Clay Buchholz finally got a win and the guys discuss his inconsistencies over his career.
Kirk still can't fathom why Paul or Ken would want to produce the morning show. Some shade is thrown at another potential candidate.
Ted Cruz lost Indiana and gave up his bid for the GOP nomination. Donald Trump didn't exactly bring the heat in his victory speech.
Curt Schilling joined the show to defend himself about his selfish call to OMF yesterday.
Schilling called in to the midday show yesterday, and did 10 minutes with OMF. Kirk is pissed that all the questions that the morning show would have asked, were essentially already addressed.
Kirk and Gerry talk about their first time having sex, and Gary pretends that he doesn't even remember who it happened with.
Lenny Clarke heard Kirk ripping Robert Kraft and called in to defend him.
Gary Tanguay and Kirk Minihane start the program without Dennis and Callahan. Gary quickly ticks off Kirk by leading the show in too many directions. The guys settle in talking about Ted Cruz pulling out of the GOP race and Donald Trump's chances to win the presidency.

[0:01:44] ... I don't face I don't. Epic it was a slider the quick Orson Welles and the six special. It's not an end up waiting. Orson Welles was huge yet the world blows for god I that you're getting to that point are you got a web blogs like ...
[0:17:01] ... supposed to be there rubio La Cruz and people like Kristi and Scott Walker was a big name Paul was a big name. There were 1617. People. And trump rule. Through them. Basically saying nothing we ...
[0:21:01] ... Begging for now of course it is but what Bloomberg he's gonna Senator Biden and his wife always separate percent and that's not happening and it's not gonna happen you know why because people looking at ...
[0:22:50] ... of. That's who has images or Jerry brought all these names receive Condoleezza Rice called Ansar Condoleezza Rice as Condoleezza Rice and potentially tarnished legacy belt. You know. Being gone coach and I based in sourcing Donald Trump after being secretary of state ...

Mayor Marty Walsh is promoting equal rights for transgenders at City Hall. A woman was struck and killed by a Duck Boat. Bernie Sanders wants free tuition for all public colleges.
A 19 year old football player, in Mesa, Arizona, is facing 69 counts of indecent exposure, for showing his genitalia in his team photo with the football team.