Gerry, Kirk and Alex opened the show discussing the extension of John Farrell. Alex loved the move.
In a wild 9:00 hour the guys broke news on the Tyler Thornburg trade and Alex Reimer praised LeBron James.
IN the 8 am hour listeners voiced their displeasure with Alex and Reimer made his case as to why Gronk should retire at the age of 27.
In the 7 am hour Gerry praised Tom Brady's work ethic and Chris Curtis spoke with some protesters.
In hour number one Kirk, Gerry and Alex talked about the Farrell extension and Rich Keefe's silent observation.
Gerry, Kirk and Pete discussed the Rams idiotic decision to give Jeff Fisher an extension.
Gerry, Kirk and Pete opened the 8 am hour discussing a brutal day for Jeff Fisher. The guys also reacted to Gus Johnson's over the top final call of the Big Ten championship.
Gerry Kirk and Pete opened the 7 am hour talking about Roger Goodell not being in attendance yesterday.
Gerry, Kirk and Pete opened the show discussing Tom Brady's record setting win and Jeff Fisher's idiotic contract extension.
TIm told Gerry, Pete and Kirk that the Pats offense missed Rob Gronkowski.

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[0:02:29] ... violation. Merger. It's a good askew when news came down yesterday that Jeff Fisher less need quote GM expert who we have via camera ams their contract extensions did you laugh out loud. We're not surprised. ...
[0:03:52] ... other cultures and national all leaders are. In the patriots. When the Super Bowl without Rob Gronkowski. Much or we're not a yard I think her sister got multiple currencies or second most important crossroads where. ...
[0:05:52] ... you create. Is if you're going to let's say your plane to Seattle Seahawks in the and you do you know. Plant outside the numbers and Lester giving zone coverage. You're trying to thinking of chancellor and other Saudi Arabia a generator one of those guys that go up there which it's not going to be richer charm. Would you attack Seattle Seahawks all repeat all. You'll attest Richard charm and let's not beat them what you do. Is you have somebody that doesn't want ...