” Benz asked.

“No, not the show. I’ve seen the movie,” Merloni replied.

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Sam defended his stance on Tom Brady.

[0:00:14] ... wrote on June 2. That have a lead that goes as follows Tom Brady Peyton Manning Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers the elite quarterback mount Rushmore has been in place for a few years now. But it might be time to wipe. One of those four faces off our mountain of league play but Tom Brady of 2014 no longer belongs on that monument. I don't know whether Sam would agree with me but some of the vagaries Sam writing a column you believed to be true at a particular time can often vary from what is true then purses what is true now you still stand by the fact that Brady is no longer on the mount Rushmore of current NFL quarterbacks. I guess and I think independents. What you mean by current and it's a match in October the for the that's Tom Brady of October is. Prop possibly the best quarterback in the NFL mature than anybody that's played better than in the last 34 weeks. What the Tom Brady at September would totally different guy that was a guy you'd what anywhere near and a cup for an answer questions going to be. What are we gonna get from Tom Brady in November December and maybe canyon. But we knew I mean you knew you watch in the games right you get to ...
[0:09:50] ... an argument where that line has timed it sometimes you're gonna go Peyton Manning yesterday. Superior regular season stats and educating O'Grady he had that. The more clutch games in the playoffs you one more yet ...

The guys discussed the fraudulent image of Ellen.

[0:00:02] ... Brady is no longer in that mount Rushmore group of I Manning Drew Brees and our options everybody can agree well okay Eric and the objectives are gonna agree and so so they found that don't ...
[0:01:00] ... Why why immigrant really because right now I think he's playing better Aaron Rodgers only look at the season is all. The season as a whole in the career and coming career Brady. All season. I'll ...
[0:01:57] ... September. Or in October so the answer is he's playing better than Aaron Rodgers is at the moment. It's very close in the season too by the way articles but I'll I'll give it the season ...
[0:07:44] ... those it's up all this like it's. It reminds me of the Tommy Lee Jones and Dino has that great Tommy Lee Jones story with the San Ara. It's a your efforts to Edwards and she was all smiles for the camera camera went off and Sarah by the document says I talk EU. And just. Leave it Gatti you little green line there. Wanted Tommy Tommy Lee Jones doesn't have a reputation what are Tomlin on its children on the settle Lincoln. You know dignity Lewis was in danger of ...

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

[0:04:02] ... be aid the biggest nightmare ever the big think I'm fifty. The Big Dig worked out so well it's incredible was who was estimated to cost two billion cost fifteen and counting. I mean and there ...
[0:07:35] ... Orchard. Point out to Europe via our little. Cock roach. She that Sam Adams is no longer with as a pure. Alan battle and she's all broke out of concern about that I'll put us what ...
[0:08:16] ... I think he told now that she giggles and chances she gets Tom Cruise or whatever right at dance with there. Is NTQ in what she's been again nursing homes. She's bigger places where they don't ...
[0:12:37] ... guy if he's yet again and he has to. I missed by Henry Fonda. Holding man that's what he thinks. He is right twelve. But that's what he thinks he has he thinks he's can. The ...

The guys opened the show discussing Larry King's latest thoughts on Twitter.

[0:06:18] ... it is skill than that I just couldn't picking talent couldn't it Tom Brady's job that couldn't do. You know doctor Ben's job. Like drew us. Closer to home to realize the value of executives who ...
[0:11:58] ... Always a highlight of his weekly talks. In league missile launches with Joseph Biden. That's true it yet to have any more kinks that mosque this week over any of the Asia and I hope it ...
[0:21:56] ... report came on the year you mentioned. Trade possibilities the patriots acquired Stephen Jackson elements and then after you walk out while prewar census. Don't you think the patriots will make a deal for the Shawn ...
[0:23:36] ... some of that will revisit. Ian Rapoport. And we'll talk about the Vincent Jackson deal and I thought Belichick was somewhat revealing. On this on the obstacles in the way of trade deadline and will something ...

Here are the highlights from Tuesday’€™s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

— The two leading candidates for Massachusetts governor — Republican Charlie Baker and Democrat Martha Coakley — had their next-to-last debate Monday night, and one of the topics that was discussed was the possibility of the Olympics coming to Boston.

“I say go for the gold,” Coakley said. “We’ll have that process. I think we are in a state now where Massachusetts has the opportunity to make that investment and I do believe and don’t disagree with some of what Charlie said, but as we move forward and plan for it you have to look at the numbers, obviously. If we look at it optimistically and say here’s an opportunity to invest infrastructure that we not only be great for Massachusetts to host this, but will be serviceable and useful for us going afterwards we have the smarts here in Massachusetts to do that.”

Said Baker: “Certainly the planning activity associated with the Olympic games is a good idea. By the way, some of the tools that have been developed with Boston 2024 to do analysis with how the city would change and basically how the region would change, view certain kind of assumptions around traffic and distribution, real estate and all the rest are going to be powerful tools to help the region plan moving forward. I certainly think the opportunity to host the game is one Boston and Massachusetts should take seriously.”

The hosts do not like the idea.

“She lives in her own world. These people live in a bubble,” Minihane said.

Added Callahan: “Invest in infrastructure. As soon as you hear that don’t you want to run for the hills? Grab your wallet, because they are coming after it.”

— Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi did not show up at a charity fundraiser for rescued animals in Santa Monica, California, on Sunday after having a huge fight in the car on the way to the event, according to the New York’s Post’s Page Six.

The report read: “Ellen and Portia were delayed and were in the car on the way when they had an epic fight. They ended up turning around and not going to the fundraiser.”

“There is no bigger phony in the world than Ellen DeGeneres,” said Callahan. “I wish some media outlet would pick up on it. We know it. We know the story. She is as phony as they come.”

— It has been reported North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, who recently disappeared for almost six weeks, had surgery to remove a cyst from his ankle and that is the reason for his disappearance from the public view.

“I thought he was God-like, divine. Why does he get cysts?” Callahan asked.

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