The long awaited numbers for the Casting Couch are unveiled.

[0:07:02] ... dip from last study. Alex re boom. Congratulations modular. You like the Magic Johnson you have one of the top to pay. Rumored to dip from last this is gonna settlement or a significant. And it's ...
[0:08:57] ... what was this that that's had not championship away from you know John Farrell yes that's that's I'm up line that's that's fair and I get much back. But a big part of that segment is ...
[0:09:43] ... for their things we can do with these guys who can do best actress in a child brings energy push is a little crazy months went crazy. I guess attorneys cores Roemer is crazy buddies he's ...
[0:13:02] ... was excitement around the time for 63. Where is John Dennis owner retirement home. It's a tough question. I that's a good question answered your question is a lot of Dina trivia and she won't know ...

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