Here are the highlights from Tuesday’s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

A California woman tried to slide down the chimney into the house of a man she had met online and dated a few times. Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa, 30, was arrested Sunday after screaming for help when she got stuck. Firefighters needed about two hours to free her, and she later was arrested for illegal entry and providing false information.

“How many times does this have to happen every year for somebody to realize you can’t break into somebody’s house sliding down their damn chimney,” Dennis said.

“Weren’t you like 8 years old when you realized that there was stuff in the way?” Callahan said. “I mean, you saw plenty of Christmas shows that Santa could get down there, but after like fourth grade you realized you couldn’t do it.”

The man said Nunez-Figueroa had tried to break into his home before, climbing on the roof.

Said Dennis: “They went out on six dates and then he said, ‘Uh, I’ve had enough, I don’t want to see you anymore.’ And she said, ‘No, I’m going to be up on your roof.’ ”

Said Callahan: “She didn’t want to try like a window or a basement door?”

– Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky gave her first public speech Monday at a conference in Philadelphia and talked about her 1990s affair with President Bill Clinton and the public humiliation she endured when it was revealed.

“Sixteen years ago, fresh out of college, a 22 year old intern in the White House — and more than averagely romantic — I fell in love with my boss in a 22-year old sort of way. It happens,” Lewinsky said. “But my boss was the president of the United States. That probably happens less often. Now I deeply regret it for many reasons, not the least of which is that people were hurt. And that is never OK.”

Lewinsky said she is striving to end cyberbullying, claiming that she was the first person to have her reputation destroyed via the Internet.

Said Callahan: “I’d rather be with the chick in the chimney.”

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Here are the highlights from Monday’s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with guest host Jerry Thornton, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

– Keene State College students ruined the New Hampshire town’s annual pumpkin festival this weekend. The unruly students held out-of-control parties at or near the event, threw things and destroyed property. Police in riot gear responded with tear gas.

In the end, 30 people were injured and at least 12 were arrested.

“What do you do at Pumpkin Fest?” asked Callahan. “Other than smash windows and break bottles over people’s heads, what do you do at Pumpkin Fest?”

Replied Thornton: “This is the kind of thing that gives riots a bad name, because there are good riots. I would say the Boston Massacre was for a good cause.”

“I would think that if you’re going to riot at a pumpkin fest, it would include smashing pumpkins on the ground, right?” said Dennis.

Asked Thornton: “What was the point of this? Was it anti-pumpkin? Were they being denied pumpkins? Are their pumpkin rights being infringed upon? … I could get behind that if they said there’s too much pumpkin spice.”

– A Hopkinton bus driver was arrested Saturday night for operating under the influence after he transported the high school cross country team home after a meet. It was 59-year-old Robert Murphy’s third drunk driving arrest.

“He was driving a school bus and he’s already had two [OUI arrests]?” asked Callahan.

“It was 10:30 p.m., it wasn’t like he was going to school in the morning, and had a couple of mimosas,” Thornton said. “How are you going to keep a school bus driver sober at 10:30?”

– An Ohio kidnapping victim of 11 years answered questions in front of a live audience for the first time since she was released from captivity a year ago. Michelle Knight went as far as to forgive her captor Ariel Castro, saying Castro only held her because he had a disease.

“I’m in the wrong profession,” Thornton said. “I want to be a therapist. And no matter what somebody comes at me with, I’m just going to say it’s a disease. His disease happens to be rape, torture, beating the girls that he impregnates so that they’ll miscarry.”

“[Knight] had five miscarriages when he was impregnating her and beating her for 11 years,” Callahan said incredulously. “But she forgives him.”

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Tom Brady discussed Peyton's record breaking night.

[0:00:00] ... Joining us Ali AT&T hotline the quarterback of the patriots Tom Brady our conversation with Thomas brought you by AT&T. Northeast electrical distributors -- lubricate her and digital federal credit union what can DC UC view and by the doing and Cadillac dealers -- Tom Brady how are you -- and -- your thoughts about Peyton -- -- record breaking history making thing last -- by the way ...
[0:02:10] ... all that come but I. I can't help but think that some Tony Dungy said has to be. Flattering for you dungy a couple weeks -- asked who's had a better career. Tom Brady or Peyton Manning this is Tony Dungy and he said quote it's all about getting the Super Bowls and winning and Tom spent 25 of them. Right now I'd ...
[0:09:16] ... know you don't like to look ahead any any further from the Chicago Bears coming in here but looking at the big picture. Do you believe that standing between you and the patriots and another Super Bowl appearance. Ultimately that roadblock that's speed bump will be Peyton Manning in Denver. What do I mean I don't know this is look it's a long way ago and there's a lot of ...
[0:11:44] ... watch some football yesterday. And so the reason I ask is the Chicago Bears are fighting. In the locker room after the game Brenda Marshall slash noted everybody including Cutler. Kyle -- were in the fans. ...

Tim Hasselbeck on Peyton vs. Brady.

[0:00:03] ... Monday -- or in for the up missing -- minute conversation with Tim Hasselbeck brought to -- -- our equipment and Toshiba business solutions -- new England and as per ticket requests he was sick of ...
[0:01:22] ... it HMOs career. Would you rather have for yourself Tom Brady or Peyton Manning's. Didn't know what I gathered you know prompt -- you know more super balls in many cases where. When people have a ...
[0:03:40] ... know Manning's on one of the two. Our -- better and it Kurt Warner better or Payton man. Kurt Warner has put up great season Kurt Warner has taken two teams to a Super Bowl 11 it was one team. Keep it for a long time as well -- ...
[0:07:24] ... he's not unbelievable. What what I'm saying it -- you look at Peyton Manning. And in -- current quarterback no one has changed the game more than Peyton Manning. From an offensive perspective of how people play offensive football no one has. There and I -- I don't like -- to me. Bet that's actually not debatable now what is debatable it's okay one game. You know or two minute drive. In the post season that you want I guess they're absolutely I'd get it because. -- you know -- -- Tracy Porter that Peyton Manning throws you know what a Super -- that. Your game that closely contested the Brady -- perhaps. -- and so while you're gonna have got the break -- the future talking about the culpable career. Well week in and week out and how the game change because of the quarterback play of either of those two guys. It's Peyton Manning I don't know that it really muscular discussion. I knew that the policy discussion about -- more clutch but but -- -- ...

The guys opened the show discussing Peyton Manning's record setting night in Denver.

[0:00:02] ... where to be -- well there is the record breaking history making Peyton Manning there is the dysfunctional squabble in Chicago Bears. The pats next opponent and have the jets decided to step on a land ...
[0:01:48] ... the globe covering you know before the July. -- -- -- the Boston Pops concert put in the sports page -- -- difference. -- -- you don't meet the Boston Marathon -- should just be it's ...
[0:21:34] ... us in about five or six minutes when we get back from. Tim Hasselbeck it'll five will get to Percy Marvin. The Landmine. The dysfunctional. And squabbling Chicago Bears on their -- to new England and of course you record breaking history making Peyton Manning. And and -- sell that to say this Trent Dilfer I would ask him when is it okay to. Wear your hat backwards when is it okay. At what age to stop ...

Rodney Harrison on the Pats close win over the Jets.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.
The guys opened the show discussing the Pats win last night.

Here are the highlights from Friday’€™s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

– A friend of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is on trial for lying to FBI investigators about his presence in a University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth dorm when two other friends removed potential evidence from the room. Robel Phillipos claimed that he was too high on marijuana to understand what was going on in the dorm.

To help Phillipos’€™ case, former governor Michael Dukakis came to his defense as a witness. Dukakis said he is a family friend of the Phillipos.

Said Callahan: “A kid, who’€™s claiming that he was too stoned to know what was going on. … How could you testify for the character of a guy who’€™s claiming he was too stoned to know what was going on?”

“Even if I thought the kid was OK I wouldn’t testify for him,” replied Dennis. “I guess they subpoenaed [Dukakis], though, right? He had no choice.”

Dukakis said he took a young Phillipos to the Democratic National Convention in 2004.

“If you’€™re a young boy, and you have the chance to hang out with Michael Dukakis, and go to the Democratic National Convention, how do you turn that down?” asked Minihane.

“More than ever, I want this kid to get 20 years,” said Callahan. “Dukakis will visit him, right? Sit down and have long conversations with him. … [Phillipos] has to get convicted.”

– Hunter Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden, was discharged from the Navy after he tested positive for cocaine in a drug test from last year, according to a report crediting a source close to the situation. Biden joined the Navy Reserves two years ago as a public affairs officer.

“It’€™s not his fault they named him Hunter,” said Dennis. “Doesn’t it go bad generally when you’€™re named Hunter?”

“I think he’€™s got a good defense here, he was too high on coke to know that he was doing coke,” Callahan said sarcastically.  “It could work.”

– An Arizona radio show argued earlier this week about the Oakland Raiders‘ brand. Ron Wolfley, one of the hosts on the Doug & Wolf Show, argued that the Raiders still are a highly valued franchise. Doug Franz, one the other hand, said he felt Oakland is not relevant to the younger generation.

The argument was so heated that it nearly led to a full-out brawl between the two hosts.

The hosts ran a clip of the shouting match and were surprised by the argument.

Asked Dennis: “Is he suggesting that the Oakland Raiders are one of the great remains, one of the great brands in the world? … Oh my God, this guy’€™s out of his mind.”

– The movie “Fury” starring Brad Pitt in a World War II tank brigade opens in theaters Friday. It will be Pitt’€™s second war movie in the last decade, as he also had a major role in “Inglorious Bastards.”

“I hope it’€™s half as good as the trailers,” said Callahan.

“The reviews are pretty good, so it’€™s encouraging,” replied Minihane. “It’€™s looks like it’€™s actually pretty good.”

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Andrew Battifarano
An all time call from Kevin from Bristol RI.

[0:00:08] ... arm as far as IndyCar goes. You -- and he's back with Andy card into the patriots -- because by track name can be a part. That you. Candy I think without a plus the other. ...