In Monday’€™s edition of Three for all€ on Middays with MFB, Lou Merloni, Christian Fauria and Tim Benz discussed Merloni’€™s interesting message from the Far East, as well as Fauria’€™s spat with a coach at youth flag-football tournament.

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Merloni received an autograph request in the mail from Japan — 14 years after playing for the Yokohama BayStars in 2000.

“He sent me a baseball card,”€ Merloni said. “He said it was regrettable unfortunately, because I didn’t have good numbers out in Japan. … However, he does admit that there was some mysterious judgment on that team and maybe I should’ve played more. … He’€™s concerned, because he feels that I don’€™t have a good mindset or memories of Japan, which is not true. … I loved it out there. The baseball was an absolute mess, but I loved living out there.”

Merloni his playing in Japan was similar to how it was depicted in the 1992 Tom Selleck movie “Mr. Baseball,” noting that he had to get used to the differences.

“We didn’t necessarily have showers, we had stools,” Merloni said of the locker rooms. “So we sat in little wooden stools about a foot high and we had a mirror in front of you and you’€™d had a little hand-wash thing … And they gave you a little facecloth for a towel, so it was funny.”

Said Benz: “€œMaybe I have body issues. I would hate to have a mirror in front of me while I shower. I would not want to look at myself while I was showering.”

– Over the weekend Fauria coached a team in the North Shore Flag Football Tournament, which is comprised of teams of 12-year-old players. Fauria’€™s team beat one opponent handily, and the large margin of defeat, coupled with Fauria subbing in players at different positions, apparently rubbed the opposing coach the wrong way.

“€œGoing through the line [for handshakes after the game,] the coach — a short, squatty, jacked-up little dude — is knuckling up all the kids. Not high-fiving them. … Then he gets to me, I’€™m obviously not really ready for it, he knuckles me. I’€™m like, ‘€˜Woah, woah! Hey, come back here, what are you doing? Why are you so angry? I got beat by 25 points in the first game we played, why are you so angry?’€™ He doesn’t say anything. He keeps walking.”

Added Fauria: “He didn’t say anything, he didn’t respond to me. Next thing you know, one of the other guys that is running the place is chasing after him. … I usually am not coaching my kids because of times like this. I don’€™t want to be that coach. I am that coach. I am mad at this guy. … There’€™s really no moral to the story. We ended up winning the whole thing for our age group, so that’€™s a plus.”

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Conor Ryan
Hope Solo. (AP)

Hope Solo. (AP)

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