Hour 3. Charlotte Wilder's article has sparked a lot of debate on Twitter. Toucher has some words for K&C.
Hour 2. Kirk took on John Ziegler on his latest podcast about the PSU football scandal. Curtis has a nice new purse.
Hour 1. Mut joins Kirk and Gerry to discuss Charlotte Wilder's article on the Patriots' "Trump problem."
Hour 4. The guys chime in on Belichick's presser. It's round 2 for the Patriot-Texans minute.
Hour 3. Gerry and Kirk argue on the current state of Michael Floyd.
Hour 2. Floyd Mayweather was at the Celtics game. Gerry thinks Michael Floyd is behaving. Headlines with Kirk.
Hour 1. Christian Arcand is back on the couch for the second week in a row. The guys talk about the dossier from BuzzFeed, Trump's press conference, and the embarrassment that Trump is.
David Portnoy joins the show to discuss Felger, Goodell, and not condoning murder.

[0:03:19] ... I think he's a pretty associates with him all the time is Nick Saban is that someone tastings food for us. I mean the guy is the guy is prevalent anybody movie was to the loss ...
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[0:07:58] ... we advocate anger he said he was against assault this season programs broken arms and I think yellow snow you can't exactly how. How do we suggest how do we characterize this fish. A it's hot ...

Hour 4. Trenni continues her argument with Turtle Boy. The show gets sporty with the Patriots-Texans Minute.
Felger trashed Portnoy on the radio and Portnoy resonded. Portnoy joins the show to discuss Goodell and Felger.