Rodney Harrison addressed his non comments earlier in the week with MFB.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.
The guys opened the show responding to MFB's MFK.

Here are the highlights from Friday’s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

– A Pennsylvania man was charged by police on Wednesday because he repeatedly called 911 on July 30, telling first responders that he was lonely. Gregory L. Shaffer told emergency personnel different stories why he needed help each time they arrived on the scene.

Said Callahan: “I’m sure there’s a number you can call if you’re lonely. … Call the Samaritans, they’ll talk to you.”

Replied Minihane: “How pathetic is this?”

– A woman from Quincy was sentenced to prison for four years after she terrorized and threated actor Kevin Spacey for two years through mail and social media. A judge also ordered Linda Louise Culkin to pay Spacey $124,000 for the bodyguards he used during that time to protect himself.

Culkin already has served more than 18 months for her actions against Spacey.

“Which is more than Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Jonathan Dwyer, Ray McDonald and Greg Hardy combined,” Callahan replied. “They won’t do as much time as this stalker lady.”

Joked Dennis: “She sounds like fun. Give her my number.”

– Wednesday was 227th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution. It was revealed that only 36 percent of Americans can name the three branches of the government.

Dennis: “I’m surprised it’s that high. That does seem high.”

Two years ago, only 15 percent of Americans could correctly name John Roberts as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, but 37 percent knew Randy Jackson was a judge on “American Idol.”

“I bet 98 percent of people know who Jay-Z’s wife is,” said an incredulous Callahan.

– Michelle Obama has pushed for high schools to offer students healthier food options. Part of the plan is to reduce sugary snacks from vending machines.

“Kids are too hungry, weak, gaunt,” Callahan said. “They’re like crawling to McDonald’s, Subway.”

Despite the First Lady’s health crusade through the nation’s schools, a vending machine in the White House has bags of Jumbo Honey Buns that contain 590 calories each.

Said Dennis: “There’s a lot of sugar there.”

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Ben Cherington discussed the debut of Castillo and his thoughts on Jeter.

[0:00:05] ... Hampshire Motor Speedway joining us on the AT&T hotline. Manager of the Boston Red Sox bench Harrington -- bad how are you up. -- Our rush stick to steal what you and yours doubts in your baseball ...
[0:00:55] ... from parable. But we we certainly believe he can be. Very good Major League outfielder and then part of it. Is -- year starting center fielder next opening day. Then and if so what happens is ...
[0:02:23] ... we do it. I think -- Nokia has been popular on the Red Sox team. But. Woolsey we'll see you Oreo cart uses music great athlete is versatile and obviously looks like he's in the get ...
[0:04:36] ... some breaks well a lot of games and an advantage. If the Red Sox were in the post season which team would you least like to face that you expect to be in the postseason either ...

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

[0:04:09] ... American equivalent is going to be poisoned giant French cinema like. He's Jerry Lewis sees it for you as a man. Window Winston Churchill used to drink all day not -- much I think he did. ...
[0:05:14] ... the eyes of a drinker expertise and yet it was at Drexel. Woody Allen says of his -- dispute with me if -- I don't agonized over for a second. He told the times of -- ...
[0:06:14] ... can happen next week you know it is solution brings. Six and Paul McCartney now cadets. Barbara Streisand. Number one album partners his duet with Stevie Wonder Michael blew Blake. Blake Shelton collegial and I was having a great day the other day remember it was Saturday. Seven great ...

The guys opened the show by discussing the Vikings press conference.

[0:11:50] ... absolute bullets. At facts well it's pretty. All the tapes. Out of bill Belichick's library in his office. Every punt return by settlement. Would you buying one instance where the first guy -- his I think ...
[0:15:22] ... goal. Is always make the decision. We feel is right for the Minnesota Vikings had to be clear we have a strong. Stance regarding the protection. And welfare of children and we want to be sure. ...
[0:16:17] ... clear cut with that they're gonna do I think from when -- Adrian Peterson will remain. On the exempt list get his money and then the -- the end out here according to pursue hand. The ...
[0:18:04] ... day. They're so into their own world with their own thing see Reggie Bush and Chris Johnson these guys always. For some reason defend against -- elect a four year old boy the woman in the ...

Here are the highlights from Thursday’s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

– A Michigan man is learning how to walk again after having a 100-pound growth removed from his scrotum during a 16-hour procedure at a hospital in Southern California.

Dan Maurer said he looks forward to having sex with his wife for the first time in seven years, as well as traveling and jet skiing.

Said Dennis: “I’ve got a question for you: What did they do with it?”

Replied Minihane: “I don’t know, what do you do with a 100-pound scrotum?”

Suggested Callahan: “I don’t know, you make a tent? I don’t know, pool cover?”

Added Minihane: “You make a bunch of different hats, maybe?”

– Revered French actor Gerard Depardieu said he sometimes drinks up to 14 bottles of wine a day, despite having a quintuple heart bypass heart operation 14 years ago.

Depardieu, 65, said he starts in the morning with champagne or red wine before 10 a.m., and he claims he never gets “totally drunk.”

“I couldn’t open that many bottles,” said Callahan, who noted after seeing the actor’s picture, “He looks like a big drinker.”

– Woody Allen said in a recent interview that he lives a “very dull, middle-class life” and is not concerned with what ex-wife Mia Farrow thinks about him.

On his very public dispute with Farrow that included allegations of child molestation that he strongly denies, Allen said: “That means nothing to me. I’ve never given it a second’s thought, afterward. … And what do I care, when I shuffle off my coil? I don’t really care about anything that happens after my death. I don’t care if they take all of my movies and burn them.”

“You have to feel that way, Callahan said. “When you marry your daughter, that’s the way you’ve got to live life. You’ve got to be a nihilist.”

– Barbra Streisand is poised to become the first person to have a No. 1 album in six decades. “Partners,” an album that features the icon singing duets with a variety of male vocalists, is expected to have huge sales this week.

To promote the album, Streisand on Monday made her first late-night talk show appearance since 1963 when she appeared on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon, performing a medley of songs with the host before doing a solo number.

“She still sounds the same,” Callahan said after hearing a clip.

Said Minihane: “She seems like she’s a handful to me.”

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Here are the highlights from Wednesday’s Three for All on Middays with MFB with Lou Merloni, Christian Fauria and Tim Benz. To hear the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

LeBron James is playing himself in a movie called “Trainwreck” that is targeted for release next summer. The movie stars former “Saturday Night Live” actor Bill Hader and comedian Amy Schumer.

In a recent interview, Hader said that of the professional athletes he’s worked with, LeBron is one of the best at acting.

Fauria wondered where Shaquille O’Neal would rank on that list.

“I’m definitely going to see this movie,” Benz said, “Amy Schumer is one of my all-time favorites. She was hilarious when she was in town, in Mansfield.”

– The new season of “Dancing With the Stars” has begun, and two things stood out from the opening episode.

First, Alfonso Ribeiro, who played Carlton Banks on the early 1990s TV show “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” can dance.

“He’s a lock [to win],” Merloni said. “The dude looked like a professional. … He was all over the place. He was outstanding.”

Second, Olympic track star Lolo Jones was out of her element.

“She was so bad — when I’m talking about so bad, I mean, so bad it was ridiculous,” Fauria said.

Added Fauria: “So stiff. You can tell why she’s a virgin, for whatever that’s worth. She can’t deal with intimate contact. … Stiff as a board. You could tell she was uncomfortable with like just staring into her partner’s eyes, just the physical contact, she was in a skimpy little outfit that wasn’t a track outfit …”

Jones, who said, “I make no excuses, it was awful,” after her performance, was the first contestant voted off the show.

– More details have emerged about the situation actress Daniele Watts was involved in last week in Los Angeles that led to a police confrontation.

Watts became upset when a police officer approached her and her boyfriend and said he was responding to a 911 call about a lewd act being committed in public. She refused the officer’s request to provide identification and implied that she was being mistreated because she’s black.

On Wednesday, released witnesses’ photographs that show Watts and her boyfriend in a silver Mercedes with the door open, sitting in a sexually compromising position (Watts acknowledged to police that the couple was making out). One witness told TMZ Watts’ breasts were exposed as she straddled her boyfriend, and an employee in an office building adjoining the sidewalk where the car was parked asked the couple to stop before police were called.

“Daniele, don’t ‘F’ with TMZ,” Merloni said, “because they will get you every single time.”

Said Fauria: “If you’re going to have sex in the car, wouldn’t you go in the back seat or go around the corner, find a place where nobody’s there?”

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