Hour 4. Gerry is going to Trump's inauguration. Antonio Brown gets paid to stream on Facebook.
Curt Schilling joins K&C to discuss losing votes for the HOF. Schilling also touches on the HOF Class of 2017.

[0:00:55] ... it and they actually did a news story where they included the Kiefer Sutherland. Character from that stupid show I know it definitely has eyes and say this could happen trump is murdered tomorrow and then they ask and ask what time would you be murdered is habits before. It was in this. It sure is right if it's before noon. And John Kerry is president it is afternoon. It's a no one knows how Amoroso is not. Nobody is Rex Telus and hasn't been a ...
[0:06:03] ... be your year your biggest weather better different than me in this Dan Shaughnessy he's better or Jon Heyman of these guys were playing some morality clause from Carriker clause I mean. I would go torched ...
[0:12:27] ... the right of the people that person should lose their belts. As Curt Schilling shall tuck your Shura producer C issue. ...

Hour 3. The guys continue their discussion of the baseball hall of fame. Curt Schilling calls in to give his opinion on the HOF class. Michael Floyd is living the Patriot way.
Hour 2. Mark Madden hates Dino and the show. Headlines with Kirk.
Hour 1. Jon Meterparel joins Kirk and Gerry on the day after the baseball HOF inductees were revealed. Kirk, Gerry, and Meter think Schilling was snubbed by the writers.
Alex's personal life comes up on the show.
Hour 4. Gerry enjoyed Charlotte Wilder's latest article about Tom Brady's new sleepwear. Gerry talks about the range of topics he posts on Twitter. Alex #2 calls in to talk about the breakup.
Hour 2. Kirk, Gerry and Alex discuss the reports that Roger Goodell is once again skipping out on visiting Gillette Stadium this weekend.
Hour 1. Kirk, Gerry and Alex react to Betsy DeVos's confirmation hearing. Colin Cowherd thinks Tom Brady is playing for his job this weekend against the Steelers.
Hour 4. Fauria is wrong about Rodgers. Lucy ranked the wives and girlfriends of Patriots players and Trenni isn't happy about it.