Hour 4. Milo is done after advocating for pedophilia. The guys dive into the Red Sox roster.
Hour 3. Kirk and Gerry's dream of doing play-by-play is over.
President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski joins Kirk and Gerry in Fort Myers.
Hour 2. John Steigerwald says Brady doesn't pass the eye test. Headlines with Kirk.
Red Sox outfielder Andrew Benintendi joins Kirk and Gerry at spring training.

[0:03:13] ... Portland help transition. So. To sort of work. Everybody we all know Dustin Pedroia is that little man's disease it's got to appears at chippewa shall want that was too small and won MVP won rookie ...
[0:08:58] ... or something like that commercial which yours which are signature move months Michael Jackson. Oh that's right Michael Jackson. And one would. Hope it's much else of a certain analysts of the team effort tonight that was there. In a complete ...
[0:10:55] ... said it is the to me that you great sports are obstacles school sports are a whole thing. And greatest quarterback of all time. It was a double what grade and argue all the greatest quarterback the greatest player of the greatest coach greatest team those arguments. In my career all of them alive and well they're all dead. Tom Brady Bill Belichick kill the right sort of best players that's a and 617779. 793. Simple probably replacement and lingers over here. ...

Hour 1. Bomani brings up race again. Jemele was upset about Magic's GM hire. Keefe fight back.
Hour 4. Evan Drellich joins the show. A fight for the ages ensues.
Hour 3. Kirk and Gerry react to their interview with Sale.
Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale joins the show.
Hour 2. Curtis brought his dog. Kirk saw Fences. Lou thought Trenni got in the way.