The dumbest complaints against Tom Brady.
The one and only Chris Mad Dog Russo joined us on Tom Brady.
The guys opened the show discussing their latest podcast.
The guys discussed the great performance by Jackie Bradley yesterday.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihanel
Gerry returned and discussed the top stories of the day.
The top stories of the day.
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Bart Hubbuch from the New York Post joined us to discuss deflategate.

[0:01:00] ... you know what they are weaken your passionate. Hate field case against Tom Brady. Now anomalies least and now because it is my point you know it's like. You know. You can quibble with the investigation ...
[0:01:55] ... this apartment here this box now. Aren't they sent the deflator equal weight loss. I mean they're right there is ridiculous. All that about half a car back part to keep beat the proof if your probe radio on this which I happen to be. The proof is overwhelmingly look at the wealth report the most important context of dopey stuff. The argument against that and hearing is. Deflator and that's about it in phone calls I mean what else the guy. What do you got against Brady what what's the case against Tom Brady where you sit right now. I mean it's good to have to all. Our troops. And six months to defend himself. Didn't ...
[0:04:03] ... it. And an end and heading into the quarterback room heading into Super Bowl week which did you read it did you read Brady's testimony. I read up part it markets he would read. So if you read the testimony he gets into it in says he explains a Super Bowl it's Super Bowl week is per hundred balls at the twelfth. But he also says he talks about the case if you would read it ...
[0:05:16] ... he talked about deflate date. And he said he talked with the Super Bowl which is I think heading into the central. It. Output so at all. By the way you used it because there was ...