Felger trashed Portnoy on the radio and Portnoy resonded. Portnoy joins the show to discuss Goodell and Felger.
Trenni is called out for sympathizing with Bomani Jones. Headlines with Kirk.
Hour 1. Trenni joins Kirk and Gerry as the hosts react to the release of BuzzFeed documents detailing Trump's relations with Russia.
Hour 4. Bill Belichick's press conference was a wild one. Baseball HOF voters don't know what they are talking about.
Hour 3. ESPN's Amin Elhassan has a serious problem with Boston.
Hour 2. Alex comes to Jemele's defense and says Boston is racist. Arrests were made in the Kim Kardashian case.
Hour 1. Alex Reimer joins Gerry and Kirk to discuss the national championship and Meryl Streep's performance at the Golden Globes.
Hour 4. Jemele Hill compared Gronk's cruise to Odell's boat trip. The guys discuss what makes an entire city racist.
Hour 3. Kirk and Gerry think Phil Simms is the worst announce. Ever.

[0:02:40] ... I'll ask you this. Did you spend any time at all because Carrie Fisher Debbie Reynolds documentaries on HBO's we can I did not I actually watchable appointment it's kind of just saying that. I didn't ...
[0:03:23] ... the Screen Actors Guild dip yet the problems marital couple yourself. So Carrie Fisher's owners because she start to lose marbles that there be Reynolds if he's worried about the speech he's hoping to get through ...
[0:09:44] ... and if you heard him in the love fest on that run. Trent Dilfer. I mean he was this close to reaching over Randy Moss two is grabbing. Com. Berkman a handful of Chris Berman and east and kissing him yes at others gonna get in ledger ...
[0:14:23] ... the patriots and on success but gonna do it right by 61777979837. Tom Brady joins us next. We're that this Tom bring funding MySpace. I expect that's a I think ever had a really good bit ...

Hour 2. Trenni and Tomase trashed Kirk and Callahan over the weekend. Meryl Streep's performance at the Golden Globes.