That has this guy written all over it.

What a day for Twitter yesterday.

People love to let everyone else know how much whatever sad event that happened affects them. And yesterday THREE sad things happened so you can just imagine.

We mourned the loss of Jose Fernandez (“the way he played felt like Hispanic music”–Dan Le Batard) and Arnold Palmer and sort of the end of Vin Scully’s career. And we are running out of thoughts and prayers.

King isn’t even Larry’s real name.

That video is six minutes long. I cried once yesterday and it was while reading this Anthony Fisher hit piece on Ortiz calling him a myth and a fraud and a narcissist. How dare he? Papi is our own hero and the wind beneath our wings and his goodbye song will be twelve minutes. But if you doubt Ortiz was on or is on PEDs, “you are living in a fanboy’s wet dream.” And this is well done:

Josh McDaniels joined the show in the weekly quarterback spot and said it wouldn’t surprise him if Belichick coached another ten years. He also said it’s fun to talk to the media so what else is he lying to us about?

Kirk is “more convinced than ever” Brady will be traded after this year and then Garoppolo will be the guy. Remember that.

Gerry finally asked Mut nicely to take the calls.

It is important to know Gene Lavanchy wants Arnold Palmer to rest in peace.

Line of the day: Every time Mut says “jiggy.”

Caller of the day: Gary, who couldn’t accept the fact that Garoppolo’s contract ends after next season and not this season. Kirk: “This is like when I was 9 and used to call the Globe to ask how old Robert Parish was.”

Producer contribution of the day: Ken: The countdown in the open was a cute idea in theory.

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Lucy Burdge
Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels joined the show to discuss the teams big win over the Texans and his future as a NFL head coach.
Mike Lombardi discussed Bill O'Brien's tough night and Bill Belichick's approach to dealing with injured players.

[0:00:29] ... I don't congressman over the remarkable score points. I get a true Smart Car and use bill's plan which was to avoid losing hurt or you can Wear. That's when things are all four fumble on ...
[0:03:43] ... where he saw the pictures are a lot of cover war against Arizona Cardinals. If you think you're playing cover wanna get the cardinal example a couple of starts. So and bill the cited earlier in ...
[0:06:37] ... stall can can be for example. Corporate practice squad players on the road trip stop bringing injured players on road trips. You're gonna other organizations or complain that you hear the players or their complaint because ...

In the final hour of the show Sean, Gerry and Kirk heard from some drunk callers to the Real Postgame Show and discussed how the Sox fared head to head against the Patriots last night on TV.
In hour three of the show Sean, Gerry and Kirk discussed the Pats win and took calls on Brady vs. Jimmy G.
In hour two the guys discussed the genius of Bill Belichick and checked in on the producer's podcast.
Kirk, Gerry and Sean discussed the Pats dominating win over the Texans and Phil Simms made a fool of himself.

On a glorious day to be a Patriots fan, Sean Salisbury took a seat on the casting couch to talk about the Patriots’ 27-0 blow out win over the Texans.

Salisbury, a former quarterback, had a career QB rating of 72.9, which, coincidentally, was Brissett’s QB rating last night. Despite the fact the Patriots played with their backup backup quarterback, Salisbury thinks the Texans were intimidated going into the game.

Salisbury was a great guest host. He was wide awake for all four hours, he was informed, involved and was willing to talk about anything. He even got the full hosting experience when Albert from Rhode Island told him to shut up.

Salisbury, who does radio in Houston, has had an interesting media career. He was on BattleBots, taught the great Adam Sandler quarterback mechanics for The Longest Yard and was the center of a “pecker pic” controversy when he was at ESPN. But he said his situation was not as bad as Anthony Weiner’s because Salisbury’s pictures stayed on his phone. But also Schlong Salisbury did not show the pictures to any underage women and his children weren’t in them. So yes, not as bad. Creepy as hell, but not as bad.

Unfortunately, he did not roll out his fire hose for Kirk and Gerry.

Anyway, Bart Hubbuch is back.

In his own way, the King of the Trolls congratulated the Patriots on their win:

Michael Lombardi made his weekly appearance at 8:30 to discuss Thursday’s game and said Bill Belichick was “not even remotely close” to testing Garoppolo’s toughness by pressuring him to play through his injury. He also said the best place to see a Springsteen show is in Milan. Finally, here is the most Belichickian middle finger to the league outfit possibly ever:

Happy Birthday, Bruce Springsteen.

Line of the day: Salisbury, on his penis: “Maybe I should cast it and they can sell it in sex stores.”

Caller of the day: Troy Moody, is kind of a big deal because his nickname was Troy Flutie when he was a quarterback in high school and still talks about it 40 years later.

Producer contribution of the day: Ken does a great job with the trending.

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Lucy Burdge

As president of the Jon Hamm fan club, it would take a lot for me to think any episode of “Between Two Ferns” is better than his. Or, come to think of it, Natalie Portman’s, Michael Cera’s and a bunch of others.

Basically, these things on Funny or Die are Zach Galifinakis at his absolute finest, and this week’s episode with Hillary Clinton is the best video short he’s ever done. Regardless of your political affiliation, this should do more for you than any SNL skit.

Extra kudos to Galifinakis for working in a misdirection “I like my coffee” joke, which was also done brilliantly by Chris Rock in “Down to Earth.”

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DJ Bean
The final two segments from Thursday's show with football, baseball & midday show bashing as Pete Sheppard sits in with Kirk and Gerry.

[0:00:03] ... WEEI. Tell us about the dance move it center field at the epic game meant that with bulky jacket was out of Michael Jackson them. Yeah Els lowlands. After. As listen in the Michael Jackson and Watson. Is there it is not a good on you to do so. Through there we are as extra smoke it does have a glove on one hand. So pain. Star of the game interest and attendees last night with. Show and him just like ever heard of this new guy Michael Jackson who has that I go back to in the older days. Music of the turn of the century there's a good sign and I don't like Michael Jackson at six. Why they hate because you see molested kids and drug them and different part of it that's part of it ...
[0:06:44] ... up be do you think you work you really believe that that David Ortiz should be honored more. I salute bought Y so that this is Dick cats slap and raced against that is what time ...
[0:08:39] ... I believe so I can't believe Gary's going to elect these document TV show price which I don't think. To receive some heels to just to guess I'll started in the room Monday and he thought ...