Hour 3. Claude Julien has been fired. Writers are making the Super Bowl about race.
Hour 2. Martellus Bennett and Devin McCourty will not be visiting the White House. Headlines with Kirk.
Hour 1. Meter reacts to his boy, Matt Ryan, losing the Super Bowl. The Patriots' militiamen are not allowed to march in the parade.
Hour 4. The show goes live to Houston while Brady accepts the trophy.
Hour 3. Who will the Patriots play when Goodell comes to town? The Brady haters will surface today.
Hour 2. The Patriots' run is Boston's best. Headlines with Kirk.
Tom Brady joins the show to discuss his Super Bowl win.
Hour 1. The Patriots won the Super Bowl in amazing fashion.
Hour 4. A caller thinks Kirk talks about his sexuality too much. Mark Brunell joins the show.
Hour 3. Kirk and Gerry make their picks.

[0:05:13] ... all old guys. NFL legends. While I was with some signs of Chad Brown. Or patriot diplomacy arc. And I like I wanna do it leaders. Want to publicly. It was a fascinating process will get ...
[0:06:10] ... Oakland. And and that I fun of this morning for a 26 Snoop Dogg guess it was like could have won them once they invited me I was up. Did you get involved I did not ...
[0:13:18] ... during halftime show. Pharmacy go see we have the odds on the Super Bowl MVP yeah. But obviously Brady's favorite and Matt Ryan Garrett blunt in the month of free memorable 221. I would that come ...
[0:15:45] ... sideline reporter in the game do you have to Myers. All right Chris Myers yes. You own him. It's fine because look real looks like American is that it prepared TV looks like some urgency in ...