The first segment of the 7am hour Friday with Barstool Sports' David Portnoy arriving for his hosting audition. The guys get right into his WEEI beefs.
The 6am hour upload from Friday's show with just Kirk and Gerry in studio to discuss the NFL lid-lifter between Denver and Carolina and Tom Brady speaking to Jim Gray before the game.
The final segment of Friday's show with Barstool Sports' Dave Portnoy in studio to host with Kirk & Callahan features a big showdown with midday host Glenn Ordway as El Pres confronts him over the Brady child photo fallout from WEEI days past.

[0:01:02] ... there was no outcome. You don't want to feel so much better David Akers after hearing your father say. That I really made you. I really feel so much better about life right now. A cylinder ...
[0:02:01] ... on bringing this up over and over. And that is yes I totally disagreed with what you'd do it that's what we do. I'm finds that you do what marsh I've never thought I'd probably disagree you accused me. Sending people over your house with a bat known and August of that and you have you know you took callers who said he deserved that is has beaten yeah. Pat and I read your site I read the comments on the and to get the same stuff that's all. Totally different. When you have people calling your radio just ten days and you basically Eric Green know that adultery are commentator who know me are common there is no we'd just call your show had no idea units ...
[0:09:52] ... and when I'm on the let's get on a New York like Brandon Marshall and you did not have probable we did here. Yes I agree totally got some look at the facts yes boy did ...

Lenny Clarke stops in to chat with Kirk, Callahan & Christian Arcand and react to news of the weird.

[0:02:02] ... what. When you guys those are the guys steroid is there wasn't Julius Peppers Clay Matthews yes that I got cleared. Yeah more obvious than ever that raised mystic with the justice roll over if you ...
[0:10:45] ... ago inaudible moonlight mile yes cash it is in. Yeah yeah and Dustin Hoffman and Susan Sarandon who like duck but often most of them. Until he's an amazing act I may you know it harder ...
[0:12:02] ... staying at an end to Monday I've the Bruins golf Tuesday to Matt Light shoot out Wednesday joined Fuji's comedy show does well about it. And then I'm going to be on Mimi and she mocha. ...
[0:14:21] ... rob got hey can go about Bob got loved dog break. Well Tom Brady have on where to talk ready match and that the first book ever give up and get the thing get a good ...

It took awhile for auditioning host Christian Arcand wake up, but at 7:45 the 'Candyman' comes alive to argue with Kirk and Gerry about Tebow and Kaepernick.
The 6am hour upload here features plenty of Hillary vs. Trump talk from the NBC forum, as well as the debut of Christian Arcand as third-man in. The Sox win in San Diego is also discussed.
Brady banner talk carries another day as Kirk Minihane rails against the so-called message Robert Kraft's Brady banner is sending to the NFL. Gerry and fill-in host Christian Arcand are along for the debate.
Auditioning host Christian Arcand goes after weekly guest Curt Schilling for blocking him on Facebook over discussions about various political memes.


N.W.A. was M.I.A when their former manger, Jerry Heller, was laid to rest on Wednesday.

If you’ve seen Straight Outta Compton a dozen times like I have, you certainly know who Heller was. The great Paul Giamatti portrayed Heller as the former rap group’s greedy slime ball manager who loved Eazy-E and cheated the whole group out of their hard-earned money. Heller always insisted the portrayal was unfair and his lawyer even said the stress from this partly caused Heller’s death. 

Was Heller as bad to the group as Compton says? I think that question was answered today.

Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and MC Ren were nowhere to be found and Easy-E died in 1995, so he also was not there. Cube’s reaction to Heller’s death is very similar to the reactions from boy band members after Lou Pearlman died last month. 

Not much love for deceased music managers this year. Also not a great year for disgraced music managers.

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Lucy Burdge

Continuing from Tuesday’s post, I’ve assembled the Fall TV season like a beautiful full Italian meal. Each course consists of the standouts – aesthetically, culturally, thematically, and experientially – from different categories of television.

Some will grab the pop culture convo by the lapels and some won’t, but that’s fine. Not every part of the meal needs send your taste buds into freefall. Some TV shows you tell your friends about and some just clear the way for the next course. I spent 95% of my free time thinking about this stuff. It’s a dream job for me, so let me take this off your plate. Consider me your TV sommelier.*

*Yes I know a sommelier pairs wine with food. Yes, I know this is set up with food metaphors. The reason being the names of courses are much more digestible for this type of piece and TV sommelier sounds way better than TV nutritionist.

For the first two pages of the menu, click HERE.

Secondo Piatto – What to Look for on Premium Cable

This course may include different meats and types of fish. The primo or the secondo may be considered more important depending on the locality and the situation.

High Maintenance

I am not exactly sure what HBO is doing, but I am 100% in on all of it. Every TV show they release from culture captors like “Game of Thrones” too easy to absorb comedies like “Ballers”, HBO projects elicit the same response from their audience — “of course.” Every project they create take something that appeals to a passionate niche and blows it up big enough for the culture at large to not only notice but jump in at the beginning so they too feel like they got in on the ground floor; it’s the Marvel Cinematic Universe model for $10.00 a month.

From George R.R. Martin to The Rock to Bill Simmons to Lena Dunham, HBO invests in the cult of personality — passion projects of people with passionate voices who have inspired passionate followings. “High Maintenance” is no different. This show, a premium cable continuation of the Vimeo web series, follows The Guy — a nameless weed delivery man — through New York City. Every episode will focus on a new set of characters with buying weed from The Guy being the only connective tissue. A comedy about a guy delivering weed via bike. “Of course,” screams the audience.


This looks terrifying. Grit on grit on grit on grit. I’m getting notes of “True Detective” mixed with “Ray Donovan” peppered with hints of Elmore Leonard novels and a splash of “Banshee.” As is customary with Cinemax’s original content, this will run on Fridays, so consider “Quarry” a great way to spike your heart rate before you head out to the bars.

This won’t be a prestige type of show or even one that gets a ton of recap buzz. This is a down and dirty drama that threatens to reach through the screen and karate chop you in the throat as opposed to other Cinemax originals like “The Knick” which reached through the screen to engage your gag reflex or “Outcast” which just tried to reach through the screen.


Get ready to earn your TV Recapper badge on this one. “Game of Thrones” isn’t coming back until Summer ‘17, “The Night Of” was a one-time thing, and “Vinyl” got cancelled after one season, so if you’re looking for a show to deep dive into, “Westworld” is your ticket. This fits all the criteria for a prestige TV show worthy of endless dissection: based on an existing property, extraordinary cast, sweeping landscapes, and a trailer that grips you by the throat each time you see it.

This fits all the criteria for a prestige TV show worthy of endless dissection: based on an existing property, extraordinary cast, sweeping landscapes, and a trailer that grips you each time you see it. As has become the tradition at HBO, “Westworld” trailers are being attached to all of their buzzworthy shows which means HBO is pushing its chips into the middle of the table with this one. They are right to do so; their last Western, “Deadwood,” is widely considered on of the best shows to debut since the turn of the century. The trailer for “Westworld” gives you the bare minimum of what to expect, and given what is jam packed into that frantic two minutes, that is saying something.

Contorno – The Must Binge Streaming Content of the Season

A contorno is a side dish and it’s commonly served alongside a secondo. These usually consist of vegetables, raw or cooked, hot or cold. They are usually served in a separate dish, not on the same plate as the meat.


This is a one-nighter, meaning this is a show you watch one of and wind up crushing the entire series one night. Like its countryman “Catastrophe,” “Fleabag” is a UK import brought to the US by Amazon Prime. Also like “Catastrophe,” I’ll be watching it and telling anyone who will listen to watch it. Which reminds me – have you watched “Catastrophe?” It’s up there with “Master of None” inasmuch as you need to watch it immediately.

The Crown

I know what you’re thinking: “Downton Abbey”-ish, or for my tried and true PBS heads, “Wolf Hall”-ish. But I’m going to go out on a limb and say that comparing “The Crown” to “Downton” would be like comparing “Blazing Saddles” to “A Million Ways To Die In The West” just because they are Western comedies.

“The Crown” snuck in and took the belt off of Baz Luhurmann’s “The Get Down” to claim the title of Most Expensive Netflix Show coming in at $165MM. That’s blockbuster movie budget territory, but there is a very long strategy at play with this prestige drama about the most prestigious topic imaginable. Spanning 60 episodes over six seasons, “The Crown” will trace the life of Queen Elizabeth II from her wedding in 1947 to the present day.

While Netflix does not release its ratings or share any type of success metrics for its original content, I think we can all agree they don’t just release stuff just to release it. They wouldn’t commit the production budget of a Star Wars movie if they weren’t very sure it was going to garner some buzz, awards, and hype.

Also- it just looks good. If the show is anything at all like this trailer — patient, precise, committed, and dripping with gravitas — “The Crown” has a very good chance of being the standard bearer for what Netflix shows will look like when expertise surpasses experimentation as the hallmark of the network.

Luke Cage

The unstoppable, disruptable Marvel machine rages on. After proving what Marvel can do in the streaming format with both “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones,” “Luke Cage” is the next man up. The Marvel TV formula isn’t quite perfect yet, but after three seasons on the streaming giant (two of “Daredevil” and one of “Jessica Jones”), they are getting closer with each attempt. “Luke Cage,” the third series leading up to the “Defenders” mini-series, will follow the title character as he attempts to put his life back together through rebuilding his community, Harlem.

Oh and he has unbreakable skin and fights crime. The additional previews prominently feature a soundtrack including Nas and ODB. This has the makings for a long weekend of telling yourself, “OK, one more episode.” Easily the best premise and collection of trailers for any Marvel show to date.

I hope you left some room for coffee and dessert, as our final installments — Dolce & Digestivo aka the movie-to-TV adaptations, and The Doggie Bag aka the leftovers — drop tomorrow.

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