Ian Rapoport of NFL Network joined the show to give the latest on Johnny Manziel's visit to Foxboro.

[0:00:50] ... -- it I need a calm and logical. Explanation. As to why Bill Belichick. Is spending the time and the effort to bring Johnny football into Foxboro today we've heard all kind of theories. These -- and Billy O'Brien a favor he's clustering for the 29 pick in the draft in eighth man Zell is there. And also this one makes no sense to me whatsoever. He is going to interview him and glean some information. That might help Bill Belichick prepare for Johnny football when he is quarterbacking some other team down the road help me -- audience please. He I mean ...
[0:02:09] ... know they've been known to move up up and around each trapped. Tom Brady is I hate to say 37 years old. By the company these guys are going to be placement. Rate probably. Her too ...
[0:03:51] ... let's just play this game let's say that let's say it's man's Bill Belichick the man Zell is gone hall of fame he's an am with him he's in love them. And -- he has Aaron Rodgers like fall he goes all the way through even gets past 46 if he's there are 29 and Belichick thinks he's going to be a great not good great NFL quarterback. You think right now with Brady you know I understand he's older missiles that you know 34 years not to think. Would he take -- out. I would say it's. Let's say that think like about a percent which is the only plane hit that makes cancer. So let's think like Bill Belichick and say China and no -- he -- rated player on the board was taken number. And he falls two point nine. ...
[0:05:04] ... and every great goes to this but at some point they'll say Tom Brady is. Not a quarterback anymore he's got to be prepared actually at that position even it to create awkwardness for a year to. We're talking -- -- from NFL network. In -- Derek -- out of Fresno state seem to make more sense for the patriots in terms of availability. And -- -- -- can sit behind Brady for a couple years until he's ready to hang it up and then go in and play I mean if you watched Jon Gruden. Assessment of him for whatever that's worth is that. I can make -- case for this guy Derek -- from Fresno state ...

Brad Faxon joined the show to discuss Tiger's most recent surgery and what it means for his pursuit of Jack's major record.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed Louis C.K's stand up and SNL appearance.
The guys opened the show by discussing the Red Sox visit to the White House yesterday.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed a man in Maine who gave a porcupine a c-section.

[0:02:40] ... you know -- now now. Ron Ferguson MSNBC show the rumors under Frank Sinatra eight win yes. Like me even though it was a moon bat -- Woody Allen any calls -- what do you know every chance again and it looks just like -- Well the New York Daily News ...
[0:09:42] ... us as a possibility -- yet he's still there him. This is Janet Gretzky and she still around. -- the -- -- the sports -- all the sports -- sports -- -- this big announcement downforce. It I've been searching for the Super Bowl -- we -- all my life. ...

The guys started the show by discussing the season opener. No overreactions here.

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Rob Bradford joined the show live from Baltimore to preview the Red Sox opener.
Our MLB insider Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports joined the show to preview the 2014 season. Ken predicts the Sox to repeat as AL East champs.
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