Hour 4. Kirk and Gerry talk about the upcoming game and find out who knows more facts about the two teams.
Ryen Russillo joins Kirk and Gerry to discuss his feud with Dino and what radio is like at ESPN.
Hour 3. Trenni and Kirk think Gerry defends Brady too much. Goodell was dealt some softballs at his press conference.
Hour 2. Trenni joins Kirk and Gerry in Houston. Headlines with Kirk.
Hour 1. A few people across the street have a problem with K&C defending Brady.
Hour 4. Chris Simms joins the show to talk about Brady's status as a top-5 QB and his guilt in Deflategate. He shares thoughts on Aaron Rodgers and why he left the Patriots after one year.

[0:02:27] ... my whole life. I went to quarterback challenges and caught passes from Dan Marino Brett Favre and John Elway in my dad. I was the number one recruit the nation I played like I've worked under Jon Gruden for six years I've worked for Bill Belichick. I Lott played for Jeff Fisher I played under Josh McDaniels. So I'm just giving you my honest tapes now I don't care about that if we wanna talk about that that I want Phil's sentence to be named. Ahead of Dan Marino. All time for Super Bowl rings. It's too late but it's always everything says that it rings or everything is justified and ...
[0:03:32] ... then he is runs like Russell Wilson I don't think I think Aaron Rodgers the greatest quarterback of all times that just to say you know where we stand there but it but is that I. ...
[0:08:05] ... lefties all of the other way that he throws the legacy does Aaron Rodgers more about. So I commend him for. For his ability to be playing at the form he is that at 39 for ...
[0:15:21] ... game my whole life. I went to quarterback challenges about passes for Dan Marino and Brett Favre John Elway and my dad. I was the number one recruit in nation I've played I've worked under junk food for six years I worked for the ballots yet. I I loudly for Jeff Fisher I've played under Josh McDaniels. So I'm just giving you my honestly. That's labs get back to. Are you crazy to say ...

Dave Portnoy from Barstool joins Kirk and Gerry to talk about his relationship with the NFL, his show on Comedy Central, and his feelings on traveling into the city so early.
Hour 3. Sean Salisbury joins Kirk and Gerry about the Patriots and how Tom Brady has not played with very many hall of famers.
Hour 2. Kirk is not a fan of people who smoke next to him, and probably wouldn't date a supermodel who smokes either.
Hour 1. Kirk and Gerry discuss the latest article bashing Tom Brady, this one from Berry Petchesky of Deadspin.