Hour 4. More on the news that Garoppolo is staying with New England. Trenni says she likes paying taxes.
Albert calls and has some bad news.

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Hour 3. Kirk is upset with some of the decisions being made. Breaking news: Schefter reports that Garoppolo won't be traded.
Hour 2. Kirk, Gerry, and Trenni want the Patriots to avoid Peterson. Gary from Chicago is a criminal. The Democrats had a elderly man give their rebuttal.
Hour 1. Gerry, Kirk, and Trenni had different reactions to Trump's speech. Obviously, Gerry loved it.
Hour 4. Sound from the first Pete and "Captain Kirk" show. Kim Jong-Un is has lethal chemical weapons. The Patriots would never give a receiver money like the Steelers did.
Hour 3. Alex says Pete was a better flash guy than Mut. Pete was a great diver in high school.
Hour 2. Gerry, Sheppard, and Reimer discuss if the Patriots should use the tag on Hightower. Trump grades his performance so far.
Hour 1. Gerry is joined by Alex Reimer and Pete Sheppard. Pete and Alex battle it out. Alex doesn't think Gronk's act is genuine. The Celtics lost and Isaiah is being shut down by opposing teams.
Hour 4. Mack Beggs should have been wrestling men. Gerry wants to put an end to women's wrestling.